How to File a Claim for Philhealth Reimbursement or Refund

Update as of May 28, 2014:

You can NO longer file your claim for refund or reimbursement from Philhealth.


Submit your Philhealth documents to the hospital.  Submit documents on the day of admission so you will have time to remedy your papers if incomplete or not valid.

It is the hospital that will file your claim with Philhealth.  Your Philhealth coverage should be deducted from your hospital bill.

Make sure your Philhealth coverage has been deducted from your hospital bill before discharge.

If the hospital asks you to sign a waiver, read the waiver.  Do not sign any waiver that you do not understand.

Only members hospitalized abroad can file their claim directly with Philhealth.


Documents to submit to the hospital:

1.  Philhealth Claim Form 1  (original copy, filled-up and signed by you, and your employer if you’re employed)

2.  Updated and clear copy of Member Data Record (MDR) (Get this from Philhealth)

. If patient is a dependent, patient’s name should be written in the MDR as dependent.

If dependent’s name is not in the MDR, submit proof of dependency (birth certificate or         marriage certificate).  Some hospitals require you to update your MDR so that the          dependent’s name is in the MDR.

3.  Official Receipt of Philhealth premium payments (receipt showing payment for the required number of months)

. If employed, submit a Certificate of Premium Payments with OR numbers.

4.  Some hospitals require a Copy of Philhealth ID, or Philhealth card, or valid ID

5.  Authorization letter from Philhealth member, plus a copy of his or her ID, if not present to sign the Philhealth Claim Form 1



After months of processing, you will receive a mailed or courier-delivered Benefit Payment Notice (BPN) from Philhealth. Philhealth will mail the benefit notice to the address you wrote in your claim form.

NOTE:  Merong additional required documents for confinements abroad. How to claim Philhealth reimbursement for hospitalization overseas How to Claim Philhealth Refunds or Reimbursements


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  1. Hi Ask ko lang i was hospitalize last Jan 2013, nareceive ko na ang BPN ko yesterday pero nagulat ako sa laki ng payment made sa Hospital at sa DR.. kaso ang nakalagay sa note ng BPN actual charges not accomplished, so meaning wala ako refund or check in return, pero nkkapagtaka lang po is almost 5k lang ang nakaless sa billing ko at the time of discharge at nkalagay sa BPN ko 11k ang total amount paid nila.. pls help pano ko po makuha ang right amount para sakin..

    1. Hi Jeng, is this D&C or raspa? 11k for raspa is further allocated as 6,600 for the hospital and 4400 for the doctor. Go to the hospital with your BPN and hospital bill payment receipt (xerox them so you have copies) and ask for refund of the rest of the amount that you paid.

  2. good day!

    nakuha ko ung benefit payment notice at nakalagay dun eh P38 thousand pero nung makuha namin ung tseke sa ospital eh P14 thou na lang.

    1. Hi ice, is this CVA 2? 22,800 is for hospital costs and 15,200 for the doctors. If you paid the hospital more than 14k, xerox your bpn and hospital bill receipt and ask the hospital for a refund of the amount you paid.

  3. Hello, I just wanna ask regarding my case. I was admitted due to bleeding (blighted ovum) It somehow called miscarriage, but theres no baby, only sac.. Here’s the thing, I was admitted for D/C, but because i stopped bleeding theres no operation was done. Still I stayed 2nights in the hospital and continue my oral medication so that the remaining tissue will go out on its own like a mentruation. Just when we completed the requirements and we pass it the to the philhealth hospital for the reimbursement, they ask for OR (operation record) which i do not have cz no operation was made, then my OB wrote in the CF2 in the ‘Final Diagnosis’ – Incomplete Abortion. So then the staff in the hospital told me they cannot process the paper because of the final diagnosis. I am still in the care of my private doctor,in her clinic not in the hospital i was admitted. So my question is,they cannot reimburse our hospitla bill because of what my doctor wrote in the final diagnosis.,is it really relevant? or is there anything we can do?

    1. Hi Ayee, yes, the final diagnosis is important because they’re going to write a Code for your illness/treatment. No code, no Philhealth coverage. Is your doctor’s private clinic Philhealth-accredited? Because you can file your Philhealth claim as a patient there, as a transfer case. But if not, you can ask your doctor what she can write on the final diagnosis so you can claim your Philhealth. How about Abortion? But I have doubts because the treatment was not completed there. But you can ask your doctor.

  4. hi! i have a question with regards to reimbursement of medicine costs.. my father is the member of philhealth and his beneficiary is his father. but some of the receipts have their name mispelled like my father’s surname starts with a B, but with some of the receipts, it started with V. would it cause a problem with filing the reimbursement? what actions should be done? do they need to ask for new receipts with correct spelling of their names? thanks a lot in advance.

    1. Hi marvi, were these medicines bought while your grandpa was in the hospital and were used during hospitalization? It should have been your grandpa’s name that was written in the receipts because he’s the one using the medicines. Wasn’t his name written on the prescription slips? If you can, have the receipts corrected or changed. But ask the hospital also about their policy.

  5. hi! my baby was hospitalize last dec 2012 our bill almost 200k including the hospital bill the medicine laboratory and the doctors fee. but when i receive the check from my refund wala pa sa 1/4 ng bill ang narecieve ko 48k lang. tama po ba kaya ang computation nila. thanks

  6. Hi, my Dad has twice a week dialysis at St. Paul’s Hospital in Tacloban. But prior to that he had his dialysis in Manila (Manila Docs) and we got hte philiealth privileges. Now i am surprised that even if St. Paul’s Hospital is a Philhealth affilliated Hospital, they do not accept the applications and suggest that we just had it reimbursed. Is it there option to sy that to the patients especially that dialysisi is very expensive. Not all, if not almost all patients cannot afford any dialysis treatment and they are making it hard for the people by not accepting any applications and wait for reimbursement instead. Is there a number I can call to ask about this? Thank you and the blogs have been very helpful.

    1. Hi sylvia, the hospital should apply Philhealth deductions. You can email Philhealth [email protected]. Inquire at other Philhealth-accredited hospitals there in Tacloban if they make Philhealth deductions for hemodialysis. It’s sad that there are no accredited free-standing dialysis centers there, based on Philhealth’s list. Thanks for appreciating my blog.

  7. Good day. I gave birth last April 16, 2013, c-section. My HMO, covered the 80% of the total bill and I will pay the 20% thru salary deduction. My question is, can I ask a claim for this case? The receipts will be given to our HMO who paid in advance the whole amount. Also, the last contribution I paid is last October 2012 (I got employed with an international company which staff pay they contribution individually. Thank you for your help.

    1. Hi Arlyn, I’m puzzled why you did not submit your Philhealth documents so that the 19k coverage was deducted immediately from the bill. Did your current emnployer pay your Philhealth contributions for at least 3 of the 6-month period from Oct 2012 to Mar 2013? Are your doctors and hospital Philhealth accredited? If yes to both questions, then you can file your maternity claim with Philhealth.

  8. To continue, my husband is also a philhealth member who is updated with his contribution. Thank you

    1. Hi Arlyn, do you mean your current employer has not paid your Philhealth? Are you newly hired by this employer? If so, you need to file as a dependent of your husband. If Philhealth asks, you need to be able to explain why you should be a dependent when you are currently employed? Philhealth’s rule is that one cannot be a dependent and at the same time an active member.

      1. Yes, I was hired last October 2012. International company kc ito new employer ko like an embassy kaya we pay our own sss, philhealth and pagibig. It will be my husband na po ang mag file? Last question po, if my HMO paid for my hospital bill (I have a share sa bill which will be deducted in my salary), what is the process for that? On my own processing po ba ito or the hospital can help me even I am already discharged? Thank you very much 😀

        1. Hi Arlyn, you or your husband can file your claim at Philhealth within 60 days after discharge. Documents are listed above. Request for the accomplished claim forms from the hospital. Since you say you’re an Individual Payor… and if you have not paid 9 of the 12 months BEFORE month of April (requirement for Individual Payor, maternity case), then you will have to use your husband’s Philhealth. Ask your husband to update his Philhealth record so he can register you as his dependent (needed are your marriage certificate, his ID and your letter requesting Philhealth to cancel your membership and to register you as a dependent of your husband). Ask others too; I might have missed some things.

  9. Ask ko lang Kung outpatient impacted tooth dental surgery for next week, what do I need to do? May mababawas ba sa 10,000 na hinihingi sa akin ng doctor for the pf

    1. Hi Tin, first, ask your dentist if he/she is Philhealth accredited and his/her clinic is accredited. The dentist is the one who will fill up the claim forms, so he/she should know.

  10. Hi! I have these clarifications of mine, hoping for your answers:
    1. I was confined (undergo D&C) last Jan 28-29, 2013 at a govt. hospital and paid nothing upon discharge. However, we bought medicines outside of the hospital worth ~2k. Until now, I am still waiting for the notice ’cause as per, I need to wait for the notice for me to file for reimbursement (i kept all the receipts). I’m just worried ’cause it’s already beyond 60days. Can I still process for reimbursements for case like this?

    2. Ilang months po ang needed para maka-avail ng benefit? If magpamember this month as Voluntary member, when po pwedeng maka-avail ng benefit?

    Thanks and God Bless!

    1. Hi Gracia, did you submit Philhealth documents to the hospital? If the hospital said something about waiting for the benefit payment notice (BPN), it means that the hospital has already filed your claim for you, and this means also that you need not worry about the 60-day deadline. After receiving the BPN, you go to the hospital with your receipts and request for refund.
      For voluntary members, they can start using Philhealth after 3 months for ordinary and non-surgery illnesses. For maternity and surgery cases, they can use it after 9 months of payment. God bless too

  11. ask ko lang po nasa hospital po today ang ate ko na nanganak last tuesday may 21, 2013, karamihan po na iniresetang gamot sa ate ko ay sa labas po nila binili kasi po walang stock daw po ang pharmacy ng hospital sa loob my question is marereimburse ba ng ate ko yung lahat ng gamot na binili niya sa labas at ask ko na din po hindi rin po nakagamit ng philhealth room ang ate dun mismo sa hospital kung saan siya nanganak ang reason ng hospital may reservation daw ang philheath room nila, pwede po ba yung ganun? diba dapat once na naconfined ka if you a philhealth member your are qualified to use the philhealth room, then today discharge niya na po sa hospital biglang sasabihin ng hospital may hospital bill kaming babayaran pero even may ate’s confinement hindi naman siya nakagamit ng philhealth room at true po bang 3k lang ang covered ni philhealth for maternity package. pls help naman po. thanks and God bless

    1. Hi Jennifer, yes, at bigger hospitals (level 2 to 4), the maternity benefit is only 5k (3k for hospital and 2k for PF). Your sis must have delivered at a government hospital because, as you said, you bought supplies outside. If the hospital deducts 3k from your hospital bill and 2k from PF, then you can no longer refund your expense for supplies bought outside because the 5k coverage is already used up, or already claimed via deduction.

  12. hi this is vine.can we reimburse due to vaccine for antirabies?my son was bitten by a dog.thanks

    1. Hi Olivine, Philhealth says you must get treatment at an accredited antirabies center. Here’s a list

  13. hi po ask ko lang po kasi na na discharge po un father ko nun september 24, 2012. nag submit kami ng philheath claim kasama un mga resibo sa taguig-pateros district hospital for refund ng gamot at ct scan nun october 15, 2012. at hanggang ngayon ay wala pa dumarating na BPN sa amin. saan po ba pwede i follow up un? pwede po kaya kunin nlang un sa philhealth office mismo? thanks.

    1. Hi Lorie, na-submit kaya ng taguig-pateros hospital ang claim ninyo sa Philhealth? Call 441-7442.

  14. after one year my employer file my Philhealth benefits after series of follow up before,during and after giving birth of my wife last May 25, 2012.

    Is this applicable up to now. then Do I need to file directly or still my employer. All the requirement submitted to my employer. The problem encounter when my employer ….

    1. no certification of philhealth contribution to submitted as per them the issue was transition of the name company to another company.
    2. My MDR not reflect as employed status due to transition issue.
    3. my employer not smoothly updated regarding this transaction.

    I’m employed as room attendant with direct and indirect hired.

    1. Hi Alex, sorry there’s a deadline for filing a Philhealth claim. File within 60 days after discharge. So kung hindi naka-file around July 25, 2012, hindi na puedeng mag-file.

  15. hi, nnganak po ako nov 30 c-section, sa govermrnt hospital po ako nanganak. ng charity lng po ako, pero madmi po ako nabili gamot sa labas lahat po ng gamit s cs. bumili p po ako ng 2 bags n blood. my dumating po 2 notice n bpn, pero wala po check my refund po ba ako. liebel

    1. Hi leslie, did Philhealth pay 19k to the hospital? If yes, you can ask your refund from the hospital. Bring your notice and receipts. Keep xerox copies.

  16. helo maam,.ofw po ako.member po aq ng phil health.ngayon nsa ospital po ang asawa q.yung pag reimburse po b kasali po b yung mga gamot na binili sa labas kc po out of stock dw.po s loob ng ospital.mareimburse din ba mga yun???

    1. Hi anne, ask the hospital kung isa-submit sa kanila ang receipts para masama sa deduction. Keep copies of these receipts for yourself. Kung hindi naman, kasi depende kung under Case Rate or Fee-for-service ang sakit, wait for the benefit payment notice from Philhealth, and then kapag higher amount ang ibinayad ng Philhealth sa hospital kesa deduction ninyo, you can ask for refund from the hospital. Keep a copy of your notice.

  17. hi po i was diagnos with incomplete abortion sa st claire and since wala n kme pang byd sa d ans c procedure dhil we had 39000 bill aside vfrom the d and c procedure n gagawin pa skin kaya lumipt kme sa isang maliit n private clinic at hindi xa philhealth accreditted since emergency n kaya khit gnun dun n lng ako ngparaspa. my question pede po b mareimburse yun another 14ooo n binaydn namin dun s clinic khit hindi xa philhealth accredited?

    1. Hi melisa, sabi ng Philhealth kelangang Philhealth accredited. Yong sa St Claire na lang ang subukan niyong i-file; although I’m not sure kung anong i-file kasi hindi nila na-perform yong D & C. Dapat tulungan kayong mag-file kasi nagbayad kayo ng 39k.

  18. Hi,

    My mother has been admitted last July 4. She is 55 years old;hence, i cannot yet declare her as my dependent (please correct me if i’m wrong). Due to fincial difficulties, i did my best to rush her membership the next day – July 5. I even paid her dues in advance. However, we were informed that Philhealth cannot yet shoulder the corresponding anmount, since she’s just a new member. Is this true? Is there any other way for us to reimburse her expenses throught Philhealth? Please we really need your advise on this. Thank you very much!

    1. Hi Hyzl, sad to say, you cannot immediately use Philhealth. If Individual Payor, you can use it only after 3 months (for common illnesses) or after 9 months (for surgery and other complicated diseases). Kapag malaki ang bill, at nasa hospital pa, puede kang lumapit sa PCSO desk office ng hospital.

  19. Hi Nors,

    Thank you very much! This website has been very helpful. 🙂

  20. na hospital po ang mother ng friend ko sa tondo general hospital at sa caloocan po sya ng file ng philhealth nya. nakarecib po sya ngayon ng call from tondo na dumating na dw ung refund from philhealth… ang problema po kasi dito na sa cebu nakatira/nakabase ung friend ko. is there any possibility na ma transfer sa cebu branch ung cheque nya from manila? please advise po kng ano dapat gawin to claim the cheque.

    1. Hi isabel, that would depend on the policy of the hospital. You can ask Tondo hospital if you can claim the cheque using an authorization letter from your friend plus IDs.

  21. Hi, po, nagsubmit ako ng reimbursement sa may hospital sa Meycauayan Bulacan , back in April 24 2013 and still have not received any notification, san ko po ito pwede ifollow up? I am working in Boni Mandaluyong, pag nagpunta po ba ako sa office kung saan nagsusubmit ang office namin makikita po ba nila yung status ng claim? kasi po kung Meycauayan ito baka mga bandang Malolos po ito na submit ng hospital, machecheck po ba ang status on line worry ko po baka kasi denied eh

    1. Hi Maricar, yes, puede nilang ma-check basta na-encode na ang claim mo sa Philhealth system. Merong mga claims na 4 to 5 or more months pa ring ang processing.

  22. hello mam. nkatanggap po kmi ng cheque mula sa philhealth. kaya lng ang nakapangalan po sa cheque ay namatayb na po. ang tanong ko po paano po namin kaya ma encash ung cheque. patay na po ung may ari ng cheque.paano po kaya iyon?

    1. Hi gerry, usually what is done is that the principal beneficiary (spouse or children) writes a letter to Philhealth asking for a replacement check. Attach birth certificate or marriage cert and check. Go to Philhealth and ask for further info. Keep a copy of the check.

  23. Hi,
    Nakatanggap po ako ng benefit payment notice today
    meaning po ba nito ok na yung claim nmin for reimbursement or meron pa silang hihingin na docs? Nwawala na po kasi yung mga resibo since yung confinement ng father ko was Sept. 2012 pa.

    1. Hi Cha, depende na sa hospital, pero usually hinihingi pa nila ang receipts as proof na nagbayad kayo. Pero puede naman nilang tingnan sa records nila. Xerox your notice.

  24. Naconfine nanay ko and diagnosed by the attending physician
    As multiple cerebral infarction. Then nag bill kami Ng 47000. Magkano po marerefund ko?

    1. Hi Bryan, depende kung anong diagnosis ng doctor, kung CVA1 (28k coverage) or CVA2 (38k coverage).

  25. My mom was admitted last Jul 15 and was discharged on Jul 18, 2013. I was forced to pay the billed amount in full because I wasnt able to complete the required docs for philhealth claim. After 2 days I was able to complete the docs and filed it in the hospital (philhealth). I wasnt able to have a receiving copy when i filed it to them, how can i check if they were able to file it at philhealth office, just to make sure. Thanks

    1. Hi Anne, you can ask the hospital after a week if they’ve filed it already with Philhealth. You can also call Philhealth with your Philhealth no. and confinement details. Or write your concern at Philhealth’s Facebook page

  26. gud eve po. dumating n po ung notice q galing s philhealth, dumating n rin po dw ung checque nko s ospital. hinahanapan poi aq ng resibo ng medicine n binili ko sa labas. ang problema po ay nawawala po ung mga resibo ng gamot n binili ko sa labas. meron po akong payment ng billing s ospital n kumpleto po lahat ng computation mula sa ospital, doctors, andon din po pati ung computation ng gamot n binili q s labas. meron p po bang ibang paraan pra po ma claim ko ung checque ko sa ospital? salamat po at naway masagot nyo po ang mga katanungan ko..

    1. Hi jolly, pa-xerox mo ang notice at bill mo for your own copy, then present to the hospital the original docs. Makiusap ka na lang dahil nakasulat naman sa computation paper ang mga meds na binili mo sa labas.

  27. hi gud day!!! i’m lisa i want to ask my father as confine to hospital lst feb.2012 undergo i eye operation my question is how can i claim my refund b’coz im already working here in qatar

    1. Hi lisa, na-file ba ang claim mo? Kung hindi pa na-file, sorry hindi na puedeng mag-file kasi within 60 days after treatment dapat ang claim filing. Kung na-file naman, a benefit payment notice will be sent to the address you wrote in the claim form.

  28. Good day! About sa reimbursement, napasa ko yung documents requirement sa Philhealth Calamba nung June 11, 2013 and sabi sakin nung nag- receive is after 60 days tatawag ako sa number na to 049 5025697. yung reimbursement is sa papa ko diagnose ng LC, but he died june 14 same yr. makukuha pa ba namin yung reimbursement?

    1. Hi Geezle, you will get the check but you cannot encash it, so you call Philhealth calamba or go there with your ID and birth certificate, and your father’s death certificate (orig and xerox) and ask if you can file those now so they can issue the refund check in your name. By the way, they will ask about your mother, who is the primary claimant.

  29. Good day! Its been 2 months na after ko i-file yung reimbursement ng papa ko for his CT Planning because he was diagnose of CL. sabi kasi nung nag-receive tatawag daw ako after 60 days, is it working days?

    1. Hi Geezle, estimate lang naman yon, so count calendar days.

  30. For prenatal care for pregnant woman, what if I did my cbc, urinalysis, ultrasound and oral glucose tolerance tests in another clinic and not in the same clinic that I will be giving birth, can I still ask for a refund for the expenses? Can I file them separately?

    1. Hi yongskie, you submit your prenatal ORs to the clinic where you will deliver. The maternity claim and the prenatal claim should be submitted together.

  31. Will the reimbursement be given to me or will that be given to the maternity clinic? if it excess P1500.00, are they only going to refund P1500.00 or will they refund the total of the ORs that I submitted?

    1. Hi yongskie, the prenatal care check will be issued in your name. Philhealth refunds up to 1500 only for prenatal care.

  32. hello po. tanung ko lang po. na operahan po sa panga yong husband ko tapos dependent ko sya sa philhealth..wala kami nabayaran sa hospital, ang nabayaran lang namin is yong doctors fee worth 30,000 plus athesia 5200….nandito sa akin yong resibo sa doctors fee at athesia pwede ko pa ba to ma pa refund sa philhealth…pero yong ibang resibo namin lahat sa mga gamit ay nasa hospital na…Thank you very much…

    1. Hi Lyns, basta Philhealth-accredited ang hospital at doctor at makapag-submit ka ng claim, meron kang marefund. Yong mga claim papers pipirmahan ng doctor at hospital.

  33. Hello. My father in law is presently confined in Villamor Hospital since my brother in law is in the military and my father in law is his dependent. The hospital bills are free so we don’t have to pay for the room and the professional fees of the doctor, however, we had to buy the medicines outside since they are not available in the hospital. I was informed that we should submit the CF1 before he is discharged. My Q is, can I be reimbursed for the medicines that we bought outside the hospital? Should I use CF2? thanks.

    1. Hi c, yes, you can reimburse the meds you bought outside if the allocation for meds for his case was not consumed by the hospital. Yes, CF1 and CF2 are required.

  34. Hi po,
    tanong ko lang po. Kasi po last june 24-27, 2013 po n confine po ang baby ko tas aug. 16-21, 2013 n confine po ulit, hindi po b talaga nmin magagamit ang philhealt ko? Pareho po ang sakit hika po n may pneumonia.. Thanks pp.

    1. Hi marlon, sorry, ganon nga ang rule na kapag the same illness ang reason ng confinement of the same patient within 90 days, yong first confinement lang ang covered.

  35. hi, ask ko lng po na confine anak ko nung feb 2013 pa. all bills were covered with Medicard. so, in short wala ako binayaran during discharge sa hospital. can i still get a refund for this? Thanks.

    1. Hi dion, sorry, I think kung wala kang payment receipt, wala kang ma-refund. Did you sign a Philhealth claim form? If you did, palagay ko Medicard na ang nag-process ng Philhealth mo, at na-deduct na before discharge, or sila na ang tatanggap ng refund kasi sila ang nagbayad sa hospital. For most HMOs, they require their members to submit Philhealth claim papers, so that they pay only the part not paid by Philhealth. If Medicard also pays that part normally covered by Philhealth, then that’s unique in the industry — kudos to them.

  36. Hi, ask ko lang po kasi nakagat ako ng aso last May and gusto ko po sana ireimburse ung anti-rabies shot na nagastos ko sa Medical City. Ung ginamit po sakin vaccine is verorab. Covered po ba ito para mairemburse ko? And last May pa kc ako nakagat and natapos ung shots ko last June, may expiration din po ba ang pag reimburse ng ganito? 10k+ din po kasi ang nagastos ko sa anti- rabies shot pa lang. Wala rin ako nafill-up-an na form sa Philhealth before ako mag undergo ng injection kasi ER na po kame tumuloy. Thanks po

    1. Hi Julie, sana nakapag-file ka ng Philhealth before the last shot. Sorry, within 60 days after last treatment or discharge ang filing sa Philhealth. Pero ask others too baka lang meron akong na-miss na rule.

      1. helo po pde po ba kami mag reimburse sa philhealth …member po kc ako ng philhealth naconfine ako for 1 day dahil sa panganganak …d ko na po ginamit philhealth ko kc kulang ako ng requirement na nadala …kaso nakabayad na po kami sa hospital bill namin…pede po ba un ire imburse ano po dapat gawin? at anong requirement po ang dapat ihanda ? tnx po

        1. Hi joylin, sorry hindi ko alam kung papayag pa ang hospital na mag-reimburse. Ang rule kasi is mag-submit ng Philhealth documents before discharge. Ask the hospital kung puede ka pang humabol.

  37. Hi! Gud day po! please help me… I am currently undertaking a radiotherapy treatment due to my right elbow that has Malignant Neoplasm of Bone and Articular Cartilage of Limb. The hospital requirements for filing Philhealth is on a DAY-TO-DAY basis until the treatment ends, which is 35 days session… my problem is, can I file for reimbursement from Philhealth if I missed to give necessary documents(ex. 2days of treatment) to the hospital while I am having a treatment? Thanks.

    1. Hi Janice, I think you can, since the deadline for filing for refund is within 60 days after discharge (pero ask others too para sure). Mas convenient kapag ma-submit mo na lang everyday, para automatic deduction na, at hindi mo na hahanapin pa yong mga medical personnel na pipirma ng claim forms mo. Ang alam ko puede ang clear copies ng MDR, clear copies of Philhealth premium receipts, and then get many claim form 1 sheets.

  38. Hello,

    Nanganak po ako last year na PhIC accredited din. dat tym wla pa akong Phic so nagprocess pa ako.. It takes a year nang makita ko yung receipt namin na binayaran sa hospital kasi nadischarged ako na payed full. pwede ba pa mairefund yun?


    1. Hi Cherry, do you mean you filed your Philhealth papers with the hospital after discharge? Have you received a benefit payment notice from Philhealth? Pero kung walang notice pero more than a year na, xerox your receipt and then go to the hospital and ask for your refund. Ang kaso lang is baka sabihin ng hospital na hindi pa na-process ang claim mo kasi wala kang maipakitang notice. But if you have time, you can try.

  39. hi good pm just want to ask na hospital last dec.24,2012 mother q may contributions xa sa philhealth 17 yrs tpos ng retire xa sa company as in ndi nya nagamit ung philhealth nya during nung ngwowork xa gsto q lng malaman na may reinbursement pa ba kmi na mkukuha since ndi nya nmn ngamit nmn un? super laki kc ng nagastos nmin tpos n di nmin napakinabangan ung naging contributions nya?

    1. Hi joy, kung 60 or older ang mother mo, qualified siya for Free Lifetime membership with Philhealth. If she is, then visit Philhealth with these docs: For this Dec 2012 hospitalization, sad to say, kung ngayon ka pa lang kayo mag-claim, late na, kasi merong deadline for filing — within 60 days after discharge.

  40. Hello sir! same case po tyo .. june 2012 pa po ako nanganak via cs til now wala prin po BPN .. yung sa gamot din po na nabili nmin sa labas ang hnihintay namin na marefund.. Yung sa inyo po ba nkuha nyo na ngayon or may BPN na po dmting sa inyo? Thanks po ..

  41. my husband had a daily peritoneal dialysis at home,how can i reimbursement, what are the requirements and where i can submit?

    1. Hi cons, hindi ko sure ang home treatment kasi dapat merong Philhealth accredited na medical professional at saka dapat sa Philhealth accredited facility. Please visit Philhealth and ask or call Philhealth 441-7442

  42. Hi po, ask ko lang. May mga late payments po kami sa Monthly Contribution nami starting May till August. And yung boss ko is scheduled for a surgery next week. Pag na settle na ba yung payments eh pwede na mka.avail agad sa benefits? Thanks

    1. Hi Sheena, yes, dapat bayaran nio na asap, today if possible. Oct 10 ang deadline for those employed? Not sure if you can still pay for 2nd quarter; okay lang kung puedeng magbayad ng penalty.
      If paid ang 3 of the 6 months before surgery, yes, eligible ang boss nio.

  43. Good day! I am giving birth soon but the center that I am planning to give birth is not philhealth accredited. Can they still give a refund for that kind of situation?

    1. Hi Joanne, sorry, the center should be Philhealth accredited. If not, you cannot get a refund.

    2. Hi Joanne, sori, dapat Philhealth accredited ang center.

  44. Hi, Just want to know if my philhealt is not yet updated or my contribution is not yet showing up on the system on my current employer but my last contribution is on march pa, tapos nahospital yung anak ko then the hospital cannot honor my philhealth kasi last payment ko pa is march or last year pa po. Nagamit ko yung HMO ko pero half lang nagamit kasi dahil sa philhealth ko so binayaran ko ng cash yung kalahati po. Eligible po ba ako sa reimbursement? 1 week plang nakakaraan na nakalabas daughter ko [o.

    1. Hi Tomi, sorry, if your last premium payment was March 2013 and your child’s confinement was Sep or Oct, you cannot avail of Philhealth coverage. You should have paid at least 3 of the 6 months immediately before month of confinement.

  45. HI, ask ko lang po kung paano po ba yung process ng meds na binili outside of the hospital, ipinasa ko po yung lahat ng receipt sa meds amounting to almost 90k dun sa philhealth rep sa hospital, after 6 months ang lumabas na cheke ay para sa hospital nakapangalan. Then i filed for re evaluation of the previously attached receipt and created a letter attaching it to the form sa philhealth grace park caloocan, after 3 months may check na and it’s only 10k. hinde po ba lahat irere imburse ng philhealth yung meds na binili outside of the hospital? may be you can shed some light on this. or email me directly [email protected]

    1. Hi clarence, hindi lahat nirerefund ang gastos sa meds. Depende sa illness code, hospital level, at doctor’s specialty. Kung ang illness ay wala sa list ng Case Rate, ito ay irerefund using the fee for service scheme:

  46. Hi, magandang araw po. Last June 21, 2013 nanganak po kasi ang asawa ko via CS in a government hospital. Wala na po kaming binayaran upon discharge sa hospital. Ang binayaran po namin ay iyong PF ng nag-CS at anesthesiologist. Binigay na rin po namin lahat ng requirement para sa Philhealth reimbursement sa mga medicines dahil binili namin ang mga gamot outside the hospital kasi hindi available sa kanila. Dumating po last week ung cheque at 800+ lang po ang amount na na-reimburse namin. Bakit po kaya? Tapos unwell pa po ang baby namin so dalawa po ung submitted naming forms, iisa lang po ang dumating.

    1. Hi Denver, did you also receive a benefit payment notice? How much was paid to the hospital? 19k? If so, xerox your notice and your PF receipt and then ask the hospital your additional refund (PF). Did your meds cost more than 800? If so, then ask also for additional refund.

  47. hi po, can I apply refund for cash payment I’ve been
    made for the medicine injected to me nung mag labor at manganak po ako last Oct. 14 sa isang lying in malapit sa amin, accredited po ng philhealth..

    1. Hi dannah, yes, ask the lying-in about filing your Philhealth claim because they need to fill up the claim forms.

  48. HI!
    Nag undergo ako ng chemo. I will reimburse my medicine na binili ko personally. Ang chemo ko ginagawa sa ospital na accredited ng philhealth Nun ginawa yun chemo ko yun PF ng doctor was covered by our HMO pati yun ER charges. Pwede ko pa rin bang i-reimburse yun mga medicine na ginamit sa ko na binili ko outside with my doctors order kasi wala naman meds yun ospital para sa chemo ko.Ano requirement at how much ang maximum na pwede ma reimburse. I was diagnosed Stage 3A breast cancer.

    Please reply asap. Thanks.

    1. Hi Agnes, you can file your claim with Philhealth but you need to get forms and waivers from the hospital and doctor. Chemo is not yet under Case Rate, so I can’t give an estimate. You can also try calling your HMO and ask about refunding the meds you purchased. You can also ask Philhealth about their Case Type Z benefit program for breast cancer patients.

  49. gud morning po. puede pa po ba submit ung mga document ng tatay ko regarding sa reimbursement, 50 day s na at na extend na po.

    1. Hi bong, within 60 days after discharge ang time to file your claim. Kung nareject at merong re-filing instruction, yong ang puedeng i-extend. Ask Philhealth.

  50. cedy maningas santos

    hello po. ask ko lang po if nawala ko yung slip na galing sa ospital for refund makukuha q pa din po ba yung refund ko by presenting my philheath id??? thanks.

    1. Hi cedy, depende sa hospital. Merong strict, merong considerate. Try mo na lang.

  51. Clarisse eliza magadia

    Good day! I was a little bit confused.. My mom was confined last September 29 and discharged last October 12.. She’s only 44 yrs old and cannot be a dependent on my philhealth.. I applied her in philhealth last November 7 and I pay 1800 for the whole year of 2013 sa so I can used it already.. Can I reimburse all her medicines during and after her confinement? And how about our hospital bills including professional fees?? Thanks..

    1. Hi Clarisse, your mother can not use her Philhealth for her Sep-Oct confinement because she started her membership only this Nov, meaning she was not yet a member when she was confined. She can use it for future needs.

  52. Good p am po. 5 months na po ko ng pananganak ang anak ko. CS po ako, napasa ko po lahat ng requirements ko kaso hanngang ngayon wala parin ako natatanggap na BPN. Panu po yon Via mail or E-mail po? thank you po

    1. Hi Marchie, yes, you will receive your BPN via registered mail from your postman, usually from 4 to 8 months or more.

  53. Tanong ko lang po sana kung puede i convert sa pera ang philhealth ng tita ko .. Teacher po kc sya pero retired na at d pa napaprocess ang papers nya dhil sa kakulangan ng pera madala po kc magkasakit ang tita ko puro check up at gamot kaya gusto ko malaman kung puede bang makakuha ng refund or pera si tita ko sa philealth

    1. Hi ma. luisa, kung 60 or older na ang tita mo, puede na siyang makakuha ng Free Lifetime card. Ito ang requirements:
      Sad to say, pag outpatient checkup at meds, hindi kino-cover ng Philhealth, so pumunta na lang sa government hospitals.

  54. Hi Nors!

    I just want to ask, I have HMO which covered almost half of my hospital bill. I paid the remaining cash. Will the reimbursement be the same exact amount I paid cash? Cause I heard, I will not be able to get the same amount I paid. Thank you!

    1. Hi Ago, how did your HMO computed its share of the bill if your Philhealth coverage was not considered in the bill? Usually, HMO pays the full balance after the Philhealth coverage is deducted. After you get your benefit payment notice or refund check, and it’s lower than what you have paid in cash, request for refund of the discrepancy from your HMO because the usual rule for HMO is that they pay the portion of the bill that Philhealth does not pay. Of course, refund only from your HMO if you have not yet consumed your maximum HMO benefit limit.

      1. gud day po, ask ko lang po out patient ba d sya 24 hrs na confine sa hospital pero she undergone operation she can avail reimbursement from philheath she is government employee sayang naman ung payment nya d nya ma avail discount ng philhealth…hope in this case be considerate..tnx

        1. Hi Malyn, yes, mag-request kayo ng Philhealth claim papers from the hospital then file with Philhealth. Other docs required: MDR and premium payment receipt.

  55. pwede p ba maka pag reimburse ng philhealth if june 1-4 2013 na confine un patient tpos ngaun lang magfafile ng reimbursement pwede p po ba un?
    sb kc s philhelt 14600 ung bnyad nila s hospital
    eh 13100 po ung binayad nmen less senior nging 10000 plus n lng po.bale if ever magkano po ung ma reimburse sna nmen po tnx po

    1. Hi cecil, do you mean kung puede pang magrefund sa hospital? Yes, puede pa. Dalhin nio yong benefit payment notice plus OR of your hospital payment (ixerox nio for your own copies) para makarefund kayo. Depende na sa hospital kung magkano irefund nila, kasi yong part of professional fee minsan ay hindi na nirerefund.

  56. hello good day…ask ko lang po about the philhealth 60 day rule if applicable pa siya kasi I went to ask recently sa philhealth office region 9 they said pag after 60 days hindi nasubmit ung necessary requirements I can still submit pa rin mga requirements including a letter of appeal(stating my reason kung bakit nalate ang pagsubmit) although it will take much longer daw to receive the check and ganun din sabi sa hospital kung san naconfine mother ko. I hope na may makuha kame kahit konti kasi sayang naman talaga.

    1. Hi Mae, yes, deadline policy pa rin yong 60 days. At isa pa ring major reason yan for denied claims. Puede sigurong iconsider ng Philhealth kung natural disaster ang reason for filing late, pero hindi ko sure.

  57. Hi, ive gave birth last july of this year, 25k pinagbayaran ko sa hospital for cs delivery, and then hospital na nag-ayos for benefits claim from Phlhealth, pag ganon po bang scenarion, may marerefund pa ako? may nareceived akong letter yesterday from Philhealth, indicating ung amount ng hospital charges, prof. charges…un lang, ano po yun??thanks

    1. Hi Mara, check mo uli yong statement of account mo and OR mo. Nadeduct ba agad yong coverage mo na 19k? Or nadeduct ba ang 11400 from hospital expense? If yes, wala ka nang marerefund, kasi nai-apply na yong benefit mo sa billing. Kung hindi nadeduct ang PF na 7600, puedeng tanungin ang OB or hospital, pero usually hindi na nagrerefund ang OB, additional PF na nila yong 7600. If zero Philhealth deduction, then ask for refund. Xerox your billing, BPN, and OR.

  58. Hi! Ask ko lang po if nadala sa ER yung patient tapos nadischarge din within 24hrs at hindi na confine posible po bang irefund sa philhealth yung bill n’ya at mga nagastos na gamot? Thanks.

    1. Hi riean, usually hindi na po, kasi hindi na-confine. Merong certain outpatient surgeries na covered. Ask mo na lang yong hospital.

  59. Hi, good day! I already submitted all the requirements for claims and they gave me the tranmittal so it means I completed all the documents needed, and now when I ff up the check they said incomplete ang documents kaya wala pa, what will I do if its their fault that they lost it and now they want me to provide again the missing docs? And by the way it saids that if I have the official receipt I dont need the waiver from the doctor but why are they still requiring it? Thanks.

    1. Hi Jill, did they say that all the docs were lost? Baka yong waiver lang ang missing. Mas okay na merong waiver para ilagay na nila in your name yong check.

  60. ask ko lang po if pwede bang humingi ng refund sa philhealth sa mga gamot na nabili namin sa labas ng hospital while my husband was confined kasi po lumagpas na kami sa aming insurance. pls reply, tnx.

    1. Hi lans, private insurance ba yong nagamit? O Philhealth din? Kapag Philhealth at nagamit na lahat ang coverage, wala na pong additional refund. Kapag hindi pa nagamit ang Philhealth, puede pang mag-file basta makakuha kayo ng filled-up claim forms sa hospital.

  61. hi, na-admit kc kapatid ko and as of now nkalabas na kami ng hospital, pero wala kc cya philhealth so yung philhealth portion sa bill eh binayaran nmin. My question is if marreimburse ba nmin yung binayad nmin kung ipamember ko sya ngaun sa philhealth at bayaran ko yung 1yr. na contribution (i think 1800pesos)?


  62. Hi eric, sori hindi. Dapat mauna ang date of membership at premium payment bago date of hospitalization.

  63. Happy New Year Po!! Naadmit po ako sa PGH Maynila noong June 25, 2013 para po sa operasyon!! Member po ako ng Phlihealth! Bakit po ganun nag submit naman po ako lahat ng kailngan requirments for Refundable sa Philhealth po! nag follow up po ako naung January 6,2014 sa Philhealth MAlolos, Bulacan ay wala daw po sa data base nila!!! Pano po ba gagawin ko po para maka refund po ako!!! GOD Bless po!!

    1. Hi Edwin, sori hindi ko ma-guess kung anong nangyari. Nai-file kaya ng Philhealth ang claim mo? Follow-up mo na lang sa PGH. Happy new year and God bless din.

  64. is it true na hindi na pwede magreimburse ngayon sa philhealth?

    1. Hi stephanie, merong isang nag-comment dito na ganon nga raw. Sori wala pa akong nabasang circular about it. Will get back if I see something.
      Nakita ko na yong circular. Sabi sa circular, dapat hospital na ang mag-file ng claims. Meron daw few exceptions; palagay ko yong mga hospitalized abroad.

  65. Pag dumating na po ba samin u g bpn at naipasa ko na lahat ng OR ko,ganu nmn po ktgal mag issue ng check,plz reply

    1. Hi Marissa, depende na po sa ospital kung gaano kabilis ang check processing nila.

  66. gud pm.naconfind po ako last oct.19 to 22 2013 member po ako ng philhealth’kaya lang po hinde ko po nagamit ung philhealth dahil hinde po agad naipadala ng agency operahan po ako ng apendisitis ang binayaran ko lahat sa hospital 59.594 lahat po ng ducument na kailangan sa philhealth office na ayos ko na po na recieved na po last dec.5 2013 at binigyan po ako ng recieving copy ,magkano po kaya ang maire inverse ko,slamat po and GOD BLESS

    1. Hi jerry, based on the new Case Rate chart, ang coverage for appendectomy is 24k (14,400 for hospital cost and 9600 for PF). God bless din

  67. Good Day!

    I just want to ask on how to get my Philhealth refund. I already ask the hospital but they said they need the notice came from Philhealth but I didn’t received it yet . I was confined last March 2013 and the hospital said they already have the refund last November 2013 but they need me to pass the notice i didn’t received it till now.
    How can i get the notice of refund?

    1. Hi Erica Rose, dapat natanggap mo ang Philhealth notice from your postman. Ask your post office. Registered ang notice, so meron sila sa record nila.

  68. Hello po, gusto ko lang po sana malaman kung pano po malalaman yung pwedeng mareimburse for liver cirrhosis/cancer case. Patient is only dependent ng wife which is a Philhealth member. Thanks in advance for your help.

    1. Hi Sam, sa Case Rate list, ang coverage ay 11,800 at 15,100 ang coverage, depende sa case ng liver cirrhosis. Hospital cost at PF coverage na yan. Ask the hospital or doctor

      1. Hi Nors, thanks for the info. Kasi we spent 400k for all hospital bills including PF, then hospital only deducted 10k for Philhealth. Do you think it’s normal? I think the hospital didn’t follow the right rate.

  69. helow sir, we already received bpn, ang problema nwawala ang resibo namin, anu po sasbhn namin sa hospital pede po b kam kumuha ng copy sa kanila? thank you!

    1. Hi jayson, xerox your bpn so you have your own copy. Yes, you can try asking for a copy from the cashier/collection dept. but hospital have different policies, so I’m not sure.

  70. hello po! pano po ba a computation ng Philhealth refund?

    1. Hi anate, fixed na po ngayon ang refund, depende sa sakit o procedure na ginawa. At wala na pong direct filing with Philhealth; dapat i-submit ang Philhealth docs sa hospital before discharge.

      1. hi nors. sorry if nadoble tong comment, im not sure kung nagpost yung una. anyway, i heard na wala na nga daw direct filing/reimbursement. pero what about emergency outpatient cases na mahirap magcomplete ng requirements before discharge. would you know kung possible parin reimbursement? thanks!

        1. Hi ting, ang nakasulat sa Philhealth circular ay wala nang direct filing except for certain cases, so I hope kasama ang emergency sa exception. Try your best to submit your docs before discharge. Note also that not all outpatient emergency cases are covered, so ask the hospital.

      2. Hi ting, dinidiscourage na ng Philhealth ang direct filing. Try your best to submit your Philhealth docs to the hospital before discharge. Not all emergency outpatient cases are covered, so ask the hospital.

  71. hi! pano po ba pag compute ng Philhealth refund?

  72. hello po! i had my hysterectomy operation last January 21, 2014.. i was discharged on January 26, 2014.. ang tanong ko po nag bayad po ako sa hospital bill ng 31,915 kc di ko na file ang Philhealth ko. the amount of my hospital bill is 79, after 2 days nag submit na po ako ng complete requirements for refund.. magkano po kaya yong makukuha ko na refund? member din po ako sa medicard health card sa company namin..thanks and need your response soon..

  73. gud evening!! ask ko lang po ako db ang total hysterectomy package is 30k? na operahan po kc ako last January 21, 2014.. wala po akong binayad sa hospital kc my MEDICARD HEALTH CARD po ako sa company namin.. upon discharged po nagbayad po ako sa hospital ng 31,915 kc po di ko nagamit ang Philhealth ko kc nagkulang po ako ng requirements..sabi sa hospital mag file na lang daw ako for reimbursement. magkano kaya ang makukuha ko pa na pera sa PHILHEALTH?

  74. hello, ask ko lng po kc nahospital ang anak ko nung nov.2013 pa at ngfile ako sa philhealth ng dec.2013 pa para sa reinbursement sbi sa philhealth 2months lang daw pero hanggang ngayon wala pa din yung claims ko. palagi akong ngfofollow up sa philhealth hanggang ngayon wala pa din almost 3months na, bakit kaya ganon katagal? thanks.

    1. Hi mari, sad to say na matagal pa rin ang claim processing. Umaabot pa rin ng 3 to 5 months or more. Mag-comment ka sa Facebook page ng Philhealth.

  75. hi po paano po ang gagawin kung wala philhealth ung hospital ? n confine kase ako ngayon paano po kya ito panu ko magagamit philhealth ko?

    1. Hi Ana, sorry you cannot use Philhealth if the hospital is not Philhealth-accredited.

  76. Minerva V. Llantino

    Ang byenan ko ay naconfine sa PGH ng Feb. 9. Pero sabi ng Philhealth sa PGH di na raw pwedeng mag reimburse. Totoo ba ito? Kasi di namin magamit ang philhealth ng asawa ko. ty

    1. Hi Minerva, hindi ba kayo sinabihan na dapat mag-submit kayo ng Philhealth papers sa PGH before discharge para maka-refund kayo later on? Ang alam kong hindi na puede ay ang direct filing sa Philhealth.

  77. hello po. kailan po ba namin makukuha ung refund ng philhealth nang husband ko? naconfine xia last december pa sa vicente sotto hospital in cebu city. sabi nila 3 months lang daw at dadating na sa amin ung refund. ee hanggang ngayon wala pa. complete naman ung requirements na pinasa namin.

    1. Hi danna, sad to say, 3 to 5 months or more pa rin ang processing ng Philhealth. Email [email protected]

  78. ask ko lang po.. kc pinakuha ako resibo ng pinagbayaran ng online nagbabayad yung employer ko. txka yung dala ko na papel is yung print lng na payment lahat.ok lng po b yun? thnx po sa reply

    1. Hi jhunnel, dapat kung meron ka nang MDR from Philhealth, signed claim form 1 and certificate of premium payments from your employer plus your printout na andon ang name mo, dapat puede na.

  79. Good pm! Package deal po ako sa aking panganganak at 5000 po ang na deduct sa akin ng philhealth. Tanong ko po kung totoo po ba na may refund sa mga naibili naming gamot at iyong down payment sa prenatal? Salamat po.

    1. Hi sheenaya, 5k lang ang Philhealth deduction for delivery sa hospital, so wala nang refund sa nagasto sa gamot. Merong 1500 na coverage for prenatal (to be refunded by Philhealth at hindi dinededuct ng hospital), pero dapat nakapag-submit ka ng prenatal ORs before discharge para naisabay sa maternity claim.

  80. sa lying in clinic po ako nanganak last year september 27 2013. ask ko lang po kung makakarefund po ba ako sa philhealth… accredited din nman po ng philhealth ung clinic

    1. Hi chell, kung nagbigay ka ng Philhealth docs sa kanila at na-file nila sa Philhealth, wait for your benefit payment notice from Philhealth and then ask for a refund from the lying-in

  81. Hi po tnong ko lng po yon po bang benefit refund ng philhealth ay yong deduction ko sa bill ng hospital for philhealth yon po b yong amount na makukuha ko. Tnx po.

    1. Hi letty, yes, yong Philhealth deduction sa bill mo ay yon na ang benefit mo. Pag government hospital na merong binibili sa labas, puedeng irefund yong nagasto kung meron pang available coverage.

  82. Hello po gud afternoon ma’am/ sir.. pwd po bng magtanong saan po kaya nkakakuha ng mga form para po maclaim ung irerefund po.. thank you po 🙂 mula po kc nung pqgkatapos naoperahan po sa katarata ung lola ko po wala na po kming balita.. 7 months na po ang nkalilipas thank you po have a nica day.. gobless

    1. Hi isabel, pumayag ba ang doctor na gagamit kayo ng Philhealth? Nag-file ba siya ng pre-approval sa Philhealth before the cataract operation? At nag-file ba ang doctor/hospital sa Philhealth ng claim after the operation?

  83. Hello Good Evening,

    Ask ko lang ko. My son was admitted last April 3-5. Wala kami nabayaran sa hospital kasi 10,500 ang cover ng philhealth. My son was admitted due to pneumonia po. Our hospital bill was 4,500. Makukuha ko ba yong remaining po?tapos my mga medicines nabili sa labas tapos hindi po tinanggap ng hospital.

    1. Hi Angelie, wait for your notice from Philhealth. If the notice shows that Philhealth paid the hospital 10,500, ask the hospital for refund for the medicines you bought outside. Bring your bill and receipts (orig and xerox).

  84. Maam paano po kaya yung case namin ,naipasa na po nmin lahat ng requirements pero my isang document na hindi kinuha tapos nung finallow up namin after a month sabi po wait ng letter sohinintay po namin and after 4th 5th 6th 7th month wait parin daw po then we came back at the hospital this 10th month hindi daw na process ksi kulang po yung required papers kaya hindi na transmit sa philhealth pwd pa po kayang ireimburse yun at ifile ngayon ?

    1. Hi Charity, merong deadline ang filing with Philhealth — within 60 days after discharge. Magreklamo kayo sa hospital management kung nasa kanila ang mistake.

  85. db po worth of 6k ang sagutin ng philhealth sa hospital ones na member ka nito .,. what if po kung wala pang 6k ang inabot ng bill ko sa hospital ? ano na po mangyayari sa natira ?! hndi ba ito mkukuha us cash ?

    1. Hi Chay, hindi po nakukuha ng patient yong sobra.

  86. hello!! tanong ko lang po yong package ng total abdominal hysterectromy ay 30k. yon din po ba ang makukuha ko sa refund ko pagdating ng BPN notice ko?

  87. hi po,i was confined last april 22-23 sa ARO Medical center, hindi po sila philhealth accredited. ask ko lang po kung pwede mag pa reimburse sa phil health ng medications na almost 10k na nagastos ko on that said clinic? please answer po. thank u!

    1. Hi yhannie, sori, hindi puede kasi dapat Philhealth accredited ang hospital. Bawal na rin ngayon ang direct filing with Philhealth. Ask others too.

  88. Hi, di ko pa naaadd ang baby ko as one of my beneficiaries then nahospitalized siya.. Pwd ko po b siyang iadd as my beneficiary at the same time gmitin ang philihealth to pay for the hospital bill?thank you

    1. Hi Grace, yes, present your baby’s birth certificate to the hospital (orig and xerox). Yong ibang hospital, enough na ang birth cert; others require you to update your MDR with your baby written as your dependent in your MDR.

  89. hi!! tanong ko lang po kung kailan ko mare received ang BPN ko!! nag file po ang hospital nong MARCH 3, 2014.. KAILAN KO PO MALAMAN ANG EXACT AMOUNT NG MA RE RECEIVED KO? upon discharged nag bayad po ako ng 31,915.. total abdominal hystertomy ang inopera sa akin which is 30k ang total package

  90. D po aq nakatangap ng BPN galing sa hospital..after ma confine lahat po bnayaran namin d po kmi naka discount manlang

    1. Hi jerah, BPN is sent by Philhealth. Did you submit Philhealth docs to the hospital? If yes, wait for your BPN, then ask the hospital for refund. Bring your BPN, bill and ORs.

  91. Wala pa po akong Philhealth nung nanganak ang misis ko (2012) at nung naconfine yung anak ko (twice, 2013), pero po ngayon meron na, tanong ko lang po kung maipapareimburse ko po ba yun? thanks.

    1. Hi Rhee, sori hindi na. Claim filing should be within 60 days of confinement.

  92. hello po…ask lang po kung gaano katagal ang proseso sa pagrerefund? 5 months na po kasi hanggang ngayon malabo pa rin 🙁 thank you po

    1. Hi Precy, sad to say na matagal pa rin ang refund. Wait for your benefit payment notice from Philhealth.

  93. ..ask ko lang po naconfine po sa ICU kasi ang anak ko New Born baby po siya since April 22,2014 until now panu po ba ako makakakuha ng refund sa philhealth since auko po gamitin yun philhealth ko sa billing ko sa hospital?

    1. Hi Michael, kung Philhealth member ang mother, puede rin yong sa kanya ang magamit.

  94. Stephanie Rubenial

    Hi po Philhealth ask ko lng po. Yong philhealth ng asawa ko di na change status dapat kasi married status na at isa ako sa dependents. This month manganganak na ako. Possible pa po bang magsubmit ng requirements para po makahabol at magamit ng asawa ko un philhealth niya during my delivery sa hospital??

    1. Hi Stephanie, yes, mag-update asap sa Philhealth. Bring marriage cert and ID. After updating, request MDR.

  95. Stephanie Rubenial

    Hi po Philhealth tanong lang po. Yong philhealth ng husband ko hindi po na update yon status dapat po kasi married at isa ako sa dependent niya as his wife. Pwede pa po bang mahabol ang pagsubmit ng requirements na ngayong buwan na to kabuwanan ko na para nman ma avail namin yon benefits during my delivery at the hospital. Ano po bang pwedeng gawin???

    1. Hi Stephanie, yes, update asap at Philhealth with marriage cert and ID, then request your MDR.

  96. good PM!! just asking about my reimbursement that until now i havent received yet.. its almost 4 months na po

  97. gud pm..this all about the nephew as the memeber of philhealth.his father was admitted at perpetual soccour hospital.we paid all the bills since the requirements for philhealth was submitted 2 weeks late…my question is..the member received benefits payment notice.the amount was p9000 for asthma as primary wen we went to philhealth at perpetual soccour hospital the amt of p9000 the memeber will only received p6300 as said by philhealth staff.she said that the 30% 0f p9000 will go to the attending physsicians as the doctors benefits from philhealth.please explain how it come up like confused.

    1. Hi mercy, the 9k coverage is allotted as 2,700 for doctor and 6,300 for hospital costs. If you already paid the doctor’s PF, you should get the 2,700 as refund. But some hospitals or doctors get the 2,700 as additional PF.

  98. hi!! nag file po ako ng Philhealth ko last MARCH 3, 2014 ay naipasa na po ng hospital.. pwd ko po ba palitan and address ko na instead sa home adress ilipat ko sa office address namin na lang?



    1. Hi Mary Ann, that’s a really long long time. It’s now 2014. Sorry I can’t know what happened to your file.

  100. Gud am. Ask ko lng po kung pwede po ba mairefund ung binayad nmin sa hospital nanganak po kz aq CS umabot po lht sa 55tw ubg gonastos nmin..actually po dko po alam n my phil health po aq bgla nlng po dumating ung MDR n member n po aq sa philhealth pero coverage po aq ng NHTS ung employer/organized group ko po ay DOH..dumating po kz ung MDR ko nkalabas n po kmi ng hospital april 22 po aq lumabas dumting ung MDR ko may 9 n po.. Pwede po b aq mkpgrefund pag gnun?

    1. Hi evelyn, I’m not sure if Philhealth is still strict with its rule that there’s no more direct filing with them. You can try. File within 60 days after discharge.

  101. Hi.

    ask ko lang po, paano kung hindi ko po natanggap ang BPN or hindi nahanap ng postman ang bahay namin. saan po ba bumabalik ang BPN para po mai-verify namin.


    Best Regards,

    1. Hi juneart, go to your postman and ask. There’s a list for registered mail. Or you can go to the nearest Philhealth branch.

  102. Hi po! Ask ko lng po about s philhealth ng m0ther ko, nagrenew po sya nung dec.2013 ng indigent philhealth nya for 2014 po un s brgy. nmin d2 s Malay province of Aklan. Then, nconfined po sya s St.jude h0spital @ kalibo nitong May18 lng due to pneum0nia. Nung mlapt n po kmi mgdischarge, inasikaso ko na po ung philhealth nya pra maLess ung ba2yaran nmin s ospital. Pro pgcheck po s computer ng philhealth office ng ospital, wla dw pong record c mama na updated or nrenew nya ung indigent philhealth nya. Nagbayad po kmi ng 24,011 pesos pra s h0spital bill and doctor’s pf. for 6days c0nfinement. Nung nagbayad po ako sa casher, 3day lng po ibinigay nla smin to update my m0ther’s philhealth to claim the refund s knila worth 10,500. Ask ko po if mare2new b nmin until wednesday ung philhealth? Ano2 po b ung dpat nmin gwin pra mk0mpleto lhat ng process. Dmi na po kz nmin utang. Malaking tul0ng po smin ung 10,500 if ever mrefund un. Plz po. Turuan nyo po ako ng step by step kc first time plng po kmi ga2mit ng philhealth. Hoping 4 ur emmidiate responce. Salamat po.

    1. Hi Jhe, sorry my reply is already late, so I hope you asked other people. You could have gone back to your barangay and ask.

  103. Hello mam..

    Ask koh lang po if walang gamot sa ospital tapos no choice kaning bumili sa labas.. pwede po ba irefund ung nagastos na gamot na nabili sa labas?

    1. Hi Lyn, yes, submit your Philhealth papers to the hospital. Later on when the benefit payment notice from Philhealth shows that your deduction is less than what Philhealth paid to the hospital, go to the hospital with your ORs and bill and ask for refund.

  104. hello! i was operated last january 20, 2014.. i filled my philhealth in the hospital. until now i havent received the BPN number kc sabi doon sa Philheath sa my Caloocan denied daw po..pwd po ba yong hospital na lang ang magbayad sa akin at mag issue ng check? its almost 4 months na po

  105. Hi, ask ko lang po. Yung baby ko kase naconfine lastweek lang. Then, nagasikaso ako ng papers. Meron akong isang kulang na receipt na binayaran ng tita ko individually. Yung tita ko kase lives in marikina. dito pa kme sa qc. Hndi pinayagan ng hospital na gmitin ung philhealth ko khit nag-ask nmn ako sa philhealth kung pwede. Ang daming dahilan, kesyo di pdw nila nattawagan ung philhealth dahil coffee break ganito ganyan. Ang itatanung ko lang po sa case ko ano po ba ang mga requirements? And patulong naman po sa paggawa ng letter of consideration. Hindi ko po kase alam kung pano ggwin dun. Thanks.

    1. Hi Shiela, you can write to Philhealth in Tagalog and request them to accept your claim documents and explain why you were not able to submit your documents to the hospital.

  106. I am married pero nghiwalay na kmi ng husband ko.then im pregnant nw .pero hndi sa husband k..kya ung apelyido ko sa philhealth is when im married pero now ang gmit k sa hospital is nung dalaga ako…ako mismo ung member…pno ko magagamit ung philhealth ko kung ung apelyido ko nung dalaga ako un ang gmit k

    1. Hi jackie, it’s easier if your names with Philhealth, your premium receipt and your IDs are the same, so the hospital does not have to ask questions. You can request for a change in name with Philhealth, but you need court declaration of annulment, so it’s difficult. If there’s still time, and if you decide so, register anew with a new Philhealth no. and your maiden name. Or you can use your married name at the hospital, but your baby’s surname will be your maiden surname or the surname of your baby’s father. Ask others too.

  107. good pm!! pwd po ba ako gumawa ng APPEAL LETTER sa Philhealt regarding my claims? na discharge po kc ako last JANUARY 26, 2014 nagkulang kc ako ng requirements upon discharge kaya ako muna nag shoulder ng bayad.. salamat po

    1. Hi anafe, do you mean you’re filing only now? There’s a deadline for filing; file within 60 days after discharge.

  108. Hi
    tanong ko lang po member na po ako ng philhealth since year 2006
    then i got pregnant and going to use my maternity benefits for the first time,but I’m on long leave in our company without pay since January 2014 at this June po ako manganganak,may makukuha po ba akong refunds or something from philhealth?i think nag stop maghulog ung company nmin nung february sa philhealth account ko,
    tnx po..

    1. Hi jenny, pay your premiums as Individual Payor for April and May so you can avail. Requirement: Payment of 3 premiums within 6 months before confinement

  109. hello po ask ko lang po kung pwede pa po ba ako mag apply for reimbursement/refund kasi ung tita ko po ay naoperahan nung april 2014 po pero hindi po sila nakapag ayos ng papers para sa philhealth na ipapasa sana para madeduct sa philhealth nea pwede pa po ba kami mag file for reimbursement? please reply po salamat

    1. Hi rhona, you should have filed papers for deduction before discharge. Philhealth issued a rule that there’s no more direct filing. But you can try. File within 60 days after discharge

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  111. Gud am po.ask ko lng po kng pano nmin mareimburse ung mga meds n binili nmin sa lbas .my mom was hospitalized last may of ds yr.the philhealth dscount was applied sa bill pero pano po ung mga receipts ng gamot galing sa lbas.almost 9k p po un kc 2 hospitals po na-confine mother ko.tnx

    1. Hi shelah, wait for your benefit payment notice from Philhealth, and if the deduction was less than what Philhealth paid to the hospital, bring your notice and ORs to the hospital and claim additional refund.

  112. Good day! just want to ask kung pwede pa po ba gumawa ng appeal letter for refund. na ospital po kc yung lola ko last january 2014 and nadischarge din po after a week. sbi po sa ospital pwedeng kame nalang po ang mag lakad ng papers for reimbursment. then nung nagpunta naman kmi sa philhealth, sbi naman po dapat dw sa hospital yun. di na po namen alam kung anung process ang susundin kaya hindi na nalakad yung papel. recently may nagsabi n dapat mag email kame sa philhealth. pwede pa po kaya yun?

    1. Hi maries, you can try. But filing should be within 60 days after discharge. And papers should have been submitted to the hospital so the coverage was deducted from the bill

  113. Hi Nors,
    Question naman, paano ako magpaparefund. Nadischarge mom ko nung April 17, ako muna nagshoulder ng Philhealth Fee dahil mahal na araw yun at sarado sila. Now, according to your website di na pwedeng dumirecho sa Philhealt. So does it mean na babalik ako sa Makati Med para ayusin yung refund ng mom ko and if ever ano kayang documents ang kailangan kong dalhin. Thank you. 🙂

    1. Hi Bev, you only have 60 days from discharge to file. Sorry I’m not sure if Philhealth still accepts direct filing. Docs are in the list above. Bring your bill and OR so you can get claim papers from Makati Med

  114. Good evening po..just want to ask kasi nakatanggap na ako ng bpn from philhealth pero mas malaki ang amount na nadeduct ng philhealth sa hospital bill ng mother ko (beneficiary ko kasi sya).. compare dun sa na deduct ng hospital sa bill namin..ano po ba ang maaari kong gawin? Sa negros occidental pa ko ako pero sa paranaque medical na confine yung mother ko last september 2013

    1. Hi Ann, you can present your OR, bill and BPN to the hospital to get additional refund. But since you’re in Negros, call the hospital first.

  115. hi!! na denied po ang letter of appeal ko na pinasa sa Philhealth,Caloocam sabi don sa reason NOT COMPENSABLE> what does it mean? ang alam ko na late filling lang po ako kc january 26 ako na discharge so i was the one shouldered my expenses total of 31,915 with out reduction of my Philhealth claims.. pwd po ba ako mag appeal for the second time direct don sa main office branch ng Philhealth sa my Pasig City? kailangan ko po kc yong refund ko kc hiniram ko lang po yon sa kaibigan ko.. SALAMAT PO nad need your advice

  116. Hi po ask ko lang po pwede po ba ma reimburse yung mga laboratory pinagawa sa labas o sa ibang hospital at mga gamot na binili sa ibang hospital at mercury drugs. Thanks po godbless

    1. Hi jena, it depends on the type of illness/treatment and hospital expense. If the fixed allotment for the illness is not spent fully by the hospital, you can refund part of your expenses later on. Keep your original ORs. Submit your Philhealth papers during hospitalization/before discharge, and present xerox of your ORs.

  117. dinala sa er at namatay din ng araw na yun ang tatay ko. pero nung binayaran na namin ang bill, nakalimutan namin gamitin ang philhealth nya. pwede pa ba kami humingi ng refund?

    1. Hi Kenny, there could be consideration for your case. You try filing directly with Philhealth. Go back to the hospital and ask for claim papers.

  118. Hi ma’am!nanganak aq thru cs s ospital ng manila last jan8,2014 at nadischarge kmi ng baby q jan 17. Inaattached q po lahat receipts ng medicines at laboratories nagtotal ng 19k+ s form ng philhealth n submit q s billing section.since govt hosp xa at d aq tga manila eh kmi po buy gmot s labas hosp at laboratory pati new born screening kmi nagbayad.nun lumabas n kmi la pinakita billing s amin basta tell ng staff s billing n nka package aq ng 19k tpos since member ng philhealth la n kmi nla after 2-3 mos mkkreceive aq notification fr philhealth..sad to say aq n ngpunta s last june 20 s branch nyo s cloocan to get the bnp..den xol aq s hosptl sbi for pickup n check q.nkuha q po un check nagaamount ng P 3041 po..y po gnun lng nareimburse s akin? S sama ng loob q d q p po encash un check kc pno q un ipnbayad s utang sobra kulang po un..plz help me..tnx po

    1. Hi jazz, the coverage for CS is 19k (11,400 for hospital expenses and 7600 for doctors fees). Maybe hospital expenses amounted to 8386 so you got only 3041. Or some of your receipts were not ORs. Ask your hospital.

  119. Ask ko lang po kung paano ko marereimburse yung sa mga medicine
    receipts ng father ko kung philhealth ko po ang gagamitin.
    thank you and regards

    1. Hi Dale, sad to say that Philhealth does not yet reimburse medicine receipts. Medicines are covered only when hospitalized, as part of the fixed Case Rate coverage.

  120. Hi,ask ko lang po if totoo bang you need to have atleast 4 check ups sa lying in to be considered na magagamit mo ang philhealth benefits mo? Kasi nanganak po ako pero stillbirth and niraspa ako (d&c) , sabi ng lying in di daw maaacredit dahil nakadalawang check up lang ako. Para unfair naman un na nagbabayad ako ng philhealth and then di ko magagamit,

    1. Hi jhoana, that 4-prenatal-visit rule was issued in a 2009 circular. But there have been many changes in rules since then. I’m still looking for the new circular related to this. D&C is also covered, but only in hospitals or surgical clinics.

  121. Hi, nanganak ako nung Sept. 2012, hindi ko sya nafile sa philhealth yung sa baby. Puwede pa ba akong magfile ng reimbursement?

    1. Hi jaja, the deadline for filing is within 60 days after discharge. Also, this year, direct filing with Philhealth is no longer allowed.

  122. hello po ask ko lang po if sa private hospital ko ako manganganak level 2 mga magkano po ang idededuct sa bill ko if NSD po ako, at paano po ba ung sa prenatal care ano pong ggawin dun? this july na po ako manganganak, updated nman po ang contributions ko, thanks po.

    1. Hi lyn, your deduction should be 5k (3k for hospital and 2k for PF). Submit your prenatal care ORs worth at least 1500 together with your Philhealth papers. Philhealth will refund your prenatal care via registered mail.

  123. hi po, nanganak po sis ko March 7, 2014 sa isang Lying in Clinic dito sa Taguig. Yung clinic na po nag process ng re-imbursement namin sa philhealth kase accredited naman daw po sila. Kaso po yung sis ko umuwi na sa probinsya pero yung mailing adress nya is dito sa taguig, in case po ba dumating na yung check ok lang na kami mag receive or we need to show authorization letter or may requirements pa sa courier para ma receive yung check nya? Thanks..

    1. Hi aileen, ask your sister to send you her ID and authorization letter.

  124. Hi, na confine po ako sa st. Lukes under social service yung project po ng doctors nila. Ang part ko lang po na babayaran is 24-25,000. Nag down po ako ng 20k then sinisingil pa po ako ng additional na 5,500. Nung napasa po yung philhealth ko 24k po ang makuhang benefit. Pano po ba yun parang sobra na po ata yung naibigay ko. Walang wala na po talaga akong maidadagdag na 5,500. Ppwede po bang ako ang mag encash nung sa benefit para yung 5500 po ibigay ko sa st. Lukes then yung matira maibayad na sa inutangan namin ng pinang down?

    1. Hi Anelle, when they told you the 24k to 25k amount, did they ask if you have Philhealth? I asked because the 24k-25k payment might be in addition to Philhealth. Ask St Lukes about your billing and deduction.

  125. Good day po.. Ask ko lng po kung pwede kmi makapag refund sa philhealth kasi may binili kmi na gamot sa labas worth 111k (IV immunoglobulin) po un for may sick child.. Panu po ung process? Thank you po sa reply..

    1. Hi JR, under the new Case Rate scheme, the coverage for medicines and supplies are included in the fixed coverage for the illness or treatment done during hospitalization. So file your Philhealth documents during confinement/before discharge, and then ask your hospital when you can refund meds you bought outside (so you’ll know their Philhealth procedures and if there’s still allotment for part of the 111k you spent). You can also ask the hospital’s PCSO department to help you with documents to ask assistance from PCSO. It’s not that very difficult asking assistance from PCSO, especially for expensive medications/hospitalizations, and the amount of their assistance is really helpful.

  126. Hi po. Cervical cancer patient po ako sa jose reyes undego po ako sa radiotherapy at chemotheraphy marami po ako nabiling gmot for my chemo outside jose reyes. ask lang po if pwede ako maka-refund sa mga nabili kong gamot kare-recieve ko po today bpn ko anu po dapat ko gawin. thank u godbless

    1. Hi lhoidz, ask jose reyes how they process radiotherapy/chemotherapy claims. Coverage for 1 radiotherapy session is 3k (800 for pf; 2200 for hospital) and coverage for 1 chemo admin is 7,280 (1,680 pf; 5,600 hosp). I assume that the process will be that you submit your Philhealth docs, they deduct what they can deduct, and they file with Philhealth (no more direct filing with Philhealth), and then when Philhealth pays the hospital, you refund part of your expenses for meds, if your coverage is not used up for the hospital procedure. will email you the circular.

  127. hello po na operahan sa apindex ang anak ko nung jan.2 2014 july 9 na po hindi pa dumarating ang reimbursement . ask ko lang kung makukuha pa pa un.

    1. Hi whena, wait for your benefit payment notice from Philhealth via registered mail, or you can go to the Philhealth branch where you filed

  128. Hi! Na confine po yung anak ko last February, na cover naman po ng hmo ko yung 8k plus then 4,129 yung philhealth coverage. Kakadating lang po nung BPN today and ang binayaran ng philhealth sa hospital ay 15k. Entitled po ba ako sa refund? and if yes, san po ako mag file ng claim, sa hospital o philhealth? and pwede pa bo ba ako mag file ng claim kahit na last February pa na confine yung anak ko. Thanks.

    1. Hi Carmen, if you did not pay any amount to the hospital, you cannot claim a refund. You need an OR to claim a refund. It would be your HMO that can decide to claim their refund from the hospital because they paid the the hospital.

  129. Hello po. Aq po ung mismong member nang philhealth nanganak aq noongJan.5 dis yr tru CS.. until now wla pa yong refund q ncheck q sa philhealth branch dto smin na ok na at nkapagbayad na nang 19,000 noong june18 untl now wla pq nkukuhang refund and sa bill nmin nung pglabas nmin sa hosptl wlang ndeduct kasi cash out daw ang hosptl ngaun. Pwde po ba yun gnun cash out? As n wlang binawas khit piso sa bill nmin. Pls reply to my question .ty

    1. Hi carla, go back to your hospital with your bill and OR (keep orig copies for yourself) and ask for refund. You should also show your benefit payment notice (BPN) from Philhealth, but if you’ve not received it yet, you can try asking the hospital for refund, tell them Philhealth has told you that your claim was already paid.

  130. jennifer barretto

    ung biyenan ko po naospital beneficiary sya ng mr ko na OFW. meron pong mga medicines na nabili kami from outside pharmacy at hindi na namin naibigay sa ospital ung mga resibo. pwede po ba yun irefund? thanks

    1. Hi jennifer, did you submit Philhealth papers to the hospital before discharge? If yes, wait for your benefit payment notice (BPN) and if Philhealth’s payment to the hospital is more than your Philhealth deduction, you can ask for refund for a portion of your purchases (bring ORs and your bill).

  131. Ask ko lang po kung mairereimburse pa po ba namin yung ginagastos namin sa pagpapagamot sa anak ko kahit out-patient lang po ang cgemotheraphy nya? Simula po kasi january 2014 out-patient na lang po ang treatment ng anak ko. Sana po matulungan nyo kami

    1. Hi Kelly, direct filing with Philhealth is no longer allowed. Find a hospital that performs outpatient chemotherapy (code 96408), 7,280 pesos coverage (1,680 pf and 5,600 hospital expense) with Philhealth coverage. Outpatient chemo is covered. One chemo cycle is equivalent to 2 days deduction from the 45-day allowance per year per member. You can also ask help from PCSO; the assistance is also significant.

  132. hi there! just want to inquire something. na admit po kasi ako sa isang clinic, at first kasi akala ko UTI lang ung sakit ko. so they observed and admit me sa clinic/lying-in type na clinic. and base dun sa observation nila they assumed na sa appendix daw po yung problema. so they told me na magtransfer sa Hospital na talaga. upon my discharge dun sa clinic, di daw sila accredited ng philhealth pag dating sa case ko. un mga nanganganak lang daw ang counted sa kanila. so hindi ako naka avail ng benefits ko sa philhealth ko sa kanila and binayaran ko ng cash ung fee… may way ba para mareimburse ko sa philhealth ung nagastos namin? thanks!!!

    1. Hi vaal, sorry you can not refund. It’s true that lying-in clinics can only be Philhealth-accredited for maternity cases. Additionally, direct filing with Philhealth is no longer allowed. They should have told you immediately to go to a hospital, unless you insisted on getting treated by them.

  133. hello po.. i received po ung philhealth cheque with mispelled surname po ng husband ko. di ko po ma-ideposit ang cheque. anu po ang gagawin ko?

    1. Hi fadz, your husband should write a letter to Philhealth requesting for check replacement due to mispelling of surname. He includes a copy of his ID and a copy of hospital bill in the letter.

  134. Hi! Gusto ko lang sana malaman if possible pa bang mgreimburse ako ng medicines after ako madischArge.. We decided to sign a waiver kasi lumalaki na ang bill namin sa hospital..

    1. Hi May, sad to say, outpatient medications are not covered.

  135. Hello,
    My HMO allows reimbursement for out patient meds that are part of the formulary list. However some meds that are prescribed were not part of it. The medicine is Abound and it was prescribed after successfully removing the mass that was diagnosed Stage 2 cancer on my Mom’s Left Breast. I was wondering if Philhealth can reimburse it and need to know how if possible.

    1. Hi George, sad to say Philhealth does not cover outpatient medications. Ask others too

  136. hi po,magkano po ba covered ng fistula operation?makakuha po ba ako ng reinbursement?yung mga resibo ko po kc halos 15,000 po yung nka attach sa philhealth ko ko nung na confine po ako..thanks po

    1. Hi Sheryll, Surgical treatment of anal fistula — 12,120 (5,400 hospital cost; 6,720 PF)
      Closure of anal fistula with rectal advancement flap — 18,000 (9,600 hospital cost; 8,400 PF)
      More complicated fistula operations range from 23 to 30k. Wait for your benefit payment notice so you can see the coverage

  137. hello po good day po…
    problem ko po is nanganak po asawa ko last august 4 sa TONDO gen and medical center sa BALUT TONDO MANILA..

    My philhealth po talaga ako. nilalakad ko po bago manganak asawa ko.. bale naging kulang yung requirements ko sa philhealth na CF1.

    Tinanong ko po ung sa billing tungkol sa philhealth ko at ang sabi is kailangan ko daw malakad yon dahil WALA NA DAW LATE FILLING SA PHILHEALTH.
    feeling ko ho niloloko lang ako ng tauhan nila..

    marerefund ko pa po ba ung binayad ko sa ospital? at ano po ba ang need ko kung sakaling makapag refund po ako thx

    1. Hi timbang, it’s true that members can no longer file their claim directly at a Philhealth branch. You should have submitted your employer-signed CF1 to the hospital before discharge. Ask others too.

      1. tanong ko lang po, what if hindi naubos namin ung package ng phil health may refund po ba kami?

        1. Hi maria fe, sorry no refund. And no more direct filing with Philhealth.

  138. rae kathrine t. gososo

    Hello po.. nakarecieve ako ng notice galing philhealth through mail. Nalagay duon na 30,300 ang amount na dapat kong mareimburse sa cebu perpetual hospital. At nung nakuha ko na ang check bakit po 13,500 nalang? Anu ba ang nangyari? When i try to call mis sheryl na kausap ko sa phone before ko makuha ang check ayaw na pong magresponse!
    Paki explain naman po at ayusin ang dapat ayusin..

    1. Hi rae, does this mean that you paid 30,300 or more to the hospital? If yes, you must make follow-up with your bill and OR. Keep copies for yourself.

    2. hi Rae! we almost had same case. anu ngyari na sau? were you able to get the difference? kc ung sa tatay ko ang sabi sa BPN P9,0000 ang refund pero P6,100 lng binalik samin ng hospital. ngcash out kmi sa knila before idischarge father ko. after pa kmi nagfile ng reimbursement.

    3. mejo vague ata ang policy ng Philhealth according to the hospital. ung sa tatay ko kc stated sa BPN P9,0000 pero P6,100 lng binalik samin ng hospital because of withholding tax or professional fees dw which from my understanding eh kasama na sa cashed out nmin before he was discharged. after makalabas cia saka pa kmi nagfile ng reimbursement bec we thought hindi pa pede gamitin ulit ang Philhealth nia.

      1. Hi zel, sad to say, some hospitals don’t deduct or refund the doctor’s fee allocation, which is 70% of case rate amount, if medical case, and instead give this as additional payment to the doctor.

  139. maria chona degollacin

    Ask lang po. Ang husband ko na confine sa Chong Hua Hospital (ICU) last March 29, 2014 at na discharge kami last April 28, 2014. Ang na deduct sa aming bill ay 36000. May matatanggap pa kaming refund since ang nabayaran namin sa hospital ay 400,000 sa hospital at 3000,000 sa doctor at hindi kasali ang mga gamot dahil hindi na charge sa hospital?

    1. Hi maria, sad to say, coverage amount depends on the diagnosis/treatment and its fixed coverage, and not on the actual expense. If the coverage is only 36k, then there’s no more refund. Here are the case rate lists if you like to see:

  140. hi ask ko lng naoperahan po un father ko last june 2009 after 1 year may nrecieved po kame n letter. hindi ko xa mxado inintindi kse busy po ako s work nun. akala ko dn kse may utang p kme s philhealth. now ko lng po nrealized n bka refund po un? gnmit po kse ng father ko un philhealth, san po ako pede mag inquire regarding po dun? posible po b refund po un? nttndaan ko po is may 10k and pupunta po ako s ph calamba. kindly reply tnx 🙂


    1. Hi Mildred, sorry, only expenses while confined are covered. Get Philhealth deduction before discharge.

  142. ndi bnigyan ng any form ung Asawa q galing hospital tanging resibo philhealth office nlg daw humingi.nung pnapnta q ung Asawa q sa isa sa Mga branch nyo po bkit ang sbi ala n raw reimbursement? so anu un no need n mgpasa kc dpt nsa hospital plng dpt naasikaso n namin? kung alam q lng n wala ng direct filling after hospitalize edi sana pnaghintay qnlg cla kht aabotin ng 5 days confinement anak q mhintay lng ung documents na galing dito sakin sa qatar.naicp kc nmn Lalo mgtagal Lalo lalaki ang bayarin.. more than 10,000 bnyad nmin akala q kung mgpasa sainyo kht ilang buwan pa ang hintayin bxta my ma claim kami kso anu po un? wala na o may pag asa pa? anu po needed gawin at anu ang requirements kung pwd pa o may pag asa pa salamat

  143. ndi q po kc na avail ung outright or automatic deduction due to andito aq now sa qatar.naconfine anak q.need ng hospital ng updated MDR to get kylangan pa ng authorization letter q id at resibo n byad ng agency q ung philhealth q for 1 year.updated xa 6 mos. plng nmn aq dito.den nalaman q sa LBC dito 4-5 days p bgo mkarating sa pinas ang docs q.since ok na anak q 3 days confinement hindi n nla naantay ang docs q sb q cge may direct filling nmn.Pero bat po gnun how TRUE na ala n reimbursement? anu ung circular no. 35 ng philhealth? sana nmn meron p kc malaki din ngastos q.kung possible. pa what to do pra makapasa pa kmi? any idea po thanks panay contact n aq sa philhealth walang sagot.I have no idea about new system nla kung meron nga tlg.thanks po

    1. Hi luisamaria, yes, there’s no more direct filing with Philhealth. But your wife can update your Philhealth records and then take the chance of filing a claim with Philhealth with a letter of appeal explaining your situation and why the hospital did not make Philhealth deductions. I’m not sure if Philhealth will approve your appeal, but if you like, your wife can take the chance.

  144. hi gudam po. dependent po ako ng hubby ko s phealth nya. ask ko lng po if pede po b kmi direct file for philhealth reimbursemnt s office nila instead of direct deduction s billing po ng hospital.. kc im due for cs dis december kc po pg direct deduct po s hospital ang liit lng po ng amount. unlike po pg direct reimburse po b s office ng phealth mas mlaki po b mkukuha n reimbursement?

    1. Hi joy, direct filing by patient with Philhealth is no longer allowed. Ask your hospital why the 19k coverage for CS is not being deducted in full amount.

  145. Hi ask ko lang last August 9 my bf undergone ESWL (shock wave for her kidney stone) we used his HMO card and was asked for a philhealth CF1 form. upon discharge after we gave the philhealth form to their billing dept and was released already. Based sa nakasulat dun sa statement of account yung philhealth portion is 9600 pesos then 36,000 is deducted from HMO. We didn’t pay anything, does it mean wala kaming pede irefund since settled lahat?thanks

    1. Hi Nice, yes, you’re right that you cannot refund anything because you did not pay anything.

  146. hi po, ask lang po ako,nanganak po ako this august 18,2014 and i am a dependent of my husband po and he’s a seaferer.pwede pa po ba ma refund namin, yung deductiion sa philhealth? hindi po ksi na deduct yun sa bill na worth 20,599, ng huspital sa pag discarge namin kasi po,my form po na kailangan e fill-up at epadala sa office ng husband ko. kasu sa manila po yung office nya at nasa leyte po kami. wala po kasing mka process non kasi onbord pa po yung husband ko, so nag decide nalang po kami na mag discharge agad after 24 hours of admission. hindi po kasama sa 20k na bill yung newborn package ng baby ko, pwede pa po ba namin yun ma pa refund? sayang po kasi ehh…

    1. Hi ikha, sad to say, Philhealth no longer allows direct filing by members with Philhealth. But you can file an appeal and explain your situation. Ask the hospital to help you with the Philhealth papers.

  147. Hello po!ask ko lang po. Naoperahan po ako last aug. 13, 2014 sa bone tumor. Hindi po ako nakaprocess ng reimbursement at hindi rin nadeduct sa hospital bills ko. Pwede po ba ngayon ako magprocess eh last aug 19, 2014 pa po ako na discharged sa hospital. Ano po ba gagawin ko at saan ako pupunta? Please i really need ur help. Thank u so much and more power!God Bless!

    1. Hi Jevamie, sad to say, Philhealth no longer allows direct filing by members. You should have given your docs to the hospital for bill deduction. If you like you can file an appeal with Philhealth, and file the required claim docs. But I’m not sure if Philhealth accepts/approves your claim.

      1. Good Day, can we refund further from Philhealth? My child was confined for 5 days (Dengue stage 1). We were billed 35,000.00 and we filed as Philhealth(Indigent) and we got a deduction of 10.000.00. we paid 19 thou plus. Thanks, God Bless!

        1. Hi Rizza, the benefit for dengue stage 1 is 10k, and as you said, it was deducted, so there’s no more further refund. But you can still check how much Philhealth will pay the hospital when you receive your benefit payment notice from philhealth.

  148. rosalie gorospe cayabyab

    hi! i paid philhealth from 2008 to 2011. never used it. can’t i get anything from my payments from 2008-2011?

    1. Hi rosalie, you can no longer use those past payments. Only when you turn 60 years old and you apply for Lifetime Free ID (must have paid at least 120 premiums). Philhealth is a hospitalization insurance with a social component — if not used during the periods paid for, we thank God we were healthy, and that we helped pay for others who needed to be hospitalized.

  149. Hi, how can we reimburse the medicines we bought outside the hospital? Patient discharged last friday Sept. 12, 2014. We did not pay anything because the case was covered by Philhealth. We have receipts. Can we reimburse from philhealth? Pls. inform us what we need to do. Thanks

  150. Hello. Need clarfication. I have BPN and expected to be reimbursed for med receipts. Paid my other meds for my caesarian. My bill was 14k plus. Is it possible for me to refund for my other expenses?

    1. Hi Ruthie, how much was deducted from your bill? 11,400 is Philhealth’s coverage for hospital supplies and meds, so if this amount was not fully used by the hospital or if your Philhealth deduction for hospital expenses was lower than 11,400, then you can go to your hospital and ask for refund. Bring your BPN and meds OR (xerox them).

  151. Good Day! May I ask about philhealth, I got my notice from philhealth and saw that it paid the ospital 15,000.00 but the actual bill of the hospital was 4080 only. Can the patient refund the excess paid by philhealth? can we get the refund from the hpspital

    1. Hi gretchen, sad to say, the patient can not refund the excess. Is this a government hospital? Because the difference is a bit big.

  152. hi. i was admitted last aug.18-24 2014 and i used my HMO card, but my philhealth benefit of 10k was not deducted because i wasn’t able to process it, as it was a Sunday discharge, and the next day was a holiday. The hospital advised that we pay the 10k in cash and then refund later on. I’ve fixed my documents and have submitted them to the hospital. Can I refund my 10k? and when can i get the refund? thanks. hoping for response. Godbless.

    1. Hi quennie, follow up with the hospital if they have filed your documents with Philhealth. It’s important that they submit your papers asap, within 60 days. It should have been a deduction, but Philhealth gives a leeway for employees discharged on non-business days. Keep your OR and hospital statement and bill. Xerox them. You can get your refund from the hospital after you receive your benefit payment notice from Philhealth, or you can call the hospital after 1 or 2 months.

  153. If I became a member just last month, and one of my child got hospitalized this month, would I be able to use my phil health benefits?

    1. Hi Joe, did you pay for the months of July to Sep? If yes, you cannot use Philhealth this month. In Oct, you can use it. Only OFWs, Sponsored or Lifetime members can use their Philhealth immediately after registration/payment.

  154. Hi what are the benefits that i can claim re: death benefits. Somebody’s deceased but philhealth was not processed. Can we ask for reimbursement for his medical and hospitalization? and what other benefit can we claim for this? Thanks

    1. Hi April, direct filing with Philhealth is no longer allowed. But you can file an appeal with Philhealth, if you like, and if you can get Philhealth documents from the hospital. Include patient’s death certificate — this will be your reasons why you were not able to file your papers with the hospital.

  155. Hi Nora! My wife got hospitalised last week for only a day and she got a bill of 15k +. I took care of my wife for a day, so i was not able to get the requirements for Philhealth reimbursement. Am i still able to get reimbursed if i submit the requirements within 60 days? TIA

    1. Hi Quentin, direct filing by patient with Philhealth is no longer allowed. The hospital should have advised you. But if you can get Philhealth documents from the hospital, and if you can prove to Philhealth that there’s no other person who can get your Philhealth docs that day, and that it was impossible for you to leave your wife that day, you can try making an appeal to Philhealth and file your claim. I can’t assure you though that Philhealth will approve your appeal. Ask others too

  156. hi, i have an endometrial ovarian cyst, i had medication for three months since june 2014. after 3 months continues medication for another 3 months. the meds are expensive. can is ask for reimbursement from philhealth? if ever, what’s the process?

    1. Hi beth, sad to say, Philhealth does not reimburse outpatient medicines; even expensive outpatient diagnostic procedures are not reimbursed.

  157. hi can i reimburse the vaccines used on my child who was bitten by a dog last sept. 17. the last shot was sept 25, 2014. we went to the ER because it was already nighttime.

  158. Hi can we reimburse if i deliver at the seamans hospital wherein we’re priveleged as dependents and we don’t pay anything, but they ask us to prepare our Philhealth papers.

    1. Hi Joy, no you cannot refund because you’ll not pay anything. The coverage is only 5k, so if you deliver in another hospital, you’ll pay the balance.

  159. How can I reimburse my mother’s ct scan? They said I can refund it

    1. Hi jolemy, sad to say, if CT scan is done as outpatient, it cannot be refunded. Starting May this year, Philhealth coverage should be deducted from the hospital; refund claim by member from Philhealth is no longer allowed.

  160. hi!! nag file po ako ng second appeal letter for my Philhealth claims.. i submitted it to there main branch office in Shaw boulevard..ang tanong ko lang po kung yong matatangap ko rin na reimbursemest is the same amount which i recently paid to the hospital? i paid a total of 31,915 fo hysterectomy operation.thanks and best regards.. i need your response very badly

  161. Hi our total expense for my child bitten by a dog was almost 8k, but the amount approved by san lazaro hospital was only 3800 . they didn’t approve our expenses for meds bought outside san lazaro hospital.

    1. Hi Llane, sad to say, Philhealth’s coverage for animal bite is only 3k. There must be something they did to add a deduction of 800.

  162. My child was confined at a hospital for 2 days due to pneumonia. The hospital is not accredited with philhealth. Can we reimburse with philhealth personally?

    1. Hi Maricel, sorry, direct filing with Philhealth is no longer allowed. Another thing is that the hospital should be Philhealth-accredited.

  163. Good day! Regarding the reimbursement of my baby. I gave birth last April 8, 2014 and filed the claim slip for my baby a month after. I received the BPN just last week (Oct. 11, 2014) but its under my name (5000) which I think deducted from the bill upon my discharge. Will there be another BPN for my baby that is refundable? Thank you. Will wait for the response.

    1. Hi Jessa, you should receive another BPN because you filed another claim — under your baby’s name.

  164. good day po!!..ask ko lng kung makakuha po ba kame ng refund sa Philhealth, na confined po kc yung father at na diagnosed ng stage3 gastric cancer, na operahan po cya. during discharge hindi po nabawasan yung bill namin sa Philhealth dahil kulang yung documents na kailangan ng hospital. Manila po kc yung employer,at hindi pa napadala yung CF1 na kailangan sa pag discharge. Pag ganito po bang sitwasyon may refund pa po ba kaming matatanggap?
    Salamat po and Godbless!!

    1. Hi Michelle, if you have the Philhealth documents, you can file an appeal to Philhealth, explaining the situation. But approval is not sure, as direct filing with Philhealth is no longer allowed. You can talk with the hospital about filing with them to get the refund.

  165. Good Day, my daughter was confined last oct. 11-13,2014,we submitted CF1 so we got meds from the pharmacy just signing because we have philhealth, but then when we got the hospital bill 6,972.57k, the doctor’s fee 3500. total of 10,472, the cashier said the case is not in manual (acute brocholitis) so we need to pay the total amount of 11,821.17.

    1. Hi julie, plead with the cashier to ask Philhealth if there’s another word for acute bronchiolitis. I searched the manual and there’s no broncholitis or bronchiolitis. If you’re forced to pay, if you decide so, you can ask the hospital to give you claim forms and medical papers so you can file an appeal at Philhealth.

  166. Hi Nora, My Dad received my BPN yesterday.. It was higher than my hospital bill. Could i still claim the difference since Philhealth will be going to pay that amount to them? Thank you po!

  167. Hi Girlie, did you pay an amount to the hospital? If none, you cannot claim. If you paid and you have OR, you can ask for refund.

    1. hello. our appeal letter was granted but philhealh needs doctors waiver. is there a waiver format? or can it be handwritten?

      1. Hi ana, will send you the waiver format through your yahoo mail.

    2. Hi. My husband was confined last oct 30-31 and had an operation. our bill was 21,000+ and he has HMO and philhealth. We passed all requirements to the hospital. We paid 1,900. Can we refund this? thank you and God bless.

      1. Hi ruby, do you see Philhealth deduction on your bill? If there is, then it’s most likely that your total Philhealth coverage was already deducted. What’s the diagnosis? Ask your HMO if you can refund the 1900 you paid. Usually, HMO pays what Philhealth does not cover, up to your HMO plan limit.

  168. Hi Nora, I actually received a letter from philhealth stating my claim was denied because it was filed beyond 60days. I actually did not pay anything when I was hospitalized. All expenses were covered by my insurance. Can you please enlighten me what this letter is for?

    1. Hi Maria, that’s the benefit payment (or denial) notice from Philhealth. Usually, health insurers require Philhealth filing so that they pay a lower amount; they pay only the balance after Philhealth deduction. In your case, if the hospital made the deduction from your bill, and your insurer paid only the balance, it’s the hospital’s fault that they filed late.

  169. GOOD PM!! sir/ mam kailangan ko lang po ng tulong nyo, kc po nagsulat po ako ng APPEAL LETTER sa Philhealth for my claims and na GRANTED na po ako..My hospital bill amounting to 79,311.06 paid by HMO kc po my medicard po ako..Hysterectomy po ang ginawa po sa akin 8400 for my OBYGYN and 3600 for my enesthesiologist.di po tinangap ang papers ko kc mali daw ang ginawang WAIVER from the doctor.. ano po ang dapat kung gawin..pano po ang pagsulat ng waiver kc dapat daw balance ang gawing waiver from the doctor?

  170. anafe baleros fernandez

    hi! I paid the hospital upon discharge because I was not able to get my philhealth deductions amounting to 31,000. Can I refund that?

    1. Hi anafe, if the hospital is willing to accept your late Philhealth documents, then you can have your refund from the hospital. It will be the hospital that will file with Philhealth if you’re still within the 60-day filing period. Direct filing by patient with Philhealth is no longer allowed.

  171. Hi my total hospital bill was around php2500 but the amt that philhealth gave to the hospital was around php 7000. Am I eligible for the refund of the difference?

    1. Hi Sharen, sorry no. The difference will go to the hospital.

  172. Hello, can i refund my expense for the meds prescribed by my doctor? I have medical cert. The doctor told me to rest for 7 days. The meds were expensive — 1500 per day.

    1. Hi Jeff, it’s sad that we cannot claim for expenses for medicines taken as outpatient.

  173. hi i had operation on feb 25 then i received my bpn on may 12. Can I get my refund? thank you

    1. Hi aria, if you did not get any Philhealth deduction, you can ask for your refund from the hospital. Bring your notice, bill and OR and xerox copies of these.

  174. Hi can I refund from phealth using my husband’s phealth after my operation? Need to undergo eyelid operation to remove 2 cysts that can’t be treated my meds. And those meds I bought from pharmacy, can I refund them? What are the requirements? Thanks and more power.

    1. Hi christina, yes, you can use your husband’s Philhealth, but you need to find an eye surgeon who is Philhealth-accredited. Benefit must be deducted before you pay your bill. Direct filing with Philhealth is no longer allowed. If you’re asking about meds you previously bought outside to treat your eyes by yourself (not used in the operation), sorry you cannot refund your expenses for these meds.

  175. anafe baleros fernandez

    hello. who should do the waiver? I need a waiver from doctor for my philhealth refund. Will the hospital prepare it and have it signed by the doctor?

    1. Hi anafe, both the doctor (PF) and the hospital (hospital costs) should sign the waiver. The hospital can prepare the waiver.

      1. anafe baleros fernandez

        is it ok if the hospital makes the waiver for only one sheet of paper and have it signed by the officer in charged of it the also the physicians at the same time?

  176. anafe baleros fernandez

    hi.. can you send me a format waiver for appeal was granted and it needs doctors waiver.. please send me thru my email add,, tnks and best regard. agb.3269

  177. Rowelene Celis Naquita

    I gave birth last may 27 and discharged may31 2014. Can i claim refund for the meds I bought? But it’s been almost 5 months. I received the email notice. Did not submit the receipts

    1. Hi Rowelene, you can try asking for refund from the hospital because it’s only now that you received the benefit payment notice. Present your notice, ORs and hospital bill.

  178. good day Can i refund what I spent at rizal medical center when my twin baby boys were treated there last september?

    1. Hi alene, did you submit Philhealth papers before getting discharged? Wait for your benefit payment notice from Philhealth and then ask for refund from the hospital. But if you did not submit Philhealth papers, direct filing by patient with Philhealth is no longer allowed.

  179. anafe baleros fernandez

    is it still necessary to have doctors waiver even if i have my original receipt that i had paid to the hospital upon discharged? my claim was granted but i dont have doctors waiver..the hospital gave me a waiver in the first place

  180. anafe baleros fernandez

    is it still necessary to accomplished doctors waiver even if i have an original receipt which i paid upon discharged from the hospital? my claim was granted but i dont have doctors waiver.

  181. anafe baleros fernandez

    hello. id like to ask if professional fee for doctors are necessary or obliged to issue a receipt to their patients especially for reimbursement claim from philhealth? philhealth officer told me that they still need doctors receipt, but i have already a waiver and official receipt stating that i paid the full amount.. is it still necessary?

  182. ms, Good morning. my father was confined july 1-aug 5, 2014. we submitted receipts august 18,2014. total receipts 31,000plus. bill was 90,000 and 11,500 was deducted. Can we claim for meds bought outside?

    1. Hi Mary ann, wait for your benefit payment notice from Philhealth. If Philhealth’s payment to the hospital is more than what was deducted, then you can ask for additional refund from the hospital. If the same amount, sad to say, there’s nothing to refund.

  183. Good day. I would like to inquire if I can reimburse the steel plate I purchased, plus the medicines that were used when my mother was operated at Philippine Orthopedic Center. If yes, can you give me the details on how to apply?

    1. Hi Odgie, you should have filed your Philhealth docs before discharge including copies of your receipts. It’s the hospital that files with Philhealth; members are no longer allowed to file directly with Philhealth. Ask Orthopedic if you can still file through them.

  184. anafe baleros fernandez

    can you give me an example format of professional fee billing statement? Is that the original receipt being asked by philhealth? Or the receipt for the payment I made to the hospital upon discharge? or statement of account from the hospital which stated the amount i paid to the hospital? 18 thousand plus 12 thou for my doctor? and the rest is miscellaneous fee

    1. Hi anafe, usually, the name of the doctor, his professional fee per day, the no. of days and total PF is included in the statement of account or hospital bill. It’s usually the last item in the list. If it’s not per day, but per surgery or treatment, what’s written is name of doctor, procedure provided and total PF. Philhealth will want to see the statement of account and the ORs of payments made.

  185. Hi what happens if my hospital expenses exceed my Philhealth benefit? And my baby is still confined and will be confined for 1 more month. Discharge might be in December. Can I pay again Philhealth so I can use it again? Thanks

    1. Hi Aira, sad to say, you can use your Philhealth only once for 1 confinement. This means that you will have 1 hospital bill and 1 Philhealth deduction. But your doctor can write 2 illnesses or 2 treatments or 1 illness and 1 treatment so you can get 2 deductions, but this depends on your baby’s case. I pray that your baby recovers fast so you won’t spend much

  186. I just gave birth last nov 18,2014. My OB and I agreed to a package of 68k C-section. I paid a downpayment of 10k to the hospital upon admission. Now, nov 21 sched discharged, i asked for a billing statement from the hospital and they could not provide me one since i have a package with the OB. The OB wanted me to pay the remaining 58k to her secretary without a billing statement. She said she will provide the billing statement the next follow up check up which is nov 28. Her secretary issued me a paper signed by her that says she had received the payment. I had paid the full amount. My OB said philhealth was already deducted from the 68k package but I don’t have a receipt or billing statement to prove that. I have already submitted the required philhealth docs to the hospital. How will i know if I availed of philhealth deduction for the 68k? I am hoping that I can reduce my bill or get refunded/reimburse from philhealth for CS.

    1. Hi Cel, I think this is a case of misunderstanding between you and your OB. Did your OB tell you that the package was 68k with Philhealth already deducted? Usually, when doctors say package, that’s the amount you’re really going to pay to them. If your OB said that Philhealth was already deducted, then she’s saying that the total bill is 87k, and when 19k is deducted, the balance is 68k. I’m puzzled there’s no bill. Is your OB Philhealth-accredited? You will see later on if they filed your Philhealth papers when you receive a benefit payment notice from Philhealth. I feel that your OB should have been more forthright with you, saying something like “iha, 68k ang package, deducted na yong Philhealth doon.”

  187. Hi, if the dependent dies and the member’s philhealth was not used? and 60 days have passed. Can we still file ng reimbursement? TIA

    1. Hi herson, sorry, direct filing with Philhealth by member or patient is no longer allowed. Philhealth coverage should have been deducted from the bill before discharge. Ask others too

  188. Good day! Can I reimburse with philhealth if the hospital where I’ll give birth is not yet philhealth-accredited? I’ll give birth this coming Dec. 2014 via C-section. What are the steps to claim from Philhealth?

    1. Hi Pamela, you cannot claim Philhealth coverage if the hospital is not Philhealth-accredited. Both doctor and hospital should be accredited.

  189. anafe baleros fernandez

    hello! confused lang po ako..late filing po ako sa philhealth w/ 30k coverage of my case hystertomy. hospital bill amounting to 79,311.06 paid by my HMO but i also paid amounting to 31,915 upon discharge cause of my lack of professional fees for accredited and non-accredited professionals amounting to 36k and 24k for philhealth benefit. sabi sa akin ng Philhealth main branch pagawa daw ako ng waiver amounting to 60k pesos paid by my HMO. HOW COME? can you please explain me bakit po ganon? kc di ko po maintindihan and also professional fees amounting to 36k pesos daw.. please i need your further explanation on this matter. ito daw dapat ang ilalagay sa waiver so i can reimburse my money from philhealth .thanks

  190. Hi. My child has been confined for 4 days already at apalit doctors. My husband has phic. Is it better to deduct phic or refund from phic. thank you god bless

    1. Hi jennie, ask for Philhealth deduction before discharge. Philhealth no longer allows direct filing by members with Philhealth.

  191. anafe baleros fernandez

    hi! nag file po ako ng direct filing sa Philhealth. my kulang po ako doon sa accredited health professional na area kc di po naisulat ng doctor.. sino po ba ang dapat maglagay doon? alam po ba doon sa Philhealth office ng hospital or ang doctor po ang dapat maglagay? kc po kung alam ng taga Philhealth, di na po ako pupunta sa doctor para magpasulat sa kanya ng accredited number for health professional.. need your reply assap.

  192. Hi, my child was confined last July 2014 and we we’re not able to use Philhealth because I have gaps in my payments prior to confinement. I paid in full the bill. Can I refund from philhealth and what are the required documents?

    1. Hi lyn, sorry, Philhealth no longer allows direct filing by members with Philhealth. Besides, the filing deadline has passed. Filing by hospitals should be within 60 days after discharge.

  193. Gud Day.regarding cf2 we inquired and philhealth said it was not accomplished properly.then we went to the hospital and they said they’ll wait for the docs to be returned. what’s the next process? Thanks

    1. Hi Raymond, the hospital will correct their CF2 and refile the claim with Philhealth.

  194. Hello Ma’am 🙂 I went under an ESWL for my kidney stone on October 16, 2014 at Manila Doctors. I just received my BPN kanina. My package was 50,000 pesos and only 9,600 was deducted. My bpn says there’s a 18000 reimbursement. I have the OR where the 9600 deduction from the 50k is written. I was not hospitalized naman po. Will I be able to to get my remaining reimbursement? Thank you 🙂

    1. Hi Karina, yes, you can go to Manila Doctors and ask for your additional refund. Xerox your docs.

  195. Gud day. My father was confined at Calamba medical Center last nov 17. And was discharged this dec 1, 2014. During his confinement, we paid for medicines in cash at the pharmacy of the hospital because we have exceeded the limit of my health card, 60k. We spent almost 82,000 cash for the meds. When we were billed, 28,000 was deducted as philhealth benefit (lifetime member). The hospital didn’t get the receipts. Can we reimburse what we spent for the meds?

    1. Hi Janice, what was the diagnosis or treatment? If the Philhealth Case Rate benefit for that diagnosis is really only 28k, then you can no longer refund. You will see how much Philhealth paid the hospital when you receive your benefit payment notice from Philhealth. If the benefit is higher than 28k, then you can refund the difference from the hospital. Keep your hospital papers.

  196. anafe baleros fernandez

    i have no Philhealth deductions upon discharged.. all my bills was shouldered by HMO.. what is the computation of doctors waiver?

  197. What if the patient was discharged and Philhealth was not filed? Can we re-file?

    1. Hi mhe, the policy is to file before discharge. No more direct filing with Philhealth. The only exceptions are: overseas confinement and discharge on non-working days (for employed members).

  198. Hi we’re waiting for refund from philhealth. how long does it take for processing? Oct 23 i was operated on, it’s dec 18 and there’s no refund. then I found out my husband need to renew his payment to philhealth. expired dec 9. he’s ofw. still can we refund? Thank u so much. regards

    1. Hi gee, yes, you were qualified when you were treated on oct 23. Did you submit Philhealth papers to the hospital? Why was there no deduction, so you don’t have to wait? Or is it because it’s a government hospital? If yes, wait for your notice from Philhealth then ask your refund from the government hospital.

  199. Hi. I was hospitalized may29-30 at makati med. My bill was 69,000. And was paid by my bf through visa card. Today philhealth sent a notice with reimbursement worth 11,000. I saw only 7k in my bill. My problem is I no longer have my bill. What I have is a copy of the visa payment to makati med. and it’s named under my bf as it was his visa card. What should i do?

    1. Hi rodezza, usually hospitals ask for the bill, OR and Philhealth notice. Many hospitals refuse to refund if these docs are not shown to them. Sorry I’m not sure about makati med’s policy about this. You can ask Makati Med. Show them the notice, any hospitalization paper and the Visa payment.

  200. can we file for refund because we did not have time to fix papers as it was holiday when my sister gave birth

    1. Hi Earl, yes, if your sister was admitted on a holiday or the day before holiday and was discharged on a holiday or one day after the holiday. Get claim papers from the hospital/clinic.

  201. Hello po,ask q lang po kong makaka refund po kami ng mga resetang gamot at laboratory po sa labas po ng hospital?my OR po kami dto, dumating po ang notice nong dec. 19,2014..eto po nakalagay sa notice, “Hospital charges:6000, professional fees:6000, 5days 9000, Dear member;this is to inform you of the amount of benefits reimbursed by philhealth to the members/hospital/doctor for the aforementioned hospitalization. IN CASE PHILHEALTH BENEFITS WERE NOT DEDUCTED FROM YOUR BILL, please present this benefit payment notice together with official receipt to the hospital/doctor for refund. For inquiree, pls contact our claims processing division at tel.#(02)4815596

    1. Hi allan, yes, if your deduction before discharge is lower than 9000 pesos, you can go to your hospital with your notice, bill, hospital OR and ORs for medicines and ask for refund. Have xerox copies.

  202. Good morning. my sister gave birth last dec 30 and about to discharge by jan 1. 2 options were offered. can be discharged today but pay the bill in full. Or monday (jan 5) if we wait for philhealth. In that case, if we choose option 1, can we reimburse? What documents are needed to secure to get our refund?

    1. Hi joey, I hope the hospital advised you correctly — to choose option 1 because Philhealth accepts direct filing for employed members who cannot get claim forms from their employers due to the holidays. Choosing option 2 is more expensive, as you will pay for the extra days.

  203. happy new year! my daughter was confined in Olivarez General Hospital in Paranaque last dec 26-30 2014 due to pneumonia, but I noticed that no deductions were made from the doctor’s fee (which would amount to 4500), when I asked them why, they said it’s because they are a secondary hospital, and they will be the one to give the amount to the doctor when the check from philhealth arrives.. Which got me confused, they will be getting the said amount, but it wasn’t deducted from our bill? are we not supposed to receive it, as part of my husband’s benefits? kindly enlighten me on this one..thanks

    1. Hi lourdes, sad to say that’s usual practice nowadays. Hospitals/doctors treat Philhealth’s PF benefit as additional to the PF paid in cash to the doctor. And it seems a waste of time to file a complaint with Philhealt or DOH because doctors’ fees are not regulated. They can charge as much as they want. 🙁

  204. good day. when can i receive my BPN notice? my mother was confined last sept 1-6,2014 at angono general hosp.thanks Godbless

    1. Hi lorena, maybe in 3 to 6 months. Your benefit should have been deducted from your bill.

  205. gd pm. can a member use philhealth if she already used it for her dependent within a month?

    1. Hi marj, yes, you can use Philhealth. The 90-day rule applies to the same patient with the same illness within 90 days.

  206. Hi! Good Morning, I just want to ask if how long does it take to received the mailed or courier-delivered Benefit Payment Notice (BPN) from Philhealth. Was confined for CS delivery last year Oct4-6 2014 and was able to pass the last requirement (my baby’s Birth Certificate) on Nov 21. The Philhealth Officer at the hospital did not advise us about how many months before I get my refund.

    1. Hi shy, did the hospital file your claim? You can ask Philhealth if your claim was filed. Processing usually takes 2 to 3 months or more.

      1. Hi Nora! Thanks for the advice. I already follow up if the reinbursement was filed but were still waiting for the answer from philhealth.

        Yes we filled it to the philhealth officer inthe hospital (PGH). If ever it was’nt filed by the hospital.. What should be the next action that we can do?

  207. good day! What are the requirements to get claim form from philhealth if self-employed for maternity? I’ve paid 6 months. Can I use Philhealth?

    1. Hi ellien, if you paid Oct to Dec 2014, you can use Philhealth this month. Bring your ID to get your MDR and card from Philhealth. Pay again for Jan to Mar so your coverage is continuous.

  208. Hi, my baby was confined right after she was born last dec 22.Then dec 24 we were discharged. our baby was not registered with philhealth when we were discharged. can we reimburse? Thanks

    1. Hi alvin, you can ask the hospital for claim forms so you can file an appeal with Philhealth. The hospital could have used the hospital-issued birth certificate as your document.

  209. Hi ms, I’ll give birth at a clinic not philhealth accredited. can I reimburse my expenses? Thank You

    1. Hi Joan, sorry you cannot. Both midwife/doctor and clinic must be Philhealth-accredited.

  210. hello. last nov. 2014, my child was admitted. hospital bill was 32,000.00. 30 thou was covered by philhealh but there was unused phic portion, 10 thou. can i refund the 10 thou unused phic portion? thanks

    1. Hi genevieve, if your benefit payment notice from Philhealth shows that Philhealth paid the hospital 32k or more, you can request the hospital for a refund of 2,000 (32,000 minus 30,000). Refund is only up to how much you spent.

  211. Hi, is there a chance I can reimburse what I paid to the hospital. I wasn’t aware of Philhealth when my mom was hospitalized. I paid and didn’t think of my Philhealth because I’m a newbie. I paid cash (3000) (ER 1500/ laboratory 800 / Medicine 200 / dr fee 500). the waiver I signed was for a procedure. What’s the process for refund? thanks

    1. Hi Brian, sorry I’m not sure if Philhealth considers non-awareness as a valid reason for direct filing with them, as direct filing with Philhealth is no longer allowed. You can file an appeal. Ask the hospital if you can get claim forms from them, including a waiver to all benefits as you already paid them, or if you can still file for Philhealth with them, and ask for refund from them later on.

  212. Hello, I’m philhealth member. last day my child was hospitalized and had stitches on the head and then was discharged after an hour. can i reimburse what I spent? I was at work when this happened.

    1. Hi Kim, you can file an appeal with Philhealth. Ask for claim forms from the hospital.

  213. Hi, my father was admitted, unfortunately we need to transfer him to a different hospital as they lack facilities. was admitted friday. unfortunately, philhealth borongan, the nearest philhealth, was offline over weekend. we decided to transfer my father, and since we didn’t have MDR, we paid for the coverage, can we reimburse that?
    By the way I went to Robinson Mall here in manila as they said philhealth is open, as per website info 7 days a week/weekends, unfortunately it’s also closed.

    1. Hi chris, was it a transfer? Or was your father discharged by the first hospital and then admitted to the second hospital? If your father will most likely spend more in the second hospital, then it’s okay that he did not use his Philhealth in the first hospital, as there’s a Philhealth rule wherein if a member is hospitalized for the same illness within 90 days, only one confinement is covered. In case of transfers, Philhealth is applied at the receiving hospital.

  214. gud pm. I a member is on leave from and pays monthly contribution. if hospitalized for delivery, will the benefit be for reimbursement from philhealth?

    1. Hi debbie, no, your benefit should be deducted from your hospital bill. Philhealth no longer allows direct filing by member. Bring your MDR and your premium ORs.

  215. Hi! Just want to ask the documents needed for refund. I gave birth here in bangkok last nov 11, 2014? Am an OFW. Hope to hear you soon. Thanks

    1. hi chona, here are the docs: Include prenatal care ORs worth at least so you can get 1,500 and newborn care so you can get 1,750. Maternity refund is 5k pesos.

  216. What’s the correct way to write waiver and statement of account from the hospital? I filed for reimbursement from philhealth for my second appeal but was denied as the waiver and statement of account from the hospital is not correct. wala po akong binayad sa hospital at sa doctor because I have HMO at sila lahat nag shoulder ng bill ko. thanks. need further reply on this matter

    1. Hi anafe, do you mean you did not spend anything? Do you mean your whole bill was paid for by your HMO? Do you mean you do not have a hospital OR? If you did not spend any money, indeed, you cannot get any refund from Philhealth. It is your HMO that can refund from Philhealth because they have the hospital OR to show to Philhealth. Maybe your HMO has already refunded the 30k or 31k, or if not, maybe they no longer want to refund it.

  217. upon discharge from the hospital I paid 31,000 because I was not able to file Philhealth upon discharge and all my bills were shouldered by HMO. my appeal was granted by Philhealth but my papers had defects. can the hospital refund my money without BPN notice from Philhealth? I filed 3 times at the main office of Philhealth but have been denied due to errors in the waiver and statement of account. I worry that the 30k won’t be returned. I had TOTaL HYSTERECTOMY

    1. Hi anafe, the hospital will not refund you if they have not received the money from Philhealth. You should ask Philhealth how you should correct the waiver and the statement of account so you can submit the correct documents. There are also deadlines for resubmission so you should act fast.

  218. bkt hindi alam ng Philhealth hospital pag adjust ng amount? mali pa rin daw ang statement of account na ginawa nila. hindi accepted ng Philhealth Caloocan ang documents ko my for reimbursement kahit my hawak naman ako na OR amounting to 31,915 na nagbayad ako upon discharged due to late filing of my Philhealth..walang binawas sa akin sa Philhealth upon discharge kc late filing kaya binayaran ko muna..all the rest of my hospital bill were shouldered by HMO..nakasulat sa statements of account is 79,311.06 tapos nakalagay sa doctors waiver is only 12k for PF.. ano po ba ang mali dito? i need your further reply please on how to do this? tnx

  219. bkt hindi alam ng Philhealth hospital pag adjust ng amount? mali pa rin daw ang statement of account na ginawa nila. hindi accepted ng Philhealth Caloocan ang documents ko my for reimbursement kahit my hawak naman ako na OR amounting to 31,915 na nagbayad ako upon discharged due to late filing of my Philhealth..walang binawas sa akin sa Philhealth upon discharge kc late filing kaya binayaran ko muna..all the rest of my hospital bill were shouldered by HMO..nakasulat sa statements of account is 79,311.06 tapos nakalagay sa doctors waiver is only 12k for PF.. ano po ba ang mali dito? i need your further reply please on how to do this? tnx and best regards on this matter

  220. hi!! tangapin pa kaya uli ang papers ko sa main office ng Philhealth for my reimbursement? late filing of my claims and i filled a letter of appeal. last November 25 pa kc binalik sa hospital yong mga documents ko at ngaun lang nila naayos kc my pinalitan lang ng figures and hospital waiver.. for compliance po yon, and it beyond 60 days na po..nakalagay kc doon dapat ma comply beyond 60 days ng hospital,, pwd pa kaya yon para ma reimburse ko 30k ang dapat na maibalik sa akin.. thx and best regards

  221. Gud pm. My wife gave birth last Jan.1, 2015 via CS and was discharged by Jan.4. We were not able to avail the Philhealth benefits due to holidays. We submitted documents to the hospital but their system is not in order. We went there a lot of times. can we file directly at Philhealth? What are the requirements for refund? My wife is employed.Thanks and more power.

    1. Hi Miguel, yes, you can file an appeal with Philhealth directly. But get documents from the hospital. Requirements: claim forms, bill, OR, and waiver from the doctor and hospital stating that you have paid your bill in full and that they waive their rights to any refund from Philhealth.

  222. good day po. within how many months will the check arrive if confined 1st week of dec

    1. Hi catherine, wait for your benefit payment notice, might take 2 months to 5 months or more.

  223. My wife had cs at a public hospital. Can I refund what I spent to buy meds? I have the receipts

    1. Hi Edward, did you file Philhealth papers at the hospital? If not, you cannot refund. If you filed, wait for your benefit payment notice from Philhealth, and then ask for refund from the hospital. Bring your notice, receipts and bill.

  224. hi! my checke na daw po ako from Philhealth and the BPN notice will be delivered to my preferred long will it takes? last FEB. 11 pa lang daw it approved

  225. I was hospitalized last June 5, 2014 Thursday because I miscarried and needed to have D&C…

    1. Hi mary grace, I’m sorry there are many questions like these that I don’t have answers to. I moved your question to a new Facebook page I created. All other questions that I don’t have answers to, I’ll move them to his FB page

  226. hi! Can I ask for refund if late in submitting requirements for refund? i was admitted last year of aug. then I was told to return in dec for the BPN from philhealth caloocan branch and receipts. thanks!

    1. Hi meg, you can still try, as usually BPNs are delivered after a long time. Present your notice, hospital bill, ORs and ID to your hospital.

  227. Hi, my father was confined last Jan 2014 for a total bill of 40000+ and I received a BPN (BENEFIT PAYMENT NOTICE) on Jan 2015. There was a 9800 hospital charges amount appeared in my BPN and it matched with the 9800 deduction of Philhealth from our total bill. Amount of 9800 was divided into 6860 (hospital fees) and 2940 (professional fees). We paid around 18000+ less all the deductions including philhealth, HMO, and senior discount. Would I still get a refund? If yes, Am I going to proceed to the hospital to get the refund or to any nearest Philhealth office? Please advise. Thank you.

    1. Hi Bing, the Philhealth benefit of 9800 was already deducted from your hospital bill, meaning the benefit was already used by your father, so there is nothing more to refund. The 9800 from Philhealth will go to the hospital to pay for the deduction in Jan 2014. Ask others too

  228. Hi my spouse claimed for reimbursement because we paid in cash as it was holiday Jan 1, 2015 when our child was discharged. I would like to ask after filing all with philhealth office and received “transmittal” paper with stamp with date when processed, what would be our next step? Since today there’s no check yet, and can we have the check received by our landlady in the apartment or me if my spouse is out? Is there a need for an authorization letter? Thank you in advance!

    1. Hi Jennifer, yes, your husband gives his ID and authorization letter (to accept any mail from Philhealth and sign in behalf of your husband) to you or your landlady. I hope the landlady is careful with IDs and papers. But some postmen are strict; if this is the case, ask the postman if your husband can go to the post office and claim the registered mail.

  229. hi po goodmorning, how do we know if BPN has been issued? november 23 I gave birth. Can I get my BPN directly from philhealth? ty

    1. Hi romelyn, you wait for your BPN to be delivered to your address by the postman via registered mail. Yes, it takes several months.

  230. hello! na approved na po ang reimbursement ko from Philhealth for direct filing.. umabot kc ng 31,915 ang binayad ko dati sa hospital.. the case rate of my operation was 30k for total abdominal hysterectomy.. 18k for hospital and 12k for Professional fee.. my question is how much talaga ang total amount for my reimburesment? kompleto bang 30k ang maibabalik sa akin ng Philhealth?

  231. I had late filling and waited for 3mos. only to be told my refund is only 268.surgeon curetage was performed. I was told phillhealth coverage is 11k, my hospital charge 10732 so I get only 268 as refund. what’s the use of receipts? I remember my bill did not reach 10732. Is that correct?

    1. Hi anne, this is a government hospital, right? Sad to say, their billing is 10,732, so you get only 268. Sorry that this might be their way of getting additional budget from the government.

  232. Hi! Can I reimburse what I paid the hospital last december. I recently got my philhealth id.

    1. Hi Luigi, direct filing with Philhealth by members is no longer allowed. Claims must be filed by the hospital within 60 days after discharge. Ask others too

  233. hi My gf gave birth at a public hospital. we spent php6500 for meds bought outside. how much can we refund from philhealth? and how long will we wait? my gf is member of philhealth

    1. Hi mark, did she file her Philhealth papers at the hospital? How much did you pay the hospital? Coverage for maternity is 3k pesos (hospital cost) and 2k for PF. If your total bill is 5k, then your Philhealth benefit is already used up. Wait for your benefit payment notice (3 to 5 months or more). Check how much Philhealth paid the hospital. Check your bill, and if there’s a discrepancy, ask your refund.

  234. Hello good day, my friend is a government employee he was a member of our military personnel. If he’s hospitalized, can he claim for Reimbursement? thank you

    1. Hi lhyn, if he’s an active Philhealth member, yes, he can use Philhealth. Does his payslip show Philhealth deduction? He can verify his membership status at Philhealth. Philhealth coverage now should be deducted before discharge. Direct filing for reimbursement is no longer allowed.

  235. Good morning Nors, I’d like to seek guidance po. I was hospitalized sa province (Bicol) nitong January 1, 2015. It was impossible for Philhealth to pay their part since I have to travel back to Manila so my employer could sign the CF1 form. So instead, I paid the whole amount of 3,500. The hospital told me that Philhealth can reimburse my money provided that I submit the CF1 within 5 business days, which I did. The hospital told me to wait for the Philhealth reimbursement. I read in the comments that it takes months? Is that true? I worry that my claim will be forgotten 🙁 Thank you po for your time. 🙂

    1. Hi Ed, sad to say, that’s true that it takes 2 to 5 months or more. Your benefit payment notice will be sent via registered mail to the address you wrote in the claim form

  236. My father had an operation at PCGH last 03/04/2015 and the total bill was for 6500+. However, we paid nothing because he is a Senior Citizen and we used his blue card. We were just wondering if we can have a refund for his meds. And how do we process?

    1. Hi Kaye, did you file Philhealth papers before discharge? If yes, wait for your benefit payment notice via registered mail, and then if Philhealth’s payment is more than 6500, then you can ask the hospital for refund. Keep your receipts and bill.

  237. Sheryl mojica fernando

    Good morning. My baby was hospitalized last march 3, 2015. She had pneumonia. Dependent of my husband who’s ofw. 4 days admission. No philhealth deduction by the hospital. Where can I reimburse? Thanks

    1. Hi Sheryl, do you mean you submitted your Philhealth papers but the hospital did not deduct? Is it Philhealth accredited? Philhealth no longer allows direct filing by members, except in cases where it’s not the fault of the patient. Ask the hospital for Philhealth claim documents plus waiver and file your claim directly with Philhealth.

  238. We were discharged today, and now I understand case rate packages of PHILHEALTH; how they compute benefit over your total bill. My suggestion to the creator of PHILHEALTH claims is that I wish the hosp bill and PF is a total benefit package. The hospital where my child was confined was not transparent about billing and the doctor’s OR. They didn’t show how much doctor’s fee was deducted. Not transparent in the OR. The billing personnel explained that the doctor’s bill is already the net. I wish it’s not so the member can see. Gastritis benefit package 6k. total hosp bill is 5,200. The pf they charged at the counter was only 2k.

    1. Hi jay, you can write a letter to Philhealth explaining your suggestion. You can also write on their Facebook page. The 6k package is allocated as 1,800 for PF and 4,200 for hospital cost.

  239. Good day. Ask ko lang po, nakaconfine kasi ang mother ko sa isang private hospital and she’s in the ICU for 6 days at umabot na sa 150k ang bill that’s why we decided to transfer her sa provincial hospital.. Nang pinapaayos n nmin ang bill sinabi nla n d dw mabibill ang philhealth at sa hospital n lilipatan dw nmin magagamit ung philhealth..nagtanong ang kapatid ko sa philhealth office about dito sbi nla gnun nga raw kc d nmn dw ididischarge ang pasyente dahil magaling na at ang tawag daw dun ay referral . I really can’t understand their policy. Is it right that we can only bill the philhealth sa hospital n lilipatan nya.

    1. Hi Lily, sad to say, that’s Philhealth policy. For transfers, Philhealth coverage is deducted at the receiving hospital.

  240. How can we refund what we paid for Medicines prescribed by MCU Hospital for our patient? Patient is already discharged from the hospital.

    1. Hi Jess, sad to say, Philhealth does not cover medicines taken as outpatient or taken while out of the hospital.

  241. Hello po. I gave birth at a birthing home clinic accredited by philhealth. my claim was denied because they should have waited for 72 hrs before they filed. was discharged after 2 days. they appealed. the birthing home told me they were not informed about the time of filing. What should I do? thanks

    1. Hi sherelyn, it’s my first time to hear of the 72-hour limit, so I researched. I read that the maternity benefit covers post-natal care within 72 hours to 7 days, but the minimum confinement time is 24 hours, you should have qualified. Sorry I don’t know what to advise you. It’s the fault of the birthing home because they’re not updated with Philhealth rules. You can go to Philhealth when you’re able, and ask.

  242. hi po narecieved q po bpn q last march 11 nadamit po kasi anak sa sta ana hospital for one week last november bpn amounting to 11700 wala naman po kami binarayan sa ospital kasi phlhealth ko po ginamit ko,anu po ibig sabihin nun may refund p po kami o wala?kasi wala rin po kami ntanggap na resibo galing sa hospital only a discharge paper.thank you po

  243. Hi good day! my father was admitted last dec 3 2013 pneumonia…beneficiary ko po ang tatay ko s philhealth nagastos namin almost 15k sa meds…nagfile po kami for refund pero sabi sa ospital nawawala daw po yung record sinubmit po lahat ng ate ko OR kasma sa mga papers na kailangan… makukuha pa po ba namin yun? or may makukuha ba kami?

  244. hi po ask ko lang po bkit yung bpn nung nanganak ako is wala pa po samantalang yung bpn n naconfine baby ko ay dumating n..bkit po ganun?anu po pwede ko gawin para makita q po yung bpn nung nganak po ako ..salamat po

  245. Good eve po .. Tanong kolang po nanganak po kasi ako CS then my makukuha po ako sa philhealt na nasa 3k mahigit ok na po nafile na po ng asawa ko nakailang follow up na po kami sa philhealth and hospital savi on process na mag 2yrs olad na po anak ko wala pa sin po .. Sabi ittxt nlng ako ng hospital kasi po mali ang naiaddres namin blk 1 lot 8 po un ang nailagay po blk 1 lot 1 .. Panu po kaya namin makukuha ung reimbursment namin sa philhealth thank u po ..

    1. Hi Irene, did you receive your benefit payment notice from Philhealth? Based on the notice, did Philhealth pay 19k to the hospital? then get your refund from the hospital

  246. Hi!ask ko lang, naoperahan ako nitong february 15,2016 lang sa Quezon City General Hospital. Inabot yung billing ko ng 165k,na-less yung philhealth ko ng 46,500.Halos lahat naman ng ginamit sa operation ko at mga gamot sa labas namin binibili dahil wala lagi yung hospital ng stock.Kaya kung i-total lahat lahat almost 200k ang gastos namin.may marereimburst pa ba ako sa philhealth?salamat

    1. Hi Lyn, have you received your benefit payment from Philhealth via postal mail? If Philhealth paid only 46,500 to the hospital, then there’s nothing more to refund. It means that the coverage for your case was correctly deducted. If Philhealth paid more than 46,500, then you can ask the hospital for a refund. Bring your notice plus your hospital docs and copies.

  247. hi,inquire lang po. naka confine po baby ko now. thank god ok na xa discharge na supposed tomoro. nagpass ako cf1 and OR ng premium copy of contribution now ung personnel nang hospital winala mga docs ko na submit. now gusto nila mag cash out muna ako then reimburse ako direct sa hospital.possible ba ung ganun system nila.fault nila pag misplaced.anu dapat gawin.

    1. Hi arby, sorry I saw this only now. yes, it’s their fault. Pero if this was done and you paid cash, yes, you can refund your money from them when you receive your benefit payment notice from Philhealth

  248. winston penalosa

    kailangan po ba talaga na kailangang umabot sa 72 hours kang na admit sa ospital bago mo magamit ang benepisyo ng philhealth …hende po ba talga mggmit ang philhealth kung hende ka tumagal ng 72 hours sa ospital ..recomended po ba talaga ang ganoong panukala ng philhealth kung di ka tumagal ng 72 hours eh di mo mgagamit ang benepisyo ng philhealth ? kunting kaalamn lang po mag mula po sa inyong pangasiwaan ng philhealth ….

    1. Hi winston, sorry this is not Philhealth’s website. You can use Philhealth if you’re confined for at least 24 hours. But there are illnesses like pneumonia where you need to be confined for 96 hours before pneumonia is covered. Maybe your illness requires that you should be confined for 72 hours. What is your illness?


    1. Hi Marilou, dapat nadeduct ang Philhealth mo sa hospital bill before discharge. Public hospital ba ito? You can ask for your refund after you receive your benefit payment notice from Philhealth via mail. Bring your notice, OR and hospital papers to the hospital and ask for your refund.

    2. hello pwde pa ba ako makapag refund sa philhealth kahit na di accredited un clinic na dinalhan ko sa baby ko

      1. Hi ysh, sorry hindi. Dapat accredited pareho ang doctor at ang clinic. Puede lang kung emergency case at Philhealth-covered yong medical condition tapos walang ibang accredited clinic o hospital sa area o town o nearby town para ma-save ang patient. I-evaluate pa ng Philhealth ang case. Kelangan ang waiver mula sa clinic. You can ask muna Philhealth para sure.

  250. hellona confine un anak kaso pinagdalhan ko sa baby ko medical clinic are not accredited ng philealth . may chance ba na maka pag reimburse ako . ano dapat ko gawin.

  251. Hi. My mother was advised by the OPD doctor that she cannot use her Philhealth insurance to cover her expenses for the anti-rabies vaccine as she was not admitted to the hospital. Is that correct?

    1. Hi Rachel, yes, for most coverages of illnesses, the patient should be confined. If it’s anti-rabies, it can be covered as an outpatient, but it should be at an accredited animal bite center.

  252. Hi gud pm! ask ko lang po maaari po ba ako makapag reimburse or refund sa philhealth? nagamit naman po ang philhealth ko sa hospital. asawa ko po ang na confined ng 3days. ang tanong ko po ay maaari ko po bang ma Reimburse or ma refund ang mga gamot na binili po namin sa labas ng hospital sa kadahilanang walang stock ang pharmacy ng hospital? maaari ko po ba na i file sa philhealth with supporting documents na mga official receipts, CLAIM FORM 1,2 & 3, & MDR?

    Marami Po’ng Salamat!

    1. Hi Victor, one filing lang dapat for every confinement, at hospital dapat ang mag-file. Wait for your benefit payment notice from Philhealth via postal mail. Icheck mo kung mas malaki yong payment ng Philhealth sa hospital kesa sa nadeduct sa inyo. If higher, xerox your notice, your hospital docs, and receipts of meds you bought outside the hospital, then ask for refund from the hospital

  253. Hi po Good evening.. Im len, Umanak po ako last year. Sept.6 2015. Sa isang lying in,7500 po ang binayaran nmen ng cash bago kame lumabas ng clinic,wala po binigay na resibo sabi lng may marerefund ako kc accreditted sila ng Philhealth,but Until now wala parin po ako nakukuhang refund. Nag follow. Up po ako sa Philhealth office nmen last week, Aug.4 may binigay po saken na 2 papel, yun isa po naka pangalan sa baby ko and may amount na 1550, yun isa po nkapangalan saken may amount na 8000. Nung Aug.2 pa po ang date na nakalagay dun sa papel. Dinala ko po kahapon dun sa clinic yun papel, pero ang sabi lng saken hinde pa daw po nila nakukuha yun checke, at di daw nila sure Kung kelan. Gusto ko lng po malaman,saan po ba kukunin ng clinic ang checke? At 5000 lng po ba talaga marerefund ko khit nagbayad ako ng cash na 7500 ? Thank you po in advance.. God bless

    1. Hi Ailene, ise-send ng Philhealth yong check sa clinic via postal mail. Meron ka rin dapat ma-receive na benefit payment notice. Kung yong 7500 ay payment lahat for your delivery, dapat marefund mo 6,500 (3900 for hospital; 2600 for PF). Kung sa billing ay 6,500 ay for your delivery at yong 1,000 ay nagamit sa newborn care, marefund mo rin dapat yong 1000, so 7,500 lahat ma-claim mo. Pero depende rin yan sa policy ng clinic. Minsan, yong 2600 for PF, kinukuha nila at ibinibigay nila na dagdag na PF ng midwife or OB. In many hospitals na 5k lang ang coverage, kinukuha rin ng mga OB yong 2k as dagdag nilang PF.

  254. Good afternoon po, ask ko lang po if pwede pa kaming makapag refund sa philhealth nung binayaran namin sa hospitalization ng anak ko 6,400 po ang binayaran namin nag cash po muna kami kasi di po kami kaagad nakakuha nung mga prior na document galing sa employer ng asawa ko kung saan benificiary nya ang anak namin. Kung ma re refund po namin may deadline po ng pag kp comply ng pag papasa ng documents tulad ng CF1

    1. Hi Kimberly, makipag-usap kayo sa hospital na ihabol nio yong Philhealth papers nio para sila na ang mag-file sa Philhealth, kasi ito ang SOP. Sabi nga ng Philhealth, no more direct filing from members. Dapat hospital ang nagfa-file, except for valid reasons. Kung ayaw na ng hospital, request for the required documents like waiver from hospital, statement and bill, medical certificate or hospital document, discharge paper and Philhealth claim forms para you can try filing directly with Philhealth. Ang time frame for filing is within 60 days after discharge.

  255. Ask ko lang po kung narerefund ba ng philhealth ang ibinili ng gamot sa labas ng hospital ang ang maintenance ng pasyente kung sya ay indigent. Thanks

    1. Hi Cathy, sorry hindi covered ng Philhealth ang maintenance medicines. Tanungin nio ang local health center nio kasi merong maintenance medicines na binibigay sila.

      1. Gud evning po! Ask ko lng po kung meron n refund,nanganak po ako cs s lemery provincial hospital,lemery batangas last july 08,2016 “im merced cunanan” with philhealth # 09-025517423-0

        1. Hi Merced, natanggap mo na ba yong benefit payment notice mo from Philhealth? Kung meron na, go back to the hospital with your IDs and hospital documents to request for a refund.

  256. good day po…ask q lng f magamit ko ang philhealth ko sa panganganak this february 2018..naghulog po aq last oct.-dec.2017..dati n po aq member ng philhealth last oct. q lng po naupdate uli..tnx po

    1. Hi ennaira, yes, puede. Philhealth moved their new eligibility rule to Oct 1, so puede pa yong 3-months-within-6 months rule. Bayaran mo na rin yong Jan to March, and later on, Apr to June, and so on, para continuous ang coverage mo.

  257. Pwede po ba i refund ng philhealth yung mga pinambili ng gamot?

    1. Hi Lj, hindi pa nagre-refund ang Philhealth ng medicine expenses. Dapat confined ang patient, except for chemo, dialysis and other covered outpatient procedures.

  258. Hi po..nkagat po kac ng aso ung anak q..sav sa hospital sa san lazaro hospital sa sta. cruz manila eh itago q dw po ung resibo q ung pong s injection n ERIG kac dw po pwede q sya irefund..ung unang turok po s knila lhat gnawa ung succeeding vaccination ay dto nlang smn sa rizal namin pinainject..covered po ba ang anti-rabies vaccine s reimbursement ng philhealth at kailangan po ba na sa hospital kung san sya gnamot ako mag file ng reimbursement?

    1. Hi jhem, yes, dapat sa isang hospital lang mag-file. Ask mo yong hospital sa Rizal kung Philhealth-accredited sila for anti-rabies or animal bite coverage at diyan ka na lang mag-file kapag tapos na yong mga injections.

  259. Hi po, i just want to ask lang po if may makukuha ba akong reimbursements sa philhealth kung manganganak ako sa non accredited lying in clinic?! Normal delivery po ako and they quoted me an amount of 20k total package. Kung nd accredited ung lying in clinic, does it mean na nd ko makukuha ung 8,000 na maternity care package under philhealth? Thanks po

    1. Hi Cindy, tama ka, kung hindi Philhealth-accredited, hindi ka makakakuha ng 8k na deduction.

  260. Hi, there…

    May concern lang po sana ako regarding sa philhealth maternity reimbursement ko. Nadenied po kasi siya kasi di daw po ako nakapagpasa within 60 days. Naipasa ko na po kasi ng 61 days. What can I do about this?

    1. Hi Weinwein, sorry pero ganun nga ang rule na you should file within 60 days. At ang karaniwang procedure talaga is i-submit mo sa hospital ang Philhealth papers mo bago discharge para ma-deduct na agad sa bill ang benefit mo. Sorry wala akong alam na remedyo kasi Philhealth na ang nag-deny.

  261. Good afternoon Sir/Ma’am .We would like to ask which courier will you send our BPN?Do we claim the refund from the hospital where patient was operated as out patient or you will send the check directly to us?
    Am writing in behalf of my husband who was operated last May 5 due to cataract and we are waiting for the refund.They let us paid the whole package because according to them the company of the intra ocular lens has not renewed it FDA accreditation but they were mistaken.The company is duly registered with FDA so they told us we will be refunded by Philhealth about 16,000.00.Am asking Sir/Ma’am where will we claim our refund at the hospital where surgery was performed or check will be sent to us? What is the official courier of Philhealth? Thanks for not publishing my email add

    1. Hi Alcia, yes, we never publish email addresses. Did the hospital ask for your husband’s Philhealth number, MDR and premium payment receipt? If your claim was filed by the hospital with Philhealth, Philhealth will give the 16k to the hospital, so you will refund your 16k from the hospital. Xerox your receipts. Merong pre-approval from Philhealth prior to cataract removal para ma-cover ng Philhealth ang removal. BPN will be sent by Philhealth to you via registered postal mail.

  262. Hi, ask ko lang what if delayed si company na mag bayad ng philhealth and may na hospitalized na employee. Since urgent the company provided for a while iyong part ni Philhealth since need ni Hospital is updated.

    1. Pwede ba ito ma claim sa Philhealth ang employeer?
    2. Ilang months ang validity ni Philhealth para mag file ang employeer ng claim once maupdate and remittances ng employees.
    3. Ano ang mga requirements ng employeer na need to file ng claim?


    1. Hi Elaine, ang filing period is within 60 days after discharge. Ang nagfa-file dapat with Philhealth ay ang hospital. Hindi ko alam kung valid ang reason na delayed payment or remittance sa pag-file for refund from Philhealth. Kasi sa individual payors, kung hindi nakapagbayad sa months na required, hindi maka-avail ng Philhealth at hindi puedeng magbayad then mag-file for refund. Sorry hindi ako sure sa case ng employed .Bayaran nio na lang muna ang delayed payments nio sa Philhealth and then magtanong na lang doon. Ang mga documents na required ay yong hospital bill, hospital receipt, plus hospital records (depending on the illness), MDR of the employee, applicable Philhealth premium receipt or employee certification, hospital waiver and Philhealth claim forms.

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