Braces in the Philippines — How Much?

The cost of braces in the Philippines varies from dentist to dentist and from dental clinic to dental clinic.

My daughter has been wearing braces since last year, and I’m not satisfied with the work and how the dentist is handling the process. A big part of the cause of the dissatisfaction is scheduling, as my daughter now goes to college, and the times that she’s free, the dentist is not available. The dentist also has several cell phone numbers and has an assistant that’s always napapagalitan, so scheduling is not easy.

It’s my big regret that when we had the money to have our daughter’s teeth fixed with braces, I was fulfilling writing commitments, and I didn’t have time to research on the Internet and read about braces in the Philippines. I could have gotten some ideas about how braces are handled by dentists.

It’s not profitable complaining, so I would just rattle off some discoveries I’ve had about braces, and I hope these can help some readers who are planning to have their teeth fixed.

1.  Fixing teeth using braces is not easy.

In the past, I thought braces work like magic — that dentists will just put them there and after a few months, the teeth will line up according to where they should be. I found out that dentists also have to weigh things — will they pull one tooth or two teeth to make space? And take note, these are good teeth they’ll be removing. The decision should be the correct one.

They also need to check if the best thing to do is to move this certain tooth forward or backward. How will this align with the upper set of teeth? How will this process affect the shape of the mouth and the face? I had this idea that most dentists know all the answers. Now, I know, they’re just like us, dilly-dallying between moving this or moving that, etc.

2.  Complications can arise.

In my daughter’s case, more than a year into the brace process, her left and right lower molar teeth started growing, and of course, we could not predict how these will develop and how they’ll affect the current brace plan. The dentist vaguely mentioned dental surgery. I thought, “Now, we’ll research.”

3.  Agreed price is not written in stone.

This again depends on the dentist or the clinic. Perhaps a dental clinic with a more detailed paperwork is better, where the agreed total price is broken down into items and prices and which items are excluded from the total price.

What usually happens when we decide to have braces is to go around asking prices and then compare. We don’t realize that a number of dentists quote a lower price to attract patients, but then later charge patients for certain services or items needed.

Ask what the total price of the brace process includes. Does it include tooth removal, replacement of something that falls from the brace, the task of replacing an item that falls, and teeth cleaning? How about if a part of the brace falls every now and then? What kind of brace is to be used?

In my daughter’s case, we agreed on 50K for the whole brace process. Well, more than a year later, the process is not yet finished, but we have already spent about double that. We’re now looking at some more expenses, as we’re now thinking of having the process finished by another dentist. Besides, there’s the problem of the growing molars, so we’ll wait.

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  1. Hello ^_^
    Nowadays, So many dentist and clinics we can go now in the Philippines but we must find the right one to our teeth. I’ve been going to my dentist every month since my braces put in. 2002 when i decided to take really care my teeth because every time i smile I’m very shy because my teeth before is not good to see as well. Now and then I only have one dentist and I’m lucky that I am belong to the right clinic and I’m so thankful to my dentist Dr. Pamie of D&P Dental Canter( who take care my teeth ever since.


    • Hi Eloisa, thanks for sharing your experience. I wish you also share the cost so others can prepare. It will be helpful.


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