Philhealth Coverage for Appendectomy


Appendectomy is the surgical removal of the appendix.

Philhealth’s coverage for appendectomy is:

24,000 pesos —  Total Coverage

14,400 pesos — for hospital expenses

9,600 pesos — for professional fees (PF)


Above coverage is true for the following Codes:.

44950  —  Appendectomy
44960  —  Appendectomy for ruptured appendix with abscess or generalized peritonitis
44970  —  Appendectomy (surgical laparoscopy)


Appendectomy is the usual treatment of appendicitis.  Appendicitis is a condition when the appendix is swollen, inflamed, sore or infected.  Appendectomy needs to be performed to prevent the appendix from being ruptured or from bursting and cause life-threatening infection.

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