16 Most Common Surgeries in the Philippines — Philhealth Claims 2011

Here are the 16 most common surgeries in the Philippines, based on the number of surgical claims paid by Philhealth from January to September 2011.

1. Hemodialysis 335,458
2. Normal spontaneous vaginal delivery 159,749
3. Cesarian delivery 106,755
4. Cataract removal with intraocular lens insertion 57,566
5. Chemotherapy 28,969
6. Surgical completion of incomplete abortion 24,938
7. Upper gastrointestinal endoscopy 22,591
8. Cholecystectomy 18,079
9. Colonoscopy 17,821
10. Dilation and curettage 17,808
11. Abdominal hysterectomy 12,957
12. Appendectomy 12,847
13. Preoperative in-patient consultation 11,610
14. Ruptured appendix with abscess or peritonitis 8,747
15. Laparotomy and celiotomy 5,295
16. Placement of central venous catheter 4,386
….for hemodialysis, chemotherapy,hyperalimentation

Note:  Ranking is not absolute because there are surgeries that are not counted, such as those paid in full by patients who are not Philhealth members.

Simple description of some the most common surgeries in the Philippines:

  • Hemodialysis = treatment for kidney failure
  • Normal spontaneous vaginal delivery = normal na panganganak
  • Chemotherapy = cancer treatment
  • Upper gastrointestinal endoscopy = examination of the esophagus, stomach, and duodenum using an endoscope
  • Colonoscopy = examination of the colon and rectum using a colonoscope
  • Dilation and curettage = removal of part of the lining or contents of the uterus (Raspa sa Tagalog), in some cases after incomplete miscarriage or abortion
  • Abdominal hysterectomy = removal of the uterus through a cut in the abdomen
  • Appendectomy = removal of the appendix, usually as a response to acute appendicitis
  • Cholecystectomy = removal of the gallbladder
  • Peritonitis = inflammation of the peritoneum (tissue that lines the inner wall of the abdomen)
  • Laparotomy and celiotomy = examination of the abdominal cavity thru a large cut in the abdominal wall
  • Central venous catheter = long tube inserted into a large vein for delivering fluids, drugs or blood into the body

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    • Hi jim, there’s this procedure in the philhealth list: arthroplasty, knee, condyle, and plateau; medial and lateral compartments with or without patella resurfacing (total knee replacement), and coverage is 40,320 pesos (23,520 for PF and 16,800 for hospital expenses).
      You can check the other procedures for the knee: Case Rate Table for Procedures


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