Philhealth Coverage for Hemodialysis

Updated January 7, 2017 The Philhealth coverage amount for hemodialysis has been reduced to 2,600 pesos per session, effective September 2015. But the number of hemodialysis sessions covered per year has been increased from 45 sessions per year to 90 sessions per year. Hemodialysis procedure (Code 90935) Total coverage amount: 2,600 pesos No. of sessions covered […]

No More Direct Filing with Philhealth

  Philhealth claims for hospitalizations after March 21, 2014 shall NO LONGER be accepted DIRECTLY FROM MEMBERS. No more direct filing by members at a Philhealth branch. Upon admission, ask your hospital their Philhealth requirements and submission deadline. Submit your Philhealth papers while you are confined, at least 1 day before discharge. The hospital will deduct Philhealth […]

Philhealth Coverage for Hemorrhoidectomy — Hemorrhoid Removal

  Hemorrhoidectomy is a surgical procedure to remove hemorrhoids. How much is Philhealth coverage for hemorrhoidectomy? Total coverage is 12,120 For the doctor’s professional fee:  6,720 For hospital costs:  5,400 Any of the following type of hermorrhoidectomy is covered: . By simple ligature (example, by rubber band) . Excision of external hemorrhoid tags and/or multiple papillae […]

Philhealth Coverage for Gastritis

Gastritis is an inflammation or irritation of the stomach’s lining. There are 3 types of Philhealth coverages: 6,000 pesos 6,100 pesos 12,800 pesos Philhealth deduction or coverage for the following is 6,000 pesos (1,800 for PF; 4,200 for hospital costs) Other specified noninfective gastroenteritis and colitis; Eosinophilic gastritis or gastroenteritis Philhealth coverage for the following […]

Philhealh-Accredited Eye Clinics in Laguna for Cataract Surgery

Here’s a list of Philhealth-accredited eye clinics in Laguna for cataract surgery. LAGUNA Aspac Eye Laser and SurgiCenter Inc. C. Morales Commercial Complex Old National Highway, San Antonio Binan, Laguna Phone no.: 02-6978855 / 049-511-8527 Email: [email protected] Calamba Vision Enhancement Center Inc. Milan Prestige Bldg., Ground Floor National Hiway, Halang Calamba, Laguna Phone no.: 049-5083905 […]