Philhealth-Accredited Eye Clinics in Bicol for Cataract Surgery

There are two Philhealth-accredited eye clinics in Bicol:

Legazpi Eye Center
Landco Business Park, Capantawan
Legazpi City
Phone no.: 052-4806221

Catanduanes Eye Center
Gogon, Sirangan, Virac
Phone no.: 09994347370

Philhealth coverage for cataract removal or cataract surgery for one eye is 16,000 pesos. This includes the cost of the intraocular lens (IOL) that will be attached to replace the lens removed together with the cataract.

A member can avail of Philhealth coverage for both eyes: 16,000 pesos x 2 = 32,000 pesos.

The second surgery can be scheduled about a month or several weeks after the first one.

Find an eye clinic or an eye surgeon willing to perform the surgery for 16,000 pesos for each eye, or if higher, for just a little bit, so you don’t have to find or borrow some more money to make additional payments.

Usually, what you pay are for:

initial consultation

eye drops

cardio clearance

special blood pressure monitoring during surgery, if the patient has bp problems

To avail of Philhealth, you need to ask during consultation if you can use your Philhealth card for cataract surgery, and if you need to make additional payments. Ask the extra amount so you can prepare. These clinics have front-desk secretaries — you can ask them ahead of the consultation.

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