No More Direct Filing with Philhealth


Philhealth claims for hospitalizations after March 21, 2014 shall NO LONGER be accepted DIRECTLY FROM MEMBERS.

No more direct filing by members at a Philhealth branch.

Upon admission, ask your hospital their Philhealth requirements and submission deadline.

Submit your Philhealth papers while you are confined, at least 1 day before discharge.

The hospital will deduct Philhealth Case Rate benefits from your bill.

It will be the hospitals, clinics and other health care institutions that will file claims with Philhealth.
Exceptions from this policy are the following:

1.   Philhealth claims for hospitalizations abroad
(File within 180 days after discharge.)

2.   Special cases that were either denied or not filed

3.   Special cases with appeals for refund adjustment

4.   Special cases affected by fortuitous events like supertyphoons


Philhealth Circular No. 009, s. 2014
Philhealth Ciruclar No. 0006, s. 2014
Philhealth Circular No. 0034, s. 2013

6 thoughts on “No More Direct Filing with Philhealth”

    • Hi josh/reno, when you have time, update at Philhealth with your birth certificate and your parents’ senior citizen IDs or birth certificates. Many hospitals require that your dependents are written in your MDR.

  1. Hi.. January 1, 2014 my father passed away, we filed january 29, 2014 at Philhealth Malolos. after 4 months we followed up and they said direct filing is no longer allowed, but if we like, we can wait for our check

    • Hi Sherwin, yes, direct filing was stopped since Oct last year. But there were still considerations given to certain cases until March this year. We hope that you will still get your check.

  2. Hi. nora gud evening. can I use philhealth for surgery for gall bladder? Last payment is may 2014 deducted fromsalary from employer. can I use it if I pay this march? What months should I pay? Will I spend much for the surgery? thank you

    • Hi regie, update at Philhealth using your ID and pay Jan to March so you can use it in March. Is this removal of gall bladder (cholecystectomy? The coverage is 31k. Talk to your doctor about cost and his PF and Philhealth coverage. Find a less expensive Philhealth-accredited hospital and doctor


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