Philhealth Maternity Benefit — Prenatal Care Worth 1,500 Pesos

Philhealth reimburses prenatal care expenses up to 1,500 pesos, as part ย of its Philhealth maternity benefit for ย Normal Spontaneous Delivery (NSD).

This benefit is attached only to Normal Spontaneous Delivery (NSD) cases, and not to Cesarean Section (CS) cases.

You need to keep your official receipts (ORs) andย you need to submit them to the hospital or maternity clinic before discharge so they can attach them to the Philhealth Claim forms. To receive the full 1,500-peso benefit, the total of your official receipts must be equal to or more than 1,500 pesos.

What kind of prenatal expenses are reimbursed?

These prenatal expenses are covered:

– Prenatal consultation

– Drugs and medicines used during prenatal period, such as anti-anemics, anti-infectives, vitamins, minerals and tetanus toxoid or tetanus immunization
Medicines should be in the Philippine National Drug Formulary (PNDF) list.

– Routine care tests, such as CBC, blood typing, urinalysis, glucose test, Hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg) test, Venereal Disease Research Laboratory (VDRL) test

– Ultrasound, glucose tolerance test and related tests when they are considered medically necessary

How is Philhealth reimbursement for prenatal costs made?
The reimbursement check from Philhealth is sent to the patient in cases where the patient presented Official Receipts (ORs) in her name.

The reimbursement is sent to the hospital or maternity clinic in cases where prenatal care is provided by the hospital and the patient has signed a certification that prenatal care was provided by the hospital or maternity clinic.

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  1. i have a question, after filling & discharge how & when will i get the worth 1,500php check reimbursement? is it via snail mail where i live? how many calendar days? should i follow up it first or it is automatically sent to my home address even without follow ups? thanks

    1. Hi iris, yes, via snail mail — registered mail delivered to the address you wrote in the claim form in about 2 or 3 or more months even without follow-ups.

  2. Hi this is emelson, my wife was hospitalize last feb this year we already file all the records for refund, till now wala padin po. How will we get the refund?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Emelson, you wait for the benefit payment notice from Philhealth, delivered to your address via registered mail. It may take 3 to 5 months or more. Depending on your payment scheme, the refund could be a check in your name or you could get the refund from the hospital, using your notice, hospital bill and receipt.

  3. Good Afternoon, manganganak po ako sa August 15 sa Clinica Antipolo Hospital, normal with ligation. tanong ko lang po kung magkano mababawas ng Philhealth sa billing ko. Thanks po

    1. Hi Imelda, I’ll check first if ligation and normal delivery are covered separately if they’re done in one setting. CS with ligation and CS only get the same coverage amount, so I have to check first.

  4. gud day! my husband po is seaman, private employd po xa. sumakay xa last oct2012 jan po xa ult ngstart mgbyad til present. hes onboard at present. oct2012~ to may2013 byad n po. due date ko po july 3, mka2avail po b ako ng benefts?.kng sakali po n mbyaran ng company nia ngaung june ang contribution nia at kng sakali po n mapaaga panga2nak ko, qualified po b ako s bnefts?kung sakali po n uuwi husbnd ko ngaung june pwd b ako mg advnce payment.. pls guide n advce.tnx

    1. Hi rona, yes, you are qualified, whether you deliver in June or July. For employed members, payment of 3 of the 6 months BEFORE month of delivery lang ang kelangan. At Philhealth, seamen are considered Employed. Ask for a certificate of premium payments from your husband’s employer. Ask also a signed claim form 1. Get your husband’s updated MDR from Philhealth – bring your ID, marriage certificate, authorization letter and copy of husband’s ID.

  5. Hi. I gave birth last feb 21,2013 in a tertiary hospital. Normal delivery. I think they have deducted my bills with my philhealth benefits. Can i still claim something? F

    1. Hi charisse, if the 5k coverage for maternity and the 1750 coverage for newborn care (depending on what procedures were done) were already deducted, then you already have claimed what’s available. There’s also up to 1,500 pesos for prenatal care (to be refunded by Philhealth) if you have submitted to the hospital ORs of your prenatal care expenses together with your other Philhealth documents before discharge.
      By the way, the deadline for filing claims is within 60 days after discharge.

  6. good day!

    i ask po what are the requirements to avail the prenatal care?

    thank you.

    1. Hi april, submit ORs of your prenatal care expenses worth at least 1500 pesos to the hospital, together with your Philhealth documents, so they can file it together with your maternity claim.

  7. Hi, my wife gave birth a week ago. I asked the hospital about the pre-natal care reimbursement which was not showing to had been deducted on our bill, but they said, they don’t have any idea what that is nor they’d been advised by philhealth during their seminar/rollout about the benefits. So I just requested for an Official receipt from the doctor to cover 1500 worth of pre-natal consultations and I’m hoping I could get this honored at the philhealth office. Do you know the process and other requirements I need to bring to file this claim in philhealth? Thank you!

    1. Hi wil, prenatal care ORs should have been submitted to the hospital so that the ORs are filed together with the maternity claim. If you like, you can ask the hospital if they have not yet filed your maternity claim with Philhealth so you can add your prenatal ORs. Or you can go ahead and ask Philhealth if you can file a separate prenatal claim.
      Prenatal care coverage is offered only if it’s normal delivery (not if CS)

  8. Hi, my Philhealth payments were continuously paid since 2010 (we pay annually), however we were not aware at first that we have to change our status once become an OFW. Ive been working abroad mid 2010. We only updated it January this year…I gave birth this March. Can I still claim for maternity reimbursements? I was on CS delivery, do you have an idea how much the claim would be? Sorry, I cant find it on the website…Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hi Theresa, you have only 60 days from date of giving birth to file your claim. When did you give birth? CS coverage is 19k (11400 for hospital expenses and 7600 for PF). If you’re still within the filing deadline, you can file as voluntary if you paid as voluntary and you’ve paid 9 of the 12 months BEFORE month of delivery. If not, you can file as OFW if your delivery date is within the validity dates in your receipt; show OEC or other OFW documents.

  9. Ma’am,
    Good day…I just want to ask, what if the lying-in clinic where I want to give birth is not accredited of philhealth, will I still get the re-imbursement benefit as a member? If yes, what are the document needed for re-imbursement?

    hoping for your kind response.
    thank you

    1. Hi Jean, sorry, you will not be covered by Philhealth so you can’t file for refund. The first requirement is that the clinic or hospital should be Philhealth-accredited.

  10. Hi good pm po. Manganganak po ako september 2013, ngstart aq as philhealth member july 2012 pero d q po nbayarn ung para september to december. And then ngstart ulit aq ng bayd january 2013 untill now. Makakavail p po b ako ng ng prenatal care reimbursement. tsaka makaka avail pa po ba ako sa philhealth benefit kung 9 months palang akong nakakahulog? Tnx

    1. Hi Jamecel, it seems that you lack 1 month. If your due is Sep 2013, dapat paid ang 9 months within Sep 2012 to Aug 2013 (12-month period BEFORE your due).

  11. Hi, Due ko po sa November 2nd week.Nagstart ako sa philhealth August 1,2012 pero nag resign ako March 22,2013 nung nalaman kong buntis ako. I think 8 months lang akong bayad sa philhealth. Is it okay na bayaran ko na lang yung from April hanngang ngayon June? ma aavail ko po ba yung benefits ng philhealth? And baka po may idea din kayo about sa SSS..Same lang din po nahulog ko..Thank you..

    1. Hi Red, dapat bayaran mo na ang Apr to June tomorrow, Sunday — payment deadline Sunday. After Sunday, hindi na puedeng bayaran. Kung November ang due mo, dapat nabayaran mo ang 9 months sa loob ng Nov 2012 to Oct 2013.
      Sa SSS, you’re eligible for maternity benefit, file your maternity notification asap.

  12. hi.. im due on nov 2013.. im currently employed but I checked on my employers record that the last payment they did was Dec 2012 due to insufficient fund and lack of manpower.. im planning to be a voluntary member since I need my philhealth and sss benefits.. am I allowed to? or any better suggestion you can give? thanks!

    1. Hi ria, yes, you can pay as Voluntary for July to Oct 2013 = 4 months. The requirement is payment of 9 of the 12 months BEFORE month of delivery. So ask your employer if you can pay as Employed to Philhealth for Apr to June 2013 (ikaw na ang bahala sa payment and remittance plus penalty, kasi sabi mo can’t afford sila) so you can accumulate 9 months, including Nov and Dec 2012. Ang Employer kasi puedeng magbayad ng late; ang Voluntary hindi puedeng late. Please check my counting.

  13. . ..hi im rose, may i ask pano yun sa case ko binawi ko po sa lying in na pinagpaanakan ko ung philhealth ko kasi ndi ko po nagustuhan ung service because instead na makatipid ako during ng panganganak ko lalo lang akong napagastos coz i was delivered in hospital. pde bang ako na lang magreimburse sa philhealth ng mga nagastos ko specially sa lying in kasi 6,000 pesos fee nila. and ask ko lang din pde bang pagsamahin ing expenses sa hospital and lying in???>.. include ko sana ung mga resibo ko ng gamot. . thank you

    1. Hi rose, itong hospital ba ay level 1? Kasi ang maternity benefit for level 1 ay pareho ng lying-in na 6500, so kung marefund mo ang 6500 from hospital, hanggang doon lang ang benefit for maternity, so wala ka nang makuha sa lying-in. Kung hospital level 2 to 4, ang maternity benefit ay 5k.

  14. good day po, ask ko lng po if qualified ako mag avail ng maternity benefit. Sa sept 2013 po ang due date ko. nag start po ako maghulog ng january 2013. employed po ako sa isang private company.thanks

    1. Hi Jhen, yes, you will be eligible. If employed, the requirement is payment of Philhealth premiums for 3 of the 6 months BEFORE month of delivery.

  15. hi im kate i just want to ask manganganak na po aq ngun before august 2013 ask q lng po pwdi po bng mg direct aq sa philhealth. Macocovered q po kya ang prenatal benefits po pag ngdirect po aq ano pong ang mga requirements. Pwdi po b ung sa ultrasound q khit sa iba q po aq ng pa ultrasound di nmn po lying in ang pupuntahan q hospital government q. Pls reply po tnx

    1. Hi kate, yes, puedeng mag-file with Philhealth directly after discharge within 60 days. Anyway, karamihan din naman ng government hospital ay pinapabili sa labas ang mga supplies and meds. Pero sabihin mo pa rin sa hospital agad about Philhealth because they’re the ones filling-up the claim forms. About prenatal, present ORs of ultrasound and other prenatal care procedures worth at least 1500 pesos.

  16. hi mam i was admitted and give birth on aug 10 2012 at bayambang district hospital in a nsd procedure.pero until now ay wala pa din ung reimburse ko from phil health i went there para po mgfollow-up pero ang sabi po dun ang andun na nareimburse is aug. 2010.until wen pa po kaya makukuha ung reimburement ko.

  17. Goodday!
    pano po ung “medically necessary” for ultrasound, may special form or documentation ba na kailangan ipresent, kc 5-6 wks palang ako e lagi sumasakit tyan ko so nirerequire ng OB-Gyne ko mag ultrasound. At kung sakali, pwede ba na magkaiba ung clinic ng ultrasound sa hospital na pagsa-submittan ng claim?

    1. Hi Dianne, puedeng ibang facility ang ultrasound at yong hospital for delivery, basta merong OR. Doon sa request for ultrasound, merong sinusulat ang OB-Gyne na reason for ultrasound, i-attach na lang sa ultrasound OR.

  18. hello maam good day … hmm maam natangap q na po yung bpn nang asawa q … nuung jun 10 2013 .. kaso akala namin ay sulat lng .. yun pala ay refund na nmin un paanu po ba nmin makuha ung refund namin

    1. Hi ricardo, if there’s no check issued to you, xerox your notice and receipts and you go to the hospital and ask for your refund.

  19. Hi maam,ask ko lang po sana,,panu po ba yong resibo na hinihinging requirements for reimburse..kada prenatal ko kc umaabot ng 1000 or 1500 yong binabayaran ko for check up na yon ksma mga vitamins na binibigay nila.may sarili kasi silang gamot na binibigay sa akin tuwing check up ko.coverd ba yun sa reimbursement?

    1. Hi Carene, up to 1500 lang ang prenatal benefit. Submit ORs of your prenatal care, worth at least 1500, together with your claim form 1.

  20. Hi! Pano po ba magclaim ng maternity benefits? What are the procedure. Ill be giving birth this december. May mga kelangan po bang Ifill up? Thannk you!

  21. Rochelle Ann Muncal

    Can I separately claim my prenatal care benefit from my actual maternity benefit? I have different doctor/ hospital for my prenatal care with receipt and actual giving birth. How can I claim my pre natal care?

    1. Hi Rochelle, the prenatal care and maternity benefit claims should be submitted together to Philhealth as one claim. You submit your prenatal care ORs (even from other facilities) to the hospital where you’re giving birth.

  22. Hi po ask ko lang bat 3k lang po ang narefund ko sa panganganak ko normal deivery po ako nabasa ko po kc na pag normal delivery ay 6k bale 3k lang binawas sa bill ko bayad na po ako until dec 2013. Voluntary po ako at july 17 po ako nanganak.

    1. Hi ocpenia, sa hospital ka ba nanganak? Kasi pag hospital, ang coverage ay 5k lang (3k for hospital at 2k for doctor). Sad to say, usually, hindi na nagrerefund ang doctor ng 2k. Additional fee na nila.

      1. Hi ms nors one thing more, bumalik kc ung claim ko sa nbs stated n denied bcoz of incomplete newborn care service rendered.ndi nailagay ung mga procedure na ginawa sa knya tulad ng bcg, hepa b at hearing test kya denied mali un ng gumawa ng docs nya sa hospital.ask ko lng po pued ko p po bng iapply ule after ko maipalagay ung newborn care screening n ginawa sa kanya.nagbayad po kc ako ng 1600 para sa bcg at hepa b plus 450 sa nb at 700 sa hearing test.

        1. Hi ocpenia, yes puedeng mag-refile; ask Philhealth kung ano yong mga tamang documents para hindi na maibalik uli. Or pa-correct mo na sa pediatrician. Pero ang alam ko meron ding deadline ang re-filing, so tanungin mo na rin.

  23. hi mam, just want to ask kasi i’ll be giving birth this november but I stopped paying philhealth last april 2013 because i lost my job but im planning to pay my previous balance this month could it be possible?? and I could still use my benefits by the time I give birth?? thanks.. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hi Mariel, yes, mahabol mo pa yata. Pay for July to Oct asap; dapat this September. Check mo ito:

  24. Hi, in my case, I had my prenatal check ups in a different hospital (Kalibo) and will be giving birth in a different one (Iloilo). Would it still be ok to submit my ORs to the hospital where i will be giving birth? Thanks!

    1. Hi Nelyn, yes, basta ORs in your name.

  25. Thanks for your response Ms. Nors, one more thing, I am my husband’s dependent sa Philhealth nya, would there be any additional benefits for me?

  26. Hi, ask ko lang, may form bang kailangan s pagreimburse ng prenatal expenses? O kasama na yung mga official receipts ng expenses gaya ng vitamins/glucose test/ultrasound s pagpasa ng cf1? Meron din bang paternity benefit? Magpapakasal pa lang kmi ng girlfriend ko first week ng october at due date ng panganganak nia is last week ng october. Kung matatagalan s pagpasa ng marriage contract, hanggang kailan pwedeng magclaim ng paternity benefit?thanks

    1. Hi Dennis, within 60 days after discharge ang filing period. Sorry walang paternity benefit sa Philhealth. Submit prenatal ORs together with Philhealth docs sa hospital para ma-include sa maternity claim.

  27. Hi mam just want to ask.i follow up my reimbursement to philhealth thru email they told me to coordinate with the hospital for the reimbursement of my son but the hospital didnt know about this one.Diba po dapat i should be receiving the checkthru snail mail?thanks

    1. Hi Hani, yes, wait for the benefit payment notice from Philhealth via snail mail. Just make sure that the hospital filed your claim.

  28. good day po, ask ko lng po dto ako nanganak sa dubai , panu ko isesend yun mg OR’s and ibang expenses ko..kse nabasa ko po article khit sa ibang bansa ka nannganak mayu makukuha din po ko, please san ko pwede isend mga receipt. thanks

    1. Hi ann, nasagot ko ang tanong mo about maternity claim sa isang post. Isama mo ang mga prenatal ORs mo sa maternity claim mo. List your receipts, OR nos and amounts and details in a bond paper and then attach the receipts.

  29. HI.. good day.. this regarding to my or’s… frst receipt ko po from delos santos mega clinic and amnting to 1200 (blood typing, vdrl, and hepa)and i decided manganak po sa san juan de dios which is my 2cd receipt na 300 (tetanus immunization) ay galing nasa hospital … asked ko po how po maifile ung magkaibang or’s kung mag kaiba ng pinangalingan ng receipt?panu po ung claim forms isubmit?..

    1. Hi mary, basta prenatal ORs kahit different issuers, puede. Submit ORs together with your docs for maternity claim para ma-submit at the same time by the hospital to Philhealth.

  30. Hi, ask ko lang po about po sa newborn screening test ng baby ko denied para sa claim ko. Incomplete newborn care service rendered daw sabi ng philhealth.pero na bcg at hepa b vaccine n si baby bfore 1 week nya nun dun din sa hospital kung san ako nanganak may hearing test p nga pong ginawa sa knya at binayaran ko p un ng 700 para sa newborn screening at 450 para sa hearing.ask ko lang pued p po b akong mgclaim at ipasa ule ung docs para sa ns ng baby ko?

    1. Hi ocpenia, ipa-evaluate mo na lang uli ang documents mo sa Philhealth para macheck nila kung okay na for submission.

  31. Ask ko lang po kung pued p po ule submit ung mga docs para sa newborn screening kc ndi po tama ung pag file up ng hospital kaya incomplete newborn care rendered kaya binalik ung application bcg,hepa b at hearing test.

  32. Helo po ask ko lang,bagong member ako ng philhealth starting july,individually paying and nasa 2nd quarter (6months) pa ako nagbayad ,due ko this january 2013. Kailan ko po maavail ung sa philhealth or ilang months po ako dapat magbayad before i can avail the benefit?

    1. Hi Jazz, kulang ka sa 9-month requirement, so change your category to Informal Sector so you can avail of the 3-month requirement for Informal Sector members. Ask Philhealth too.

  33. Ask ko lang po if ung Prenatal benefit ba ay pwede lang ung Prenatal consultation from the OB na ibibigay before checking out sa hosp or lying in? Hnd na kasali ung sa above covered na nakasulat sa taas, or need talaga na andun ung prenatal consultation ORs, medicine ORs (vtamins) at ung ultrasound ORs? Still confused. Thanks!

    1. Hi Jazz, basta po prenatal ORs, kahit saang facility.

  34. Hi ask ko lang po employed ako from oct 2010 – may 2013, wala po akong hulog from May2013-july2013 nagwork ulit ng july 23 2013, due ko po ay Jan 2014, makakaavail pa po ba ko ng mat ben?
    Clarify ko din po, usually po nbs ay ginagawa while nakaconfine pa ang mommies, pwede po ba na isabay na din ito sa pagcclaim ng prenatal ben?

    1. Hi cindy, submit 2 sheets of claim form 1, one for you and one for your baby, so you can avail of nbs. Since you’re employed, you can avail kasi payment of contributions for 3 of the past 6 months lang naman ang requirement for employed members.

  35. hi po. im an ofw. hindi po ako nakapaghulog ng philhealth for the last two years. dito po ko sa Pilipinas manganganak due on Jan 2014. Paano po ako makakaavail ng maternity benefits? Nagpunta po ko sa Philhealth ofc and pinagbayad ako ng dec 2013- dec 2014 premium, enough ba yun so i can avail the benefit sa Jan 2013 panganganak ko?

    1. Hi bella, yes, basta OFW ang category mo sa MDR mo. Pag OFW, dapat yong confinement date ay within the validity dates sa receipt, so in your case, eligible ka, basta OFW.

  36. good day po! employed po aq jan sa manila mula feb 2013 at may philhealth, ngresign po aq july 2013 nung nalaman kong buntis aq, jan 2nd week na po due q. inasikaso q po agad philhealth q pag-uwi q dito probinsya. nalaman q po na walang record po ung contributions q mula sa employer q. pero may mga pay slip po aq na hawak. itinuloy q po ung contribution q mula july to dec as indiv payer. nagfile na po aq ng reklamo sa philhealth regarding sa employer q. at nag bayad po aq ulit for the nxt quarter nxt year, ma-aavail q po ba ung maternity benifits sa ganitong kaso? nitong dec 3 lang po bumalik aq sa phihealth office for some inquiries sinabi po nila mula daw nov 5 me bagong patakaran na daw na 3 months nlng ang kailangan para maka-avail ng maternity benifits. tama po ba yon?

    tnx po!more power.

    1. Hi stephanie, yes, you’re right. Update your MDR so your category is Individual Payor — Informal Sector, so you can avail of the 3-month-contribution-payment qualification.

  37. We own a small hospital in Cavite, we have had several rejected Philhealth claims for NSD cases because we weren’t able to provide the waiver for prenatal visits. I don’t understand why this is required when the patients did not even have their prenatal care at our hospital and just had their NSD at our hospital.

    1. Hi Rico, yes, I’m puzzled too because waiver of prenatal visits is not in the published list of requirements for NSD. Maybe there’s another list for hospitals? I’m not sure if this will help but I’ve read in one of the Philhealth circulars that a lying-in facility is required to include certification that the patient had at least 4 prenatal visits in their facility before delivery. Would you check if the RVS code 59401 might have been used in the forms? (code for maternity care package in lying-in facilities)

  38. Good day po,,last december po kasi nagpacheck aq sa isang clinic then nagpalaboratory na po aq dun tska transV nmahalan po kase aq sa mga services nila kya i decided na lumipat ng ibang clinic.. ngaun january po nagpacheck ulet aq sa ibang clinic at dun ko na din po balak manganak ..ask ko po sana kung maaavail ko pa din po ba tong prenatal care nagastos ko po sa una kong pinuntahang clinic khit na dun po aq sa bagong clinic manganganak??salamat ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hi Vanessa, kausapin mo na lang yong clinic, kasi yong ibang clinic gusto nila sa kanila ang prenatal. Meron kasing requirement ang Philhealth sa maternity clinics na dapat merong prenatal checkups ang member bago sila eligible sa Philhealth.

  39. Hi! tnong q lng po kc lying in clinic lng manga2nak asawa q eh db wla nMn bnbyarang bill dun kc cash donation lng n any amount n kya mo ibigay tpos ung mga gamot at ggmitin nya eh ako ang bbili s labas, confused lng ako qng sknila b mppnta ung maternity benifit since nbsa q n ung 6,500 for normal delivery is for hospital bill at PF lng?!

    1. Hi Teodirico, tama ba ang isip ko na government clinic ang lying-in kasi sabi nio donasyon lang? Philhealth-accredited ba ang clinic? Kung accredited, tanungin nio na lang kung anong policy nila kapag merong Philhealth. Kapag magagamit ang Philhealth, humingi kayo ng ORs ng mga bibilhin niong gamot; ORs in your wife’s name. Irerefund nio na lang sa clinic later on pag meron na kayong natanggap na Philhealth benefit payment notice.

  40. Hello po,seaman po ang husband ko and paid po cya from june2013- sept2013 as voluntary member since hindi cya onboard nung time n un,now,nag join cya ng october & since d aq sure qng nakpagremit ang agency nya for oct,ngbyad po aq s bank last dec 27,for the month of oct only kc sure nmn aq n nadeduct cya for nov and dec,will it still be credited? D dw po kc assured ng bank n pede ung ganun

    1. Hi Ohyen, yes, puede yon, kasi alam naman ng Philhealth na merong months na on vacation ang mga seamen. Yon ding mga nag-le-leave sa work ng more than 1 month, nagbabayad din as Voluntary while on leave.

  41. hi ask ko lng kc i have contribution from last yr jan- aug may EDD for delivery is on june 2014 can i still pay for may contribution from this month up to june? thank u

    1. Hi nicole, yes, you can pay for Jan to June. Update your member data to Individual Payor-Informal Sector para ma-qualify ka sa new 3-month-contribution na requirement (na hindi na 9-month).

  42. Hi, i just give birth last Dec.30,2013 sa isang private lying-in, pero hindi sila nagle-less ng philhealth, i just want to know if i can i still apply for a reimburment to Philhealth?

    1. Hi Mary Rose, baka hindi Philhealth-accredited ang lying-in kaya hindi sila nagdededuct; so hindi puedeng mag-file ng claim. Bukod sa reason na yan, hindi na raw tumatanggap ng direct filing ang Philhealth. Ask others too

  43. Good day! I’m 7months pregnant now.. And my husband is a seaman.. Pero d kasi kami kasal.. And ala din po ako Phil health.. Ung friend ko po ng seminar sa Phil health isa siyang midwife, she suggested na mag file ako sa Phil health mag advance daw ako ng 1year hulog para magamit ko ang Phil health para makabawas kahit papano sa Bill ko.. Ask ko pwede kaya yun? Na mag advance ako ng 1 year na hulog then magamit ko na siya pag nanganak ako. Thanks

    1. Hi Bella, yes, magregister ka sa Philhealth asap as Individual Payor-Informal Sector. Tama yong friend mo na you pay 1 year in advance so you can qualify. Bring your ID.

      1. Good day! Nakapgfile na po ako sa Phil health imus Cavite and nkpagbayad na din ako ng advance 1 year para magamit ko sa panganganak ko.. Tinanong ko din ung staff ng Phil health if pede ko na siya agad magamit.. They asked me kelan ako manganak sabi ko may 2014.. Sabi nung staff pede dw.. Thank you din sa site mo.. GOD BLESS!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. Good Day! just ask if i still avail the new born package worth 1,750 and the prenatal benefits worth 1, 8mos.pregnant and just started paying my philhealth last jan.2014 til now, and want to continue paying this april til june 2014, but my due is this april. i know that i can’t avail the maternity package,coz it needs atleast 9months but how about the prenatal benefits?can i still?

    1. Hi hanzkie, puede na ngayon ang 3 contributions lang for Individual payor-Informal Sector. Have you paid Jan to Mar 2014? If yes, you can avail of the maternity benefit. Submit to the clinic/hospital your prenatal ORs. You can avail of newborn care package if your pedia is Philhealth-accredited.

  45. hi matagal na po akong nagpamember sa philhealth 2007 pa po then from 2008-2013 hindi na po ako nakapaghulog last jan 2014 po nagpunta ako philhealth and binayaan ko na po from jan 2014-dec 2014. I’m due on november cs po ako magagamit ko na po ba yung philhealth ko by that time and how much po ba ang nababawas sa bill if private hospital po. and ano po bang requirements ang kailangan ko sa paggamit ng philhealth I dont have any id kundi yung postal id po.

    1. Hi abby, yes, eligible ka, kasi 3 contributions na lang (paid within the prior 6 months) ngayon ang required sa Individual Payor-Informal Sector. Dapat Indicated CS para ma-cover ng Philhealth, meaning desisyon ng OB kung CS o normal. Ang CS coverage ay 19k (11400 for hospital and 7600 for ob)

  46. Good day! Nakapgfile na po ako sa Phil health imus Cavite and nkpagbayad na din ako ng advance 1 year para magamit ko sa panganganak ko.. Tinanong ko din ung staff ng Phil health if pede ko na siya agad magamit.. They asked me kelan ako manganak sabi ko may 2014.. Sabi nung staff pede dw.. Thank you din sa site mo.. GOD BLESS!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  47. Hi Bella, it’s good that you have registered. Thanks for sharing info. God bless din.

  48. i just wanna ask marerefund po ba namin yung ga ginastos for hospitalization… yung mga resibo na binili outside the hospital kung may philhealth kami… at ganun po ba tlaga halos kalahati lang angmababawas sa hospital bill namin kahit may philhealth kami

    1. Hi girlie, maternity ba ito? Ang coverage ng maternity ay 5,000 pesos lang (3k for hospital and 2k for PF) pag sa hospital, kahit magkano ang nagasto nio. Kung nagamit na ang 3k for hospital, hindi na marefund yong mga nagasto for gamot na binili sa labas.

  49. Hi my name is an OFW im planning to use his Philhealth for my delivery but I’m anxious baka need pa mag sign ang employer sa papers na ipapas sa Philhelth for benifits which is mahirap na para sa akin.Any suggestion please

    1. Hi jane, sino ang OFW sa inyo? Kapag employed ang husband mo dito sa Phils, kelangan ang signature of the employer on claim form 1. If he is an OFW, yong premium receipt and marriage cert ang kelangan.

  50. hi..i juz wanna ask..if maaavail q ang prenatal benefits na 1500… at kung mggamit q ang philhealt q.unemployed n aq last jan.2014.. i hav contri for d period of jun2011-aug12, july2013-nov2013… im 7mos.pregnant.. my due date is may27,2014…. and now. if i’m going to pay my contri from jan-june2014… can i avail philhealth maternity benefits. ?

    1. Hi dhanz, sorry you can no longer pay for Jan to Mar 2014. Go to Philhealth and pay 1 year in advance as Individual Payor-Informal Sector (2400 pesos), so you can avail. Magtanong na rin doon para sure.

  51. hi po , 7mos. na po ako pregnant now and ngayon lang kame nakapag register sa philhealth at gud for 3mos. lang po yung pnabayaran samin ng philhealth,,, ask ko lang po kung aabot po ba kame sa benefits/reimburse for maternity , prenatalcare and newborn package??3rd week of june po ang duedate ko.thanks in advance po.

    1. Hi Nix, nabayaran mo ang Jan to Mar 2014? Pay also April and May so you can avail in June. Write Individual Payor on the payment form

  52. Hi! My due date is on April 30. I am unemployed but declared philhealth dependent/beneficiary of my husband. He has been working in a private company since October 2, 2013. Assuming his employer is giving updated remittances, can I avail the benefits? And what if his employer is not updated with the remittances (’cause it happened in his SSS, his recorded contribution is only until November 2013, the company said ‘matagal lang talaga minsan pumasok sa system’), can I still avail the benefits?
    Additional Info: He has contribution from June 2009-January 2010 and September 2011-May 2013

    1. Hi payi, you can ask your husband to verify his Philhealth payments at any Philhealth branch at para makakuha na rin siya ng MDR, kasi required doc ito. If there’s only 1 or 2 payments for the past 6 months, mag-member ka na lang agad as Informal Sector/Individual Payor, before April 30; pay 1 year in advance. Ask others too

  53. Good day po!
    I am currently employed as a public teacher, gusto ko lng po itanong kung ano ano yung mga OR’s na ipapa-evaluate for pre-natal at maternity benifits.
    Asawa ko po kasi ang magaasikaso ng mga papers, ask ko din po anong mga forms and anong mga procedures ang dapat nyang gawin.

    1. Hi mean, submit to the hospital before discharge: your MDR from Philhealth, cert of premium payments from your school, claim form 1 from school. Bring your ID. Yong prenatal ORs na puede nakasulat sa article sa taas.

  54. hi.. just want to ask po if possible po kaya na ma’avail ko po yung prenatal care benefit kung yung mga o.r ko po is from other lyng-in? kc po by tihs month din po ako manga2nak,lilipat po kc ako ng hospital which is accredited po ng phil health, before po kc yung sa lying-in lang po ako nag’pa2check up

    1. Hi thine, yes, submit the ORs together with your Philhealth docs. Request the hospital na isama na yong prenatal claim mo.

  55. hi ask ko ko po ba ang P1500 kung ung mga OR q like mga lab, ultrasound etc hindi mismo sa hospital kung san ako manganak? possible ba ma-reimburse ung mga OR q e simula pa un sa 2 mos (oct 2013) pa lang ako nabuntis. Due q na po this mos. pls do reply. thanks

    1. Hi vivs, submit those ORs together with your Philhealth papers and request the hospital to file your prenatal claim together with your maternity claim.

  56. joni peter martinez

    Hi ask ko lang po kung may marerefund pa po ba kami o wala.Nanganak po asawa ko last nov.22 ginamit ko philhealth ko,nakumpleto ko naman po.Sabi po sa amin wait namin ang confirmation ng philhealth o letter para sw refund namin.Kaya lang po 3rd week na po ng may wala pa rin po kami natatanggap na letter from philhealth,kaya ask po namin kung meron pa po ba kami refund o wala.May hinihintay po ba kami na letter o wala,eto po PIN # ko 0105053365572 sana matulungan nyo po kami agad.

    1. Hi joni, wait for your benefit payment notice from Philhealth via registered mail from your postman. Then go to the hospital and ask for your refund. Bakit kaya kasi hindi dinededuct na lang agad ng hospital ang benefit? Sad to say, matagal pa rin kasi ang processing ng Philhealth. 2 to 5 months.

  57. Ask ko lang po kung may benefits na makukuha ang OFW lalo na kung hindi naman sa Pilipinas manganganak?

    1. Hi Norie, yes, file within 180 days after discharge. Your refund can be 5k plus 1500 if with prenatal ORs plus 1750 if with newborn care

  58. Hi Ma’am Nors, ask lang po ako regarding sa pre natal care package, if ever hindi ko po ibigay ung ORs ko for reimbursement sa hospital pwede ba ako mag direct sa philhealth? eh kasi nabasa ko sa blog mo na dapat isabay sa hospital bill then ung reimbursement ibibigay dun sa hospital na pinag submitan ko. My worry is that eh pano kung discharge na ako tapos d parin dumadating yung refund? hassle kasi kung lagi ako babalik sa hospital just to ask for an update sa refund ko from philhealth.. thank you po.

    1. Hi Jo-Ann, direct filing with Philhealth is no longer allowed. Prenatal ORs should be filed together with the maternity claim. If approved, the prenatal check is in your name and sent to your address, not to the hospital

  59. ask ko lang po kasi sa lying in po ako nanganak and philhealth accredited po sya nakakuha po ako ng sulat regarding my philhealth direct sa house po siya dineliver. with the sum of 1,500.. pero nagask po ako sa nagpaanak skin kung okay na po yung sa reimbursement na yun she said ok na daw kanino po napunta yung 1500 po na yun? need ko po ba kunin sknya or tlagang dun po saknila yun?thnks po

    1. Hi jowy, what was that 1500 for? Was it for prenatal care? Did you submit prenatal ORs to the lying-in? If yes, the benefit check should have been in your name. If not, that’s for the lying-in; maybe they submitted prenatal ORs.

  60. gud day po kakasimula ko lang po maghulog nung april-june ng 600.00 at ang sunod ko pong hulog ay july-september na 600.00 po uli eh ang kabuwanan po ng panganganak ko ay september ma avail ko po kya ang benefits since total 6 buwan lang po ang maihulog ko.ano po ang pwede ko kayang gawin salamat po. GOD BLESS MORE POWER

    1. Hi marinela, now you only need 3 contributions. You can avail. Get your MDR. Keep your receipts. God bless too

  61. due date q po is sept.2014, sbi skin in order to avail maternity benefits kelangan meron akong at least 3 mos. contributions from march- 2014-august 2014 in order para mkaavail ng benefits., meron na po aqong hulog frm april2014-june2014 , does it mean qualified npo aq??thnx

  62. Rasonabe, Juana M.

    Hi mam ask ko lang po kung pwede po ako makaavail ng maternity benifit ko ung contribution ko po ay nov.-dec.2005,jan-feb.2006, dec.2006,thenjan to feb.2007 and presently april, may, june 2014.may makuha po kya ako mam. im about to give birth this coming sept. 16,2014.thank you and waiting for reply sa email ko. GOD BLESS

    1. Hi Juana, yes, you can avail. Pay also July and August. God bless din. Read this: Philhealth benefit claim for Individual Payor

  63. Good day po,
    Ma’am, dati po akong employed for six yrs at nagresign last Feb 2014..I have continued my contribution as voluntary member from Feb to June 2014. Ask ko lang po if I still need 3mos OR more to be submitted, or enough na ang certificate of premium payments issued by my employer stated that the last premium paid by the company was until January 2014 only (with OR# and amount paid). Due date ko po this coming July 19.
    Please advise.

    1. Hi nen, your receipt for your Feb to June payment should be enough. Since you also have your employer’s certificate, just bring it to the hospital, in case it’s needed.

  64. hi..just want to ask kung ung 7600 na doctors fee ay maileless sa babayaran mo sa hospital bill pag private ung dotor mo pag cesarian ka.

    Thanks and Godbless

    1. Hi adela, it depends on your ob and/or hospital. Because usually doctors prefer cash. God bless din.

  65. hi, my clinic is philheath accredited and everything is covered. I have allthe prenatal check ups, vitamins, etc. and its my first time to check up but its morethan 1500php. will I get a reimbursement more than that? its over 800 with my labs aside from meds and drugs. however, its my firs time, i think i will need to get more.. just checkin out. thanks

    1. Hi shania, submit prenatal ORs worth at least 1,500 pesos together with your Philhealth docs. Your refund from Philhealth will be 1,500.

  66. Thanks should i submit it to the clinic itself? Do you need the orig or’s cause i may need to send that to sss too..

  67. Hi! Since my first ultrasound I had consulted an ob-gynecologist. Monthly, I visited her clinic for check-up. I even had my laboratory tests in the hospital where the said OB is affiliated. But, the OB never issued me a single receipt for the check-up which I pay every visit. I had my prenatal consultations with an OB, I was advised to take vitamins and antibiotics since I had a UTI. My question now is, am I entitled to a prenatal care benefits…even if (so happened) I had delivery at home with a midwife?

    1. Hi Maryjoy, the prenatal claim with ORs should be filed by the hospital together with the maternity claim, so I think you can no longer claim. Additionally, direct filing with Philhealth is no longer allowed. But ask others, to be sure.

  68. hello!
    EDD ko po sa oct.20 2014, first baby ko po kaya wala pang idea pano gamitin ung philhealth, gusto ko lang pong malaman sana kc nagpacheck-up ako 2- 3 times sa UST hospital, sa opd nila.dun din ako unang inultrasound, tapos my mga lab test na rin akong nagawa pero hndi ako sakanila nagpapalaboratory kc mejo my kamahalan.nalayuan na rin ako kya lumipat ako sa PGH, then pinaulit sakin ung ibang test like blood typing and ultrasound dun mismo sa PGH.
    kaso ung mga resibo sa PGH walang pangalan ko kc my nkapagsabi sakin na kelangan my pangalan ung resibo na ipapakita sa philhealth pra marefund.
    masasakop ba sa philhealth ko ung mga lab test na nagawa sa other clinic pati ung unang ultrasound ko at ung ultrasound sa UST kahit sa PGH po ako manganganak?
    pasenxa na po sa tanong kung mejo malabo.

    1. Hi zoeykiel,
      Present prenatal ORs (UST or PGH) in your name worth at least 1,500

  69. hi, id like to ask if i can include my laboratory and anti tetanus and other check ups. I changed my clinic. can I submit that too the new clinic in claiming my prenatal check???? thanks

  70. Hi ask ko lng po im giving birth dis sept.2014 ask ko lng if pwede ko pa ma refund ung congenital scan and urinalysis procedure done sa labas ng hospital,ntago ko pa ung or’s it was done ubg 5 months plng tyan ko.mrerefund ko pa po a un?

    1. Hi Faye, you can submit those ORs, but your prenatal benefit will be only up to 1,500 pesos.

  71. Hi! I am 6 weeks pregnant and my due date is around 1st week of April 2014. Pwede pa po ba ako mag apply ng philhealth at makakuwa ng mga benefits?

    1. Hi Yen, yes, you can avail in Apr 2015. Register with your ID and pay Aug to Oct, and then later on Nov to Mar 2015.

  72. Hi ms. Nora. I stopped working January this year and stopped contributing to Philhealth. Now, I am almost 7 months pregnant and due by November 22. My boyfriend and I are getting married this October. What’s the best thing to do to be covered by Philhealth? Will I be covered by my husband’s membership despite being married only for almost a month or will it be better if I pay Philhealth in advanced voluntarily (say quarterly July-September)? Thank you in advanced!

    1. Hi Beth, if your husband can present to Philhealth your marriage certificate to update his MDR before you deliver, then you can be covered as dependent. If you like, to be sure, you can pay July to Oct as Individual Payor.

  73. Good Day po.

    From October 2013 po hanggang december binabayaran po ng company yung philhealth ko and then nag resign po ako. yung January – March 2014 ko po ay hindi na po nabayaran tapos nag voluntary po ako from April onwards nakakapagbayad naman po ako. Sa October po yung due date ko. ma a avail ko pa rin po ba yung benefits ko po sa philhealth. Thanks po ๐Ÿ™‚ Godbless.

    Ano nga po pala yung mga requirements po para ma claim po ito.

  74. hi, what do i need to bring to hospital when giving birth? i’m employed. where do i get MDR?

  75. Hi what if all pre natal was done at a lying in. then i’ll give birth at a hospital. can my ors be considered?

    1. Hi rachel, yes, submit your prenatal ORs together with your maternity papers.

  76. Hi good day ma’am, my GF is 2 months pregnant. She’s having her check ups here at a clinic in Nueva Ecija. If she gives birth at a lying in or hospital in Taytay Rizal, can she use her prenatal ORs issued by the clinic in Nueva Ecija? This is my first baby. Btw we’re updated in paying Philhealth. Thanks.

    1. Hi Jon, if she gives birth at a hospital in Taytay, she can present those prenatal ORs together with the maternity documents. If she gives birth at a clinic in Taytay, she might not be able to use Philhealth because Philhealth requires at least 4 prenatal checkups for maternity clinic births. But there are clinics that consider your prenatal ORs as proof that you had prenatal checkups. You need to ask your prospective clinic in Taytay. Note also that there are many clinics that do not accept maternity patients who did not have prenatal checkups with them because of possible complications.

  77. hi can I reimburse my ultrasound?

    1. Hi sarah, try submitting that including prenatal expenses at least worth 1500. These should be submitted to the clinic/hospital together with your maternity documents. Some maternity clinics accept only ORs of prenatal care done with them.

  78. Hi my husband is a seaman and I’ll deliver nov.28 2014 or up to dec.02. Can I get my documents from my husband’s agency so they can prepare the premium receipts even if I’m not giving birth yet? My husband boarded his ship last year March 24 2013 then came home March.05 2014 and missed payments, but returned to his ship on May 12 2014. He’ll come home 1st week of March. Can I file earlier as the office is in makati and I’ll give birth here in laguna.

    1. Hi Mary Jean, yes, you can request now, as your delivery date is less than one month away. Philhealth’s requirement is that the claim form 1 is one-month old or newer. Request for 2 signed claim forms, one for you and another for your baby (newborn care). Your husband’s MDR must have your name written as dependent.

  79. Hi Ms. Nora, May I ask about prenatal care. Aside from OR of laboratory check up, and ultrasounds, will I also include or’s from drugstore, including vitamins, medicine like antibiotic for my U.T.I? Should it be xeroxed or original copy? Thanks Ms for helping everyone. Thanks again

    1. Hi Rubielyn, include the ORs with bigger amounts and those for prenatal care worth at least 1,500, as the benefit is only 1,500. Submit the originals. Xerox them for your own copy. Thanks for appreciating our efforts

  80. hi miss Nora. Isn’t it that in a lying in, delivery is free? How is PHILHEALTH used? and about prE-NATAL OR reciept, all are in carbon copy and now already unreadable and there are names on the receipt. thanks a lot for your response.

    1. Hi aliyah, delivery is not free in other lying-ins. If your lying-in is Philhealth-accredited and offers free services, that means the Philhealth coverage amount is enough for them, and you don’t need to pay anything. About receipts: Philhealth requires clear original prenatal ORs.
      If the lying-in is not Philhealth-accredited (you can’t use Philhealth if not accredited) and offer free services, that means they’re being funded by local government, or some charitable organizations.

  81. Hi! I would like to ask if my prenatal care cost more than Php 1,500.00, would I also receive the total amount in my expenses?

    1. Hi karen, the prenatal benefit is only 1,500. It will be sent to you by Philhealth.

  82. Hi. Ask ko lang po. Nagpapacheck up ako sa isang non-accredited hospital na mas malapit sa work ko pero manganganak ako sa isang government hospital na accredited ng philhealth at accedited din ang ob-gyne ko. Ung sa pre natal benefit, pwede ba ako magreimburse kahit sa non-accredited hospital ako nagpapacheck up? Or kung hindi man ung consultation payment ang ipasa ko, pwede na lang ba ung laboratories like ultrasound or receipts ng vitamins ang isubmit sa hospital kapag nanganak?

    1. Hi Michelle, yes, since you’re giving birth at a hospital, you can submit prenatal ORs worth at least 1,500 pesos.

  83. hi, gud p.m. can my husband file with Philhealth my prenatal care benefit? thanks

    1. Hi grace, prenatal care claim should have been filed together with the maternity claim

  84. hi i have filed for maternity benefits. can I still file for prenatal care? It’s only now I came to know of this. due date is feb 2nd week. thanks

    1. Hi irish, I’m puzzled you’ve filed, and yet your due is Feb. Yes, you can submit your prenatal ORs to where you filed your maternity documents so they can file with Philhealth the 2 claims together.

  85. Hi ms.nora. do i need to have another cf1 for my prenatal? just like ncp that need another cf1 under my baby’s name. Or just attach the ORs to maternity docs? Thanks in advance..

    1. Hi valerie, what I know is just attach ORs to your maternity benefit claim documents (claim form 1 under your name).

  86. Hi, I gave birth last december 2014. I paid the maternity clinic 5,800. 1300 for the pedia and 3500 for the clinic. I also paid the 15000 pesos for the doctors PF. How much can I avail for the refund and when will I get the refund? Thank you..

  87. Can I also have the refund for pre natal check up even if I don’t have the OR? When I have my pre natal care they don’t give me OR since I only have the pink card where my ob signed it monthly.

    1. Hi Kristine, Philhealth needs the prenatal care ORs.

  88. Hi po im jona. I registered with philhealth feb.20,2015. my husband decided that I become his dependent. He’s also a member. what should I say to philhealth office? tnx

    1. Hi jona, ask your husband to update his member data. He brings his ID, marriage certificate, and letter from you canceling your membership and requesting to be registered as your husband’s dependent and your ID.

  89. Hello Good afternoon. Nanganak kasi ang misis ko ng January 3 napaaga ung panganganak nya then ako na ung nag kumpleto ng mga requirements nya for maternity para sa philhealth and sabi nung lying in is 3-5months raw ung refund ng money but till now 6 months na ung baby ko wala parin.
    may way ba para malaman if approve na ung philhealth ng misis ko?

    1. Hi Dave, ibig sabihin hindi ibinawas ng lying-in yong Philhealth deduction o benefit sa bill ninyo? It should have been deducted. You will know that Philhealth has paid the lying-in when you receive a benefit payment notice from Philhealth. You can post your question at their Facebook page:

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