How Much Is My Philhealth Maternity Benefit?

Updated June 2, 2016

Question:   I am giving birth to my child next month.  How much would be the Philhealth deduction from my my hospital  bill?

Answer:   The amount of your Philhealth maternity benefit depends on whether you give birth by Normal Delivery or by Cesarean Section, and the type of facility where you will deliver your baby.

NORMAL DELIVERY at a Hospital:

5,000 pesos  = total benefit:

3,000 pesos   —  for hospital expenses

2,000  pesos  —  for the doctor


CESAREAN SECTION or CS at a Hospital:

19,000 pesos is the total benefit:

11,400  pesos   —  for hospital expenses

7,600  pesos    —  for doctors (professional fee)

Note:  CS should be performed at a hospital, not at a clinic

NORMAL DELIVERY at a Lying-in or Maternity Clinic:

6,500 pesos  = total benefit:

3,900 pesos   —  for clinic expenses

2,600  pesos  —  for midwife or doctor

REMEMBER that both the doctor/midwife and the hospital/clinic should be Philhealth-accredited.

If Normal Delivery, you can avail of Prenatal Care Benefit of 

Up to 1,500 pesos if you submit prenatal care ORs together with your Philhealth papers.

You can receive this later on in the form of a check from Philhealth, delivered by mail to your address. You need to give Official Receipts of prenatal care expenses together with your Philhealth papers to the hospital or clinic.

See this list of prenatal care expenses that are covered. If you’re able to submit ORs worth only 1,200 pesos, then you can refund only 1,200 pesos.

Submit your ORs together with your maternity benefit claim papers. The hospital or clinic will forward your prenatal ORs to Philhealth together with your maternity claim documents.

For lying-ins, they require that you had your prenatal check-ups with them.


Newborn Care Package for Baby Delivered through CS or Normal Delivery:

Up to 1,750 pesos

You can claim this separately from your maternity benefit. Submit another Claim Form 1 for this newborn care coverage. To sum up, submit 2 sheets of Claim Form 1 (one for your delivery and one for your baby).

The pediatrician should be Philhealth-accredited and the newborn care procedures should be done within a certain time period after birth, except for certain cases. You can avail of up to 1,750 worth of newborn care, depending on available newborn care procedures in the hospital or clinic and their costs.

List of Newborn Care Procedures

Am I Qualified for Philhealth Maternity Benefit? 

Philhealth Maternity Benefit Requirements for Individual Payors 

Are You Eligible for Philhealth Maternity Benefits? For Individual Payors

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  1. Hi marrion, did you give your documents to the lying-in? Are you sure the lying-in submitted your claim? You can ask the lying-in at which branch they submitted your claim. Sometimes though it takes more than 7 months.

  2. Dianne Talusig Gomas

    I resigned last mar 2013, and havent made any payments since, and is due to give birth on sept 2013. I lost my philhealth id a long time ago wch was still under my maiden name and i dont know how to proceed from here now that im interested in availing the philhealth maternity benefit. Pls help.

    1. Hi Dianne, if you pay for April to Aug 2013, can you accumulate 9 monthly payments within the 12-month prior period of Sep 2012 to Aug 2013 period? Combined ang payments while employed and as individual payor. If yes, then pay for Apr to Aug asap so you can avail. Bring your ID to the nearest Philhealth and fill up the member data registration form; check For Updating.

  3. hi, ask ko po if my marerefund pa ko, kc nanganak ako thru cs last dec.2012, wla ko bnayran sa hospital kc hinati dw ng social welfare at philhealth yung bill ko na umabot ng 12, 000, hospital bill lang iyon, pero yung mga ginamit ng hospital at mga gamot na need sa operation ako po ang provide na umabot po ng almost 12,000 dn, bago po aq nadischarge pinasa ko rin po yung mga receipts sa hospital, my marerefund pa po kaya ako? thanks po

    1. Hi yori, wait for your benefit payment notice (BPN) from Philhealth, and then return to the hospital and show the BPN and your statement of account. Keep copies for yourself. The coverage for CS is 19k (11400 for hospital costs and 7600 for PF).

  4. hello po manganganak po kc ako ngayong sept and gusto kolang po itanong kung ano and mga dadalhin ko sa hospital para po maavail ko yung philhealth benefits ko. like what kind of documents po.

    1. Hi christine, documents: updated MDR, your ID, contribution payment receipt, claim form 1 (signed by employer if employed), certification of premium payment (if employed)

      1. Hi Ann, request for 2 copies of claim form 1 (one for you and 1 for the baby)

  5. ask ko lang po kasi nanganak po ako last feb 2013 sa semi-private hospital via normal delivery.nkatangap po ako ng benifit notice nkalgay po dun is 5000 po.pero nung check ko ung receipt ko is 2500 lang ung nbwasan sa hospital.paano na po ung remaining na 2500. kasi d nman po nbwasan ung sa PF ko sa dr.marerefund pa po b un?

    1. Hi joyce, yes, you can ask the hospital for refund. Show your notice and hospital receipt (keep your own copy).

  6. hi im giving birth this sept. Just wanted to ask kung pareho din ba ang amount ng benefits na makukuha ng isang ofw compared to regular paying individual?
    Thanks for posting such article it is really of great help. Keep up! 🙂

    1. Hi Tina, yes, every member gets the same benefit amount for the same medical case kahit iba-ibang membership category. About benefit for 4th child, yes, the benefit is the same, except in cases when the first births occurred during the years when the maternity benefit was lower. Documents:

  7. Follow up po.same amount po ba ng benefits kapag 4th child na? and ano pong mga necessary docuMents ang dadalhin ko sa hospital when i give birth. my husband is an ofw. Thanks again more power:)

  8. Hi johanna, are you asking about the newborn care benefit? Up to 1750 pesos only; might be less if some procedures were not performed.

  9. Hi christopher, 19k is further allocated as 11400 for hospital costs and 7600 for PF. If you submit your papers before discharge, yes, these should be deducted from the bill. It also depends on the doctor and your prior communication. The 7600 might be additional to the PF that you’ve paid.

  10. Hi! I gave birth via cs last april and my doctors did not charge me PF at the time so the hospital only deducted 11k from our bill. I already paid my doctors in their private clinic and got a receipt. Can I still claim the 7600 for doctors fee from Philhealth? Thanks!

    1. Hi lulubelle, yes, wait for the benefit payment notice from Philhealth, and then ask your refund from the hospital. Bring your PF receipt. Keep your own copy.

  11. Hello! I am a voluntary member and I paid my philhealth dues for the months of October 2012-December 2013. I will give birth this month. Can I avail of the maternity benefits? Thanks!

    1. Hi Mary, sorry kulang ng 1 month, kasi ang Oct to May ay 8 months lang. Required is payment of 9 of the 12 months BEFORE month of delivery. Please ask others too. Take care

  12. hi..philhealth,
    i will be giving birth through a cs section in a goverment hospital..they told me that i will going to pay for the anesthesiologist because they will going to get outside hospital… can i reimburse the pf of the anesthesiologist,

    1. Hi joy, the coverage for CS is 19k (11400 is for hospital and 7600 is for PF). If 7600 is not enough for your OB and anesthesiologist, you pay the rest.

  13. hi
    tanong ko lang po magkno po maternity benifits pagnanganak ng NSD/ vacuum delivery. s hospital. thanks po

    1. Hi arni, nasa taas na po yong amount ng benefits. Tingnan mo yong sa Normal Delivery. 6500 kapag level 1 at clinic. 5k pag level 2 to 4 hospital. Ma-divide yong benefit for hospital and for doctor.

  14. Hi wanna ask if not accredited ng philhealth ung pagaanakan q wla na mkukuhang benefits…benefeciary po ako ng asawa q..

    1. Hi jonica, sorry wala. Requirement ng Philhealth na dapat Philhealth-accredited ang maternity facility. Please magtanong din sa iba para sure na sure.

  15. Ung company ng mister ko ngfile ng benefits nung nanganak ako nung oct. 2011 with all the requirements needed pero wlang feedback if what happen…useless n dn ba kc mtgal na since naifile?

    1. Hi jonica, nakafile ba within 60 days of your date of discharge? Accredited yong hospital? Yong address nio ba ngayon is the same as your address written in the claim? Antayin na lang kung merong darating na benefit payment notice.

  16. hi. im going to give birth by july or august 2013, but i am separated from the company since May 2013. will i still be able to take advantage of the maternity benifits? with the company i stayed from august 2012 to may 2013 po.

    1. Hi Era, yes, basta nabayaran ang 9 of the 12 months BEFORE month of delivery: BEFORE July (within July 2012 to June 2013) or BEFORE Aug (Aug 2012 to July 2013). Please check my counting. Get certificate of premium payment from your former employer, with OR nos.

  17. Okay thanks Nors. Got another question,. right now, im currently admitted at the hospital but already for discharge today. anyhow, we’re going home tomorrow pa kasi we don’t have the money on hand yet. we also haven’t settled my philhealth requirements yet like me5 and rf1 because former company is close on weekends. if we can have everything by tomorrow, will philhealth still process their part of contribution even if the bill is ready today? because we havent paid it yet.. will do it tomorrow.

  18. hi,
    pano ung n miscarriage abortion magkno po covered sa philhealth. Thank u po

  19. Manganganak po ako this sept. ….january p po hindi nababayaran ang philhealth ko!kung magbabayad po ako ng january to dec. macocover pa pu b ng philhealth ang ibang bills ko?

    1. Hi Belica, sorry payments BEFORE ang tinitingnan ng Philhealth. If your due is Sep, dapat meron kang 9 months na nabayaran sa mga months sa loob ng Sep 2012 to Aug 2013

  20. Hi,
    I sent an email before w questions abt my eligibility for the maternity benefit but i got abit confused abt the mos needed for contribution if employed vs voluntary. See i was employed from may 2006 until may 2012 then i was unemployed and didnt make any contributions til i got employed again last sept 2012 til mar 2013. Now i plan on making voluntary contributions from april til sept 2013. By doing so, will i be qualified for the maternity benefit? Pls help! Thanks

    1. Hi Dianne, when is your due? Count 12 months backwards from your month of delivery. Don’t count your month of delivery. If within those 12 months you have paid 9 months (either as employed or as voluntary), you’re eligible. Your deadline in paying Apr to June is June 29 or June 30 (if merong open na payment center), so pay asap.

  21. Hi mam..tanong ko lang po.nanganak po ako last june 02,2013 until now po hindi parin namin nakuha ang refund namin..kaya nung ngtanong kami sa office ng philhealth ang sabi nila hindi daw nirecieved ng bryg. hall namin tapos ang sabi din na punta na dw sa davao office ang refund.possible po ba yun?
    tapos ano naman din po ang mga requirement para makuha?almost 1year na po siya..makuha pa buh yun?

    1. Hi Mae, bakit involved ang barangay hall? May-ari ba ng maternity clinic ang barangay? Ang benefit payment notice from Philhealth ay dapat delivered via registered mail to your address. Then kung hindi kasama ang check sa notice, irefund sa clinic kung saan ka nanganak o nagbayad.

      1. menchie m.hernandez

        How many weeks before I receive my philhealth notification??

        1. Hi menchie, the delivery time for the benefit payment notice varies from 1 month to 5 months or more.

  22. Good day po!

    asked ko lang po yung misis ko ay manganganak this end of june or 1st wik of july sa bulacan provincial hospital, naka ready na po papers para sa philhealth. . hindi p po cguradoo kung CS or normal delivery. . .kung normal isasama ko yung resibo nang prenatal care expenses na ipapasa ko sa hospital . . makakatangap po ba ako ng statement coming from philhealth? san po ipapadala yun home address or hospital? at ganu po katagal? thanks po. . and god bless

    1. Hi gerwn, yes, your plan is correct. Your benefit payment notice (BPN) from Philhealth will be sent to your home address, and then ask for refund from the hospital if there’s a discrepancy in Philhealth deductions. Keep a copy of your BPN and receipts. Usually government hospitals ask you to buy meds outside so keep copies of your receipts.

  23. my maternity bah ang philhealth?or hospital bill lang yan philhealth?

    1. Hi liezl, merong coverage for maternity. Nasa post above yong benefits.

  24. Hi, I consulted on a government hospital and accordingly, “hindi daw macovered ng philhealth if CS delivery and gusto ko”..This is my 2nd baby, and per my private OB, CS dapat kasi risky..Please give me an advise, this coming July na kasi ang due ko..Thanks

    1. Hi Janamy, Philhealth’s rule kasi is icocover nila only if Indicated CS, meaning merong indications na kelangang CS decided by the ob-gyne at the time of delivery. It will depend on the doctor who will actually help you deliver, kasi siya naman ang magfi-fill-up ng claim form

  25. gud pm philheath

    ask ko lang po kung ma aavaile q ung maternity kahit n wla aq hulog ng december 2012 pero may hulog ako ng august 2012 hangang june 2013 at ang due date ko ay ngaun july 2013.. ndi kasi ako knaltasan ng company ko nung dec 2012 . then nag resign aq ng april kya nag individual paying ako bnyaran ko ang april to june 2013 ko…

    tnx confuse kasi ako kung anu dpat gwin.. kung sakali kylngan q p b hulugan ung dec 2012?

    1. Hi kaycee, yes, you are qualified, kasi you have paid 9 of the 12 months BEFORE July 2013. Kahit hindi paid ang Dec., meron kang 9 months paid, more than 9 months pa nga.

  26. Hi,

    I’m living in Dubai and would want to give birth in Manila by next year. I’m not voluntarily contributing since I left my job in the Philippines last 2010, does this mean that I cannot avail of the maternity benefit from PhilHealth? If yes, is there any chance that I can still avail on it? Like starting to pay now? Thanks in advance! 🙂

    1. Hi Lenie, yes, you can avail because you’re OFW. Pay as OFW, pay months in advance including your month of delivery; make sure the validity dates on your premium receipt covers the date of your delivery.

  27. True ba? Philhealth will not pay for your 2nd, 3rd, or 4th Caesarean procedure?

    1. tanong ko Lang pro manganganak pro asawa ko sa PGH magkano po any mababawas as bill niya ng philhealth.

      1. Hi patrick, 3k ang coverage for hospital at 2k for professional fee (PF). Ask your OB’s PF so you can prepare.

  28. gud day!
    ask ko lng po kung sa philhealth mismo irerelease yung maternity binifits ko o babawasin na po mismo sa hospital bills ko.employed po ako cmula nung may2009..,nakaeschedule po ako iCS sa oct20, 2013

    1. Hi Shine, if you submit your Philhealth documents to the hospital before discharge, the hospital should deduct your Philhealth coverage from your bill. This is better so you don’t have to wait for months for your refund.

  29. hello po,

    i’m a private employee,feb2013 lang po nag start contributions ko and giving birth this july,can i still avail the philhealth benefit?
    thanks much.


    1. Hi nympha, yes, you can avail because you’re employed. Payment of 3 of the 6 months BEFORE delivery lang ang kelangan pag employed.

  30. Good evening. Ill give birth this coming september. No problem naman on my contributions since im working in a public school. Second child ko na ito and my first is via CS din. Would I still consider myself eligible for that 19k na benefit? parang I heard rumors kasi na pang first time na CS lang ang kinocover ng philhealth. thanks for the info.

  31. i was confined here in dubai but im not a philhealth memberim benefeciary of my husband who was philhealth member can i. reimburse my
    bill in the. phil?

    thanks mavic

  32. Good day!
    Ask ko lang po employed po ako nung Feb 2012, ako po nagbabayad sa bangko ng sariling kong contribution with my comapany kaya alam kong updated ako sa contribution ko, pero tumawag ako sa philhealth hotline para iupdate ang contribution ko lumalabas sa record nila feb-nov 2012 lang ang may hulog ako ung dec 2012 until ngaung may 2013 wla pa daw bayad. help me naman im 3 months pregnant.

    1. Hi erlyn, basta meron kang bank receipts at collection list with your Philhealth no. and name na maipakita sa hospital, valid yan. Delayed ang remittance/posting ng bank ang payments. Pag employed naman, usually you just need your employer’s certification of payment of 3 premiums (for 3 of the 6 months BEFORE your month of delivery) plus MDR from Philhealth and your IDs. Pero merong hospital na hinahanap yong premium payment receipts.

  33. I gave birth last apr.6, 2013 tapos po nagfile kme sa PH for reimbrsment..ang binayaran po namin sa hospital was 24k sa OB 7k and sa pedia 4k total of 35k..kanina narecved namin ung cheque from PH 3k lang, i wonder kung bkt parang ang baba yata…tapos nakalagay po don ung sa doctor zero refund and ung sa hospital bill 3k lng…. Tama po ba ung computation nila? I gave birth sa chinese gen…hope u can help me..ty

    1. Hi tina, normal delivery ito? If yes, 3k lang talaga ang maternity benefit pag big hospital (5k actually ang total; 3k for hospital and 2k for doctor). Kung level 1 hospital, 6500 ang total; 3900 is for hospital. Meron dapat 2k Philhealth payment for the doctor. Puede kang pumunta sa Chinese Gen with your notice and hospital receipt and ask for refund of the 2k. Keep xerox copies.

  34. Hi Ms. Nors, my wife just had a CS delivery. Will the benefits be automatically deducted upon paying for the total hospital bills?

    1. Hi Jericho, yes, if you submit complete Philhealth documents before paying time, and if the hospital and doctor are Philhealth-accredited.

  35. Hi, pwede ko po ba maisama as dependent yung brother ko aged 31?

    1. Hi Jericho, sorry, no. Siblings can not be dependents.

  36. hello po! ask ko lang po, kasi naka package po ako sa isang private hospital na accredited ng philhealth, i asked the doctor if ma refund ko po ba pati ung sa mga laboratory fee ko? kasi medyo malaki laki po ung mga laboratories ko. and she said no. tapos meron po akong kaibigan na naka package din sa semi private na hospital and accredited ng philhealth, sabi daw po ng doctor nya na ma refund daw po ung mga laboratory fee nya, tanong ko lang po, na dedpend po ba un sa hospital tungkol sa laboratory fee na ma refund? tnx a lot and more power. -Marie-

    1. Hi marie, prenatal lab fees ba ang tinutukoy mo? Merong up to 1,500 benefit for prenatal care. Submit mo lang ang mga ORs (at least 1500 total) sa hospital together with claim forms para masama sa maternity claim.

  37. Hi,

    I will give birth this coming September and my OB and her clinic is not Philhealth accredited. I am working and i want to know if i can still use my Philhealth benefits though the clinic and my OB is not accredited?


    1. Hi inah, sorry you can’t avail there. It’s basic requirement that the clinic and the OB should be Philhealth accredited

  38. Hi Gero, the same na 19k ang coverage ng CS only at coverage ng CS with ligation. Yong sa myoma removal, hindi ko sure kung separate or kasama na sa 19k, although baka kasama na kasi the same operative session. Ask the doctor na lang

  39. hello po.. tnung ko lng po kung mahabol p po ung payment ko at ma avail ko p ung benifits kung i update ko po this month ung payment.. ang nangyri po kc gang february lng po ung nhulog ng employer ko dhil resign po ako.. july to february po.. kung hulugan ko po b ulit ngaun month at nxt month po delivery,. mgmit ko p po b benifits??,,tnx

  40. gud pm ask lng po s maternity benifits po b kasama po b un lIgation pang 4 n po tong PANGANGANAK KO..

  41. Hi Philhealth, Good Day!
    I’m Married June 1, 2013 and my due is on 1st week of October, until now hindi pa kami nakakapag change status ng husband ko, dahil pareho kaming may work. I can avail philhealth benefits if ang record ko sa monthly check-up ko sa lying and receipts sa laboratories is my husband surname na? but i want use my philhealth under my maiden name, since my philhealth naman ako at hindi pa kami nakakapagchange status. Thanks! waiting for the reply…

    1. Hi Liezl, about using your own Philhealth and maiden name for maternity, yes, that’s possible. But about using receipts under your married name for the prenatal benefit, sorry I’m not sure. These should be under the same name because they’re filed together. Please ask others too

  42. Hello…, ask ko lng po manganganak po me sa november or december, pag binayaran ko po ba from january 2013 to december 2013 magagamit ko po ba ang philhealth for my deluvery, tenks po

  43. Hi Philhealth, Good Day!
    I got Married June 1, 2013 and my due is on 1st week of October, until now hindi pa kami nakakapag change status ng husband ko, dahil pareho kaming may work. I can avail philhealth benefits if ang record ko sa monthly check-up ko sa lying-in and receipts sa laboratories is my husband surname na? but i want use my philhealth under my maiden name, since my philhealth naman ako at hindi pa kami nakakapagchange status. Thanks! waiting for the reply…

  44. Hello Philhealth,

    Im giving birth by September 5..I am employed and I will be delivering in a private hospital. How can I file for the refund of prenatal services in this case where the hospital will deduct philhealth claims in my hospital bill?


    1. Hi Cindy, submit your prenatal receipts together with your claim form 1. The hospital will include your prenatal claim in the maternity claim. You will receive the prenatal check via registered mail.

  45. Hi gud pm po. I have a lot of concerns. I will giving birth this 3rd week of August in CS because my 1st son is in Abnormal Presentation (BREECH POSITION)and my OB advise me to prepare 50k for the expenses. Last contribution ko po was April 2012 from my previous company. I’ve been worked there for 3years. Dun na po nag-stop ung contribution ko. What if hulugan ko po isang bagsakan ung mga walang monthly contribution ko po, pwede po ba yon?!

    Ung sa husband ko naman po last January 2013 po ang last contribution nya dito sa Pinas. Pero nasa abroad na po sya last March 2013. Problem po namin, hindi po namin naasikaso ung pagtransfer ng name ko as his beneficiary dahil sa bilis ng process nya going to abroad. May possibilities pa po ba na magamit ko po ung Philhealth ng asawa ko kahit aq nlang po ang mag asikaso for transfering as his beneficiary kahit wala po sya dito sa Pinas? ano po ba dapat ko gawin at ung mga requirements po? We already married last feb.2013. Need ko lang po talaga dahil sa laki ng gagastusin ko po sa panganganak ko. Not enough pa po kc salary nya dahil bago plang po sya dun and tight po ang budget namen. So please, can you help me?! 🙁 gusto ko po sana ibigay Philhealth number namin mag-asawa, pero pag nag PM nalang po kayo sa email add ko. I hope there is other way pra magamit ko po Philhealth namen ng asawa ko. Please help me. I will wait for your response. THANKS!!! ^_^

    1. HI jewmives, yes, you can use your husband’s Philhealth. And you can process it as his wife. Ask your husband to send a copy of his OEC receipt (Philhealth payment is included there), authorization letter authorizing you to process changes in his registration data and copy of his ID or passport. Puedeng scan niya and attach to email. Write also a letter to Philhealth asking Philhealth to cancel your membership because you’re already unemployed since April 2012 and to register you as dependent of your husband. Go to the nearest Philhealth with your ID and these docs and fill up registration form (check FOR UPDATING) and get your updated MDR.

  46. Hi there, im planning to give birth in a Lying-in clinic, sadly, they are not Philhealth accredited. Will it be possible to get a refund? I stopped working since march 2013 and that was my last contribution. Thank you 🙂

  47. hello po…nagstart lng aq mgmember this jan2013…. paid n po aq jan-dec 2013…. now d issue is im giving birth this coming nov.2013? am i qualified to d benefits?
    if im qualified hirs another question…
    # i want to give birth to a goverment hospital but with a private muchd deduction

    1. Hi jen, yes, you’re qualified. The coverage is 5k (3k for hospital and 2k for doctor). Usually they will ask you to buy some meds outside; you might be able to refund these after you get your Philhealth benefit notice. About doctor, you’re going to pay what she asked you to pay; usually they don’t refund the 2k — dagdag na yon sa bayad sa kanila. Depende sa private doctor. Based ang sagot ko sa mga sinasabi ng mga nagco-comment dito.

  48. Hi Joy, sorry hindi ganon. Usually pa, yong 7600 na allotted sa PF, hindi na ibinabalik ng doctor, kanila na rin, parang dagdag sa kita nila. So depende sa pag-uusap with the doctor. Usually rin, the more expensive the room, tataasan din ng doctor at anesthesiologist ang PF nila, pati na yong pediatrician for your baby. take care

  49. Thanks again ms. Nors. God Bless!

  50. Good day. ask ko lang po kung cover ng philhealth ang tahbiso? My ob gyne will surgically remove my ovaries and uterus next week…na dnc po ako last week.. Nagamit ko na po philhealth ko.magagamit ko po ba ulit ang philhealth ko sa tahbiso operation ko due next week? Thank you po…Godbless

    1. Hi mommypen, I think so, magagamit mo, kasi dnc and hysterectomy are treatments for different conditions. Please ask your doctor/hospital too.

  51. Hi Mam,
    Authenticated marriage cert. po ba ang need???
    How long po kaya magpa-aunthecate??di pa me nakakapunta sa NSO.,
    Thanks po

  52. Hi! Good Day! I will be giving birth this December. My OB advised that I should rest until I gave birth. I am currently employed but I took my leave without pay which started last June and will end up on December. I want to still pay my contributions in Philhealth because I wanted to avail my benefit but it says that I should have atleast 3 months contribution. What will I do so that I can still avail my benefit though Im on leave without pay? what are the needed documents for me to still pay monthly until December? Thank you!

    1. Hi caijulian, you pay 150 per month for June July August as Individual Payor so you will have 9 months paid of the 12 months BEFORE December. But you can also pay Sep to Nov to be sure. Get a proof of your leave just in case Philhealth asks for it when you get your MDR. Keep your contribution receipts.

      1. Thank you Ms. Nors! What type of proof do I need? I asked my employer for a certificate, and they told me that it will be hard for them to change back again my status. They also told me to write a letter requesting for a certificate that Im really on leave without pay, but it will be for waiting for approval. Can I use my Certificate of contribution instead as a proof?

        1. Hi caijulian, yes, your certificate of payment of Philhealth contributions plus your own premium payment receipt (at least 9 months in total; 9 of the 12 months BEFORE month of delivery) plus your MDR from Philhealth and your ID should be enough for the hospital. And yes, puede na siguro yong cert of contribution sa Philhealth, just in case lang naman.

          1. Ok Ms. Nors, Thank you so much! I’ll request for my Cert of Contribution na. But Ms. Nors, Philhealth will accept my payment right as an Individual Payee eventhough I’m still employed.. My cert. of Contribution will be my proof that I’m on leave without pay.

          2. Hi caijulian, I hope so. I’m not sure if they’re strictly implementing this: No. 5:
   I think they don’t want employed members to be paying only 200 pesos when they should be paying more because they’re earning more.

          3. ok Ms.Nors.. thank you.. I’ll try to go to a nearest Philhealth branch within this this week. I already got my Cert. of contribution. My employer told me that they are not issuing cert that I’m on leave without pay. so i hope that it’ll work for the cert. of contribution. Thank you again.

          4. Hi caijulian, thanks for coming back to write something. I hope when you have time, you comment again about your paperwork so I collect more experiential data for my responses. thanks too!

      2. Hi Ms. Nors, we went yesterday to Philhealth. They accepted my Cert. of Contribution. I just paid 600php for the months June-Sept. (150php / month, your right). They just change my status from employed to Individual Payee. They told me what do I need to submit to the hospital. And once I come back to work, it will jsut auto-update from Individual Payee to employed. Thank you so much again.

  53. Hi maam,ask ko lang po kung ma avail ko pa po ba yong philhealth benefits ko kahit na nakahinto na po ako sa work ko last june 2013 ang last na hulog ng employer ko,covered pa po bayon sa philhealth ko?

    1. Hi Carene, you pay as Individual Payor for the months na hindi mabayaran ng employer. Philhealth eligibility for maternity

  54. Good pm. I just want to ask, i deactivated my philhealth account last month, to add myself to the dependents of my husband. I will be giving birth this october. Can I claim my philhealth already by the time of my delivery? Thank you

    1. Hi Rhina, yes, as long as your husband is updated with his Philhealth payments. Check if you’re already registered as dependent in your husband’s MDR.

  55. Hi lally, get from your company a certificate of premium payments for Dec 2012 to Aug 2013 with OR nos. (9 months), pero gawin mo nang Sep 2012 to Aug 2013 para sure. You will file as voluntary — required ang 9 monthly contributions within the past 12 months. Ask also a copy of RF1 and receipts. Meron kasing hospital na hindi satisfied sa certification ng employer lang. When you get your MDR, ask Philhealth if you need to pay Sep so you can file as Voluntary. Bring your certificate of retrenchment.

  56. Hi, just want to ask, would i get the same amount whether i file my maternity benefits at the hospital (before or during delivery) and after delivery (within 60 days)? fixed amount for CS regardless when it was filed and if filed after delivery can i authorize someone to process the papers for me? thanks!

    1. Hi MJ, I’m not sure but you might be able to get the full amount if you file after delivery, and file directly at Philhealth with complete papers including bill, ORs and waivers from both hospital and doctors. You might also get the full amount if you file before discharge. There are times though, based on comments here, that the PF coverage is not refunded. But please ask others too.

  57. Hi Mam,sa North Caloocan po kami nakalocate kaya NSO east ave. kami pumupunta pag mag file sa NSO. Pwede po ba un pumunta pa kami mandaluyong??
    And Mam another concern, my end of contract is on Sept2013 and may expected delivery last week of sept. or 1st week of october.,and natawagan ko na po ang agency/employer ko na mahulugan nila ng sept. ang philhealth and sss ko. Need ko pa din ba mam magfile ng voluntary and maghulog for the month of October until Dec.??? before ako my delivery para lang maavail ko ang philhealth benefits ko?? Thanks & God Bless.,

  58. Hi, will you get the same amount for CS regardless if you file the maternity benefits at the hospital (on or before delivery) or just reimburse it after? can i authorize someone to process the papers just in case i’ll be having a hard time moving due to the operation? thanks!

    1. Hi MJ, yes, you can authorize another person to file your claim for you.

  59. hi mam, eto po philhealth number ng tatay q 07-0252636275 , Fernando Santos Jr ang name. nanganak po yung sis q last may 17 2013, dahil 19 years old plng po sya ay finile po ng midwiyfe ang maternity benefits sa name ng ttay ko, byad n po yung midwife n\bago p nya ifile angg maternity benefits na inaasahan namen n dumating n po sana, kaso finile po ng midwife nung july 12 2013 ang maternity sa philhealth.. dpo ba 16 days lang upon filing marreimburse n po ang cheke?.. sabe dw po kase ng mdwife wla p dw po sya OR na maiisubmit s philhealth kung kyat di p dw nkukuha yung cheke. h gusto ko po sana ipasuyo ipacheck s inyo if naprocess n po yung maternity at kung my narelease n po n cheke. slamat. mukha po kaseng manloloko yung midwife n yun

  60. Hi gud eve,nanganak ako last july 31,2013.package kmi sa private hospital tpos pag august 3 dines charge ako s 11,000 tpos 3,000 ang deduction sa philhealth.pero yung baby ko naiwan pa sa nursery kasi may komplikasyon at may mga ang bill ng baby ay umabot ng 20,000.magkano kya ang deduction sa philhealth?slamat ng marami.rply asap

  61. I give birth in Cebu City Medical Center last March 19, 2013. The hospital deducted me 5000 from my total hospital bill. I read that the maternity package for normal delivery is 8,000 so it means i still have 3000 to claim. Can I get this claim if I go back to the hospital and pass my all my expenses before confinement and the medicines I bought outside the hospital?

    1. Hi Shena, if it’s in a hospital, the coverage is 5k. In a lying-in, it’s 6500. There’s additional 1500 for prenatal expenses, but your prenatal care ORs worth at least 1500 should have been submitted to Philhealth together with the maternity claim.

  62. Hi jenna, yes you can avail as dependent of your husband as long as yo can present your marriage certificate before delivery. Has he paid Jan to June 2013? July to Feb 2014 is only 8 months. Check this:

  63. Hi ill just ask if im still entilted to the maternity benefit if i resigned from work last january 2013 and was not able to pay for my monthly contributions after that..

    1. Hi Cheers, you will file as Voluntary. Dapat paid ang 9 of the 12 months BEFORE month of delivery.

  64. Hi maam,,,ask ko lang po anu po ba ang kailangan kung gawin or mga requirements para mahulugan ko ung mga months na hindi ko nahulogan dahil sa nag stop na po ako ng work,,,may kailangan pa po ba akong kunin na requirements sa dating employer ko para makahulog aq ng monthly sa philhealth q ng sarili,

    1. Hi Car, you can pay immediately as Individual Payor. Payment deadline is the last day of the month or the quarter being paid for. Example: this August, ang puede mong bayaran is July Aug Sep, and months forward. Pero hindi na yong mga nakaraan.

  65. Hi! Im an expectant mother too, I just called Philhealth Customer Service hotline and asked them to explain the contributions I need to make to avail for the maternity benefits, The Reps told me na for a VOLUNTARY contributor, u need atleast 9mos contributions prior to ur due date and EMPLOYEE contributor, 3 mos contributions is only needed prior to ur date of delivery… so un 9mos is applicable lng for voluntary, i asked the Reps bat mas maikli un sa employed, she said standard policy daw un ng Philhealth and maybe dhl mas mlaki rn ang contribution kpag employed ka…

    For Normal Delivery – 6,500 – 8,000 benefits
    New born screening – 1,750 (should have two separate sets of documents needed to avail them)

    CS – 19,000 fixed

    Thanks, hope it helps… 🙂

    1. Hi Jara, thank you very much for sharing info. It’s great that you were able to call Philhealth and that someone replied to you and answered in a friendly/saisfying manner, in contrast to the complaints by others commenting here. Have another great day!

  66. Hi! Im an expectant mothers too, I just called Philhealt Customer Service hotline and asked them to explain the contributions I need to make to avail for the maternity benefit, The Reps told me na for a VOLUNTARY contributor, u need atleast 9mos contributions prior to ur due date and EMPLOYEE contributor, 3 mos contributions is only needed prior to ur date of delivery… so un 9mos is applicable lng for voluntary, i asked the Reps bat mas maikli un sa employed, she said standard policy daw un ng Philhealth and maybe dhl mas mlaki rn ang contribution kpag employed ka…

    For Normal Delivery – 6,500 – 8,000 benefits
    New born screening – 1,750 (should have two separate sets of documents needed to avail them)

    CS – 19,000 fixed

    Thanks, hope it helps… 🙂

  67. Hi ask ko lng.. I resigned from work lng january ive been with them for 1.5yrs.. After resigning i was not able to pay for my monthly contributions, i will give birth on oct 23, will i still be able to get the maternity benefit? Thanks..

    1. Hi Cheers, count 12 months backward from Oct. Don’t count Oct. Meron ka bang nabayaran diyan na 9 months kahit merong gaps? Get cert of premium payments from your former employer; some hospitals require it.

  68. Hi maam,nag stop ng hulog ang philhealth ko last june 2013 and manganganak po ako dis coming dec….kailangan ko po ba buuin yung hulog ko Mula june till dec? Magkanu po ba ang hulog ko?

  69. Hi katya, when you paid, was OFW your status? If your Philhealth status is OFW, you will be covered because your date of delivery is within your validity dates on your receipt. If you’re not sure, call Philhealth 441-7442 or visit the nearest Philhealth and ask. If not OFW, update your member data so it will be changed to OFW. Show proof that you are OFW (passport with work visa, OEC or overseas job contract. Your MDR should state that your status is OFW.

  70. Hi alexis, if you mean 12 months immediately BEFORE your month of delivery, yes, you’re covered.

  71. Hi Ms. Nors,
    Good Day!

    I have another concern, nagpapacheck-up po me sa isang Lying-in or Maternity clinic… and ang nakapost po in this blog for the budget sa normal delivery is 6,500.. pero nag inquire me dun sa clinic 3,000 lang po ang deduction nila pag may philhealth… private lying-in daw po kasi sila.. Possible po ba un??eh hindi naman po malaki ang clinic nila compare sa mga nakikita ko na private maternity clinic??? and ang painless po ba coverage ng normal delivery??? Pls…. thanks

    1. Hi Liezl, yes, normal delivery ang coverage ng painless. Ask them kung puedeng isama nila ang prenatal ORs mo worth at least 1500 para marefund mo later on from Philhealth yong 1500. Hindi ko alam kung bakit ganyan ang policy nila. Pareho lang naman ang private o public na lying-in na 6500 ang coverage for normal delivery. Kung affordable naman ang cashout mo diyan, at comparable sa ibang lying-in (halimbawa total bill nila minus 6500), puede na rin siguro dahil diyan ka na nagpapachekup.

  72. Hi joannamarie, pareho ang mga benefits kahit anong category ng member. Yong sa 19k, ang 11,400 ay for hospital and 7,600 is for doctors. Kung wala kang babayaran sa hospital at sa doctors, dahil covered na lahat ng Philhealth, kahit less than 19k ang total cost ay wala ka nang mare-refund, kasi wala kang binayaran.

  73. Hi mkc, sori late na for this delivery. Pag individual payor, dapat nabayaran ang 9 of the 12 months BEFORE month of delivery. Puede mong bayaran ang July and August, pero 2 months lang ito, hindi mahabol.

  74. Hi Mam, question po… My Due date is October 2013, I am employed Oct2012-July 2013 and resigned Aug2013..
    1.magagamit ko po ba ang Philhealth ko?
    2.Do I need to pay Aug2013-Oct 2013 contribution po?..
    3. since resigned na po ako sa work… automatic deduct po ba un sa hospital bill or reimbursement?

    Maraming maraming salamat po.

    1. Hi Ayie, if you submit Philhealth papers while you’re confined, your coverage will be deducted. Present cert of premium payments from your employer. Meron ka nang 10 months, so eligible ka na. Please check my counting.

  75. Thanks Ms. Nors, naghihinayang lang po kasi ako if 3k lang ang deduction nila pag philhealth member, wala pa sa kalahati ng 6,500.
    initial po kasi nila sa painless is 6,000-up depende sa gamot na magagamit ko then iless nila ung 3k if may philhealth nga daw ako.
    Thanks Again Ms. Nors
    God Bless!

    1. Hi Liezl, tama ka na sayang naman yong 3500, malaki rin yon. I don’t know bakit ganon ang policy nila. Puede naman nilang sabihing 9500 ang singil nila, then minus Philhealth na 6500, at 3k pa rin ang babayaran mo, para hindi na magtaka ang patient. Pero siguro iniisip nila, puede nilang sabihing 6k lang ang painless nila, para mag-apir na mura lang sa kanila, pero in reality, 9500 ang makukuha nila later on (3k from you and 6500 from Philhealth). Ang reality kasi dito Liezl is the lying-in can dictate their price. Mali yong application nila ng Philhealth — but I’m not sure if it’s worth the effort now na ireklamo ito sa Philhealth, lalo na at doon ka na nagpapachekup. Pero of course depende pa rin sa iyo. Take care and God bless din

  76. Hi Mam Nors, ask ko lang po..kung pano kame makakatipid sa aming hospital bills, sabi kasi ng doctor namin kailanga naming maghanda ng at least 53k for cs operation… tanong ko lang po kung makakatipid po ba kami kung sa labas ng hospital kame bibili ng mga gamot at hindi kukuha sa pharmacy ng hospital mismo. 19K pa rin ba ang makukuha kong maternity benefit? sabi kasi ng friend ko..mas makakamura kame kung sa labas binibili ang mga gamot kasi malaki daw ang patong ng pharmacy ng hospital. thanks in advance po…

    1. Hi elena, assuming na private hospital ito — I’m not sure kung papayag ang hospital na bibili kayo sa labas. Tanungin nio na lang. 19k is further allocated as 7600 for PF and 11400 for hospital. Ask your doctor kung magkano ang ihanda nio if with Philhealth, at kung yong 19k from Philhealth ay ibabawas agad sa 53k.

  77. Hello uli Mam Nors, private hospital po ito…yung 53k na pinahanda minus na po ang philhealth dun…ang PF po kasi ng doctor, anaesthesiologist, at pedia…aabut siguro ng 35 to 38K, usually binibigay ito separate sa hospital bills and other bills mga 15k…kaya naisip ko po kung baka mas makamura kame kung sa labas kame bibili ng mga gamot…baka mababawasan yung hospital bills namin… thanks po Mam Nors…

  78. Yes Ms. Nors., ganun na nga nasa akin pa din ang last decision.,buti mam kung 3k lang ang magiging cashout ko., kaso nainform na ako na 4k+ na lang daw babayaran ko pag may philhealth ako., mabigat pa din po kasi sa akin ang halaga na un.. sa 1st baby ko ang naging last bill ko lang po 1500., sa QCGen.
    Thank you so much Ms. Nors, I appreciated sobra ang BLoG nyo. Thanks & God Bless!

  79. Hi Rona, yes, your MDR should be updated. You can ask your employer a copy of ORs of their payments to accompany their certificate of premium payments with OR nos. Some hospitals like to see the ORs.

  80. Hi kathhh, sorry, the requirement is 9 months of payment. March to Sep is only 7 months.

  81. Hi Ma’am!

    I will be giving birth for my 2nd baby this coming oct. 8 2013 via cs delivery since my 1st baby was delivered via cs too (sept. 20 2011). I would just want to know if philhealth will still cover my maternity package? I am updated in paying my contributions ( voluntary).
    And also Ive got married last august 28 2013, do i have to change my status na? Which is better, use my own philhealth account or deactivate my account and be a dependent of my husband?

    1. Hi Aileen, yes, you are eligible for Philhealth since you’re updated in payments. About CS, basta Indicated CS or right code ang isulat ng doctor mo sa claim form mo, maco-cover ka. Have you paid Philhealth up to this month? If yes, what Philhealth usually advises is you use your own, kasi member ka pa rin this month. Mag-cancel membership ka na lang next month, and then have your husband register you as his dependent para hindi ka na magbayad ng premiums.
      For this confinement, if you like, you can change your status with Philhealth. If the hospital asks for the discrepancy in name in your Philhealth receipt and claim form, present your marriage certificate.

  82. Hi ms. Nors!

    Would i still be able to have my philhealth maternity package even if i will be giving birth via cs delivery for the 2nd time? I gave birth last sept 20 2011 via cs po and will give birth on oct 8 2013 cs ulit. I am updated in paying my contributions.

    Please help!
    Thanksomuch and God bless!! 🙂

  83. Hi Ms. Nors!

    I will be giving birth on oct 8 2013 via cs delivery. I am updated in paying my contributions, the question is am i still covered by philhealth’s maternity package even if it’s my 2nd time to give birth via cs? I gave birth to my 1st baby last sept. 20 2011.

    Please help..

    1. Hi Len, yes, eligible ka pa rin, kahit CS uli, basta Indicated CS, meaning it’s your OB that decides CS.

  84. Gud am po. Manga2nak po aqo sa Dec. 15, 2013 in a private hospital which is a philhealth accredited hOsptal. Want qo po sana sa private rooms and gamitin Philhealth ng Asawa qo. Pwd qo po b ma avail ang maternity benefits?

    1. Hi Joana, yes, basta yong validity dates ng OEC ng husband mo covers your date of delivery. Pag hospital, 3k ang coverage for hospital expense and 2k for OB; you pay the balance. Usually, 3k lang ang dinededuct.

  85. Hi,

    I will give birth this Sept 20 via CS Delivery in a govt hospital wherein they require patients to buy their own meds. Just want to check the benefits that i can get. most of the govt hospt does not charge doctor’s fee so minimal lang ang payment sa hosp.

    Will i get reimbursement sa mga meds na bibilhin ko for my CS delivery? if yes, how will i process it? thanks!

  86. Hi Airish, if you give birth this Sep, sori pero kulang ka ng 1 month. Ask others too

  87. Good am sir/maam,

    My wife gave birth (ceasarean with ligation) September 4, 2013 in a public ospital with aprivate doctor and private room. Undortunately I failed to assist and comfort my wife during her discharge (September 8, 2013) at the hospital (her sister – 18 yrs age- is only her companion at the hospital). She has a sponsored philhealth according to philhealth officer at Cabanatuan City. Also, according to my wife the total bill that she saw was Php 6,537 for the hospital and Php 500 for pedia. When her sister went to the cashier she paid an additional of Php 16,500 (16,000 for the doctor and 500 for the hospital) and the cashier DID NOT ISSUE AN OFFICIAL RECIEPT (they just wrote it down at the back of a delivery receipt of a certain hardware store). The cashier told to wife sister that we can get the doctor’s OR at the doctor’s clinic. After a few days of recovery, my wife went at the clinic to get the OR but the secreatry says that the doctor will be the one to send it in philhealth office. I also then texted the doctor why we cannot have a copy of the OR for the amount that we have paid. The doctor said we can go again to her clinic to explain why we cannot have our OR. Is that legal? what action should we do? Where can we seek assistance for cases like this? I am seeking your heartfelt assistance. Can I say the name the name of the doctor and the name of the hospital here? Anybody here who has the cases as ours? Please help. I only borrowed that money. My wife don’t have job. The baby is our fourth child and the first ceasarean delivery. Our baby didnt also underwent into a new born screening because the hospital personnel told my wife that it is out of stock (we don’t know what does that mean. As of this date (September 17,2013) we don’t have that OR and new born screening (have to borrow again money for this). I kneeling down on you people…. pls let us know what to do…

    1. Hi Arnel, you’re right, unfortunately, based on other people’s experiences shared on our blogs, private doctors treating patients at government hospitals in private rooms (paying patients) ask these patients to pay them directly without any OR. You can go and talk to the doctor and explain to her that you need the OR and you need to file with Philhealth so you can pay the money you borrowed. Ask her also to sign the claim forms. The 19k coverage for CS is further allocated as 11400 for hospital and 7600 for doctor, so what you can refund from PF is only 7600.

  88. hellow maam nors,isa po ako ofw dito saudi but before meron n ako cotribution s philhealth as self employed until now ngcontribute prin ako khit bayad n rin aq as ofw.this coming feb 2014 my wife is getting birth.ask q lng po kng alin ang mganda gamitin ung self-employed o ofw?kelangan n po bng mgstop n ako ng contibution s self employed dhil meron n nga ako as ofw?ung id ko po s philhealth as self-employed nandon ky misis at rin po ang ngbabayad don kelangan prin po ba ung authorization letter ko and other documents pra ma avail ny ung maternity benefit?thanks po maam nors and more power..

  89. tanong ko lang po,ngayon pa lang po ksi kukuha ung asawa ko ng philhealth at manganganak ako on feb 2014 kung magbabayad po ba kmi ng January 2013-december 2013 magagamit pa nmin ang philhealth thank you po.

  90. Hi elson, dapat yong notice matanggap nio via registered mail at the address you wrote in your claim form. But since you haven’t received anything, call or visit Philhealth na lang.

  91. Hi Joan, iba-iba ang PF, depende sa ob and hospital. Dapat kausapin mo beforehand ang OB about her PF and hospital costs so you can prepare. Based on people’s comments here, malayong mahal ang PF for CS sa private hospital, compared sa government hospital.

  92. Hi Lester, will she be employed until Dec or Jan? Yes, she’ll be eligible because payment of Philhealth premium for 3 of the 6 months before month of delivery is what’s required for employees.

  93. Hi jhane, ikaw naman ang Philhealth member, so eligible ka sa maternity coverage, kahit maging iba ang surname ng baby. Kapag public hospital kasi, merong paying patient at merong charity. So kalimitan ang nangyayari, kapag paying patient, depende na ang PF sa quote ng ob. So kausapin ang doctor kung paano ba kapag gagamitin ang Philhealth.

  94. Hi neth, pag hindi accredited, hindi ka covered ng Philhealth. Maraming private hospitals na Philhealth-accredited, tanungin mo lang, or merong nakasabit na Philhealth sa entrance or front desk nila. Pag normal delivery sa hospital, 5k ang coverage; pag lying-in, 6500. Pero ask them beforehand, kasi yong iba hindi nirerefund yong PF portion ng coverage.

  95. Hi Oscar, yes, puedeng siya ang mag-file basta kunin niya lahat ang claim forms, OR, billing, waiver from the clinic. Then idagdag niya ang MDR and copy of premium payment receipt. File within 60 days after discharge.

  96. Hi may, individual payor ka ba? Sorry dapat nabayaran mo ang 9 months of 2012. Kulang.

  97. Hello, great post here and a lot of interesting comments on this topic. First at all i am a foreigner and liked to travel through the philippines for the last 8 years and was living there the last 2 years complete. I am still young and need to work for my income so pls dont think i am the rich guy.
    After i went home we realised that my Girlfriend was pregnant, we expected it already but we wasnt shure while i am in the philippines.

    So 6 months after i went home she gave birth to our lovely son Dean with a weight of 3700 gramms. She needed a c-section because the Doc said the baby is big. So he told my partner that the c-section will cost round about 25-30k.

    Now we get the bill and its a total of round about 55 k. The doc want from us for hisself and the anestisist and the Doc assistant 28k
    and 7k Philhealth round about 35 k.

    The Hospital charges another16-20k.

    The doctor was a “private” Doc as far as i understood from Siliman and the Hospital is the Provincial in Dumaguete.

    Are these fees regular???? Or is it the typical overpricing???

    Is it not weird that a doc can charge 20k or more for a simple c-section??? Jesus the Philippines are a poor country what can a Philippino do when he gets a bill like this?

    We have to pay for the doctors 28 k out of our own pocket. Sorry a couple of hours doctors work and he makes money like other people, itself with a good job, earn in a month (in the philippines). My opinion!!! Theres something terrible wrong. A doctor doing 20 c-sections a month and have a income of 400K??? He works maybe 20 times 5 hours thats all.

    Sorry here in Germany a doc doing c-section have a income round about 300 k and this is not 20 times the income of a regular worker here in Germany. He is doing also other things not only c-sections and his working hours are daily at least 9-12 hours.

    I always thought that doctors do their work for passion, to protect life and not to rip of the poor people. Sorry my experience in this case and 2 other cases (accident/friends) showing that the doctors in the philippines dont respect any human needs all they see is the Peso sign. Ok maybe not all but the cases i have seen, sorry thats unbelievable and no doktor in Germany would handle a Patient like this. There are fix prices for most operations negotiated by the Health insurances with the hospitals. The bigest amount of the budget for a operation goes normally to the hospital. So no doctor is free to charge what he wants.

    We will life soon here in Germany and i am really happy about our health system and i wish all Phillipine people that they find a way to force these “doctors” to help humans again for a fair fee which people who work can pay for. I know i should not bother because for me the 30 k are for shure not so hard than for a philippine family but this topic kept me busy thinking about the whole day. Best regards, Mark

    1. Hi Mark, thanks for commenting. Yes, it’s really sad that the public health care system in my country is not yet satisfactory. I said “yet” because I’m still hoping for something. If we Filipinos can find more persons and fewer crocodiles to vote for as leaders, then we can repair our health system. Your Philhealth deduction should have been 19k (11400 for hospital costs and 7600 for PF). It’s also sad that there are a lot of doctors who are greedy, and that they’re helped by the lack of specific laws on their professional fees. They can charge any amount, as long as the patient agrees. It’s also a reality that doctors sometimes consider the apparent financial capability of the patient when setting their PF — they saw you, a Westerner, and they assumed you’re capable of paying more, and sure enough, you were able to pay in cash. If you took a private room, that’s one indication you can pay a higher PF. Sad, but that’s what happens.
      In St Lukes and in other big hospitals here in Manila, they even charge 100k or more for a normal delivery…yes, normal. 200k or more for a CS is not rare. Don’t believe it? It’s like a brand. They’re paying for the brand — the hospital’s image and the doctor’s too.
      But for people who don’t really have the means, they can have a CS for just less than 500 pesos. They have prenatal checkups at the charity departments of public hospitals, and they give birth, either CS or normal, as charity cases. The thing here is the patient should have a flexible pride, willing to be reminded that she is a charity case; reminded by the attitude of some nurses, long waiting times, prenatal checkups very early in the morning, and getting thrown into a crowded ward after delivery.

      Sometimes, it also depends on geographical location. Up north, in my home province, I’m glad that the regional hospital and the local hospital there are okay. Here in Muntinlupa, there’s a maternity center who does normal deliveries for less than 100 pesos, as long as the prenatal checkups are done there.

      You can help us if you have time. A mail from Germany might get attention. You can write Philhealth, a senator or congressman, PNoy or Inquirer. You might want to focus on the ability of doctors to set their rates, or to not disclose all rates to be paid, or to increase their rates after the procedure is done. Another is the failure of hospitals to implement the correct Philhealth coverage amounts.

      Thanks again, Mark.

  98. Hi rhina, what medical procedure was done? If no PF portion was deducted from your bill before discharge, xerox this notice and your bill and receipt and then go to the hospital and ask for your refund.

  99. hi, just wanna ask, for employed in private company how many months to avail for a maternity benefits? tnx,

    1. Hi pops, for employed, 3 months lang; payment of 3 of the 6 months BEFORE month of delivery.

  100. Hi melody, ang marefund mo is yong amount lang na binayaran mo sa kanila.

  101. hi, manganganak po ako this nov. 2nd child ko tas cs po ako ulit, tanong ko lang po, may makukuha pa ba akong benefit if, sa goverment hospital ako manganganak na they dont charge kahit cs ako, papalitan ko lang po yung mga gagamitin sakin gamit, how much po makukuha ko?

    1. Hi diana, it would depend on the hospital and the doctor. Ang hospital nirerefund lang ang actual amount na binayaran mo sa kanila (up to 11,400), kahit 19k ang ibibigay ng Philhealth sa kanila (7600 is for PF; sometimes this is not being refunded by doctors, and they also get all their PF na sisingilin sa inyo). Magtanong-tanong ka na lang sa merong mga experiences diyan sa hospital na yan. Ask about the charity option or the paying patient with Philhealth option.

  102. Hi!ask ko lang kng panu malaman kng level 1 un hospital or level 2-4. Also want to know kng kelangan ko pa ba mag voluntary contribute.nagresign ako july 2013 and i have contibutions from aug 2010-july 2013.may delivery date will be dec 25 2013..kelangan ko pa po ba mag contibute?need ko pa po ba i updte un membership ko from employed to voluntary.thanks

    1. Hi Sachi, yes, you need to pay at least 1 month more. you can ask the hospital kung anong level nila, or you can write the name here and I’ll check if I have it in my list. Get cert of premium payments with OR nos. from your former employer or check if Philhealth can issue you cert of eligibility.

  103. Hi po gud day!question lang po slightly confused lang ako.nagresigned po ako sa work january 2013. ang due date ko po is march 2014. ang nabasa ko po sa website is need to pay 9 months to avail maternity package. and tumawag po ko sa philhealth callcenter to ask if im eligible ang sabi po sakin di na daw nagaapply ang 9 months contribution basta bayaran lang daw atleast 3 montha para maqualify. tama po ba yon?thank you Godbless!

    1. Hi katy, maganda kung ganon na mukhang applicable yong new rule na yon for all types of individual payors. Meron ngang press release na 3 months na lang ang required for the informal sector. Siguro ang unemployed kasali na sa informal sector. I’m just waiting for a circular that says “for all individual payors.” Anyway, just pay Dec to Feb.

  104. Hi I was a member of Philhealth since 2010 and I resigned in my previous work las February 2013 and being employed again last May 2013, I am 7 months preggy now and my EDC is on December, my question is can I still use my philhealth even its my 2nd baby thru CS, I gave birth to my first baby last July 2012,and as per my OB I will undergo again CS for my second baby because its very risky in my part to give birth via ND. Magkasunod na taon lng kasi.

    Second question if Im nor eligible already, if my husband will apply for Individual payor he will pay the whole year of 2013, can i used it on decemeber?

    Your prompt response is much higly appreciated.

    Thanks and more powers!

    1. Hi kathleen, yes, you can again use Philhealth for your CS, as long as your ob will write the code for Indicated CS (meaning siya ang nag-decide ng CS). Will you still be employed when you give birth? Meaning your claim form will be signed by your employer? If yes, then you’re qualified because Employed members need only 3 months of premium to qualify (3 of the 6 months before delivery month).
      Meron na ring news release from Philhealth that the 9-month requirement for the informal sector has been reduced to 3-month requirement.

  105. hi, my name is rita. I was not able to pay my 1st quarter contribution this year since i am an individually paying member. I resumed paying on the 2nd quarter. My question is will i still be able to avail of the maternity benefits since i will be giving birth thru c/s this november?
    thnks & more power!

    1. Hi rita, yes, if individual payor/informal sector is your classification. I cannot give a sure answer because I’m still waiting for the Philhealth circular to clarify their news release that the 9-month requirement for the informal sector has been reduced to 3-month requirement. Are all individual payors considered informal sector?

  106. Hi Angel, if the validity dates on her OEC/Philhealth receipt is from Dec 2012 to Dec 2013, she will be covered.

  107. Hi gemma, you have a point. And they should really increase the coverage. What I’ve read is that their reason is to encourage mothers to prefer lying-ins over hospitals. What they have not considered is that first-time mothers don’t know if they can deliver normally and easily, so they decide to go to hospitals in case there are complications. It’s good if you also write your comment at

  108. Hi mitch, are you presently unemployed? If yes, before requesting your MDR, update your registration with your ID at Philhealth and check “Informal Sector” in the form so you’ll qualify for the 3-month requirement which was previously 9-month requirement.

  109. hi philhealth..manganganak po this coming december 2013 via CS. 25k po ang singil saken ng dr. so it means na 6000 nlng po ba ang bbyaran ko sa hospital kung ileless ko po yung philhealth benefit na 19k?

    1. Hi Nars, ask your ob-gyne kung yong 25k ay complete package na yon, at kung magkano if you use Philhealth. 19k is allocated as 11400 for hospital and 7600 for PF; yong kulang sa PF at sa hospital, yon ang punuan mo. Merong mga OB na hindi na dinededuct yong 7600; instead dagdag pa sa kanilang PF — I hope hindi ganun ang OB mo.

  110. good day philhealth!thank you po s rply,yes po unemployed n po ako ngayon.I just dont get what you say about 3 month s requirement,you mean po ba dpat 9 months tlga yung hulog ko dapat.

    1. Hi mitch, yes, if you paid 9 months, then you’re eligible, but if not, then register as Informal Sector because Philhealth reduced its requirement for the informal sector to only 3 monthly payments. Visit Philhealth with your ID to get your MDR so you can make sure about your eligibility

  111. Hi good morning, i will give birth this coming dec2013, via cs-section, but before that i was confined last oct 2013 for premature labor, i used my philhealth for some deductions, will this affect the benefits that i will be getting for my maternity? Thank you..

  112. hi, ask lang po if qualified pa ko for this Philhealth maternity benefit, january-febuary 2014 ang kbwanan ko po, march 12,2012 umalis po aq ng bansa para mg work, before po ako umalis naghulog po ang agency namin s philhealth last febuary 9,2012 that is good for one year, ngayon nkauwi n po aq dito pinas, wala p din po akong nhulog s philhealth, simula nun, pwede ko pa din po ba mgamit ang philhealth ko? Thanks.

  113. Hello. Im 37weeks pregnant, and im going to deliver my first baby any moment from now on. bali, philhelath member ako. Nakapagbayad ako for 1year (jan 2013-dec 2013) i still can avail maternity benefits, though im still confuse because yung paanakan ko LYING IN CLINIC sya, ang package P5,500 (normal delivery,new born care, new born screening, take home meds, Bcg and Hepa B) so magkakasama sila sa package, eh sa nabasa ko 6500 ang benefits na makukuha ko from philhealth so i wonder kung bakit sa lying na paanakan ko need ko pa daw mag cash out ng 2000 pesos. Complete na rin po ako sa requirements na kailangan for philhealth. marerefund ko po ba yung icacash out ko? please reply. im really confuse. thank you!

  114. Hi! First of all I salute you for your prompt response.. May tanong din ako.. I’m due nextweek or bk mapaaga pa.. Ung lying-in clinic is Philhealth accreditted, but my OB was not accepting Philhealth daw.. I got confused… Does it mean hindi ko magagamit ang Philhealth benefits? If so, isn’t it unfair and a bit misleading for moms like us?

  115. Hi! Im giving birth next month and im paying my philhealth (voluntary) since 2012 until now. I just got married last June, im using my husband’s family name na but haven’t changed my philhealth status yet (still my maiden name). Can i still use my philhealth for maternity benefits? I already have my NSO marriage cert.

    1. Hi Michelle, yes, bring your marriage cert (orig and xerox) to prove discrepancy in name on premium receipt and name in hospital. But I think you still have time to update your Philhealth record, so your MDR would be already updated, and it would make claim filing easier.

  116. hi! what group level is san juan de dios hospital? can the pf of the pedia be cover by philhealth? at least how much? is the amount fix already for the deduction sa maternity?thanks

  117. Miszsuplada Kahit Sxaan

    hi po .
    nong october lang po ako naka kuha ng philhealth .
    pwedi na po ba ito magagamit sa pagpapanganak ko dis march ?

    1. Hi Miszsuplada, yes, if your category is Employed or Informal Sector. Pag informal sector, payment of 3 months immediately before delivery lang ang required.

  118. hi po . nong october lng po ako nakakuha ng philhealth . advance napo december !
    tanong ko lg po , pde na po ba ito magagamit sa pagpapanganak ko dis march ?

  119. Good day, ask ko lang po kasi po cs po ako at ang total bill ko po umabot ng 54,000 less philhealth na yan kasama na ang doctors fee. meron po ba akong ma cclaim pa benefits, bukod sa philhealth na kinaltas ninyo ?thank you and more power

  120. Hi po..Manganganak po ako by June 2014. My last Philhealth payment sa from January to July 2013 since I resigned from work on July 2013 so nastop ang Philhealth ko..I have new work and my employer will remit dis Dec 2013 po. Makaka avail po ba ako? Thank you

  121. Hi Im Janine im about to give birth this March or April 2014. however my employer has already given an announcement na mgiging floating employee kami on the 15th of Dec. Now am i still eligible for it? can i still file it thru my employer or personally na? and previous c-section nko am i still qualified? nag start ako ngcontribute may 2012 to present. kaso pano po yung dec -april 2014 payments ko? kc nga 3months floating status ako sa company ko due to financial problems ng company.

    1. Hi Jaja, yes, your CS can still be covered as long as it’s the decision of your OB that it should be CS. Pay Dec to April as Voluntary and keep your premium receipt. Keep your memo about your floating status because Philhealth might want to see why you’re paying as Voluntary. Depending on your status in March or April, you will file as Voluntary or Employed. Either way, you’ll qualify. If you file as Voluntary, present your Voluntary receipts plus certification of premium payments from your company (9 of the 12 months before month of delivery).

  122. Hi glai, kung complete ang Philhealth papers mo, dapat meron nang Philhealth deduction before discharge dahil yon ang process dapat, pero yong ibang lying-in, pinagdi-direct filing ang patients, or nagrerefund na lang after makuha nila ang check from Philhealth.

  123. gud pm mam.mam ask q lng po ang bill nmin s hospital ay 14500,kng ang cs ay 19k ang sagot ng philhealth ung sobra po b ay marerefund nmin?

  124. hi po ask ko po kc sponsor po ako nang lgu sa phillhealth at due date ko po ay sa dec.25…next month.sagot ba lahat nang lgu ang gastos if posible na normal delivery goverment hospital ako manga nganak pero ang OB ko eh private magkanu po ang maibabawas sa philhealth ko para sa PF.tnx po.

  125. Hi po, ask ko lng po i will be giving birth next month and i recently been separated from my company since oct.2013. ask ko lng po how will i go about using my philhealth benefits and what documents should i prepare if theres any. thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Yen, ask your employer a certificate of premium payments (9 months of payments). Request also your updated MDR. Bring your ID.

  126. Good day! Ask ko lang po, new member ako from july 2013. And preggy ako at nasa 2nd quarter pa ako nagbabayad ( july-december). When can i avail sa benefit? As what ive read naman s ibang replies mo, pwede ba ako magbayad advance directly to the cashier, or dun sa customer care nila? At pwede ko b maavail din ung mga refunds if qualified na ako? This january 2014 ang expected due date ko. thanks! Need some answers coz bago pa po ako.

  127. Good day! Im a new member of philhealth from July 2013 and individually paying. Pregy ako ngayon 7months and im expecting my delivery this January 2014. Can i pay directly to the cashier if mag-advance payment ako to avail the benefit, or sa costumer care tlga?

    1. Hi Jazz, kulang ka yata sa 9-month requirement. Ask Philhealth about Informal Sector membership, para maka-avail ka sa requirement na 3 months lang.

  128. Zyrem Eunice Zamora

    Hi, what if member ung husband ko ng philhealth at dependent nya ako, tapos ako din member. Same pa rin po ba ung makukuha na benefit? Or tig6500 kami pag normal? First delivery ko pa lang po at due ko is dec21. Thanks po.

    1. Hi Zyrem, yong membership nio lang po ang magagamit, meaning isang 6500 lang.

  129. Hello po. Ask ko lang, nanganak ako just this monday. Philhealth accredited ung hospital, gov hospital siya. Ang due date ko, sa January pa dapat pero I gave birth na po and sadly, still birth siya. Magkano macocover ng Philhealth don?
    And prior to this, I was hospitalized last Aug and underwent appendectomy. Employed pa po ako nun. By Sept 13, nagresign na ako, maapektuhan po kaya nun possible reimbursement ko or kung may reimbursement ako na maavail?..

  130. Hi, Due date ko po sa February 26, 2013

    Wala na po akong work ngayon pero, may Philhealth number na po ako nung employed ako sa previous company ko (nagstart po ako sa company October 31, 2011 at nagresign po ako nung March 2013.

    I was advised po kung gusto ko pa pong magpagtuloy, palitan ko lng daw po ang status ko as voluntary.

    Ang sabi po sakin, bayaran ko daw po ang october, november, december, january, february, march po pra magamit ko po yung benefit sa panganganak ko po..

    Tama po ba? Salamat po ng marami!

  131. mam nanganak po un misis ko sa private hopsital by CS premature po un baby ko at kelangan NICU sya for 3 weeks cover po ba ng philhelth un sa baby ko at kasi billing ng misis ko aabot ng 100K + bill ng baby ko aabot ng 100K din

  132. Hi April, if normal delivery at a hospital, your coverage is 3k for hospital and 2k for PF. 1750 for newborn care and up to 1500 for prenatal care if you submit prenatal ORs

  133. Hi jane, I think the 5th CS is covered; please ask your OB. Kapag sabay ang ligation with CS, 19k pa rin ang coverage (11400 for hospital and 7600 for OB). Pag normal delivery, merong additional 4k coverage for ligation. Only the first 4 normal deliveries are covered by Philhealth, regardless of whether Philhealth was used in all 4 or not.

  134. I mean dec 2012 pala…

  135. hi Gud evening,

    ittnung ko lang po sna kung makkaavail ako ng maternity package due date ko po this week december 2013..dati po kz company ang nagbbyad s phil.healtg ko nag self-employed po aq last january up to now dec.binabyaran ko.

    paanu po kung s public hospital ako manganak pero accredited namam cla maavail q po kya ung ko.bli 1200 dw po ung mgagastos namin s panganganak s gmot po un gya ng pampahilab etc’ pero ung byad s rooms wla dw po.pnu po ang process nun?

    2nd question po,ung mga ngastos ko po s laboratory and ultrasound ksali p dm po b? pti po new born screening.anu2 po ung 1st step n dpat kong gwin para magrefund lhat ng ngastos ko..slamat.

    1. Hi veonna, dalhin mo ang Philhealth papers mo; isubmit mo rin ang mga prenatal ORs mo para isama nila sa claim. Dalawang sheets ang claim form 1 mo para ma-avail mo rin ang newborn package. Iba rin kasi ang Philhealth processing ng government hospital, dahil pasyente ang pinapabili ng gamot, so magtanung-tanong ka rin.

  136. Hi, just want to verify if i will be eligible for the maternity benefit.. I paid april2013 to dec2013, ang my delivery due date will be on january 2014..will i be covered or not? I am based on my counting, but i still have to be sure. Thanks 🙂

    1. hi Noreen, yes, you’re eligible.

  137. Hi, my wife gave birth yesterday. I went to the Philhealth desk of the hospital and ask about Prenatal care benefit since normal delivery ang wife ko but they don’t know the prenatal care benefit of normal delivery and refuse to get our OR’s of prenatal checkup since they only know 5K for normal and 1750 for NBS. My question is can we still avail prenatal care benefit even though we’re already discharged to the hospital? what would be the process? thanks

    1. Hi Rommer, dapat isinama yang prenatal ORs sa claim kasi yan ang instructions ng Philhealth. Hindi naman hospital ang magrefund ng prenatal; it would be Philhealth, kaya I’m puzzled na merong mga hospitals that don’t accept prenatal ORs. Sorry I’m not sure if Philhealth will accept prenatal ORs separately, or if you need to wait for your BPN and then refile. Ask na lang Philhealth.

  138. Hi benjie, you can pay your Philhealth 1 year in advance as OFW so your wife can avail. Pay as OFW; show proof of being OFW (OEC, or OFW ID, or work visa, or job contract)

  139. Hi.. I’m giving birth end of March 2014, till what month should i pay for my contributions so that i can avail for my Philhealth benefits? Thank you. so much.. 🙂

    1. Hi Badeth, pag individual payor, dapat you have paid 9 of the 12 months before March 2014. Pag Informal Sector ang category, puede na yong payment of the 3 months immediately before March 2014.

  140. gud pm po due po ako dis dec. at benfciary din ako ng husband ko slying in po ako manganganak hw.po covered ng philhealth.4th bby po.thanks

  141. Hi Aimee, yes, basta accredited ang pediatrician at available ang newborn care procedures sa hospital.

  142. hello po. i gave birth last aug.31, 2013, CS po. i receive yesterday my philhealth refund amounting to 220 pesos. i’m just wondering why its only 220, would it be possible? di ko man lang nabawi ang ginastos ko sa meds at doctors ko.

    1. Hi mabel, government hospital ba ito? You go to your hospital and ask for your additional refund. Xerox your bill, ORs and benefit payment notice.

  143. Hi Neth, doon sa 19k benefit for CS, 11400 is for hospital and 7600 is for PF. Ibinigay din siguro sa doctor yong 7600 kaya hindi na ibinigay sa iyo. Parang additional PF sa doctor. Hindi dapat ganon, pero nangyayari.

    1. hai mam nors:) naka sched po ako manganak this june .. pero this end of april ko palang po mababayaran ang philhealth ko .. magagamit ko po ba benefits ng philhealth ko pag manganak napo ako ?

      1. Hi camille, if you did not pay 1 month within Dec 2013 to Mar 2014, kulang ng 1 month ang Apr and May payments, so pay Apr to Mar 2014 so you can avail. Ask Philhealth too.

    2. hello ask lng po unemployed po ako ngpamember ako today s philhealt nagbayad ako ng 1,800 covered ng april 2014-december 2014. and suppose to be manganaganak po ako ng november 2014. sabi ng OB ko possible na CS ako. ask ko lng po kung magagamit ko ang benifits ng philhealth ko? salamat

      1. Hi vix, yes, you can avail. Ask your OB to be sure your OB and your hospital are both Philhealth-accredited.

    3. maam nors,
      pag ng bayad po b ako ng hosptal bill, deducted n po b agad ang phlhealth don s bill ko?

      1. Hi alia, yes, submit your Philhealth papers at least 1 day before discharge so your Philhealth coverage will be deducted from your bill. Check your bill

  144. Hi Shen, usually kapag hindi naisama ang waiver signed by the OB, yong PF na 7600 ay ibinibigay sa OB (additional sa PF na binayaran nio in cash). Puede niong tanungin yong OB kung nakuha talaga yong 7600, para kung hindi, dapat irefund ng hospital.

  145. hello po,ask ko lang po..i’m so confused.teacher po ako kaso on leave ako ngayon at malayo po sa amin kaya wala akong reliable na mapagtanungan, yung rf1 po ba, ako yung magproprovide tapos ipabibigay ko sa principal namin para masignan niya at mafill upan or may copy na po ba cla nun na ready to give sa akin? saka po, yung ME5,kailangan ko rin po ba yun?pasensya na po kc nakikisuyo lang akong magprocess, hindi rin naaayos ang layo ko kasi, sa leyte pa ang amin, medyo mahirap ang communication and any moment, manganganak na ko:)

    sa mga deped employees po ba the same rin ang set of requirements?

    updated mdr, i.d, claim form 1, rf1..what else ?thanks a lot!

    1. Hi jane, yes, the same documents: updated mdr, id, claim form 1 signed by your HR or head, cert of premium payment and copy of payment receipt (rf1 or Me5). I think na pareho lang, basta makita ng hospital ang proof na paid ang premiums mo for 3 of the 6 months before month of delivery.

  146. Hello po…i’m confused medyo walang mapagtanungan, i’m glad may ganito palang forum here…ang sabi po kc sa requirements ay mdr, i.d card, rf1 and a lot of forms for the maternity benefits, ganon din po sa mga nababasa ko na ibanvg requirements sa ibang website pero ang sabi po ng kasamahan ko sa work at saka ng kasamahan ng mother ko sa work, mdr, philhealth card and cf1 will do..yung cf2 and cf3 meron me na pong copies at medyo madali na xa…tama po ba cla?

    d na po ba kailangan ng rf1 at ng me-5 for deped employees?

  147. Hi good morning! I’m about to deliver this coming April or May, where can I get the contribution payment receipt and certificate of premium payment? I’m employed.
    Do I have to go to philhealth to have the updated MDR? Thank you very much.

    1. Hi Ronadel, yes, get your updated MDR from Philhealth. Cert of premium payment with OR nos. is from your employer, together with signed claim form 1.

  148. Gud day! my wife will be giving birth to our 2nd baby this coming june 2014 thru cs in a private hospital sa manila po, ask ko lng po if may makuha pa kami sa philhealth? and if meron 19k parin po ba? Last August 2008 my wife gave birth to our 1st baby thru cs at private hospital din pero bakit almost 9k lng po ang nakuha nmin sa philheath? Thanks in advance po and God bless.

  149. Hi tanong ko lang po kunga magkano ang covered ng philhealth pag sa private lying in manganganak?

  150. I stopped paying monthly on my phil health last 2010 since nag OFW ako, recently this 2014 i pay and contribute for whole year. my 1st question is could i possibly avail my maternity insurance if i give birth on August? since i just start to contributeingagain this January… 2nd My PhilHealth ID is on MALE gender, is it easy to change it…… please also give me details on what are the documents needed so that i can avail after discharging at the hospital. thank you

    1. Hi isla, yes, eligible ka. Update your member data at Philhealth, so you can make sure your category is OFW and your gender is Female. Documents: MDR, premium receipt (orig and xerox), 2 sheets of claim form 1, your ID (any valid ID)

  151. Hi just want to asked how to claim newborn care package? What are the requirements, employed po ako

  152. hi po a private employee ..and got married last oct6,2013 .ask ko lang po qng ok lang po b na philhealth lang po aq nakapag update ng status at hind ko pa po naupdate s employer status ko,bale po s philhealt married n aq pero un record ko po s certification of contirbution is my surname parn as single

    1. Hi ghe, mas magandang i-update mo na yong sa employer mo para match ang name sa cert of premium payments at Philhealth member data record. Puede namang mag-request ng another claim form 1 from your employer; yong updated na. Para sure ang approval sa hospital at Philhealth. Pero kung andiyan ka na sa ospital, have your marriage cert (orig and xerox) to show to the hospital. Pero be ready if the hospital asks for additional document.

  153. Hi,

    I will be delivering my 4th baby this Feb via normal delivery. This is technically my 6th pregnancy coz I had 2 miscarriages (3rd and 5th) and had undergone D&C on both. Am I still eligible to claim the benefits? Is my baby still eligible for the newborn care package?


    1. Hi Mish, hindi counted ang mga miscarriages; so covered itong 4th baby mo. Yes, eligible ka rin sa newborn package.

  154. Hi,

    I have a question, ang maternity care package sa 6,500 pag level 1 hospitals or , lying in clinics. Kung sa lying in na pagpapanganakan ko is 7000 ang package(normal delivery, room and doctors fee) hindi kasama yung mga extra like gatas, pampers or what. so kung 6500 ang philhealth maternity care package ibig ba sabihin nito nasa 500 pesos and up nalang babayaran babayaran o depende pa din sa policy nung lying in clinic?? kasi nagtanong ako sa nurse dun sabi niya kung may philhealth ako 5,500 nalang daw babayaran ko lahat lahat na. so parang ang nabawas lang sakin eh 1500 lang??????

    1. Hi Neneth, yes, sad to say, depende pa rin sa kanila, kasi kung ireklamo mo naman sila sa Philhealth, tataasan ng lyin-in yong package cost nila para 5,500 pa rin ang babayaran ng patient.

  155. Hi, manganganak po ako this 3 rd week of january 2014 para sa 6th child ko. Yun first 5 ko po normal delivery lahat yun pang 6 th ko po cs section kaya magpapatali na din po ako. May mavlaim pa po kaya ako sa maternity at ligation ko sa philhealth

    1. Hi Jennifer, kapag CS, walang limit sa no. of deliveries, pero hindi ko sure ang rule sa CS after 5 normal deliveries. Ang OB ba ang nag-decide ng CS? Kasi ang covered ng Philhealth ay yong Indicated CS. Yes, covered ka for ligation. Ask your OB para sure.

  156. hi good am, ask ko lang nawala kasi ung card ko and di ako nkapag byad ng contribution since 2012 manganganak ako this coming march pwede ba ako pmunta sa philhealth office at iupdate at byaran ng 1 year ung philhealth ko pwd ko b un gmitin kpag nanganak na ako?

    1. Hi gelique, yes, i-update mo ang member data mo to Individual Payor-Informal Sector, then pay for 1 year in advance, at ma-qualify ka. Magtanong ka na rin doon sa Philhealth.

  157. Hi joyce, sori hindi ko rin alam kung bakit. Siguro hindi kasya na bayad yong 6500 na Philhealth coverage sa kanila, at siguro rason din yong pagkatagal-tagal mabigay ng Philhealth yong 6500. Doon sa additional newborn care cost, ang nababasa ko na rason, kulang yong Philhealth coverage sa newborn care.

  158. Hi Tonet, dapat nga 19k ang deduction before discharge. Pero maraming instances na kung ang PF ay directly paid to your OB, yong ibang hospital, 11400 lang ang dinededuct. Ask your OB or hospital.

  159. Hi ma’am Nora, ask ko lng po sana kung qualified ako makaavail ng philhealth. I’m individual paying po. Ang due ko po at this end ng Feb 2014. At ang hulog ko lng po ay oct-dec 2013 at Jan – march 2014. Makakaavail po kaya ako. Thank you po.

    1. Hi mai, yes, sabihin mo sa ospital Individual Payor-Informal Sector ang member category mo. Pag ganito ang category, 3 contributions within 6 months before delivery lang ang kelangan.

  160. tanong ko lang po gusto ko po magamit ang philhealth ko kasi hindi ko pa po nagamit ang philhealth ko sa pag anak manganak po ako sa april last hulog po nang agency ko dati nung september 2013 tapos po ako po ang mapatuloy sa pag hulog para magamit ko po ang philhealth ko .saan po ang malapit na philhealth dito sa maynila para po makahulog po ako .salamat po …

    1. Hi angelica, sana naghulog ka noong January pa, kasi ngayon late na for January. Puede ka sana sa 3 contributions. Tanungin mo na lang kung puedeng bayaran mo ang 1 year in advance at kung puede kang maka-avail in April. Merong branch sa Taft Ave corner Quirino at sa Avenida between 10th and 11th.

  161. Gud day…ask Ko now 2months pregnant.plan Ko p LNG mg member s philhealth.if ever magpa member Ako today ma a avail Ko b ung Mga benefits kung s sept.2014 Ang expected delivery date Ko.?thank you.pls help

    1. Hi Karen, yes, mag-register ka with your ID or birth cert and then check sa registration form ang Informal Sector, and then pay Feb to August 2014. Or pay muna Feb to Apr, and then in May, pay May to Aug.

  162. Ask q lng po kng pwede q pa po gamitin ung philhealth ng mr q manganganak po aq ngaung april 2014.,,nagamit po kc ng byenan for her 2 eye operation last january ung isang eye ngaung feb 10 nman po ung isa…magagamit q pa po ba philhealth ng mr q lalo po at cs po aq..salamat po

    1. Hi ivy, yes, magamit mo, kasi iba naman yong patient na gumamit. If not yet updated, i-update ng husband mo ang MDR niya with your marriage cert para masulat ka na dependent niya.

  163. Hi khate, pay your Philhealth premium as Individual Payor/Informal Sector in May to August. Find a Philhealth-accredited clinic or hospital. Before discharge, you must submit your premium receipt, claim form 1, MDR to hospital or clinic. No more direct filing with Philhealth. Have a copy of your premium receipt.

  164. Hi Cheeny, yes, you’re qualified, kasi for Individual Payor-Informal Sector, 3 monthly payments within 6 months before delivery na lang ang kelangan, hindi na 9 payments. Hindi pa updated yong nasa website nila.

  165. Hi mary ann, tanungin mo na lang yong lying-in kung puede nilang isama yong prenatal care claim mo, kasi merong case na hindi na nila magawan ng paraan yong Philhealth requirement na dapat nag-prenatal ka sa lying-in ng mga ilang beses where you will deliver para ma-cover ng Philhealth.

  166. hello philhealth!!
    ask ko lang po, nag-inquire kc ako na manganak in public hospital, and plan for ligation also,. the obgyne said that i must prepare atleast 20,000… she said i have to pay hospital 5,000 and mareimburse ko din po sa philhealth.. then obgyne pf is 8,050, anestsiologist is 4,600.. mareimburse ko po ba sa philhealth ang PF?

    1. Hi lherivic, 5k is for maternity (3k for hospital and 2k for PF), and 4k is for tubal ligation (2400 for hosp and 1600 for pF). Yong 8050 and 4600 quoted by your obgyne, palagay ko hindi mo na marefund. Yong 5k at 4k dapat ideduct agad ng hospital sa hospital bill mo. Pero merong hospital na dinededuct muna nila is 3k and 2400. Wala nang direct filing with Philhealth, kaya dapat mag-submit ka ng Philhealth papers agad sa hospital.

  167. hi miss nors ask ko lang po if wla na akong ma bayaran sa clinic na panganganakan ko gamit ang philhealth ko. yong lang ba ang ma kukuha kong maternity benefits. salamat po need po ako sa reply niyo..

    1. Hi milaflor, depende sa clinic, kaya dapat tanuning mo ang clinic. Karamihan ng nagco-comment dito, meron pang babayaran. Tanungin mo na rin ang prenatal care at newborn care package nila kung ano ang policy nila sa mga ganito.

  168. thanks reply miss nors. ganun ba piro ang sabi sa akin ng clinic na panganganakan wla n adaw akong babayaran pati screening born free na daw. ang binabayaran ko lang po yong prenatal evry cheak up…

  169. miss nors sorry po if makulit ako sa pag tatanung kc first time ko po ma gamit ang philhealth ko. wla na po daw akong babayaran sa clinic na panganganakan ko pati born screening free na daw lahat. so after my delivery pupunta pa ako sa philhealth para ma claim ko yong maternity benefits ko or hinde na kc wla na akong na bayaran sa clinic sa panganganak ko, yon na ba ang maternity benefits ko.plz po miss nors paki explain ho sakin para ma intendihan ko…salamat.

  170. hi….ask q lng po if i can still avail the philhealth benefits,i had my contribution january 2013 until july 2013 then na stop cya aug,sept. and oct….then continue paying november until now…manganganak po aq this coming april po!tnx

    1. Hi airen, if you have paid for Jan to Mar, you’re eligible. For Individual Payor-Informal Sector, 3 recent contributions ba lang ang kelangan.

  171. Hi mam nors, ill gve birth po dis coming may 2014 sa birthing homes malapit sa amin, 4k po dw lahat2 na mababayaran ko ask ko lng po sa 6500 po na benefit sa philhealth may mkukuha po ba ako na refund if 4k lng lhat na magagastos ko, khit na po thru deduction??

  172. tanong ko lang kanino mapupunta yung overpayment ng Philhealth regarding sa refund ng mga pasyente sa government hospital… example under the case ng cesarean. Kung 19000 yung benefits under CS what if the Philhealth give the whole P 19000 to government hospital, pero ang actual claim ng hospital is only P 15000, the P4000 difference para sa refund ng pasyente, pano kung ang napresent lang ng pasyente resibo is P 2000 lang… pano yung P2000? ibabalik pa ba yun ng government hospital sa Philhealth?san na mapupunta yung excess amount?

    1. Hi pishot25, yong excess amount ay mapupunta sa hospital, para sa pondo nila, kasama na rito yong common pondo for doctors. Yong 15k ba para lahat sa hospital expenses? If yes, yong mga nabiling 2k na gamot sa labas ay hindi na marefund. Pero kung halimbawa, 9k ang hospital costs, puede pang irefund yong 2k na gamot na nabili sa labas, kasi sa 19k coverage, 11400 is for hospital costs and 9600 is for doctors.

  173. hi good morning employed po ako ngaun and iam 4months pregnant with my second child 2years member na din po ako ng philhealth ask ko lang po if sa ospital po na public is binbawas po ba agad ung philhealth benifits

    1. Hi mojik, yes, dapat nababawas agad. At dapat mag-submit agad ng Philhealth documents sa hospital kasi hindi na allowed ang direct filing with Philhealth.

  174. Helo shane ask lng po.nanganak po aq tru cs last sept.1 2013 po,d2 po s catanduanes,.at bgo po aq lmbs ngfile npo kme s hsptal..since then po wla po aqng ntangap n n0tice or claim glng phlhealth kya po ngpnta aq s ofis nla,at nlaman q po n pending dw po at mali dw po ung speling nang name q s cf2,kya ngpnta po aq s hsptal at bngay q ung leter galing sv nl wla dw po cl nrecv n n0tice mula s phlhelt at gnun pu dn aq,kya huminge cla nang birthcrtficte q at leter q n ngp2tunay n wla aqng nrciv n n0tice ..ask qlng po kng mku2ha q pa po b y0n?inaashan dn pu namen ang bil q po s hsptal e 5k,mgkanu pu kya ang marefund q?.msg0t at m2lungan po sna ninyo aq.marming slmat po..e2 po ang akng #09991960338 pwd nio dn po aq itex kc po d po aq plgng nka0nline.marming slamat po ule..shane of bikol

    1. Hi Shane, dahil CS ka, dapat marerefund mo ang 5k na nagasto mo. Antayin mo yong benefit payment from Philhealth and then go to the hospital and ask for your refund. Keep your hospital bill and receipt.

  175. hi,
    Can I avail of my philhealth sa aking panganganak kahit na last april pa ako wala nang trabaho? my duedate is this march.
    What will I do if my employer will not give me any affidavit of separation can I still avail my philhealth kasi AWL

    1. Hi emelyn, register ka uli sa Philhealth (bring your ID) and then pay Mar 2014 to Feb 2015 (1 year = 2400 pesos) para maging eligible ka. Write your member category as Individual Payor-Informal Sector. Hindi na required ang cert or affidavit of separation

  176. Hi mary, yes, you can avail of maternity benefit. Look for a Philhealth-accredited clinic (coverage is 6500) or hospital (coverage is 5k)

  177. Hi Eunice, ibig mong sabihin hindi ka nag-submit ng Philhealth documents when you gave birth last Aug 2013? Pero merong letter na galing sa Philhealth na may amount na 19k? Do you mean merong possibility na yong hospital nag-file ng claim sa Philhealth kahit hindi ka nag-submit ng Philhealth documents? God bless din. Or employee ka ba at meron kang HMO at HMO na ang nag-file ng claim?

  178. Hi maria, I suggest antayin mo na lang yong benefit payment notice from Philhealth, and then pag meron na, punta ka sa hospital and request for your refund ng mga nagasto sa gamot na binili sa labas. Puedeng ibigay nila ito sa iyo, puede ring hindi, depende kung nagamit na ng hospital ang 3k coverage for hospital cost sa ibang bagay na nagamit. 3k lang ang coverage for hospital cost for normal delivery sa level 4 hospital.

    1. liezl joy santiago

      Hello po..ask ko lng po..nakaschedule po ako for CS nextweek in a private hospital..Magkano po ang mabenefit ko..almost 1 year na rin akong naghuhulog at may company po ako. Slamat po.

      1. Hi liezl, coverage for CS is 19k (11400 for hospital and 7600 for PF). Submit your docs to the hospital for Philhealth deduction.

  179. Ok. thanks po.. if eligible po ako, plan ko po ay sa center lang malapit samin ako manganganak dis april.. philhealth accredited nman dun.2thou. lang daw babayan, dba po 5thou.yong maternity package? soo, wala na po akong babayan?may refund pa po ba ako?.:) about po sa sinabi nyo na sabihin ko lang individual paying-informal sector dpat pa ba akong mag process nito or mag fill up ng form sa philhealth b4 my due.?or on the day na lang 2 sa panganganak ko. thanks and more power!

  180. Hi! appreciate what you’re doing here in your blog. It is a big help. I have a query also. I gave birth last November through CS. My bill reflects a philhealth deduction of 11,400 for the patient, 1250 for the baby, and 8100 for the doctor (I assumed this is for me and my baby). But in my total expenses only Php 12,650.00 was deducted. The ORs I have for my doctors reflect also the pf I paid without philhealth deductions. My query is what happens to the 7600? or 8100? will philhealth give that to the doctors on top of what they charged me? Should I visit the hospital again and ask them for a refund? please help.. thanks!

    1. Hi Jusette, have you received your benefit payment notice from Philhealth? If you have time, with your notice, bill and ORs (with xerox copies), you can try asking the hospital for your PF refund of 8100 or 7600. They might or might not refund. Based on many complaints here, usually the PF coverage is not deducted and not refunded — I don’t know if the hospital gets it or the hospital gives it to the doctor as additional PF, or if they split it. They can be reported to Philhealth, but since there are no limits to PF in the Philippines, they can always say that the total PF equals the Philhealth coverage plus the money paid in cash by the patient. If you’re unable to refund, you can post your experience on the Facebook page of Philhealth so more people will know.
      Thanks a lot of appreciating my blog. Means a lot.

      1. hi mam nors.gusto ko lang po sana malaman bali yung philhealth ko po nastop mahulugan nung year august 2008. nagstart po xa ng november 2007. then tinuloy ko po bayaran since dec.2013 as individual. naka due po ako manganak on may 26… may makukuha po ba akong benefits nun??? thanks po

        1. Hi joan, yes, basta pay Jan to Apr 2014. 3 months of payment before month of delivery na lang ang required for Individual Payor-Informal Sector.

        2. Hi joan, yes, you can avail, basta you pay Jan 2014 to April 2014 as Individual Payor-Informal Sector

      2. Hi rachel, yes, you can avail in July. Bring your premium receipt (orig and xerox) and your MDR from Philhealth.

    2. Hi Jenna, the coverage for doctor’s fee was not deducted, and some of hospital costs. (19k is further allotted as 11400 for hospital and 7600 for PF). Ask your hospital’s billing/collection dept.

  181. Hi! Appreciate what you’re doing here in your blog. It is a big help. I have a query also. I gave birth through CS last November 2013. My hospital bill reflects a philhealth deduction as follows:

    Patient: 11,400.00
    Baby: 1,250.00
    Doctors: 8,100.00

    However,my total bill only reflected a deduction of Php 12,650.00 (11,400.00 and 1,250) only. I paid the amount charged by the doctors in full. The OR for my doctors did not reflect philhealth deductions also. What happens to the 7,600? or 8,100? Will I be able to have a refund on this? Or is the amount going to the doctors on top of what they charged me? What should I do? Please help.. Thanks!

  182. Hi! I’m OFW member…Nakunan po ako so niraspa po ako dito sa UAE and we paid total amount of AED 3700 (Almost) want to know kung magkano po ang expected reimbursement ko since i stayed in the hospital for 3days. All documents were submitted already

    1. Hi Jesse, ang coverage for Dilatation and Curettage ay 11,000 pesos. Case Rate na ang refund system since 2012; fixed rate na ang coverage.

  183. Hello po 1st tym ko po mg apply at ggmit ng philhealth
    ng apply ako ngaung february 2014 at nagbayad ng 6mons 1200 pesos then ngaung march binyran ko n ulit ung 6mons so fully paid nko dis year . Wala akong trbho so sariling hulog ko po sa philhealth and d kmi kasal ng asawa ko kya d nya ko ma cover mangangank po ako by july cs po ako
    pero sa goverment hospital ako mangangank ma avail ko n nb ung philhealth ko ? Pwede n xa mgmit ? At sobrang luto po ako kung paano ang ggwin paano macclaim dhl un nga po ako daw bibili ng mga ggmitin sa operation outside the hospital anu po b mas mgnda hayaan n hospital magpricess ng philhealth or ako po pgka discharged ? Thanks po

  184. …At sobrang lito po ako kung paano ang ggwin paano macclaim dhl un nga
    po ako daw bibili ng mga ggmitin sa operation outside the hospital anu po b mas mgnda hayaan n hospital magproccesss ng philhealth or ako po pgka
    discharged ?
    mas ok po b n i submit ko n saknila mga requirements bgo mangank or ako nlng po lumakad after ko mangank kung umabot po halimbawa ng 15k ung bill ko mkukuha pb ung 4k na natitira sa 9k gnun po b un Thanks po

  185. na-injured po husbandko while on work… what typeof benefit we can get… he is on leave for 3 months due to a cervical pain…

  186. Hi Peter, 11k ang coverage ng raspa (6600 for hospital expense at 4400 for PF)

  187. hi ms nors,, due na ako anytime… manganganak ako sa lying-in.. sabi nila kung gagamitin ko ang philhealth ko wala na akong babayaran na kahit ano.. may refund din ako para sa pre-natal care at libre na rin yung newborn care, pero kung iinduce ako ng ob ko, hindi ko magagamit yung philhealth ko sa kanila, kailangan ko bayaran yung package nila,, pag ganun po ba ang mangyayari na magbabayad ako ng buo sa kanila, pwede ba akong personal na magclaim sa philhealth?

    1. Hi lizette, dinidiscourage na ng Philhealth ang direct filing. May mga nag-comment na rin dito na bawal na raw ang direct filing. About yong deal with the lying-in, meron na ring nag-comment dito na ganyan ang sistema ng lying-in. Magkano raw pag induced? Kung iisipin natin, mas pabor sa kanila ang induced, kasi wala na silang Philhealth paperwork at instant cash pa ang matatanggap nila from you. Hindi ko alam kung bakit ganon — naiisip ko tuloy baka bawal sa Philhealth ang induced normal delivery sa lying-in, so hindi puedeng mag-claim with Philhealth ang lying-in kapag induced. Ask how much is their package baka ma-induce ka, so you can prepare.

  188. hi ms nors,
    baka may idea ka sa sitwasyon ko ngayon, due na po ako anytime, manganganak po ako sa isang lying-in na philhealth accredited, so sabi po nila, kung philhealth member wala na akong dapat na bayaran, libre ang normal delivery, at newborn care at marerefund ko rin ang nagastos ko sa pre-natal ko.. pero ang sabi nila pag ininduce daw ako ng ob ko, hindi ko maaavail ang philhealth package nila, kailangan ko magbayad ng buo, kapag ganun po ba ang nangyari, pwede po ba akong magclaim ng personal sa philhealth?

  189. Hi..good day….ask ko lang po kasi na sked po ako this first week of april via c wonderi g lang po kasi some of people said if sa charity ward ka more or less 1k lang po babayaran but when i read some of the comments natakot ako kasi i do not have that kind of money…dependent ako nang asawa ko…what will i do please help….tnx….

    1. Hi glaiza, sa government hospital ba ito? Ang Philhealth kasi ay nagagamit lang kapag paying patient ka, so that means sa Pay Department ka. Mako-cover ang hospital expense mo, pero babayaran mo ang PF ng OB at anesthesiologist, at usually ikaw muna ang bibili ng mga meds and supplies. Pag sa charity, bibilhin mo rin usually ang mga supplies and meds, pero libre ang mga doctors. Magtanung-tanong ka pa, para sure.

  190. Hi po !

    Sa june po ang duedate cu at blak cung mnganak sa government hospital na accredited ng philhealth .. ask cu po sana cun pnu cu mggmet ng aus eung benefits cu .. kelngan cu na po bang ipasa eun mga documents like copy ng mdr , id .. pag gnun po ba ang ginwa cu mei mkukuha ba cung refund if ever na mei mga kailnganing bilhin sa lbas ng hospital or ipalaboratories or byran cu na muna eung mga bills then ska acu magpasa ng mga requirements and zerox ng mga or .. nung niraspa kse cu last year mei bill avu na 500 pero d cu na eun bnyran pero mei nagastos din acu nung nagplaboratory kme sa lbas .. lately sbi ng pinsan cu nung niraspa daw cia nagbyad cia ng bill na 200 then eung resibo pnsa daw nea sa desk ng philhealth sa hospital at nkpagrefund cia ng 2000 .. sken kse nun mei pnpirma lng pero walang refund .. if ever po na eung bill cu ee mei sobra pa sa benefits cu mrerefund po ba eun ? tenks po

    1. Hi michelle, yong noon, wala ka bang natanggap from Philhealth na benefit payment notice? Kasi yon sana ang pinang-refund mo sa hospital, kasama ng mga receipts ng mga binili mo. About sa June delivery mo, dapat daw mag-file sa hospital before discharge, kasi bawal na raw ang direct filing with Philhealth, sabi ng mga nagco-comment dito. Pero magtanung-tanong ka pa rin, kung ganon na nga ba na wala nang direct filing.

  191. Hi mar, sad to say ganon nga. Kasi kapag government hospital at kapag charity, libre ang doctor; gamot and other supplies lang ang babayaran. Kapag paying patient (Philhealth member), merong PF ang doctor.
    Ganunpaman, merong mga cases na mas okay na gamitin ang Philhealth.

  192. Hi julie, nabayaran mo ba ang Jan to Mar 2014? If yes, you can avail this April. If not, or kung 2 months lang sa Jan to Mar 2014, go to Philhealth and pay 1 year in advance so you can avail (2400 pesos), para makapagtanong ka rin doon, para sure.

    1. hi po CS po aq ask ko lng po qng tama ung computation saken nagamit po nmin ung 10k bill po nmin sa hospital kc bawat reseta ng doctors binibili nmin sa labas bale 1k nlng daw po ang matatanggap ko,kung 19k po ang Cesarian. asan po ung 8k?Thanks

      1. Hi gingie, sa 19k na coverage, 11400 is for hospital cost and 7600 is for the doctors. Rounded-off siguro ang ginawa nila, so 8k ang pupunta sa doctors.

  193. Hi, I just want to ask kung kasama ba sa pre natal ang 3D ultrasound at ung normal na ultrasound? Hindi kc ngiissue ng receipts ung OB ko for my check up. Thanks!

  194. Gudpm! Hindi ko npo ba need pmunta ng philhealth offce mlapit sken pra ipabago existing ko na employed to voluntary?khit magdirect npo ako mgbayad sa bayad center ok npo yun?tanong ko nrin po kc sbi ng clinic ang requirmnts daw nla is 9mos contribution bfore delivery. Ang hulog ko lng po last year ay jan-nov 2013 pro member npo ako ng philhealth mtagal na,this year po wla pko hulog eh sbi ng ob ko pwde ko manganak ng june30 or 1st week of july. Pwede ko pa po ba bayaran ung jan-march 2014?thanks po!:)

  195. Pwede bang gamitin ang philhealth kahit na buwan ng march ay hindi pa na bayaran?

  196. Hi po ulit!:) itatanong ko lng po sana kung mkaka-avail pba ako ng maternity benefits sa philhealth kung ang last hulog ko po ay feb-nov 2013 at ang duedate ko po ay july 10,2014? Pwede ko pa po bang habulin ang jan-march 2014?kung hindi nman po how about kng bayaran ko po ang april may june at july mkaka avail npo ba ako?please answer patiently po. Many thanks! God bless..:)

  197. Hi khai, kung yon ang sabi ng ob mo, maaaring 44k ang CS sa hospital mo. So 44k minus 19k from Philhealth, kaya 25k pa ang babayaran mo. Get MDR from Philhealth, with you written as dependent. If your husband is employed, he gets cert of premium payment with OR nos. and claim form 1 from employer.

  198. Hi khai, wait for benefit payment notice from Philhealth, and if what Philhealth paid to the hospital is higher than your Philhealth deduction, ask for refund from hospital. Show dextrose OR.

  199. yung form 1 po ba is same as the certificate of contribution?

    1. Hi khai, no, not the same. Get your signed claim form 1 and signed cert of contribution of premium payments with OR nos. and dates paid from your employer.

  200. yung form 1 po ba is same as the certificate of contribution? salamat po ng marami mam nors

  201. Hi po Ms Nors,

    Due date ko po this coming june 16. 2nd baby ko na po and i am not a philhealth member po though ung husband ko po ay member and beneficiary nya po kaming mag ina. Ask ko lang po sna ung procedures to avail philhealth deductions pra po makapagprepare ako before june. 1st time ko po ksing mag aasikaso ng papers sa philhealth. Reimbursement po ba ang mangyayari sa magiging bill namin sa hospital or direct na pong idededuct ng hospital sa bill namin ung philhealth kpag po nkpagpasa kmi ng requirements to avail it?
    Thanks po in advance. God Bless po.

    1. Hi rica, submit your Philhealth documents to the hospital. Filing directly with Philhealth is no longer allowed. Docs: updated MDR from Philhealth (with you written as dependent), premium receipt (if employed, cert of premium payments with OR nos. and dates paid), signed claim form 1 (if employed). Bring your marriage cert and ID (in case the hospital asks). Xerox for your own copies.

      1. Hi ck, pay April to Oct 2014 or May 2014 to Oct 2014.

  202. Jennifer Tacadena

    Hi po.

    Ask ko lang po sana, manganganak po ako sa May via CS sa may CGH Charity po. First baby ko po at first time ko din pong gagamitin ang Philhealth ko. May pinabibili po ang Charity na mga Gamot na gagamitin sa operation outside the hospital. Ask ko lang po kung marerefund ko po ba yung mga binili kong gamot sa labas or sarili ko na po bang gastos iyon?

    And if yes po ask ko lang saan ko po sana kung pano ko ito ipafile? tnx po. :DD

  203. good day,ask ko lang po last payment ko sa philhealth is mar.2013 individually paying ako, and ngaun im pregnant due ko sa november 2014 pwede ko po ba magamit philhealth ko? thanks!

    1. Hi ck, yes, you can be eligible by paying May 2014 to Oct 2014.

  204. Hi lalaine, seaman ba siya? Kasi sabi mo OFW siya pero company ang nagbabayad ng Philhealth? Month of May na, so bayaran mo na lang ang May 2014 kung hindi babayaran ng company. Pag OFW, ang eligibility ay within the validity dates sa receipt. Kapag seaman, parang Employee, na payment of 3 months within the 6 months prior to confinement.

  205. Hi Jasmine, hindi na raw puede ang direct filing with Philhealth. You need to submit your Philhealth docs to the hospital. Pero ask others too.

  206. Hi jasmin, bawal na raw ngayon ang direct filing with Philhealth. Ask others too.

  207. Hi Jasmine, sori hindi na raw puede ang direct filing with Philhealth.

  208. Stephanie Rubenial

    Hi philhealth ask ko lng po regarding sa philhealth ng husband ko naka self emplayed base po yon at ngayon lng namin natuklasan n di pala na change status yon from single to married at isa ako sa dependent. This month po kabuwanan ko na pwede pa po bang mahabol pgsubmit ng requirements pra ma avail ang maternity benefits??

    1. Hi Stephanie, yes, your husband updates his MDR at Philhealth with your marriage cert and his ID

  209. hi philhealth! I’m giving birth this july2014, what documents do i have to bring so I could have all my bills deducted.?

    1. Hi Jen, MDR, premium payment receipt, ID, claim form 1 and premium cert from employer (if employed)

  210. Hi Maam Nors! Due q na any day this Month of May… Nagbayad aq nung March 4, 2014 till March 3, 2015. Bale 1 year na binayaran q. Maaavail q na ba ang benefits this May? Tas sa OR Reference: Premium (OFW) parin payment q… thanks! Kauuwi q lg kz nung January this year.

    1. Hi Gretzel, yes, you can avail of Philhealth coverage.

  211. Hi mam Nors !

    Nxtmonth po iisked na acu for cesarian operation sa isang public hospital .. Sbi po mghnda po acu ng mga 10k to 15k .. pero cun mei philhealth daw acu ee wag daw mxiado mag alala ee philhealth member po acu , pnpbli din po nla cu ng 2 bags ng blood pra po pag kinailngan cung iblood transfusion and sbi po ng mga nkausap cu na nanganak na mei mga kinailngan pdin daw clang bilhin sa lbas ng hospital .. ask cu lng po cun mererefund cu po ba eung ipmbibili cu ng blood ska po ng mga ibng kakailnganing bilhin sa lbas ? and merun po bng prenatal benefits kpag cesarian ka? tenks po and more power

  212. Hi! Just to clarify if I will avail the 5,000 or 6,500 promo benefits what are those qualification? Is it necessary to have a monthly check up to your hospital? and if ever cs additional payment of this and how much?

  213. Hello Maam Nors
    Ano po ba mga requirements para po maging lifetime member at ano po ba mga benefits dito, same lang po ba nung sa mga employed and paying member?

    1. Hi Melissa, you can apply for lifetime membership only when you turn 60 and you’ve paid at least 120 monthly premiums. All categories get the same benefits.

  214. Hi Ma’am, ask ko lang scheduled CS ako this coming Sunday, June 1st sa public hospital pero ang singil sa akin as private patient kasi hindi po ako doon nagpaprenatal check up conflict kasi sa schedule ng work ko. Ang package na binigay sa akin 28,000 then may breakdown if kanino at saan mapupunta iyong 28k. Bukod sa 28k, babayaran din namin separately iyong bed/room charges.

    Medyo nalito lang ako kasi akala ko po covered ito ng Philhealth (19K).

    Thank you po.

    1. Hi Melissa, I’m puzzled why you did not ask costs if you use Philhealth. Ask the doctor/hospital if you can use Philhealth.

  215. hello po .. due date ko po sa july ask ko lang po bayad po ako ng jan- june magagamit ko na po b un kung cs or normal and ganun parin po b ung bawas sa bills??

    1. Hi nicka, yes, you can avail of Philhealth maternity benefit

  216. julie annabel oliva

    sir/mam ask ko lng po kung pwde ko p po bang i avail ang maternity benefits ko ng philhealth s lying-in putatan muntinlupa po ako nanganak. but nung august 22 2013 p po ako nanganak.. hindi ko p po nagagamit ang philhealth ko.

    1. Hi julie, you should have filed within 60 days after discharge.

  217. tanong ko lng po kung pwde ko pa pong i avail ang maternity benefits ko ng philhealth,but last august 22 2013 p po ako nanganak naisip ko po kasi n sayang pang 4 ko n ;po kasi un at di ko pa po nagagamit ang philhealth ko..

    1. Hi julie, there’s a deadline for filing. You must file within 60 days after discharge.

  218. Hi jolienele, yes, if you deliver in July, your premium receipt for Apr to June 2014 will be enough. But if you deliver in June, you need to pay June 2014 to May 2015 to avail. Ask Philhealth if June 2014 to Dec 2014 is enough.

  219. Hi Cherryl, if the 5k coverage was already spent for hospital and PF, then you can no longer refund for those meds bought outside.

  220. Hi Gerard, yes, it’s sad the coverage is only 5k. It’s also sad that these big hospitals and their doctors charge these big amounts when many hospitals charge only around 30k for normal delivery and lying-in facilities charge only around 8k.

    1. Hi yrma, submit your Philhealth documents upon admission, so 11400 will be deducted from your hospital expense, and the rest will be paid by your medical card. 7,600 should be deducted from the PF, but this depends on your hospital or ob-gyne; based on comments in our blogs, 7600 is not being deducted by some hospitals.

  221. Hi ms. Nors, ask ko lng po, nkabyad po ako ng april-dec.2014 ng contribution, ang duedate ko po ay last week ng june or 1st week ng july… .maaavaile ko po b ang benefits? Kylangan ko pa bng byaran in advance ung jan-mar. 2015? Thx po

    1. Hi lyn, pay Jan to Mar 2015 to be sure, because if you deliver in June, you only have 2 prior monthly payments — Apr and May. Should be at least 3 months.

  222. ask ko lang po. Last ko sa work is August 02, 2014. Pero Nov pa due date ko. makakakuha pa po ba ako nan maternity benefits? or need ko ituloy hulog after i resigned?

    1. Hi alexis, you need to contribute as Individual Payor because you will file as Individual Payor in November. Submit your Philhealth papers to the hospital. Ask your employer for a Cert of Premium Payments with OR nos. (payments for at least 6 months).

  223. hi good after noon i start working may 20 2013 and i get pregnant november 2013 my due date is july 19 2014 tuloy tuloy aman po ang pag bayad sa philhealth ko okie lang ba na till april lang ang naibigay sakin contribution paper/

    1. Hi mojikyap, if you’re still employed when you give birth, yes, that cert should be enough, but there are hospitals that want the latest, so get cert of premium payments until June. If no longer employed, pay May and June as Individual Payor.

  224. Hi mhae, the coverage for CS with tubal ligation is also 19k, the same with the coverage for CS without tubal ligation. Ask others too, if there had been a change in the rule.

  225. Hi Reisey, it’s not automatic. You include your prenatal ORs worth at least 1500 in the Philhealth docs you submit to the hospital while confined or at least a day before discharge.

  226. Hi josh, if you have a marriage cert before Dec and if you’re updated in your payments, she can use your Philhealth in Dec. as your dependent. As soon as you have your marriage cert, from local registrar or NSO, update your data with Philhealth and register her as your dependent, and get your updated MDR.

  227. Hi jean, yes, if the 5k coverage was not used up by the hospital and ob. Submit your Philhealth papers upon admission, so later on you can refund from the hospital for the meds you bought if there’s excess coverage.

  228. Hi auwie, 3k should be deducted from hospital cost. Coverage for normal delivery is only 5k (2k for pf and 3k for hospital cost)

  229. Hi kokoy, coverage amounts are fixed, depending on type of illness or medical procedure, and the same amounts for all members and dependents. For example, hypertension coverage is 9k, whether the sick person is a member or a dependent. The difference is in the no. of days allotted per member per year: 45 days for each member. Another 45 days for all the members’ dependents. Dependents will divide among themselves the 45-day allotment.

    1. ask ko lng po kung magagamit ko pa po ba ung philhealth ko, due date ko po sa nov 28. and anu ano po ung benefits na makukuha ko, sa lying in po ako, salamat po.

    2. magagamit ko pa po ba ung philhealth ko? nov28 po ako manganganak, hinulugan ko po ung april-sept, oct-dec. and ano po mga benfits na makukuha ko? lying in po ako manganganak. salamat po

      1. Hi apol/anne, yes, you can avail. But ask your lying-in because there are lying-in clinics strict with the 4-prenatal-visit requirement. Ask for their maternity and newborn package with Philhealth.

    3. Hi umi, yes, your baby is your dependent because you’re the mother and you’re the Philhealth member. File 2 copies of claim form 1 (one for you, and the other for your baby). Use the hospital’s birth cert to claim newborn care coverage.

  230. Hi po, ask ko lang po kung pwede pang ma-refund ung binayad ko for new born screening? Hindi po kasi cya ncover ng Philhealth ko kasi po hindi po ako agad nkapagsubmit ng birth certificate ng baby ko. Pero ngayon po nafile ko na po ung birth cert, marerefund ko pa po kaya un? Thanks

    1. Hi Jean, it depends on the hospital. Many hospitals do not make refunds for late filing. But your hospital should have advised you to use the hospital’s birth certificate.

  231. jona marie d. quiros

    hi mam nors.. tanong ko lng po kng mka2x.avail pah po ako sa philhealth benifets.. hindi ko po nka.bayad since oct-december 2013 at january-march 2014.. bale ang nbayaran ko lng po is yung april-june 2014.. mka2x avail pah po ba ako..? this july po ako manganganak.. thank you po sa reply.. God bles..!

    1. Hi jona marie, yes, you can avail. But ask your hospital or clinic to be sure.

      1. Hi genevive, payment of 3 months within Jan to June 2014 is required. You’re already late for payment. But ask Philhealth if 1-year advance payment makes you eligible.

      2. Hi hazel, you can avail if your husband is updated with his Philhealth payments. Coverage is only 5k pesos (3k for hospital and 2k for PF).

  232. Hi Ms. Nora,

    hindi ko po alam kung san pwede magcreate ng bagong thread kaya dito nalang po ako magpopost. Ask ko lang, I will be delivering via CS on Dec 8, 2014. I have paid my contributions, my only concern is my Philhealh registered name is my maiden name. Should my baby follow my maiden family name? can’t I present a marriage cert so he’ll have my husband’s family name? thanks!

    1. Hi Guenee, yes, go to Philhealth and update your surname. Bring your marriage cert.

  233. nanganak po ako sa fifth child ko.hindi napo nila ako inallow na gamitin ang philhealth ko kasi daw po ay panglima na nga.kaso po,pati sa ligation ay dina rin ako pinayagang gumamit ng philhealth.pwede ko po ba lakarin yun sa nearest office ninyo at may maclaim kahit konti?salamat!

    1. Hi grace, yes, you can make an appeal with Philhealth and file your claim. The ligation should have been covered.

  234. Hi JELYN, no, there’s no difference in deductions. Coverages are fixed under the Case Rate system. The same deductions for all types of members for the same medical case. There’s no additional benefit for couples who are both members.

  235. Hi jackie, submit prenatal care ORs to your hospital together with Philhealth documents for maternity coverage.

  236. Hi Queenie, your cert of contribution payments with OR nos. should be enough. But I’ve heard there are hospitals that want to be sure, so they require an RF1 copy. Ask your hospital

  237. Hi Kalel, if your MDR is still clean and clear, the hospital might accept it.

  238. Hi Clarice, since many are asking this question, I wrote an article about it:
    Ligation together with CS gets the same 19k coverage

  239. Hi che, it will be covered as long as it is your ob-gyne who will decide it will be CS, and not you. Your ob-gyne and your hospital should be Philhealth-accredited

  240. hi maam, inquire q lng po ngstop po aq sa work last may so i have philhealth contributions up to may31.. my ngsuggest po sakn to just apply as dependent of my husband and there’s no need for me to register and pay as individually paying member.. would this be ok? will i get the same benefit as a member and as a dependent? im planning to give birth at st lukes global or makati med.. jan 2015.. thanks a lot!

    1. Hi Lei, yes, you’ll get the same benefit as member or as dependent. Normal delivery coverage is only 5k (3k for hospital and 2k for PF).

  241. Thank you po sa info.

  242. Hello po.

    Tanong ko lang po kasi due ko on 1st week of August. I was separated with my previous company last February 2014. Then nagvoluntary ako sa Philhealth, nagbayad ako til June 2014 since quarterly ang payment. My marereimburse po ba ako by August?

    Thank you.

  243. hi. just want to ask kung hw much mdededuct sa bill ko, ill hve a cervical biopsy tomorrow and the doctor said it will cost 15,000. thnks

    1. Hi jazz, if that is done as an outpatient diagnostic procedure, I don’t know if that’s covered. In the Case Rate list, there’s this procedure, Colposcopy. with biopsy of the cervix and/or endocervical curettage, and the coverage is 8,260 (3,360 PF; 4900 hospital). Ask your doctor.

  244. hi i just wanna ask!!my boyfriend is paying philhealth since last yr for 3 months only coz nastop cya nang work,and now his back at work his paying it again, this july 2014 ulit yong start ng payment nya,now im pregnant and we are planing to get married maybe nov.2014 or jan 2015 na po,pwede po ba ako macover sa philhealth nya?and ano po need kong gawin pra macover after wedding? due ko po sa jan.2015 pa po!!tnx a lot

    1. Hi christy, before your delivery, you must be able to present your marriage cert to Philhealth to update your member data so your name is written in your husband’s MDR as your husband’s dependent. If not sure, register and pay as member.

    1. Rose Ann dela Peña

      What if it’s not Philhealth-accredited?

  245. Hi anne, go to Philhealth (sister’s ID or birth certificate) and then ask if your sister can pay for 1 year in advance so she can avail.

  246. Hi regine, yes, but it’s better to update your MDR (bring your ID and marriage cert, xerox and orig) because some hospitals are strict.

  247. Hi gladyz, the requirement has changed from 9 to 3 months. You’re qualified.

  248. hello po tanong ko lang po kung aabot pa ko phil health benefits if ngayon pa lang po ako mag aaply ng phil health and then due ko is october? hmm pwede ko po ba bayaran ng 1year yung phil health para po mapasok un phil health benefits? ty

    1. Hi gianne or simone, pay July Aug Sep so you can avail.
      Premium for Individual Payor is 200 pesos per month.

  249. Good day mam nors! May concern po ako. Due ko is October, 2014. Ang last payment ko sa philhealth is may 2013. Im planning to pay this july,2014-july,2015. Makakaavail pa ba ako ng benefits sa philhealth? May contribution ako since 2008 pa. Thanks!

      1. Hi Ma’am Nora, fix po ba dapat ang madeduct sa philhealth q? C.S operation po ako this Oct 2014 sa Medical City?thanks 🙂

  250. hi, ask lang po if what are the documents needed to present to the hospital na philhealth member ako, that i wanna use the benefits from my philhealt for my delivery. i am an active member ng philhealth at naka schedule for a cs operation this August 8, 2014 sa jose reyes hospital. ty

  251. Hi po! I just want to ask if my makukuha po ba akong benefits if nagstart lng po ako ng payment this month, July to Septemeber na po… Individual Payor-Informal Sector…My duedate is Decemeber po. May makuha po kaya ako? Kung hndi po, pano po kaya ang dapat gawin???

  252. Hi ask ko lang po, kasi due ko nitong august 2014. Kasi po employer ako ng jobee pero di nako pumasok ever since kaya di nahulugan last november pa kahit piso wala pang nailagay. Pwede ko pa bang hulugan yon for 1 year? Para magamit ko agad this august. Reply asap po. Para ma kapunta nako ng branch ng philhealth dto samin, thank you.

    1. Hi Giselle, you’re already late for May and June payment. You need to pay 3 of the 6 months before delivery. Ask Philhealth if you can avail if you pay 1 year in advance.

  253. ask ko lang po bayad po ako ng philhealth last 2012 ofw po kc ako , then 2013 nahinto po sya till now.. manganganak po kc ako dito sa pilipinas via CS delivery anu po ba dapat ko gawin para maka avail ng benifits ng philhealth due ko na po kc sa AUgust 18,2014

    1. Hi mylyn, go to Philhealth and pay as OFW with your OEC or any proof that you’re OFW. Pay July to Sep 2014 or 1 year so that your delivery date will be within the validity dates in your premium OR. Get your MDR.

  254. Nors,

    Ask ko lng if magamit ko philhealth ko employed po ako year 2009-2013.updated naman ngbyad ng eemployer ko hanggang dec.2013. Nag resign po ako tpos nitong june lng po ako ng voluntary member, hindi ko nbayaran yong jan 2014-june 2014, pero yong july 2014-dec 2014 byad na. 5 months pregnant ako ngaun mggamit ko ba ito a ng due ko is november…thanks

  255. good day po..tanong ko lang po kung mag kano ang maternity benifit .. nov.2014 po ang due date ko.. sa public hospital lang po ako manganganak .. ano po ba req. na ipapasa para maka claim .. tnx. po

    1. Hi Cherry, here are the requirements: Maternity coverage is 5k (2k for PF and 3k for hospital costs), but usually in public hospitals where there are no available meds or supplies, you will buy them, and then refund later on. Submit your Philhealth papers upon admission.

  256. hi po! manganganak po ako ngaung august 2014, sa government hospital pero sa charity lang po, nag contribute po ako sa philhealth ng 3 mos so bale may-july ang contribution ko kase from employed to voluntary ako. ask ko lang po how much ang ma reimburse sa hospital kahit charity, magkanu po pag normal at cs. and meron ba ako dapat kuhanin sa philhealth na mga docs before delivery? ty!

    1. Hi jen, I think you can use Philhealth only if you’re a paying patient, not charity. There are times when you’ll pay less or nothing when you’re a charity patient, and you’ll pay more if you use Philhealth as a paying patient. Ask around so you can decide. Based on comments here, patients at government hospitals buy their own meds/supplies because the hospitals don’t have enough meds/supplies. Ask people in the hospital.

      1. Hi Edna, sorry, no. File before discharge. No more direct filing with Philhealth.

  257. HI ! ask ko lang po if maii-consider yung contribution ko last year kahit d ako nkapaghulog ngayong year . Manganganak ako this year . may benefits pa den kaya ako make-claim sa PHILHEALTH ?

  258. Hi Nors ! Last year lang ako nkapaghulog sa PHILHEALth sguro 10months ako nkapagbayad . and ngayong year nde na ko nkapaghulog kasi d na ko nagwowork . May benefits pa den kaya ako makukuha kasi manganganak ako this year . ? THANKS !

    1. Hi rejjcorpuz, are you giving birth in Oct or Nov or Dec? Pay July to Sep and then Oct to Nov

  259. Hi Ma’am!

    Firstly, thank you for this wonderful blog of yours! Madami po kayong natutulungan. And I know you can also help me out with my query. I resigned from my work last April 2014, I am a Philhealth member pero hindi nako nakapagbayad since then. I will be giving birth via CS on March 2015 on my second child. How can I still avail of the benefits? Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Maye, update your member data and pay for Aug 2014 to Feb 2015, so you can get your updated MDR. You can also pay Aug to Oct and then the rest in Nov. Thanks for appreciating my efforts

  260. hi po,,ask ko lang po kc almost 1yr na po na stop ang hulog sa philheatlh and due ko na po dis aug.2014 kung bayaran ko po ng 1yr ung philhealth ko pde ko pa po ba sya ma avail.? hindi ko na po sna kc ggamitin ang philhealth ko kya lang ung mother ko is ggamitin din po ang philhealth ko para po sa pagopera ng mata nia,, pde po ba yun? anu po dapat kong gwin? thanks in advance..

    1. Hi maann, you can pay for July to Sep, so your mother can use it for her eye operation in October. If she’s not yet 60 years old, she can register as member. About your maternity, ask Philhealth if you can avail in August if you pay for 1 year in advance.

  261. Hi ms nora,
    Just had my d&c procedure sa level 4 hospital. My bill was almost 25,000 but my philheath deduction was only 6,600. My doc fee was free but my anesthesiologist fee was 6,000. How can i check this? Thanks a lot.

    1. Hi liezel, the coverage is 11k (6600 for hospital costs and 4400 for PF). 4400 might be given to your ob-gyne later on. Ask your hospital.

      1. Hi jen, pay July to Sep asap as Individual Payor, if your employer did not pay these months. Check with Philhealth, if you’re not sure.

      2. Hi Vanesa, in 2 to 5 months or more.

  262. Hi, I’m unemployed, but i’ve already paid my philhealth starting April-Dec 2014, so that’s 9 months. I’ll give birth this coming October 2014; CS. How much will be deducted from my hospital bill? Is deduction automatic before discharge? or should I file with Philhealth before I can use it? Shall I shoulder the payments at the hospital? Thanks

    1. Hi Jo Ann, your 19k Philhealth coverage should be deducted from your bill. But if this is a public hospital, usually you buy your own meds and supplies and you pay the doctor. Submit your Philhealth papers to the hospital at least 1 day before discharge. No more direct filing with Philhealth for refund. Ask your ob about total costs so you can prepare.

  263. Hi sally, sorry, premium payment should be before hospitalization. You can no longer pay for past quarters. Ask others too

  264. I’m a member of philhealth and my 17-year-old daughter will give birth. Can I use my Philhealth for her? from gemini

    1. Hi raquel/gemini, yes, your daughter can use your Philhealth, but it’s better if she registers and pays as member, so her child can be covered.

  265. Hello. May I ask if I still have to pay if I get admitted in a public hospital. I’m a Philhealth member. I’m scheduled this august 28 for cesarean. Will 19k be deducted from my bill? Or will I pay and then refund later on? Thanks.

    1. Hi fezen, you should submit your Philhealth papers so your coverage will be deducted immediately. But usually, in a public hospital, you buy your own meds and supplies, and you pay the doctor, as you’re a paying patient. So prepare your money. Talk with your ob regarding her PF and the PF coverage from Philhealth.

  266. Hi can I avail of philhealth? I gave birth april 2014. Was unemployed since july 2013. Thanks

    1. Hi santi, if you did not pay at least 3 months within Oct 2013 to Mar 2014, you were not eligible.

  267. I’m a philhealth member, but I resigned end of dec 2013. My ob says I might deliver Dec or Nov. My first baby. What months should I pay to avail of Philhealth? Thank you

    1. Hi anne, pay for July to Oct asap as Individual Payor (Informal Sector). Or July to Nov.

  268. Hi zet, yes, pay Sep to Dec, and you will be covered in Jan. But register now and pay for July to Sep, so beginning Oct, you’re already covered. And then in Oct or Nov, pay for Oct to Dec. Payment is 200 pesos per month.

  269. Good day mam nora, how many months before we can refund what we spent for meds? my son had surgery last may 23. thanks.

    1. Hi emelyn, was the operation in a public hospital? Because your Philhealth coverage should have been deducted. Wait for your benefit payment notice and then ask your refund from the hospital. It may take 2 to 5 months or more.

  270. Hi maam, tanong ko lang sana… diba may bago ng patakaran ang philhealth ngayon mejo hindi po ako kabisado… manganganak na po kasi ako this september pumunta po ako sa hospital para mag inquire kung makano yung mababayaran for normal delivery. kasi private room kukunin ko so half lang babayaran ko sa room since cover ng philhealth ang half. ang tanong ko po sa kanila kung makano mababayaran ko lahat lahat kaltas na po philhealth sabi ng hospital 15,000 more or less kasi 5,000 po ang covered ng philhealth.. ganun po ba kalaki ang charging ng hospital? at nag tanong din ako about sa CS nila tapos OB ward lang cover ng philhealth is 19,0000 tapos sabi nang hospital more or less ang mababayaran ay 50,000 kaltas na ang philhealth non… nag taka kasi ako yung kakilala ko na CS sa kanilang hospital tapos OB ward din at philhealth sya nabayaran nya lang ay 20,0000 kaya po nag taka ako bakit iba yung bill ng kakilala ko sa sinabi ng taga hospital nung nag tanong ako. thanks for in advance sa sagot. god bless

    1. Hi Irish, it’s not correct that Philhealth will pay half of your room. Philhealth deduction for normal delivery at a hospital is only 5k (3k for hospital and 2k for doctor). For CS, deduction is 19k (11,400 for hospital and 7,600 for PF). You will pay the balance. If the room is private, the doctor’s fee is higher. Hospitals and doctors charge different rates; many charge higher fees, so you ask several hospitals/doctors in your area. Read the above post for info about prenatal care and newborn care

  271. Hi keila, yes, you can avail in Oct. You can pay Oct to Dec after you give birth.

  272. gud day po mam nora!ask ko lang po sana kung may makukuha parin kami sa philhelt?nanganak po ako through cs may discount na po ksi kaming 7,600 s pf pro until now po wla pa po kaming narerceive na notice galing sa philhealth 0ct.2012 pa po anko nanganak,nagpunta po ako sa hospital at nag-inquire kung wla bang naging prob.ung papers n pinasa namin ang sabi po sa akin bka dw po saknila nagbayad ung philhelt..ano po dapat ko gawin?thanks po!

    1. Hi beng, CS coverage is 19k, 7600 for PF and 11400 for hospital expenses. If 11400 was not deducted from your bill, you can go to the hospital with your hospital bill and OR and ask for refund. Xerox your docs.

  273. hi gooday ask ko lng po i resigned last february 2014 and di na nkahulog pa and my due date is nov can i still avail maternity benefits or pede bng mghulog for missed payments to complete the 9 payments needed in a year to avail the benefits??? thank you

    1. Hi kimberly, it’s only 3 months now. Pay July to Oct today or asap, so you can avail.

  274. hi po .. ask ko lang po kung magagamit ko na ung philhealth ko this month kaka aply ko lang po kasi nung july …..

    1. Hi maryrose, you can start using it in October; not yet in September. Ask others too

  275. hi po. 1st week of december na po ako manganganak. Then by monday(09/08/14) po ako mgpaparegster sa philhealth mghuhulog dw po ako ng php600. Mgagamit ko po ba yung philhealth benefits ko pgkapngank ko? Tnx po

  276. Hi,
    I have question this is my 2nd baby I want to check how much would be my philhealth benefit I am giving birth this coming Nov 2014.

    1. Hi cecil, please see above post. Coverage is 5k if hospital and 6500 if lying-in.

  277. Hello po. pwede po ba ma-reimburse sa philhealth ang binayad sa private doctor ng nanganak na member ng philhealth?

    1. Hi Faye, the coverage for maternity PF is 2k, and this should have been deducted from the bill. Direct filing by members with Philhealth is no longer allowed.

  278. hi po manganganak po ako sa feb. 3, 2014,ngstart po ako mgcontribute ng sss last 2010.but then hindi po regula ang work ko.palipat lipat po ako ng work.minsan may months or a year ako wala im working again start may 28, 2014 to present.may makukuha po ba ako philhealth benefits?how much po?sabi po kase pag normal delivery wala na daw po babayaran.true po ba?thanks

    1. Hi niks, make sure your premiums until Jan 2014 are paid, so you can avail.
      Benefit amount is 5k, if in hospital, and 6500 if maternity or lying-in clinic. In most cases, you will still pay. But if you like, find a more affordable lying-in clinic, and ask their maternity packages for Philhealth members.

  279. good day! miss, ask ko lng po if mag aapply po ako ngayon sa philhealth tapos babayaran ko ung 1 year payments (voluntary), pwede ko po ba maavail ung maternity benefits? manganganak po ako last wik of november 2014 or 1st wik po ng december 2014. need your reply po.. asap.. maraming salamat!

  280. dec.11,2014 is my due date. my former company paid for nov.2013-june 2014. should have paid until july 2014 because i left august 15. can i pay july-sept 2014 then oct-dec2014 so i can avail of my benefit?

    1. Hi Jhoan, yes, you’re right, pay for jul to sep asap. then next month or in nov, pay for Oct to dec

  281. Hi what’s the maximum limit for reimbursement of meds? c-section for my wife at a government hospital, total bill was 15,900 while medicine is 11,000. our bill was deducted with 13,000, which is charged to philhealth so our cash out was 2,900 which is excess of the hospital bill. They said it would be 5 months before we get the notice, after which we can go to philhealth for reimbursement of medicines. our worry is that due to the length of time waiting, we can no longer reimburse from philhealth. my number was used for my wife’s case.

    1. Hi Michael, the benefit for CS is 19k (11400 for hospital expenses and meds and 7600 for PF). Do you mean the 11,000 worth of medicines were bought by you, and separate from the hospital bill? If the 13k deduction from your bill covered hospital expenses, then, sad to say, you can no longer refund from the hospital because the 11400 Philhealth benefit for hospital costs and meds is already used up. I’m puzzled that they told you to reimburse from Philhealth, as there’s no longer direct member claiming from Philhealth. Ask others too

  282. Good eve. May i ask if medicine after CS delivery for 3 days stay in the hospital is also included in the maternity benèfit package ? Thanks

    1. Hi Elizabeth, the 19k coverage is only for services and meds used while confined in the hospital. Cost of meds to be used outside the hospital is not covered.

  283. hello, my due is this 1st week or 2nd week of october. what if usually lvl1 govt hospital, we still have to pay? or i’d just pay the doctor?

    1. Hi jerenaru, in most govt hospitals, a lot of meds or supplies are not available, so you will be asked to buy meds or supplies outside the hospital, so prepare money. Usually, the 6500k is enough for normal delivery (plus 1750 for newborn care), and usually, PF is free, as long as you don’t ask for a specific doctor, and specific room. Submit your Philhealth docs before discharge. You can refund from the hospital later on the meds you bought outside, if you don’t spend the full 6500 for hospital costs.

  284. Hi Ms. Nora! Ask ko lang po if I can still avail the philhealth benefit if I will resign from my work 3 months prior I give birth? I am expected to delivery the baby in april next year 2015. I started contributing last year 2013 month of may and has planned to resign next year 2015 month of january. Do I still have to contribute something after my resignation at work para ma avail ang benefit? Looking forward for your respond. Thank you and God bless 🙂

    1. Hi Jane, yes, it’s better you pay Jan to Mar as individual payor. But to prepare for stricter hospitals, ask your employer for a cert of premium payments with OR nos. for Oct 2013 to Jan 2014. God bless too and happy maternal days.

  285. Hi Ms.Nora..:My husband has started on his new work last May20,2014.. His philhealth account is active until now.. I am his dependent, and i am going to give birth on Oct28 or on the 2nd week of november… His first quarter of contribution has started from june-august. I am going to give birth into a lying-in and is a philhealth accredited.
    Can my husband’s philhealth and contribution be qualified or approved for us to avail it on my delivery date?

  286. How much does Philhealth cover for normal delivery for indigent members confined in a private hospital? Thanks?

    1. Hi Anna, coverage is 5k pesos only (3k for hospital expenses and 2k for PF).

  287. Hi can i use my philhealth maternity benefits at the same time with my husband’s Phihealth? Is the maternity benefit fixed at 19k if CS? Or depending on the contribution?

    1. Hi marjorie, you can use only 1 Philhealth membership, yours only. A wife can use her husband’s Philhealth if she’s not a Philhealth member. Yes, the 19k maternity benefit for CS is fixed, regardless of amount of contributions.

  288. Hi if a married couple are both active members in philhealth, does the rule say only one is used, or are the benefits doubled?

    1. Hi lea, only one membership is used. No, the benefits are not doubled.

  289. Employed. Due date Dec 3 or last week of Nov. My COC is oct, as it’s my last contribution. member for 1yr and 5mos. not paying present employer. need to rest to prevent preterm labor.thanks

    1. Hi mei, do you mean you paid until Sep or until Oct? If yes, you can use Philhealth in Nov or Dec. If you give birth in Dec, ask for your coc in Nov, as Philhealth requires a coc to be not older than 30 days. Ask others too

  290. maam, may i ask for advice.since 2011, i paid only 2 or 3 months to philhealth when i had a job. now i’m unemployed and indigent. what should i do to prepare for my delivery this January? Can i pay philhealth? How much and how many months?

    1. Hi Melissa, go to the nearest Philhealth with your ID and 600 pesos. Update your member data (PMRF form. Look for these and check: For Updating, Informal Sector, No Income). Pay 600 pesos to pay for Oct to Dec 2014 (200 pesos per month). Make sure these are the months on the receipt. You get your MDR and Philhealth card. Keep your receipt. You can avail in Jan or Feb 2015.

  291. Hi I’m a philhealth member and I’m using my married name. Separated for 10 years from my husband who has another family. I have a live-in partner and I’m two mos. pregnant. I’ll use the surname of my baby’s father after I give birth and not my married name. I’ll use PhilHeath for my delivery. Will PhilHealth declare it even if it’s different from my first husband’s surname? marriage cert is needed, right? Pls advise me. And about filing ng maternity benefits, what are the requirements? Does it depend on the clinic if there’s prenatal care benefits so I can also apply? Need your answers. Thank you and God bless!

    1. Hi miss, yes, if you change your surname with Philhealth, you must present a court declaration of legal separation. But if you have a valid ID with your surname already your live-in partner’s surname (although this is doubtful because you must be married before you can legally use his surname), then you can register with Philhealth as a new member, and so you can get a new Philhealth no.
      Another option is to continue using your Philhealth under your married surname. You can use your Philhealth for you delivery even if the surname of your baby is different from your married surname. The birth certificate will show you as the mother and your live-in partner as the father.
      For requirements:

  292. Maria monette Alburo

    Hi can I use my Philhealth for my daughter who is 18 years and unmarried for her child delivery? She’s listed as my dependent

    1. Hi Maria, yes, you can. But if there are still 3 months prior to her month of delivery, it’s better if she registers as new member so her baby can also be covered by Philhealth in case of additional baby care. Her baby cannot be your dependent.

  293. Hi, just want to ask how long after will I recieve BPN after I deliver my baby? Due this coming nov 16. Can I get a refund from the hospital? or shopuld I get a refund?. Me and my husband decided to deliver our 2nd baby at a goverment hosp. According to hospital, normal delivery cost is P2500 or more, estimated. What happens to the remaining P4k? currently working as CSR on a big company. been contributing for 1 year plus to philhealth. hope for your response.

    1. Hi hannah kay, it seems that you won’t pay anything to the hospital as 2500 is less than 5k (3k for hospital expense; 2k for PF). The excess from the benefit will go to the hospital to help them pay meds and personnel.

  294. Hi, I will be delivering my 2nd baby this nov 16 and I am currently employed in a big company, me and my husband planned to deliver my baby in a government hospital near here in our place. Since philhealth has maternity benefit of P6500 and as I have asked the hosp. that normal delivery will only cost 2500-3K. Just want to ask what will happen to the remaining 2k from my maternity benefit? or should I get any refunds? hoping for your responds

    1. Hi hannah, the excess will go to the hospital to help them buy medicines and pay doctors.

  295. I’m abroad. Plan is to be in pinas by 32-34 weeks pregnant. Am I Covered? I’ll pay OEC here in abroad.

    1. Hi Mary Ann, yes, you can avail as OFW by making sure that the date of your delivery is within the validity dates in your receipt. For example, if you pay for Nov 10, 2014 to June 2015, your delivery date should be within Nov 10, 2014 to June 10, 2015.

  296. Hi po..I resigned from my job last sept. and I just wanna know wat should i do so i could avail the maternity benefit..i’m due to give birth on march..thanks.

    1. Hi Riel, pay as individual payor for Nov 2014 to Feb 2015 so you can avail. Pay at philhealth so you can get your card and MDR.


    1. Hi laika, there’s coverage for D&C. You should have asked for deduction before discharge. Filing with Philhealth by patient is no longer accepted.

  298. Hi maam, I had already updated my member data and paid 600 as Informal Sector, No Income for Oct to Dec 2014. I just had my ultrasound this afternoon, and the doctor confirmed that I’m 34 weeks pregnant already.Would I still be able to avail of the benefit from Philhealth? Or do I have to backtrack my payment for me to avail on December?

  299. Hi maam, I had already updated my member data and paid 600 pesos for October to December 2014 as Informal Sector, No Income. I just had my ultrasound this afternoon, and the doctor confirmed that I’m 34 weeks pregnant already.Would I still be able to avail of the benefit from Philhealth? Or is it possible for me to backtrack unpaid months for me to avail on December?

  300. hi I’m preggy of twins. my husband and I are both police officers. Can we use both our philhealth for my delivery?

    1. Hi cindy, you can use only one — your own Philhealth.

  301. Hi Ms Nors! I’ll register this week. I plan to pay in advance for 1 yr. May 2014 is due date. Can Philhealth cover my delivery. Thanks!

    1. Hi Chrizelle, yes, register at Philhealth and pay Oct 2014 to Apr 2015. Coverage is 5k pesos. Submit prenatal ORs worth at least 1500 pesos (together with maternity claim) to get 1500 refund from Philhealth.

  302. My sis gave birth at a public hospital and all meds were bought by us outside. We spent around 5k. Will philhealth refund our expenses? How do we file. thanks

    1. Hi cris, you should have filed with the hospital and submitted your ORs, so the hospital can file with Philhealth. Philhealth no longer allows direct filing by members.

  303. Good day. my Philhealth was paid from 2013 to oct.2013 by my company. I paid starting july 2014 as self-employed up to dec.2014. I’ll give birth this dec. can I avail for my maternity benefit. and what if I give birth at a lying in not philhealth accredited? can i refund from philhealth?

    1. Hi mary grace, yes, you can avail. But you cannot avail at a clinic or hospital that is not Philhealth accredited. Philhealth no longer allows direct filing by member with Philhealth

  304. hi ms.nora, this is angel. can I use my past contributions from april2012 to sept2013. I resigned oct.2013. This 3rd and 4th quarter 2014 i became self employed. may 2015 is my expected date of delivery. thanks

    1. Hi angel, continue paying so you can avail. Pay asap this Dec for Oct to Dec 2014. Then next quarter, pay for Jan to Apr 2015. If your MDR is old, go to Philhealth and update your member data form. You can pay there too.

  305. Hi ms.nora, Im rose, can I avail of philhealth for my 4th baby? some say Philhealth covers only up to the 3rd baby. Thanks po and god bless.

    1. Hi roseann, yes, you can avail up to your 4th baby.

  306. ask ko lang open po ba ang philhealth sa malolos sa december 22-23 2014?? para ma-update at makapagbayad ako ng 3mos. para magamit ko sa january 2015, dba 600pesos po yung babayaran? and anong mga dates pa sila bukas this december? and if d ako makabayad can I still pay sa 1st week of january pls reply thank you

  307. good PM ms. can my father’s philhealth be used by my wife for her delivery. im turning 21 in march 2015. am i qualified?. thanks god bless.HAPPY NEW YEAR

    1. Hi eric, you can be a dependent of your father until you turn 21. But your wife CANNOT be a dependent of your father. Your wife should register with Philhealth

  308. i gave birth nov.9 at a private hospital. i paid my ob 17000, philhealth deduction was 3,000 only. paid pedia 3500; no deduction. can i still get a refund from philhealth? thanks

    1. Hi siren, sad to say that Philhealth’s coverage for delivery is only 5k (3k for hospital and 2k for PF). Usually, the 2k is not deducted. The OB usually wants cash in full. I don’t know if the hospital gives the 2k as additional to the OB later on. For pedia, the coverage is 1750, but if the pedia is not accredited, there’s no deduction.

  309. jennevie fangonilo

    first time to be a member of philhealth. what are the requirements? will i pay? what status should i use? our marriage was not registered as my husband had a problem with her birth certificate. we were married may 21 2011. and we have a child. can i cover my child and husband? i’m pregnant with our second child. will be cesarean this coming april 2015. thanks

    1. Hi jennevie, register asap at Philhealth with your ID. Pay 600 pesos for Jan to Mar. Bring your child’s birth cert (orig and xerox). About your husband, you can register your marriage cert with your local registrar, then update your MDR, so you can register your husband as your dependent (bring marriage cert from local registrar). by the way, i’m not a doctor and not with Philhealth

  310. hi good day, can i avail philhealth this july as this july 2015 is my duedate coz im pregnant. then last may 2014 was my last payment. can i avail if i pay this year january 2015?

    1. Hi irene, yes, pay asap Jan to Mar, then in April, pay April to June, so you can avail.

  311. Hi Ms Nors. I worked and have Philhealth since May 2014. end of contract this Jan.05,2015. So I guess I paid philhealth from May2014 to Dec2014. I’m now 6 weeks pregnant and my OB advised me to continue paying philhealth as unemployed so I can use it for my delivery. Is that true? What are needed? Thanks

    1. Hi mica, yes, what your OB said is true. Go to Philhealth with your ID, fill up member data form and then pay for Jan to Mar. Next quarter, pay for Apr to June. 3rd quarter, pay for July to Sep.

  312. good day, my wife will be giving birth maybe 1st week of march this year, just correct me if i am wrong. the philhealth deduction is primarily salary basis which means the higher your salary the higher contribution to philhealth. my question is, does it mean that if you have lower salary, you receive lower benefits of either? if the same, shouldn’t be unfair to those who arecontributing large amounts of money? thanks

    1. Hi fadj, benefit amounts are the same for all types of members, whether for high-premium-payors or low-premium payors, and yes, it’s unfair. But Philhealth is a social insurance program — it’s not private, meaning it’s not for-profit (it gets huge subsidies from the government) — so it operates this “unfair” way. I agree that the 5k assistance for normal delivery at a hospital is a pittance, compared to the actual hospital cost, but because of the high number of births, Philhealth has to allocate its funds. Yes, if there’s no corruption, then we can expect more, but as I know you know, corruption in the Phils is too stressful to talk about.

  313. hi what are level 1 hospital and 2 hospital

    1. Hi ghie, level 1 and 2 hospitals are smaller hospitals. Level 1 has about 20 to 30 beds while level 2 has about 50 to 100 beds. There are also level 1 hospitals with many beds but offer only basic medical services.

  314. Hi, I would just like to ask how much refund can i claim? I paid the maternity clinic 5,300. 1,800 for the pedia, and 3,500 for the clinic. I also paid the 15,000 for the the doctor’s pf. I also have pre-natal care from that clinic every month until I had given birth.

    1. Hi Kristine, did your submit your Philhealth to them and have they filed it with Philhealth? If yes, wait for your benefit payment notice to be delivered by registered mail, then ask your refund from your clinic. The correct process should have been deduction of 6500 from your bill. There’s 1750 benefit for newborn care, if all procedures were performed.

  315. Good morning. I’m member of philhealth. I worked since march 2014 and resigned january 2015. Due next month, in march. Can I use my philhealth maternity benefits? Is it really required at a birthing home that i submit all requirements to avail phic benefits 1 month before giving birth? With signature, and they’ll write the date? I worry that I couldn’t avail. Next month is my due and I have not submitted. Thank u!

    1. Hi Brynette, submission of docs 1 month before is not required, but if it’s the policy of the birthing home, because they might want to be sure you’re qualified, or they have other valid reasons, and you know that they’re reliable, then you can consider submitting earlier. Do you already have a certification of premium payment with OR nos. from your former employer? Keep copies of your docs and politely ask them to sign that they have received your docs.

  316. GudDay. Is it true that if you’re a philhealth member, you cannot use your husband’s philhealth. Is it true that if you haven’t paid for 5 months, your Philhealth is deactivated or canceled?

    1. Hi juie, partially true. If you’re a Philhealth member and not employed, and have not paid on time, and you want to be your husband’s dependent, your husband should update his Philhealth records by registering you as his dependent. He presents his ID, your marriage certificate and your letter asking Philhealth to cancel your membership as you’re unemployed and register you as your husband’s dependent. About not paying for 5 months: You’re still a Philhealth member, but you will not be able to use your Philhealth because you have not paid 3 of the 6 months prior to hospitalization.

  317. Good day po, I gave birth at a lying in on June 21,2016. The baby is out po when the one who should assist me arrived. but my bill reached 7600, with Philhealth already deducted. normal delivery is billed 12k. Is their deduction correct? Even if I’m covered for 1 year. take note the doctor was not with me, but I was still billed for doctor’s fee. Will we get a discount? thank you po.

    1. Hi Arnie, how much was your total bill and how much was deducted? If your deduction was less than 6,500, then ask your lying-in why 6,500 was not deducted. You can see how much was paid by Philhealth to the lying-in when you receive your benefit payment notice from Philhealth via postal mail

  318. Hi po what documents are needed for Cs coverage?

    1. Hi Anna, it’s the same for every patient — MDR, applicable premium payment receipt, claim form 1. Some hospitals ask for Philhealth ID or any ID.

  319. hello po, gud day po. as what i have read from the comments po, just want to double check. i paid my self employed starting april and so on. by december po i will deliver my baby through caesarian section. so will i be covered po? thanks po in advance since you said at least 9-12 mos payment for self employed will be covered before the delivery, am i right po?

    1. Hi bang, if you deliver in Dec, you should have paid July to Sep or Oct to Dec. But of course, it’s better that you have paid July to Dec. Eligibility now is payment of at least 3 months within the 6 months PRIOR to delivery (delivery month is included in the 6-month counting).

      1. nanganak po aq sa lying in clinic pero patay po ng nailabas q. gusto q po sana mag apply for reimbusrement kaso need daw po ng waiver sa pinag paanakan kaso nung nag request aq s clinic ayaw nila aq bigyan ng waiver. matatanggalan dw po kc cla ng accredited..totoo po ba yun? and ano po ba ang dapat kong gawin?

        1. Hi keisha, are they really accredited? Did they accept your Philhealth documents before you were discharged? What they can do is to accept your Philhealth documents and they file your claim with Philhealth, and then when they receive the cheque, you refund the money from them, showing your OR. So keep your OR. Bakit daw hindi sila ang mag-file ng claim? Here’s a list of accredited maternity clinics.

  320. nanganak po aq sa lying in pero patay po nung nailabas q ung baby, nagbayad po kmi ng cash sa clinic..nag apply aq ng reimbursement sa philhealth need daw ng waiver sa pinag paanakan kaso ayw aq bigyan ng waiver sa clinic masisira daw ang pangalan ng clinic nia and mawawala daw ang accredited nia..totoo po b un? ano po ang dapat kong gawin?

  321. Hi good evening, ms.nora tanong ko lang po kung maavail ko pa po ba since october po ang due ko and bayad ko lang po ay july-aug-sept.

    maaavail din po ba pag private room?

    if painless?

    thankyou. Godbless 🙂

  322. Reshell Ann gonzales

    Hi if your giving birth at lying. And your lying clinic is not covered with philhealth can I also avail the maternity benefits because I’m a member? Hope for your respond thank you.

    1. Hi Reshell, sorry no. To avail of Philhealth, your OB or midwife and your lying-in clinic should both be Philhealth-accredited.

  323. Hi.manganganak po aq this december 2016.nghulog po aq this april may june s philhealth..need q papo ba mghulog ng july august september??thank u

  324. Hi Ms. Nora,

    Philhealth member po ako since 2006. Kaso ngayon po may new work na ako and then na endo ako last january pero ung hulog lang ng company is until dec. 2015 lang ang balak ko mag vo volunteer na lang ako. Ang question ko po is kelan po ako pede magstart ng hulog since im 5 mos. pregnant now and may due date is april 2017. Para maavail ko po ung benefits. Thank you so much and more power.

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