Can I Avail of My Philhealth Benefit? I’m an Individual Payor

Updated February 8, 2018

There are so many readers asking about their eligibility for Philhealth benefits, so I am again responding with the most important details.

3 MONTHLY PREMIUMS up to September 30, 2018 only

For Individual Payors, the eligibility requirement of 3 monthly payments within 6 months prior to month of confinement is effective until September 30, 2018 only. Confinement month is included in the 6-month count.


Starting October 1, 2018, effective na ang 9-months-within-12-months eligibility rule ng Philhealth.

Para ma-qualify for Philhealth coverage, show receipts showing your payment for 9 months within the past 12 months prior to confinement. Isama mo sa pagbilang ng 12 months ang month of confinement.


Many hospitals require you to submit your Philhealth documents upon admission, or 1 day before your discharge.

Many hospitals do not deduct your Philhealth if your Philhealth documents are not complete.



Submit your Philhealth documents to your hospital upon admission or at least 1 day before discharge.  You can no longer file your own claim at a Philhealth branch.

Only members hospitalized overseas can file with Philhealth.  Certain emergency cases may be considered.

Note: For those who were hospitalized in January 2018 and whose claims were denied due to the new 9-months-within-12-months rule, request for your Philhealth claim forms and documents at the hospital where you were confined. and then file for refund directly at the nearest Philhealth branch.



Yes and No.

Useless because you CANNOT use your premium payments in the 1990s, 2000s, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 for your current confinement.

Your premium payments in the past are useful ONLY for your application for Free Lifetime Membership when you turn 60 years old.

Actually, past years’ payments have become useless already because now, all Senior Citizens — lahat — can get Free Lifetime Philhealth membership, whether they were members before or not.



1.  Receipt of Premium Payment

2.  Updated MDR from Philhealth

3.  Claim Form 1  (usually available at the hospital)

*  For maternity cases, submit 2 sheets of Claim Form 1 (one for your maternity coverage and the other for your baby’s newborn care or other types of medical care. You can use your baby’s birth certificate which will be issued by the hospital.)

*  Some hospitals might require additional documents:

. Philhealth ID or any valid ID

. Marriage certificate  (if patient is a dependent spouse)

. Birth certificate of child (if patient is a dependent child)

. Birth certificate of member and senior citizen ID of parent

(if patient is a dependent parent)

 Note:  Present original and xerox copies.  The hospital will decide which to accept, whether the original or the xerox copy.





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  1. Ok ms. Nors thanks. I think it’s possible I won’t be able to avail of Philhealth. Makati Med might require 6 months of contributions. I wasn’t aware that hospitals vary in their Philhealth docs policies.

  2. Hello NHIP Team,
    I am about to give birth this coming 1st week of September, I’ve already prepared my papers such as:
    1) 2 copies CF-1
    2) Original and photocopy of my Official Receipt for April-June contribution because I’m individually paying member
    3) Updated MDR
    I am planning to give birth either at AUF, St.Raphael or at the clinic of Dra.Bacud -> may I ask the following:
    1) How much NSD benefit can I get?
    2) I wasn’t able to pay for Jan-Mar 2014, will I have a problem in claiming my benefits?Hope to hear from you. Thank you.

    1. Hi Rania, the coverage for normal delivery is 5k (if big hospital) and 6500 if clinic or primary hospital). 1750 for newborn care; 1500 for prenatal if you submit prenatal ORs in your name, worth at least 1500. Pay for July Aug if possible.

      1. Hi po. do formal and informal members get the same maternity benefits?

        1. Hi kym, yes, all types of members get the same maternity benefits; even employees paying higher premiums get the same 5k maternity benefit (hospital delivery).

  3. Hi! I was previously employed, but this year I became voluntary because I no longer work. I paid April2014-December2014. I’ll give birth possibly in October this year. Can I use my maternity benefits ko? Are informal sector and voluntary the same? My mdr says informal sector. Thankyou

  4. Does the new Philhealth rule of 3-within-6-months-before-confinement cover maternity? When did this policy start? thank you.

    1. Hi susan, the 3-within-6-prior-to-delivery policy for Individual Payors started last Nov 2013.

      1. Hi ms nora, can i pay 3 months this december? i will gve birth on january.

        1. Hi joice, yes pay asap this Dec for Oct to Dec 2014 and avail in Jan.

      2. Hi gud eve ms nora I’ll give birth within 3rd wik of feb 2015 not sure maybe 1st wik of march 2015. last pay to phil health is march 2014. how can I avail?

        1. Hi kisses, you can pay asap for Jan to march 2015, and if you give birth in Mar, you can avail. If in Feb, you might not qualify.

          1. Hello Ms. Nora! I just registered to Philhealth just this February. I’m about to give on last week of June or early July. I wonder if I can avail the Maternity Benefits if I could pay the 3 months? Quite confused. Individual payor by the way. Thank you so much.

          2. Hi Mitzi, yes, pay Feb to June or March to June so you can avail.

  5. Hi Good day! Just want to know, regardless of the monthly contribution (100,200,300) still had the same benefits or deductions Cesarean Delivery?

  6. gud day. i was a previous member. stopped paying last march. april until now i’ve not paid. can I pay April to Dec? Can I avail of benefits?

    1. Hi stacy, you can pay July to Sep today until Sep 30. You can avail in Oct.

  7. Hi good day. Im 22 unemployed and unmarried. Is it possible to avail of my maternity benefits if i register today?

    1. Hi franz, if you register today, you’ll pay Oct to Dec. You can use it if you give birth in Jan or Feb or Mar.

      1. hi ms nora lm a voluntary member.. i paid oct- dec 2014 my due date is on march 2015 can i avail the benefit/? thanks..

        1. Hi Mary joy, yes, but to be sure, pay also Jan to March 2015 asap.

  8. Help please. how to avail my benefits if we didn’t pay last 2 quarters. we paid last quarter oct- dec. And jan-june, 2015. we were just discharged and we paid in full. they said we can refund if we can pass the O.R from july to september, but philhealth refused to accept our payment.

    1. Hi diamond, the payment deadline for Jul to Sep is Sep 30. For every quarter, the deadline is the last day of the quarter. Sorry I don’t know what else to suggest.

  9. Hello, I need your help. I will give birth on NOVEMBER, but the hospital people said that I might not be able to use philhealth because I started paying on APRIL, saying I should have started January. I paid APRIL TO NOVEMBER. AM i eligible to use my philhealth? I am individually paying. thank you

  10. Hi mam nora. My last payment was april-june 2014; was not able to pay july until now. Can we continue paying?

    1. Hi che, you can pay for Oct to Dec 2014 and the next months. Sorry the payment deadline for July to Sep has passed. Ask others too

  11. hello, when Can I avail philhealth benefit for delivery after paying the annual payment of 2,400? plan to be member this month and pay in full 2,400. will give birth this month. can i use it immediately?

    1. Hi rox, sad to say, if you’re due this month, you should have at least 3 of the past 6 months. But if you’re OFW and have proof, yes, you can avail. Ask others too.

  12. Hi po. Nagbayad po ako last july-dec as a voluntary. Duedate q po is dec, magagamit ko po ba philhealth maternity q? Tnx

    1. Hi mech, sad to say, outpatient consultations are not covered.

      1. Hi ms, i am 2 months pregnant and my expected date of delivery is on june 2015. was previously a member of philhealth but i stopped paying. if i start paying philhealth this month of october, can i avail of maternity benefits for my delivery?

        1. Hi Judy, yes, you can avail of your maternity coverage if you pay early next year for Jan to May 2015. If you want to be Philhealth-covered as early as Jan, pay TODAY or tomorrow or Dec 31 for Oct to Dec 2014.

  13. hi good day ! can i avail my philhealth maternity benefits ? i am 18years old .and 7months pregnant ..

  14. i am a philhealth member and an ofw here in uae. i gave birth last july 31, 2014.can i also claim for maternity benefits? what are the requirements and when is the deadline of submission? how much will be my maternity benefits?
    please advise. thank you.

    1. hi Rachel, file within 180 days from discharge date. Benefit is 5k pesos plus 1750 if you submit newborn care papers. Submit MDR, premium receipt that covers July 31, 2014, hospital papers and OR, birth certificate if newborn care benefit is claimed, copy of ID, claim form 1 for you and claim form 1 for baby if newborn care is claimed.

  15. Hi Nora! Just want to ask how many times a year philhealth will cover hospitalization? may 2nd child was hospitalized 3 weeks ago for 3 days. Then today my 3rd child was admitted too. Can we still avail of our philhealth benefits? Thank you!

    1. Hi che, sorry my reply might be late already. I hope you got answers from others. Yes, your 3rd child can be covered also. You can use Philhealth many times, up to the limits. Limits are: You have a confinement allowance of 45 days per year. Your dependents share another set of allowance of 45 days per year. Only one confinement is covered if a patient is admitted for 2 or more times for the same illness or treatment within 90 days.

  16. Hello, im a former ofw and my last contribution is on June 2014. I became unemployed from July to September 2014 and failed to pay my monthly dues.but since October 2014 i am locally employed. Now, my son is admitted in the hospital, is there a chance of claiming my benefits? is it still possible to pay July to September?thanks

    1. Hi Gelo, sorry, but the deadline for paying July to Sep is Sep 30. I don’t know if Philhealth considers it if you pay for Oct after admission. If you pay for Oct, then you have 3 months paid (May, June, Oct) within 6 months prior to confinement and you should qualify.

  17. can i avail benefits of philhealth twice in a month?

    1. Hi maeva, yes, but not the same illness or treatment. For hemodialysis, chemotherapy, cataract removal, yes, in the same month.

  18. Glory Jane Bernardino

    Just registered today. And payed for the month of Oct to December. I’ll be going to give birth on the 1stweek of March. Can I avail my maternity benefits. Im giving birth via C-section. Please Help. Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi Glory, yes, you can avail. But it’s better if you also pay for Jan to Feb 2015.

  19. hi poh…ma avail ko po ba philhealth benefits nagbayad po ako jul to dec.2014

  20. Good day can I avail of maternity benefit? I paid for april may june then missed july aug.sep oct. I paid this nov. Expected delivery is nov.29

    1. Hi yheng, sorry, you might not be able to avail. You should have paid at least 3 months within May to Oct. But if you give birth in Dec, you can avail because you have paid 3 months (May June Nov). Ask others too

  21. are the benefits the same even if the monthly contributions are not the same? Some pay minimum and others pay higher amounts.

    1. Hi jaelica, yes, benefit amounts are the same. Amounts of Philhealth deductions for all treatments or conditions are fixed.

  22. Hi. Can i use my philhealth twice this month? One is for my maternity and other is for my mom’s cataract surgery ( both on the same month Nov). Thanks

    1. Hi Tess, yes, if your mother is 60 or older and her name is written as your dependent in your MDR

  23. Hi. Can i use my philhealth twice this month for my maternity and for my mom’s cataract surgery? Thanks

    1. Hi Tess, yes. Your MDR should show your mother’s name as your dependent. Your mother should be 60 or older.

  24. Hi. Can I pay jan-december 2014 as voluntary? last pay by my employer was dec 2013.

    1. Hi maryflor, you’re late for Jan to Sep. Pay asap Oct to Dec 2014. Payment deadline for every quarter is the last business day of the quarter.

  25. Good day. I haven’t paid my contributions since I left the country. I will be back in the Philippines by January 2015. If I pay my contribution for the last quarter of this year and the 1st quarter of 2015, will I be able to avail of the benefits in case I’ll be hospitalized there? (Preparing for the worst case scenario)

    1. Hi Cherry, yes, if you pay for the last quarter. Payment deadline is last business day of the last quarter. But you can also pay in advance Jan to Mar 2015, as you planned.

  26. Hi, im kinda confsused here.. I worked january-may 2014 so the company is paying for my philhealth. Then i stopped working. Im planning to pay it on my own anytime this week. I just wanna know, if i will apply this month can i use the benefits on april 2015? Coz im gonna give birth by april or may 2015.. Thanks

    1. Hi kris, yes, update asap your data at Philhealth. Get your MDR and card. Then pay for Oct to Dec, then later on Jan to Apr. Payment deadline for every quarter is last day of the quarter.

  27. hi nora. i registered march 2014 then paid 600 pesos then i paid another 200 pesos. due this first week of december. Can I avail?

    1. Hi ronalyn, which months did you pay? You can avail if you paid 3 months within June to Nov 2014

      1. hi nora .. nag member ako nung march then paid 600 so i think its for march april and may.. ngtrabaho kasi ako nun for 6 months mula march hanggang september then nag dededuct sila ng 60 pesos monthly for philhealth.. w/c is di ko maintindihan kung bkit 60 lng diba dapat is 200 ? tingin mo anong dapat kong gwin dun? kasi di ko alam kung hanggang anung month yung nhulugan ko..

      2. pwede ko pa bang habulin yun maghulog ako ng september to november?

      3. oooops sorry.. 100 pesos pla ang monthly deduction ko for philhealth..sorry nora kung makulit ako wala kasi tlaga kong alam dito

  28. Hi mam nora, I’m 8 months pregnant right now and i decide to use my philhealth. I pay for the month of july to dec. Do you think i can use it???

    1. Hi Jezza, yes, you can avail. Requirements: your premium payment receipt, MDR, 2 claim forms (for you and your baby), your ID.

  29. Hi, my father got hospitalized 2 weeks ago and we used my mother’s philhealth benefits. Unfortunately, we send him back to the hospital after few days. Can I use my Philhealth this time? My father is one of my dependents.

    1. Hi Roann, yes, if your father is 60 or older, and if the reason for confinement is different. If the same illness or the same treatment, you cannot use your Philhealth because of the 90-day rule. Ask others too

  30. Hi, I did not pay for two quarters. Can I pay for the missed quarters and avail PHLHEALTH on January? Thanks

    1. Hi rei, pay asap for Oct to Dec 2014 so you can avail in Jan 2015

      1. so i dont need to pay for the missed quarters? my friend who works for philhealth cares said i dont need to i just have to pay for oct to dec then i can avail january.

        is this true?

      2. Hello Ms. Nora, Just like the others I did not pay for the last 2 quarters because I change my employer. I’m giving birth on June, as you say if I pay now the January-March I can avail the benefits of my philhealth. What if the hospital refuse to accept it. My OB told me that at some instances that if I ask Philhealth they will they I can use it, but aske to ask also the hospital if they will accept it?! Is there any memorandum that hospital should also follow that 3 month of 6 month policy of Philhealth that I can present to the hospital just in case they refuse to accept my philhealth by then?! Thank you, hope for your reply…

  31. hi I paid Philhealth for 4 months. I was recently registered by my employer. Can I avail of maternity this december? Thanks

    1. Hi Itchele, did you pay for 3 months within June to Nov? If yes, you can avail.

  32. hi. Good Day. Can I use my philhealth for maternity this coming dec 2014, my due date. from employed to IPM status. last payment as an IPM is July, Aug, Sept 2014. thanks

    1. Hi lorie, yes, you can use Philhealth in Dec. But it’s better if you also pay Oct and Nov

  33. hi, i am about to give birth this dec. i stop working last july so my payments stopped. what months should I pay so I can use philhealth?

    1. Hi jenny, pay Oct and Nov, and get a certificate of premium payments from your former employer for June and July 2014.

  34. My Last payment to philhealth was 2005. Im due this January 2015, is there any possibility to avail my philhealth benefit? How?

    1. Hi Ma theresa, go to Philhealth with your ID. Fill up member data form and get your MDR and card. Pay 600 pesos for Oct to Dec 2014.

  35. Hi! My wife is about to give birth on the 2nd week of January, 2015. She has a premium contribution of 3 months dated Jul.-Sept.,2014. Is she qualified to avail the NSD benefits in the lying-in clinic (PhilHealth Accredited) which I prefer for her to deliver our baby? Thanks, hoping for your utmost consideration on this matter.

    1. Hi Daryll, yes, she can avail. But to be sure, pay also for Oct to Dec. There are clinics that require premium payment for the 3 months immediately prior to delivery.

  36. Hi! My last payment to Philhealth was last year, 2013 since I stopped working. And I’m due na next month either 2nd or 3rd week of Dec 2014. Can I still avail of my Philhealth benefit? What’s the step by step po? Hoping for your utmost and immediate response para maasikaso ko pa po next week… Thank you…

    1. Hi Ann, sad to say you might be late already. You should have paid at least 3 contributions before Dec. The deadline for 3rd quarter payment is Sep 30. Ask others too

  37. Pls help me understand about premium membership. Does it mean I have to stop paying my contribution when I turn 60? And how can I have the benefit when I turn 60 above. Ms Jane

    1. Hi Jane, yes, when you turn 60, your Philhealth is free, without requiring documents of past payments. The instruction as of now is to show the hospital one’s senior citizen ID from OSCA. But there may be a definite instruction soon, as the bill on this free Philhealth for senior citizens was signed just recently. Philhealth might issue IDs for senior citizens.

  38. Hello miss Nora im 6mos. Pregnant, was confined for 2days for bleeding and used my husband’s philhealth. this coming feb is my due date. can I use our philhealth? They said we can only use philhealth again after 3mos.

    1. Hi ruth, it depends on what was claimed for your bleeding confinement. Bleeding and maternity are different, so you should be able to use it again. Ask the hospital beforehand.

  39. we pay yearly and started april 2014 to april 2015. Can I use my husband’s philhealth for my delivery this feb? How much is deduction for CS?

    1. Hi Ruth, yes, you can use it for your delivery. Coverage for CS is 19k (11400 for hospital and 7600 for PF). If your husband is abroad, ask him to email you an authorization letter to process Philhealth claim forms, plus a scan of his ID and the premium receipts.

  40. can i file my maternity benefit even im new member since last month and my due date is on month of february

    1. Hi aimie, did you pay for Oct to Dec 2014? If yes, you can avail even if you’re a new member. Pay also for Jan 2015.

  41. hi, just want to ask, what if i lost some of my prenatal receipts and I have 600php worth of receipts. Can i submit to avail 1500php prenatal care? will the excess from my prenatal care be used for my bill? I’ll give birth this Dec. thanks in advance.

    1. Hi inyang, if filed, you will refund 600 pesos from Philhealth later on. No, the hospital does not deduct prenatal care benefit from your bill. It’s Philhealth that will send your prenatal check to your address.

  42. hi nora. my expected delivery is april 5, 2015. can i avail philhealth maternity benefits if i should pay my first payment this dec. pls help.

    1. Hi apple, yes, go asap this Dec to Philhealth so you can get your MDR and card. Pay for Oct to Dec 2014, and then in Jan, pay for Jan to Mar 2015, or pay the whole 6 months.

  43. Hi. Miss Nora. I’m expecting to deliver on May 15, 2015. I’m so happy i stumbled upon this thread today. I thought I am too late to qualify for the maternity benefit, because I heard before, na you need 9 months contribution prior to delivery date para para maka-claim. 3 months nalang po pala. How much should I pay po in total and which months should it cover para po siguradong valid ang claim ko when the big day arrives. I read of pre-natal care benefit din po dito sa thread nyo. Can i apply for that din po ba?

    By the way, Caesarian po ako. Sure na po ba yun na 19k ang madededuct sa bill ko. Honored po ba ito ng lahat ng hospitals? I’m planning po sana sa Medical City manganak. Malaking tulong po ito kung sakaling maibabawas nga nila. Thank you so much po in advance. And pasensya na po sa napakaraming tanong. Advance Merry Christmas. 🙂

    1. Hi Sam, yes, you can avail. Pay asap for Oct to Dec. and then in Jan, pay for Jan to Apr 2015. Some more info in our posts here:
      19k is allocated as 11400 for hospital costs and 7600 for PF. Ask your OB-gyne her CS package rate if with Philhealth as sometimes the 7600 is not deducted and instead added to the quoted PF.

      1. Thanks Miss Nora. You’re an angel. 🙂

  44. Hi Ms. Nora. Thanks po for the reply. Went to Philhealth branch last Monday, Dec 1. As per their advised, need to pay lang 12 mos Jan – Dec 2014 para ma-avail ko yung maternity benefits ko though na this month na ako mag-labor. So I paid po. Just want to clarify lang po. May MDR na po ako, pero do I need to ask po ba for the MDR na naka-indicate pa yung premium payments ko sa last employer ko po? I forgot po kasi to ask sila.

  45. hi again. what’s the payment deadline for oct dec? thank you.

    1. Hi chatale, dec 31. But pay earlier, ahead of the holidays.

  46. good day ms nora can i avail a maternity benefits of philhealth if i paid this month the 2,400 payment good for one year..i supposedly give birth next year..maybe aug.2015..thanks

    1. Hi joy, yes, you can avail, even if you pay only Jan to July 2015. Or you can pay Oct 2014 to Aug 2015 so you can get coverage next quarter in case you need it.

  47. Ms Nora, I’ve been paying my Philhealth contribution annually since 2013 as individually paying member. Prior to that my Philhealth was paid for by my company, but I resigned and therefore became unemployed. Just opted to continue paying out of my own pocket because we all need a fallback incase we need it when we least expect it. Paid PhP 2,400.00 last January this year to cover the entire 2014 period. Now, my question is can I just switch to paying semi-annually January next year (2015) on my own accord? Or do I need to file anything so I can switch payment modes? Just thought I’d ask because I think I can do the same with my SSS as a voluntary member. I am planning to do pay both contributions semi-annually just for 2015 because of tight budget.

    1. Hi Supremo, yes, you can change to semi-annual payment without any additional paperwork (in Jan and then in July). You write very well.

      1. Thanks for the reply and the compliment, Ms. Nora! Writing is more like a second nature to me. You have done a very wonderful job here by the way. A good exemplar of what it means of going out your way to be of service to others. Kudos to you!!!

        1. Hi Supremo, thanks a lot too for your encouragement. Means a lot. Maybe you have blogs too? Have another nice day!

  48. Hi Mis Nora, member of philhealth since 2012. not updated. self employed. Will give birth June 2015. Amount to pay to avail of maternity benefit? When to pay? Thanks

    1. Hi Cynthia, pay Oct to Dec this Dec 2014 so you’re eligible next quarter. and then in Jan 2015, pay for Jan to May 2015.

  49. Hi ms.nora,ask ko lang po if maka avail pa ako sa philhealth..apr-june 2014 nag start kami magbayad jul-sept.2014 hindi po nabayaran then niresume po namin ang payment for oct-dec 2014..april 2015 pa po ang due ko makakahabol pa kaya?thank you po

    1. Hi angela, yes you can avail. Pay also Jan to May 2015.

  50. Hi Ms. Nora. As of now, i’m confined at a hospital. I just gave birth to my son, Baby Rousse. We should have been discharged yesterday but we needed to complete Philhealth docs. I’m using my papa’s Philhealth. They required two copies of marriage certificate and if not married, cedula of husband and wife (latest). Do they mean marriage cert of my parents? I’m 20 and unemployed. My parents are not married, but my papa’s MDR shows Married status. Which means we need requirement of Marriage Certificate. What can you advise? Your response will be a great help po. God bless you.

    1. Hi TM, I hope you were able to remedy the problem. I think the hospital misunderstood your dependent status. Maybe they thought you’re a dependent of your husband — that’s why they were requiring those papers. What they should have required is your birth certificate. To prove the dependency of a child, marriage certificate of the parent is not required, it’s birth certificate of the child that is required. God bless too.

  51. Hi. im one month pregnant, i registered online last year but did not pay. is my no. still active if i pay this december and when can i use philhealth. thanks

    1. Hi chantale, yes, your Philhealth no. is still valid. But make your first payment at Philhealth so you can get your MDR and your card. Bring your ID. Pay asap this Dec for Oct to Dec. and then in Jan, pay for Jan to Mar, and so on. If your Oct to Dec is paid, you can use it in Jan to Mar 2015.

  52. Good Day!! Ms. Nora. I Just want to ask if I can avail my Maternity benefits? I’m due on March 2015. I paid April 2014 -Sept as an OFW. And now I’m an Individual member and paid from October 2014- March 2015. And also I will marry on January 2015 so I need to change my Civil status and Surname will that affect my my claims for my maternity benefits? Thank you.

    1. Hi Noelle, after getting your marriage cert (cert from local registrar is valid), show it to Philhealth to update your MDR (change of civil status to married and member type to individual payor). Bring your marriage cert to the hospital as your surname in your receipt and MDR are different.

  53. Good day ! Ms. Nora I just want to ask I’m an individual payor. I’m pregnant and due March20015. I have paid oOct 20th March 20th. I will get married on January 2015 so I will change my civil status and surname. Will that affect my maternity benefit claims. Thank you

    1. Hi Noelle, you can use your Philhealth. You have 2 options: use your single name at the hospital so you don’t have to change anything or use your married name, so you need to update your MDR — after getting your marriage cert next year, go to Philhealth and update your data, so you can get your updated MDR before you give birth. As you can no longer change your name on the premium receipt, bring your marriage certificate to the hospital.

  54. Hi Ms.Nora,
    I used my philhealth when I gave birth last Dec 09,2014; unfortunately I was admitted again because of heavy bleeding last Dec.17,2014. Im now wondering if I could still avail my phillhealth benefits for my later admission?Thanks & more power?

    1. Hi joan, yes, you should be able to use Philhealth again because child delivery is different from what you are going through at present.

  55. Hi Ms Nora, my due is Jan 8 2015. I paid last quarter of 2014. Can I use Philhealth if I give birth for instance on Dec 29 and be discharged on Dec 30 or 31. I’m worried Im a young mom. Thank you

    1. Hi Maira, sad to say you cannot use Philhealth if you give birth this Dec. Try to relax so you’ll give birth when you’re due. Worrying is normal, but too much worrying will make you stressed out. Just continue praying and you will be alright.

  56. hi ms nor can i use philhealth this jan? i paid oct to dec 2014

    1. Hi carla, yes, you can use Philhealth this Jan

  57. Can i ask ms Nora if can i use my mother’s philhealth for my maternity, im not married and im just 18 yrs old can i use it?

    1. Hi judy, yes, ask your mother if you’re already registered as her dependent. If not yet, she can update her MDR at any Philhealth branch (she brings your birth cert). But if there’s still time, you should register as Philhealth member so that your baby will be covered. Your baby will be your dependent. Your mother’s Philhealth cannot cover your baby.

      1. Ahh. Thankyou ms. Nora.. 🙂

  58. Good day! I just paid my first contribution last friday at PNB, when and where can i get my philhealth card? Thank you very much and happy holidays!!

    1. Hi chantale, bring your ID and receipt to any Philhealth branch and ask for your MDR and card

  59. good day ms nora, i plan to register by january ,i can avail maternity benefits ,if my due date is by month of june,6 months contributions is valid ? (jan- june)

    1. Hi danica, yes, you’re right. Register at Philhealth with your ID so you can get your MDR and Philhealth card

  60. Once again ms. Nora because ive been 18yrs old just on nov. 16 2014 i cannot reg. Early on philhealth thats why now i try to use my parents philhealth to deduct some expenses for my maternity.. But if i reg. Now can i use it asap,because my due date is on jan142015 or is it better to use temporarily my parents philhealth..and pay some need to pay for my baby.??

    1. Hi judy, I’m puzzled that you cannot register because you’re younger than 18. Was it a Philhealth officer who told you that? If only Philhealth offices are open today or tomorrow, you can register and pay for Oct to Dec 2014 and you can use it in Jan 2015. But yes, if you’re not able to register as member, you can use your mother’s Philhealth for your delivery in Jan 2015

      1. Thankyou a much again ms. Nora… 🙂

  61. hi, i want to avail philhealth for my wife, her due is on feb, if i will pay my philhealth for 1 year can i get benefits? thank you.

    1. Hi dwight, pay TODAY or tomorrow at Bayad Center for Oct to Dec 2014, or Oct 2014 to Jan 2015, so your wife can avail in Feb.

      1. hello miss nora on dwights situation, will they still be able to avail on feb if they pay on january instead of paying this dec?

        1. Hi sheena, have they paid for Oct to Dec 2014? If not yet, they should pay TODAY, Dec 31, for Oct to Dec 2015, so they can avail.

  62. i can’t use my philhealth as i lack payments. my plan is to have my husband register with philhealth and pay for 1 year. can i avail of benefits?

    1. Hi hazel, if you’re already late for certain payments, your husband will also be late for certain payments. The same payment deadlines for all individual payors. If you’re giving birth in Jan 2015, you should pay TODAY (or tomorrow) for Oct to Dec 2014 so you can avail in Jan. Most Bayad Centers are open today.

  63. hello, i just want to know if i can use my philhealth, my daughter is confined at the hospital right now, ive been paying my philhealth since 2012 upto now, my concern is i havent paid for this quarter (oct nov dec) can i still use my philhealth if i pay it tomorrow? will it still be valid? thanks

    1. Hi abiegail,have you paid for July to Sep? If yes, you can avail this Dec. Is your daughter younger than 21, unmarried and unemployed? Many hospitals require that your daughter’s name should be on your MDR as dependent. If not yet written, present your daughter’s birth cert to the hospital. If the hospital does not accept, talk with them about claim forms so you can file directly with Philhealth. Direct filing with Philhealth is no longer allowed, but file an appeal, telling them that the hospital did not accept your daughter’s birth cert and you were unable to update your MDR due to the holidays.

  64. Gudam, is there a limit to the number of dependents? As of now i have 3 dependents, my husband and 2 kids. Next month my mother will turn 60 and im planning to make her my dependent. Thanks

    1. Hi jhane, there’s no limit; you can register your mother as your dependent. But the mandatory Philhealth coverage for all senior citizens has been signed by Pres Aquino, so ask Philhealth how your mother can get her Philhealth card — if she just needs to present her senior citizen ID.

  65. Hi there, My sister in law made a payment for philhealth this month, at same time she is schedule for a laparoscopy. Can she use her philhealth right away.
    Kindly dvise, Cha

    1. Hi Cha, if your sister in law paid for Oct to Dec 2014, she can use it in Jan 2015 for her laparoscopy. She should ask her doctor about costs if she uses her Philhealth.

  66. Hi, I understand about the 3-within-6months policy. I’ve resigned from work on Sept2014. I’m pregnant & due on March2015. I undestand that to ensure coverage I should start paying individually for oct-dec 2014 until march2015. But due to unexpected circumstances I may not be able to pay for oct-dec 2014.
    1. I still have the chance to avail my benefit if I pay for jan-march 2015,right? Since I’ve paid for sept2014 through my last employer.
    2. What proof or document should I present to the hospital/clinic that will show my sept2014 payment? Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi Cara, 1. yes, pay for jan to march 2015. 1. Get a certification of payment for your Sep 2014 premium from your employer, including OR#.

  67. Hi Miss Nora, I paid my contribution today for the months Oct to Dec 2014 through Bayad Center. Would Philhealth recornize this as on time payment not late? Or would it take time before philhealth post the payment from bayad center? I am worrying if my payment would be posted as Oct to Dec 2014. How can i confirm if payment is posted? Thanks

    1. Hi Xy, yes, you paid on time. Does your Bayad Center show payment of Oct to Dec 2014? And your payment date is Dec 29? If yes, your OR is valid. Deadline for quarterly payment is the last day of the quarter, so your payment is valid.

  68. Gud pm can i still pay philhealth for oct.-dec next yr? i wasn’t able to pay a while ago. seems Philhealth is closed tomorrow.

    1. Hi Lolette, pay TODAY for Oct to Dec 2014 at Bayad Center or SM Business Center. In Jan 2015, you can no longer pay for Oct to Dec 2014.

  69. Hello Maam Nora, my wife is expected to give birth this Feb. We are an unwed couple, she had paid her Philhealth from Sep.2013 – Feb.2014 only. Is there a way for her to avail her Philhealth maternal benefits on Feb? If we paid voluntarily this January for all the three months of the first quarter will we be able to avail on Feb? Many thanks in advance.

    1. Hi richard, she should pay TODAY, Dec 31, for Oct to Dec 2014, so she can avail in Feb.

  70. hello miss nora can i pay as a voluntary payer all three months of jan-march this jan and avail on feb? my wife is a member and have not been paying since feb 2014.

    1. Hi mico, you should pay TODAY, Dec 31, for Oct to Dec 2014 so you can avail in Feb.

      1. Hello ms Nora, too bad we weren’t able to pay last December 31 coz they were closed here at our area. I really feel sorry for myself I wasn’t able to take care of this in the past months. Is there anything we can do about this ms? Thank you very much for the reply ms. By the way your website is very nice and is very informative. Thumbs up.

        1. Hi mico, truly, that’s sad. The deadline for quarterly payment is the last day of the quarter. If you’ve paid Aug to Sep 2014, pay asap Jan 2015 or Jan to Mar 2015, and show the hospital you have paid 3 of the 6 months before Feb 2015. Thanks for appreciating my efforts. You write well too

    2. Hi my husband is a seaman what are the requirement to avail his philhealth?

      1. hi Dental, get signed claim form 1 (1 for you and 1 for your baby) and cert of premium payments from his manning agency, and your husband’s MDR. Print an emailed authorization from him authorizing you to sign and process all Philhealth papers plus a scan of his ID, in case the hospital is strict.

  71. hi ms nora, can i pay 3 months on january? my due is on june.

    1. HI mae, yes, in Jan 2015, pay for Jan to Mar 2015, and then in April, pay for Apr to June 2015.

  72. good and my husband are both active member of philhealth due for delivery is april ds year and since i will be using my own philhealth , how about my newborn hospital bill can i use my husband’s philhealth?what needed docs do i ned to bring if ever his philhealth can be use for our newborn bill ?will it be allowed since my husband will not be around for my delivery because he is currently in canada ?thank you.hapi new year

    1. Hi vickie, since your have your own Philhealth, you can use your own Philhealth for yourself and for your baby to facilitate claiming. Sign 2 sheets of claim form 1 — one for you and one for your baby. You’ll use the birth certificate to be issued by the hospital. Happy new year too

  73. Jessyreen V. Mallero

    Hello. My mama has philhealth, hemodialysis patient. Her philhealth is exhausted for 2014. She was confined at a hospital last dec. 18, 2014 until now. we inquired with philhealth if we can use philhealth since her coverage is renewed when Jan comes. and she’ll be covered for jan. 1 expenses and so forth. philhealth told us this is not allowed. Is this true?

    1. Hi jessyreen, sad to say, I think that’s Philhealth policy — the basis is the date of admission. Ask others too

  74. mkkaavail prn puba ng dscout kht am ggmtn mu ung previous n hulog mu nung ngwwork ka ? kc during prgnant nd k mkpghulog so u decide n am ggmtn mu ung hulog mu nung ngwwork kpa pd puba un ?

    1. Hi joeann, if you give birth in Feb, the hospital/clinic will look for your premium payment receipt for 3 months within Aug 2014 to Jan 2015

  75. hi ms nors, i just want to clear if its sure that i can avail the maternity benefits. i paid oct-dec 2014 and im planning to pay jan-march, my due date is may 1st. is it enough or i still need to pay for the month of april?

    1. Hi yza, yes, that’s enough. But it’s also good if you pay for Apr to June.

  76. Hi. I am an international student. I had previous contributions w/ philhealth but not when I was overseas. I am due hospitalization in January. can I pay philhealth so I can avail of it immediately? Thanks

    1. Hi Venus, if you paid for July to Sep 2014, you can avail in Jan. Pay for Jan to Mar 2015 so you can avail within Apr to June.

  77. hi ms. nors, i was employed for 2months but then i stopped, would it be possible to avail my philhealth benefits since my due date will be august of this year…

    1. Hi Lalaine, yes, update your MDR at Philhealth with your ID. Pay for Jan to Mar (600 pesos) and then in Apr, pay for Apr to June, and then in July, pay for Jul to Sep

  78. hi nora i have a concern my spouse died feb of 2009 i was pregnant by then i give birth march of 2009 i used the his philhealth that time i did not cliam coz i did not know that i will be getting a refund by then in short i don’t know how the systems goes with philhealth, my question now is can i still use my deceased spouse philhealth or do i get his contribution since he paid for it since 2001 like in pagibig?

    1. Hi haz, no, philhealth is not like pag-ibig. Philhealth is a type of hospitalization insurance; if a member does not pay the premiums every due date, there’s no insurance. And past payments can no longer be used. If you want to be covered in Apr to June, pay for Jan to Mar (600 pesos).

  79. hi. can i use philhealth if i register this January 2015 and use it for my delivery (CS) this MAY2015? how much will i pay? Thanks

    1. Hi khai, yes, you can. Register asap this Jan and pay 600 pesos for Jan to Mar (get your MDR and card), and then pay 600 pesos in Apr for Apr to Jun.

  80. Justine Ellen Valerio

    I’m philhealth member since 2010. then i stopped payment july 2014. i’m pregnant and my due is on june 2015. can i use philhealth if i pay october-december 2014 or should i pay jan-march 2015? and april-june 2015? how much will i pay?

    1. Hi Justine, your Oct to Dec payment will no longer be accepted. It’s past the deadline. Yes, your plan is correct — pay Jan to March and then Apr to June. One quarter is 600 pesos. Payment deadline is last day of the quarter, but it’s good to pay in Jan and in Apr

  81. Hi ms nora i just want to clear if its sure that i can avail the maternity benefits my due is this comming january 14 2014 im on maternity leave right now i was employed since march 2013 i file sick leave to my company for the month of aug 15 to sept 2014 need to bed rest and back to work for the month of oct upon checking of my contribution since i was bed rest the month of aug to sept their no contribution but they payed oct to nov contribution and today i went to phil health office and adv me to payed for the month of dec only

    1. Hi Vanessa, ask your employer if they paid for you for Dec. Ask for your cert of premium payment (Oct to Dec 2014) so you can avail.

  82. Hi, ill give birth on january 15. I was employed last sept 29 2014 and my employer was paying for my philhealth to up until i leave from work last dec 23 as shiwn on my payslip. I have my employer signed two sheets of form from philhealth but i wasnt able to get the updated certificate of contribution with OR numbers from them. Can i still avail of the maternity benefit?

    1. hi Ezra, get your cert of applicable premium contributions from your employer

  83. Hi. I resigned from work last May 2014. Since then, I wasn’t able to continue my contribution. I’m due to give birth late this month or early Feb. Can I still pay for my Philhealth and use it when I give birth? Do I need to do anything to change my status from employed to individual payor? Thanks a lot!

    1. Hi Khrysteen, sorry the deadline for paying for Oct to Dec 2014 was Dec 31, 2014. Pay Jan to Mar for future needs (eligible in Apr).

  84. Gud day. Ms. Nora, my husband is a philhealth member since june2008. Year 2013 he went abroad as OFW, we paid for a whole year and I used it for my delivery last june2013, but year 2014 up to now we stopped paying because we were told he should be the one paying. He can’t be home yet. He’ll be here December. Can we continue paying? Please help, thanks.

    1. Hi zan, you can pay at Philhealth. Bring proof that your husband is currently an OFW (OEC, passport or contract or recent remittance OR), a printout of his emailed authorization, and your ID. If you have marriage certificate on hand, then bring it in case needed.

  85. Hi ms,i was employed from jan to nov 2014 but i’m not sure if my previous employer able to pay my contribution.can i still pay for my contribution from jan to march 2015 and apr to jun 2015, if my due date is may 2015 and avail maternity benefit. Thanks

    1. Hi jane, yes, pay asap Jan to Mar, and then in April, pay Apr to June, so you can avail in May.

  86. hi, i wasn’t able to pay last year, and my id is lost, i just got another yesterday.. im expecting to deliver my baby on april 26 can I still avail my benefits,? thank you 🙂

    1. Hi romlyn, if you paid Jan to Mar 2015, yes, you can avail in April.

  87. Hi miss Nora. I am giving birth on April. I applied today as a member. Can I use my philhealth on my delivery this APRil?

    1. Hi nydzzzz, if you paid for Jan to Mar, yes, you can use it in April.

  88. hi! im an individual payor member what i lost my premium payment receipt,what will i show to hospital aside from MDr?thanks

    1. Hi ann, go to Philhealth with your ID and Philhealth no. and ask for a certificate of eligibility

  89. Hi miss nora, ask ko lang. Nagbayad ako ng philhealth for october to dec 2014. May father was confined today. Magagamit ba nya philhealth nya? I am also planning to go to bayad center today to pay january to march. Please advise what is the best thing to do. Thanks

  90. hi ms nora. I paid philhealth for Jan-Jun 2015 but my due is next month (february). can I avail of benefit? thanks

    1. Hi rr, sorry, you might not be able to avail. If your due is March, yes, you can avail. Ask others too.

      1. hi ms nora I paid jan. to dec a while ago. can I avail first week of march? thanks.GODBLESS

        1. Hi hanna, yes, you can use Philhealth in March

  91. Hi Ms. Nora! I paid the 1st quarter this year (Jan – Mar)but I will give birth also on March 20. Can I still avail my benefit? Thanks!

    1. Hi Angie, yes, you can avail. Philhealth released a new circular allowing this matter.

  92. hello miss nora! bayad ko na po ung oct – dec 2014 as a voluntary member. wala pa rin po ako id pwede ko na po ba cya magamit this january kasi baka i d&c po ako. salamat po ulit.

  93. Hi Ms. Nora, Im an Ofw here in Uae, i failed to pay my Philhealth from Sept to Dec 2014 but as of now i paid the Jan to Dec 2015. Can i avail my benefits since my due date is on June 26? Thanks.

    1. Hi macel, yes, you can avail in June.

  94. Good Day, Ms. Nora. My husband has been a member since 2012 unfortunately he lost his job and we did not continue his payment, but yesterday I paid his premium for the whole year January – December 2015. I know I can’t avail the benefits right away. My question is Do I need to pay for October – December 2014 to avail the benefits this February? Thank You and May God Bless You!

    1. Hi Sheila, yes, sad to say, you should have paid for Oct to Dec 2014 so you can avail in Feb 2015. You can avail starting March. Ask others too

  95. Hi Nora, I’m individual payor. I’m giving birth on May 24 (before or after) my problem is I totally forgot to pay last quarter (sep-dec 2014). I read from other sources that I should pay 9 months (3 quarters) before my due. What should I do now? I can pay the whole year contribution if needed. Hope you can help me. Many thanks!Angelique

    1. Hi Angelique, the rules have improved. If you pay Jan to Apr, you can avail. But pay Jan to June, so your coverage is continuous.

  96. hi ms.nora im 4months pregnant. If i pay jan. to dec., can I avail of benefits? expected due is june

    1. Hi Jessica, yes, you can avail, even if you pay Jan to June only. Then in June, pay for Jun to Dec for continued coverage

  97. gud am ms nora how can i get my certification of monthly premium contribution. i gave birth last jan. 17. and one of the requirements was certificate of monthly contribution. i went to our division office and what they gave was a certificate that they were making Philhealth deductions from me. but the center where I gave birth told me they need a breakdown with OR nos. But how is that possible when we’re receiving only payslips? what I know is that it’s the region that’s doing our payroll.

    1. Hi chinita, if you gave birth Jan 17, you need certification that you paid premiums for Oct to Dec 2014 (even for these 3 months only). Ask the center if you can give them copies of your Oct to Dec 2015 paylips, as the region is very far from your place. If there’s a Philhealth branch there, you can also go there and request for a certificate of eligibility for your Jan 17 delivery.

  98. hello miss nora! bayad ko na po ung oct – dec 2014 as a voluntary member. wala pa rin po ako id pwede ko na po ba cya magamit this january kasi baka i d&c po ako. salamat po ulit.

  99. Hello! I was previously a gov’t.official as sk chairman. Since I completed my term, I haven’t paid Philhealth. I’ll give birth in march. I was told I pay 1yr. 2400. If I pay this feb, can i use philhealth even not paid 3months before?

    1. Hi jianne, pay for Jan to March asap, this week, so you can avail in March. Register and pay at Philhealth so you can get your MDR and card, and you can ask about your eligibility too.

  100. Hi!..I will give birth on last week of July but I’m not sure if I can use my philhealth. I started paying last year for Oct, Nov, December. Then this month I’m planning to pay for January until June. Can I use my philhealth when I give birth? Thanks

    1. Hi Felma, yes, your plan is correct. Pay Jan to June so you can avail in July.

  101. Hi ms nora, I regularly pay philhealth but was not able to pay last quarter of 2014. What should I do so I can continue?

    1. Hi jennifer, you can pay for Jan to March asap.

  102. Hi, a friend of mine is currently confined. Her last payment to Philhealth was in Aug 2014 as employed member. Come sept, she is unemployed and no contribution was made from Sept 2014 up to present. Can she still avail Philhealth benefit? Thanks

    1. Hi Maanne, sorry, she should have paid for Oct to Dec 2014. Ask others too

  103. Hi miss Nora, I started paying since october 2014-december as a voluntary payor. can I pay for january to december this year?

    1. Hi Savannah, yes. Payment deadline for every quarter is last day of quarter, but it’s good to pay for the whole year.

  104. hi ms, I’m giving birth this Oct.2015,I been paying phil.on feb.march.april 2014..can use it in my delivery?and if not
    Then I’m planning to pay it annually within this week can I get any benefits during giving birth this oct.2015?thanks!

    1. Hi Jo Ann, pay for July to Oct, so you can use it in Oct. But it’s better to pay for every quarter starting this quarter in case you will need it earlier. Payment deadline is last day of the quarter.

  105. hi ms. Can i avail the benefits of philhealth for cs delivery on feb. 6,2015 i already paid for oct to dec 2014 and jan to mar. 2015. Tnx

    1. Hi Laarnie, yes, be ready with your MDR and premium receipts

      1. Thank you mam.. another question.may babayaran pa po kya aq khit sa public hospital lang po aq macs..

  106. Hi nora. my friend was diagnosed with ovarian cyst and was advised to undergo other lab test to confirm. shes not a philhealth member and not a dependent of her children since shes only 57yrs old. if diagnosis is confirmed and she’ll undergo an operation(worst scenario), can she avail of philhealth benefits if she registers now? thanks

    1. Hi Christie, advise your friend to register with Philhealth asap and pay Jan to March asap, so she can avail in March.

  107. Hello Nora. Hope all is well.on ur side. I’m 6months pregnant and I just registered to philhealth this month (feb6) since I’m a volunteer nurse I registered under voluntary or self employed category. And I paid it for one whole yr or annuaL (jan-dec 2015) will I be able to avail philhealth on my delivery which will happen on may2015? Or of u have any other suggestions that I will b able to avail it during my delivery. Thank u soo much. God bless

    1. Hi mary, yes, you can avail for your May delivery. Sign 2 claim forms, 1 for you and 1 for your baby (newborn care worth 1,750). Present prenatal ORs worth 1500 to refund prenatal benefit from Philhealth. Make sure hospital or lying-in and OB/midwife are Philhealth-accredited. God bless too

  108. Hello ms. Can I be covered for maternity benefits? May 17, 2015 is my due date. Yesterday I registered and I paid the contributions for the whole year. thanks!

    1. Hi Madel10, yes, you can use Philhealth for your May delivery

  109. Hello ms, I am phillhealt member since jan 2013 and paid contribution only jan 2013 till june 2013. My question is: can i benefith if i pay now contribution for 3 months (jan-mar 2015) or 6 months (jan to june 2015) . Due date for my baby is first week of may 2015. What are the benefits ? I am consulting private clinic for prenatal, also the delivery is planned in this private clinic. What documents do i need to prepare? Thanks Arbie

    1. Hi Arbie, yes, you’re right. Pay Jan to March asap, and then in April, pay for Apr to June. Documents: MDR, premium OR, claim form 1, ID or Philhealth card

  110. Hi ate. Im 4mos. Pregnant and I don’t have philhealth. If I apply for philHealth this week and advance payment, will I be eligible for benefits for my delivery this this july? and how much is my payment?

    1. Hi Mhai, register asap with your ID and pay for Jan to March (600 pesos). In April, pay for April to June (600 pesos).

  111. mary grace fernandez

    Am I eligible? I paid feb to june 2014 when I was working. I got pregnant. between feb and march 2015 I’ll give birth. Am i qualified? Thanks

    1. Hi mary grace, sorry you cannot use your Feb to June 2014 payments. Pay asap for Jan to March, so you can use it in March. If you deliver in Feb, you might not be able to use it. Ask others too

  112. an ofw in singapore. will come home this march 11,2015 for vacation. there’s possibility I’ll have raspa due to excessive bleeding. last payment for philhealth is 2012. voluntary. if i pay in full this month for the whole 2015 (2400php), can i avail in march if I’ll have D&C? Thanks

    1. Hi joy, yes, you can pay for Jan to June or Jan to Dec and you can avail. If you can pay as OFW (show OEC or any proof of being OFW), it would be better, as OFWs are eligible within the validity dates of their premium payment receipt.

  113. Hi ms. I wasn’t able to pay since June 2014. I’ll be having an operation this week feb2015. Can I avail of benefits if I pay jan-march2015? Thanks

    1. Hi candy, sorry, you might not be able to use Philhealth. You can use it in March. But ask others too

  114. Hi, I started working last July 2014 and I will give birth on June 2015. Will I be eligible for the maternity benefit? And will I get it after delivery? or will it be deducted from my hospital bills? Thanks! Your thread is really helpful! 🙂

    1. Hi Charmaineee, yes, you’re eligible. File your Philhealth papers during admission or before discharge so your benefit will be deducted from your bill.

  115. Hi Nora, I’m an OFW from Dubai and due to give birth on May 2015. But the problem is 2013 was my last payment. Can I still pay to avail? What are the requirements? Thanks.

    1. hi Emmabelle, register asap at any Philhealth branch with your ID and pay for Jan to April asap so you can avail

  116. Hi, Nora, Good day! I am a gov’t. employee and pregnant with my 5th child. Can I still avail of maternity benefits of philhealth? even if it would be a normal delivery? sandy

    1. Hi sandy, I think the 4-child limit for the normal delivery benefit is still being applied. To be sure, ask the hospital or clinic where you’re going to give birth.

  117. hi. good evening. what if this is the scenario: previously im paying my philhealth via auto deduction by the company where I worked, however i decided to quit work so I resigned effective jan 25 2015. july is my dueate ko. Do I need to pay feb to june? how? Thank you so much 🙂 Godbless

    1. Hi cj, yes, pay for Jan to March asap, and then in April pay for Apr to June, or pay Jan to Jun in full asap at Philhealth branch with your ID (fill up PMRF, check For Updating) so you can get your updated MDR.

  118. hi ms nora! i was admitted in the hospital yesterday (feb13,2015), due to heavy bleeding, bdw, im 34 weeks pregnant, can i avail my philhealth benefits if i will be discharged? next month will be my due date, will they still allow me to use it again? thanks!

    1. Hi kawaii, you can avail when you’re due because child delivery is different from your current condition. I don’t know what your diagnosis will be, but I hope it will be covered, as some who wrote here describing their bleeding were able to use Philhealth

  119. hi nora,when can i avail philhealth benefit for delivery after my husband’s agency payed 2,400pesos lasted dec.2014..He is a OFW.I will be given birth this april ‘2015.Any requirements needed to be prepare before my delivery?I am so stress b’coz i might not able to avail again my husband’s benefits..I have bad experience before.B’coz his philhealth account was OFW and surely paid the whole year…Kindly give me advice about it…Don’t want to experience again what happen the lasted time…thank you so much…And do appreciate it for your reply…

    1. Hi lanara, ask your husband a copy of his OEC where his Philhealth payment appears, or his Philhealth payment receipt. Ask your husband to email you an authorization letter authorizing you to sign and process all his Philhealth papers plus a scan of his ID and print them (in case the hospital is strict or in case Philhealth needs it when you update his MDR). Get your husband’s updated MDR from Philhealth. Bring your marriage certificate if you’re not yet registered as dependent.

  120. Hi po. I am going to give birth anytime this month or probably on 1st of march. I already paid my philhealth for oct to dec 2014. Can i still avail this benefit? Because as per the list of requirements in CGH, i should have at least paid 9 mos.

    1. Hi loren, yes, you can use it. But pay also for Jan to March. The rule has changed from 9 months to 3 months within the prior 6 months.

  121. hi gud aftie. im 5 months pregnant. I registered with philhealth last 2013 but never paid. How can I avail of maternal benefits? My due is June 2015

    1. Hi sarah, pay for Jan to March asap, and then in April, pay for Apr to June.

  122. Im planning to apply for philhealth. If i pay for the entire year or two. Wil i be able to use it this month? Im scheduled for hysterectomy. Thank you!

    1. Hi Abby, sorry no, but ask others too. Pay asap for Jan to Mar, and then use it in March if the surgery can be safely re-scheduled. But ask your OB and hospital, to be sure.

  123. hi! This feb 2015 I updated my philhealth and i paid in advance January-September 2015, by next month March, can I use it for ovarian cyst removal? thankyou. please reply

    1. Hi lyca, yes, you can use it in March, but to be sure, you ask your OB and hospital, as some hospitals are not updated with new rules.

      1. how much will be covered by Philhealth for surgery to remove my ovarian cyst in a public hospital?

  124. angelica b. sta.cruz

    Do I need to pay oct. to dec? I’ll be giving birth this april

    1. Hi angelica, no. Pay Jan to April asap.

  125. Do I need to pay for last yr. oct. to dec. I’ll give birth in april

    1. Hi angelica, pay asap for Jan to April, so you can avail. Get your MDR

  126. Hi Nora, I was employed last year and paid my contributions from july-oct 2014. I resigned last november 2014 and got pregnant. I have few questions. First, can I still pay even if I’m no longer employed? If yes, how and what are the requirements? What months do I have to pay so I can use my Philhealth benefits when I give birth in August 2015? Thanks and God bless!

    1. Hi Elle, yes, you can pay as Individual Payor. Update your member data at Philhealth with your ID and Philhealth no. so you can get your updated MDR. Pay Feb to Aug 2015, to be sure. Or you can pay Jan to Mar first, and then in April, pay Apr to June, and so on.

  127. My friend needs to undergo an operation (Laparoscopi Gallstones Surgery) but he’s not a Philhealth member and planning to apply this month. How it will work then? Like a support or to lessen his hospital bill? Or will there be an instance or chance to use my Philhealth contribution for 5yrs ?but we are not related. Thank you.

    1. Hi rebekah, your friend can register asap and pay for Jan to March, and then use Philhealth in March. Philhealth coverage for cholecystectomy is 31k. She should ask her doctor and hospital about Philhealth and medical cost. Sorry she cannot use your Philhealth

  128. Hi po my husband is a seaman. his company paid just 2 mos because he just got onboard this nov. can i avail of maternity benefits? my due date is April 16. I went to their office yesterday to request Cert of contribution. they told me they cannot yet give me because the validity of cert is only 3 weeks. If ever I apply for My own philhealth, can I use it this April 2015 for maternity?

    1. Hi joyce, your husband’s office is right. They can give you the certificate, but they will give you in the last week of March or first week of April, near your due date, because this certificate has a validity period. Philhealth wants the certificate to be new, less than 1 month old. If you’re far from the office and it is very costly for you to travel, or difficult for you to travel, yes you can register for your own Philhealth and pay for Jan to March or Jan to April and you can use it in April. Ask others too.

  129. active member po but last quarter oct. to dec. I forgot to pay, now I paid jan to june. Can I use Philhealth this march if I have myoma operation. thanks

    1. Hi jen, yes, you can use Philhealth this march, but ask your surgeon/hospital because some hospitals are not updated with the new rules.

  130. Hi Ms. Nora My wife is confine now in the Hospital and I haven’t paid my contributions since oct. 2014. Can we still avail the benefits if we pay the last 5mos.?

    1. Hi jun, sorry the date of your premium receipt should be prior to date of admission. And Philhealth no longer accepts payments for Oct to Dec 2014

  131. Hi ms. Nora.. Im 5months pregnant now.. I was employed last nov. 22 2014 up to feb. 5 2015.. But i need to go to province due to emergency reason.. I dont have enough time to resign so my company a.w.o.l me.. Just want to ask if i pay for march.aprl.may.june can i avail it on june 4th week to july 2015? My duedate is july 5 but just to be safe i include june 4th week for my delivery.. Im c.s on my 1st child but dont have philhealth before so this is my 1st time to use it.. Thànkyou and godblesa..:-)

    1. Hi Nica, yes, update your records asap, and get your updated MDR and card, and pay March to June so you can avail.

  132. how much will be covered by philhealth for ovarian cyst removal? in a public hospital?

  133. hi I registered as member of philhealth today. Paid january to december 2,400. How many months can I use philhealth? Can I use it anytime? thank u po.GODBLESS

    1. Hi hanna, you can use Philhealth anytime within March to Feb 2016. For the same illness of the same patient within 90 days, only 1 confinement is covered, with few exceptions.

  134. hi ms.nora ngbayad po aq ng aking contributions jan-march duedate q po sa panganganak eh april 4-10 maavail q po kya un?tnx po

  135. Hi Nora,

    I am 28 weeks pregnant now and I decided to pay the whole year for 2,400PHP. I might give birth on May? When should I pay this 2,400 for me to avail the benefit?

    Thanks! Hoping to receive a reply soon.


  136. hi..i just want to ask if i can avail the philhealth benefit if im no longer employed..but i was able to pay last year from april to nov. 2014 my due date is this may 2nd week is it still possible or do i have to pay for jan.- april 2015 as well

    1. Hi anne, yes, pay for Jan to May so you can avail. Pay at Philhealth with your ID so you can get your MDR and card

  137. Hi Ms. Nora my gf stopped her contributions last sept 2014. How can she avail of benefits if she gives birth in June 2015? ty po

    1. Hi Ipe, she pays Philhealth asap for March to June.

  138. Hi ms. Nora I didnt contribute last yr 2014.. i am a member since 2013. Can i use philhealth benefit effective this day if I’ll pay jan-june 15? Thank you.

    1. Hi cheng, yes, you can avail, but you must pay your premiums BEFORE the date of admission. Pay at Philhealth so you can get your MDR and card

  139. Hi Ms. Nora! I paid Philhealth P2400 for this year 2015. I am waiting til April to have my gallbladder surgery so I could avail of the benefits. If I choose to have it this March, can I already avail of the benefits? Thanks in advance for your reply.

    1. Hi Lhynne, yes, you can avail this March, but to be sure, ask your hospital because some hospital officers don’t know yet the new policy.

  140. Hi po mrs Nora. My husband is an ofw po, he is a seafarer; his contract ended last dec 2014. We have not paid contributions for this year po. He had a medical exam; he needs an operation this month, can we use philhealth if we pay? Please give us some advice. Thanks.

    1. Hi darryl ann, yes, your husband should pay ASAP for Jan to Mar or Jan to June at Philhealth with his ID so he can get his MDR and card.

  141. Hi Ms Nora – my wife will give birth this March 13 2015. I’m a philhealth contributor (private employee) since 2006 up until October 2014. Since then, I started paying again “as voluntary” this January2015 – present. My problem here is that I haven’t paid the November and December 2014… will I still be qualified to avail the benefits even though I’m missing a 2 months period?

    1. Hi Gerber, if you paid for Jan to Mar 2015, you can avail this March.

  142. Hi miss nora. I enrolled my mother as voluntary member of philhealth last feb.22, 2015. I paid for 6 months (jan.-june 2015) can i already use it for her chemotherapy and radiotherapy? She was diagnosed cervical cancer 2b. Thanks.she is only 57 years old thats why i enrolled her voluntary in philheath.

    1. Hi alleya, yes, your mother can use it starting this March. Wish you strength

  143. Hi good day, ,
    My employer paid jan.2014-nov.2014, im pregnant and my due date is april,can. I avail the benefits?

    1. Hi ren, you should pay for Jan to Apr ASAP at Philhealth so you can avail in April. Bring your ID

  144. Is it true that only 3,000 is covered in our hospital bill then the rest we will pay? Tnx

    1. Hi merly, is this a maternity claim? Yes, Philhealth’s coverage is 3k for hospital cost and 2k for PF

  145. Hi ms Nora, 2013 my husband became a philhealth member he paid the whole year, then 2014 he was’t able to pay, recently he paid jan-june this year. everytime that he upgraded his monthly due will he really has to go to the philhealth office for the updated MRD cause I will be using it by march for my operation. Thank you very much your reply. God bless…..

    1. Hi jenn, yes, you can use Philhealth this March. Yes, your husband can go to Philhealth with his ID and ask for his MDR and card.

  146. Hi Ms. Nora, my son confine now at hosp. And my husband forgot to pay his contribution last oct-dec. If we pay tomorrow, the 1st quarter of this year. Can we use it? Thanks

    1. Hi Perry, sad to say, Philhealth premium should be paid BEFORE the start of confinement. Ask others too

  147. Hi Ms Nora, my sister resigned last dec 2014 and stopped paying her contributions. She’ll give birth in August 2015. can she avail of benefits? Thank you po.

    1. Hi janette, your sister, with her ID, should update asap her Philhealth data and pay for March to August asap so she can get her MDR and card.

    2. Thank you so much ms nora. pwede po ba nyang bayaran agad yung march to august or by quarter lang po?

  148. hi ms. nora, i am scheduled for a laparoscopic cholecystectomy dis march, my last payment was on january dis year,actually i paid january to june dis year, is it possible to use my memebership for the said operation? thanks and godbless!

    1. Hi kristine, yes, you can use Philhealth this March

  149. Hi, me and my husband are both working and have philhealth contributions, I am 3 months pregnant.If he will add me as his dependent, can we both avail the philhealth benefits?

    1. Hi jean, you can use only one Philhealth membership — your own Philhealth. You cannot be a dependent if you are a member.

  150. Can I avail of my husband’s philhealth. last payment was dec 2014 po

    1. Hi Myrna, if he paid Oct to Dec 2014, you can avail in March. But if you use it in April, your husband needs to pay for Jan to Mar 2015 asap, on or before March 31.

  151. Heloo Ms.Nora My husband is a canadian. He is not yet a filipino citizen.If ever he got sick and confined here in the philippines can he get benefits under my philhealth too?

    1. Hi jel, yes, he can be your dependent. Update your Philhealth MDR. Bring your ID and marriage certificate (orig and xerox)

  152. good day! i am a member since 2003 and i already avail my maternity benefits when i gave birth dated July 12,2010. But now i am confused if i can still avail my maternity benefits i stopped working after giving birth. I am 30 weeks pregnant now and my due date is May 20, 2015. I start/ continue paying my philhealth last Oct.2014 (Oct.- Dec, Jan.-March & April-June). Can I avail my benefits during my big day?

    1. Hi udessa, yes, you can avail of Philhealth because you’re updated in paying your premiums.

  153. Good day. I’m an OFW my last payment was 2013. Last Mar 19 2015 i paid total amount of 245SR. What month does it cover is it January -December 2015 or is it from March 2015-March 2016? Because it wasn’t written in my reciept the date of coverage and I am due for operation this March 2015? Can i avail any philhealth benefits?

    1. Hi LYN, if you paid as OFW, your coverage is for 1 year, from Mar 19, 2015 to Mar 19 2016. You can avail; they might require you to show proof of being OFW. Your MDR should show you are OFW.
      If you paid as individual payor, your receipt should show payment of Jan to dec 2015 in order for you, as individual payor, to be covered this March.

  154. hi i wanted to ask if ill still be eligible if i pay jan-april? due date will be last week of april or first week of may

  155. hi Nora, Last June 2015 I got philhealth, can I use it immediately? Need it for D&C this month. thanks

    1. Hi Gina, yes, if you paid for April May June.

  156. Hello,i havent paid my philhealth contribution for 2 a former ofw…my daughter is in the hospital..can i avail it if i will pay for the entire years that i did not pay?

    1. Hi Vince, sorry, date of premium payment should be prior to hospital admission date. You can pay asap for Oct to Dec 2015 — can be used in Dec, Jan and Feb.

  157. ELOW po ms. Nora, I just want to ask, If I am qualified and still can apply for a PHILHEALTH and use it on my delivery this coming JULY (considering that 2 months from now). even willing to pay for the 6 months. THank you po. 🙂

    1. Hi Patrice, yes, pay ASAP April to June so you can avail. You can also pay April to Sep for continuous coverage

      1. Hi Ms. Nora, I just want to ask my situation because I want to continue my contribution in Philhealth my last payment was 2012 when i was employed in Philippines, now I am OFW is it possible to continue the payment for my contribution. how many month should be need to pay?
        Thank you.

        1. Hi shimah or Ashley, OFWs pay yearly 2,400 pesos per year. The 12-month validity dates will be written in your receipt. Pay at Ventaja, IRemit or Landbank partners. Use your your Philhealth no.

  158. Hi how about a Philhealth member is confined at a hospital not affiliated with philhealth? By any chance can I use philhealth benefits so I can reimburse what I spent? Thank u

    1. Hi cessa, it’s required that the hospital is accredited with Philhealth. Use of a non-accredited hospital is only allowed if it’s an emergency case in a remote place, the non-accredited hospital is DOH-licensed and it’s physically impossible to transfer to a Philhealth-accredited hospital.

  159. Hello! I’m an individual payor but unfortunately i stop paying my contrbutions for almost 3yrs now. Can i still continue it now since i am pregnant and will give birth in September?

    1. Hi Charlotte, pay ASAP this month April to June (600 pesos) and then in July pay for July to Sep, or you can pay all outright (1,200 pesos). Pay at Philhealth so you can get your new MDR and Philhealth card. Bring your ID.

  160. Hi po I’m an employee po of a fast food chain for a year. Can I use my philhealth to have my mother’s TB treated?

    1. Hi Cris, is your mother 60 years old or older? If yes, she can be your dependent. If younger, she needs to be a member. If immediate treatment, she can pay for April to June, and she can use it this June. First, try the DOH TB program. Have you heard about their 6-month outpatient program? I’ll email the list of hospitals that offer this program.

  161. Hi po uli, been paying philhealth for many years, how much would be the coverage if my mother undergoes operation on her lungs? Is that covered? Thank you

    1. Hi Cris, again, your mother can be your dependent only if she’s 60 or older. Did they say what operation? It’s better that you ask the hospital about the cost so you can prepare. I hope you can find a good government hospital

  162. Hi! Good day! is there another remedy? My brother in law is confined now. Last payment was 2014 because he stopped working in 2014. Can we pay now even if he is already confined? Can we avail of benefits or no more? Thanks po.

    1. Hi Kiefer, sorry, no more. Philhealth payment must be BEFORE first day of confinement. Ask also the hospital

  163. Can i ask regarding to my philhealth maternity benefits,I am indvidual payor can i still avail the benefits i pay for the months of Jan. to june i just worried because my ultrasound Estimated due date is on july 05 ..should i need to pay for another month?..TIA

    1. Hi Anne, do you mean you have paid for Jan to June? If you have paid April May and June, you can avail this June or July or August.

      1. i mean i already pay the months of Jan up to June worth of 1,200 ..should i need to pay for july to avail bcause my EDD ultrasound is on july 05?.

  164. marivic cruz salazar

    hi,ask ko lng if ma avail ko yung philheALTH BEnefits ko.
    My due date is on oct 6. I pay jan-march then na skip ko yung april-june,after i pay for july to june till next year.Waiting for your responce.Thanks.

  165. Hello Everyone, I am concern about my dad’s health. Gusto ko sana siyang i.confine, wala po yung payment for the past 6 months, pwede po ba ngayon kami magpay ng whole year tapos ipapaadmit namin siya? magagamit ba ang kanyang philhealth benefits? please reply

    1. Hi Julie, ang puede mong bayaran is for July to Sep so you can use it in September, hindi agad-agad puedeng magamit. Punta na lang kayo sa charity dept ng government hospital

  166. Hi mrs nora. If i will apply for philhealth membership this month, can i used it on my delivery on september?

    1. Hi Elsa, yes, pay for July to Sep and you can use it in Sep.

  167. Hi ms nora…. Im an OFW and will be giving birth this month….. My payment is updated but i dont have my philhealth ID…. Can i still avail my benefits! Thanks…..

    1. Hi Cecille, yes, hindi lahat merong Philhealth ID. What you bring: your MDR, premium payment receipt and any ID. Sa hospital mo na kunin yong Philhealth claim form 1. Dapat Philhealth-accredited ang hospital at ang OB-gyne.

  168. Hi ms nora, i was admitted last july and already avail my philhealth, i was again admitted this day with same illness bu they say i cannot use my philhealth anymore. Can i use my husband’s philhealth in my case?

    1. Hi Shyla, sorry no, because you are still the same patient with the same illness within less than 90 calendar days. Besides this, you’re not allowed to be a dependent and at the same time a member. Take care

  169. Hi nora.
    I was planning to pay for July to december this year.may i ask ,when is the deadline ?I will be having a surgery this september or october.

    1. HI liana, payment deadline for July to Sep is Sep 30, but you need to pay asap this month so you can use it in Sep.

  170. Hi Ms. Nora ask ko lang po last kasi na payment ng employer ko is nung december 2015 pa and balak ko sana i tuloy na lng ung hulog para magamit ko sa panganganak ko sa april 2017 what month kaya ako pede mag start ng bayad and how much? Thank you in advance –

  171. Hello can I ask something?? I’m giving birth this April 2018. But I’m not active in paying my philhealth. If I’m going to pay this february 2017 is it possible that I can use my philhealth???

    1. Hi justine, yes. Pay ASAP for Jan to April 2018. Keep your receipt. Na-postpone to Oct 1, 2018 ang effectivity ng new 9-within-12-months na eligibility rule.

  172. i separatd in my company so i paid the month of oct 2017 – february 2018 and expected date is feb. and paid my march2018-dec.2018 in bayad center. and my employer paid the augst2016-may2017. mssing payment of jun2017-sept2017. can i still avail to maternity benft?

    1. Hi layla, yes, puede ka maka-avail. Enough yong Nov 2017 to Jan 2018 or Dec to Feb payment mo. Good you paid Mar to Dec because starting Oct, 9-month payment na ang required

  173. Hi just want to us if yung member ng philhealth ay two individuals and mag asawa pa they can use both card for eachother right? Because 2 tao ang my account kung yung account na isa nagamit na pwede magamit yung isa pang account db
    Hoping to seek answers

    1. Hi Casanova, first, ang isang individual ay hindi puedeng member and dependent at the same time. Kung member ang husband, member lang siya, at puede niyang dependent ang minor children at wife kung hindi member. Kung yong wife ay member din, kasi employee din, member lang siya, hindi siya puedeng dependent ng husband, at hindi niya dependents ang mga minor children na niregister nang dependents ng husband niya. Hindi niya puedeng gawing dependent ang husband kasi member na ang husband. In short, pag naospital, yong member, yong membership lang niya ang puede niyang gamitin.

  174. Good morning i ask ko sna kung macover if mag babayad ako ng 2400 this april/may duadate ko po kc is july to 1st week ng august via C-section macocovrr po kaya at magagamit ko sya this year??

    1. Hi Elizabeth, yes, you can avail this July if you pay for April to Sep or Apr 2018 to March 2019.

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