How to Claim Philhealth Refunds


Update as of May 28, 2014:

NO, you can no longer claim your refund from Philhealth.


You can NO longer file your claim directly with Philhealth.

Submit your Philhealth documents to the hospital before discharge. It is the hospital that will file your claim with Philhealth. On the day of admission, ask the hospital about their Philhealth submission rules. If you ask early, you will have time to fix your papers if incomplete or invalid.

Make sure your Philhealth coverage has been deducted from your hospital bill before discharge.

If the hospital asks you to sign a waiver, read the waiver. Do not sign any waiver that you do not understand.

Only Philhealth members hospitalized overseas can file their claim directly with Philhealth.

These are the required documents:

1.  Clear and updated copy of Member Data Record (MDR)

If you are a dependent, make sure you are listed in the MDR. If you’re not yet listed in the MDR, include your birth certificate (for children or parents) or marriage certificate (for spouses).  Some hospitals require that dependents’ names are written in the MDR.

2Original copy of Philhealth Claim Form 1

Get this form from Philhealth, the hospital or your employer,  accomplish it and sign it. Submit original copy. If employed, this should be signed by your employer.

3.  Receipt of premium payments. 

If Employed, submit your Certificate of Premium Payments with OR numbers.

4.  Some hospitals require a copy of your Philhealth ID, or Philhealth card or valid ID.

If Lifetime Member or Sponsored Member, Philhealth ID is required.

After several weeks or several months, Philhealth will mail your Benefit Payment Notice (BPN) to you, using the address you wrote in your Claim Form.

5.  If abroad and not able to sign Claim Form 1, send an authorization letter authorizing your wife, parent or child to process your Philhealth papers. Include a copy of your ID.


ONLY Hospitalizations ABROAD can be filed for REFUND:

For Philhealth refunds for hospitalizations abroad:

Submit your documents within 180 days after discharge:

1.  Philhealth Claim Form 1

2.  MDR or supporting documents

3.  Original Official Receipts, or detailed Statement of Account (in English language)

4.  Medical certificate, including the final diagnosis, dates of confinement and services rendered (in English language)

Note:  Refunds for overseas hospitalization are based on Level 3 hospital benefit rates.

If you like to take a look at the Claim Forms,  click here:  Claim Form 1  /   Claim Form 2  /  Claim Form 3  

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  1. Hi albert, the coverage for dengue I is 8k, so if the benefit payment notice from Philhealth showed that Philhealth paid the hospital only 1,800, it means that the final diagnosis was not dengue. Diagnostic tests such as platelet counts should support the dengue diagnosis. So if it was not dengue, and Philhealth paid the hospital only 1,800 then that’s the only amount that you can refund. But I could be wrong, so ask again the hospital.

    1. ok thank you!

    2. Ahmm sir meron po ba kaung refundable para sa military na naghulog ng 20 yrs pero ilang beses pa lang nagamit .. meron po ba??

      1. Hi sir rufino, sorry, walang refund of premiums from Philhealth, kasi hospitalization insurance ang Philhealth. Parang insurance din ng sasakyan, bibili ka ng insurance para kung merong accident, merong ma-claim na insurance, pero kung walang accident, hindi naman nare-refund yong ibinayad sa insurance. Thank you very much for your service to the country. By the way, when you turn 60, free na ang Philhealth premiums, you just need to get your Philhealth ID as senior citizen.

  2. Hi! Naospital ang father ko this month lang ang case rate nya pneumonia 1 (15k), ang hospital bill less PHIC + less senior disc may balance pa na 1,8++ sabi ko baka pde ibawas sa PF ng doctor or sa mga gamot na binili namin (kasi lahat ng gamot binili namin) sabi ng Hospital hindi daw pwede, kaya may binayaran pa kami 5.8k sa PF ng doktor. Tama po ba yun pag case rate hindi na pwede irefund ang sobra ?

    1. Hi vet, the pneumonia coverage which is 15k is allocated as 10,500 for hospital costs and 4,500 for PF. Was 10,500 deducted from your hospital bill? and was 4,500 deducted from PF? If not, wait for the benefit payment notice and then go back to the hospital and ask for your refund. Xerox your notice and your hospital statement and receipt.

  3. Romil C. Caballero

    Hi puedy mag tanong kailan makuha ko yung refund sa hospital yung asawa ko na discharge sa hospital last january 16, 2013 lahat na official receipt na nabili namin sa labas nang hospital ibinigay namin sa phelhealt incharge nang hospital kailan ko makukuha ang refund.

    1. Hi Romil, wait for your benefit payment notice from Philhealth, delivered to you via registered mail. Then go to the hospital and ask for your refund. Processing may take 2 to 5 months or more.

      1. Romil C. Caballero

        as per advise na philheath incharge in hospital lahat nang nabili namin gamot sa labas na may official receipt ay mag refund daw ang philhealth
        sana matangap ko ang refund nang mga gamot at saka sa city scan na binayaran ko sa labas nang hospital kasi yung city scan nila sa hospital ay nasira.
        sana matangap ko ang refund.

  4. Hi!i just want to know how can we be reimbursed for the fees we paid the hospital when my new borned baby was confined to the hospital and my wife has not listed her as her dependent yet. is there still a way for us to be reimbursed?we are also planning to have her undergo new born screening? can that be discounted through philhealth? thanks.

    1. Hi Geremy, you can file if you’re still within the 60-day deadline after discharge, and if the hospital is Philhealth accredited. Collect the documents listed above. Include a certified copy of your baby’s birth certificate (you can use the one from the hospital if there’s no copy yet in your city hall’s civil registry). Only newborn screening performed within 3 days of birth is covered, and the coverage is only 550 pesos. Coverage for newborn hearing screening is only 200 pesos.

  5. ask ko lng po kung my check na po ung reimbursemet ng dialysis ko for Jan…naibigay ko po kc siya last Feb 15 pa ung sa kasabay ko po kc dumating na last week pa bakit po sa akin wla pa…

    1. Hi Roberto, were your documents complete? You can go to your post office and ask if you have a registered mail. I suggest you find a clinic that deducts immediately your Philhealth benefits. Someone told me that there’s a clinic along Quirino Ave in Manila that offers a Philhealth dialysis package; the patient goes there twice a week until the 45-day allowance is used up. So I guess there are other dialysis clinics that offer something like this: Here’s a list of Philhealth-accredited dialysis clinics in Metro Manila

  6. Good day! I just want to ask how to check my Philhealth account, I mean if my employer really remits to Philhealth. Thank you.

    1. Hi Kristine, sorry Philhealth does not yet have an online system for checking. You need to visit a Philhealth branch or desk office at a Robinsons mall. Bring your Philhealth no. and any valid ID.

  7. Hi po,

    Ask ko lang po kun ano po yung dapat na gagawin ko..may refund claim kasi ako with philhealth last novermber ko pa nasubmit. Then last January 2013 I called up customer service then they told me na may kulang yung docs na sinubmit ko.Something to do with xray..Actually I do have the x-ray results na, ang problema until now dko pa din natatanggap yung registered letter from philhealth kasi kelngan daw yun. Pang ilang times na ako ngpabalikbalik sa post office pro wala pa din doon ang letter. Pano ko po ba mareretrive yung letter ko.The post office is here in Paranaque. Wala din da talga sa kanila, I already gave them the Registry number.Di pa din daw talga nla nattanggap from Pasig.

    1. Hi cyndi, dapat kasi isang claim filing lang, so you need to have the original filing and then re-file together with your x-rays. If Philhealth said they sent the mail at the Pasig post office, you can start to trace your registered mail at the Pasig post office.

  8. Hello po. Gusto ko lang po sana malaman. Naospital mama ko just last week, tapos ng i-try nila mag ask ng philhealth refund… Doon nya nalaman na na skip nya ang payment sa first quarter pero nakabayad na xa sa second quarter. Nang mag inquire sila sa philhealth office hindi na daw pwede. matagal na xa member, honest mistake lang alaga…. 1st quarter lang walang payment which is nakalimutan daw talaga ng mama ko. May posibilidad pa po bang mag claim? thanks po ng marami.

    1. Hi Lona, what illness is this? Surgery ba? Or ordinary illness? This month of May ba ang hospitalization? Kasi kung non-surgery, dapat nabayaran ang 3 months of the 6 months BEFORE month of hospitalization. Kung paid ang 2nd quarter at paid ang last quarter of 2012, dapat puede,kasi meron siyang paid na 3 months, kahit April or May ang hospitalization. Kung surgery, the requirement is payment of 9 of the past 12 months BEFORE month of hospitalization. Count and then file your claim.

  9. ma’am ask lang po.. i was dscharged from d hospital last april 26 2013. and my bill was amounted to 15k+. cesarian po ako and my phlhealth cverge was amounted to 11,400. as per phlhealth ofcer assgned to d hospital i can no longer reimburse any receipts for medicines bcause our bill was m0re than 11,400. how true? thanks.

    1. Hi joan, yes, the 19k coverage is allotted as 11400 for hospital (medicines, OR, room, lab) and 7600 for the doctors. 60% for hospital and 40 % for PF.

  10. Catherine i. Silva

    Ask ko lng po if pwede po i-claim yung refund sa ibang branch ng philhealth like d2 po sa Manila khit po sa iloilo branch pinasa ung mga claim forms.

    1. Hi Catherine, your refund will be sent to you via registered mail to the address you wrote in your claim form. It could be a check or a benefit payment notice which you can present to the hospital for refund (for Case Rate cases).

  11. gudpm!ask ko lng po kng may bgo policy ba para sa mga ofw ksi un ang sbi sa akin sa hospital,hnd ksi in honor ung philhealth ng husband ko complte nman ako sa requirements,nsa mdr din kmi.sept last year na ospital ung anak ko covered nman til sept 2013 ung bnayaran ko pro bkt ganun,until nw hnd ko pa na recvd ung refund.heres the name of the hospital STO NINO HOSPITAL located at burgos st camiling tarlac

    1. Hi angie, you said the hospital did not honor your documents. So did you file your claim directly with Philhealth? Did you file within 60 days after discharge from the hospital? Sa OFWs, dapat yong date of hospitalization nasa loob ng validity dates sa receipt. At saka, dapat yong receipt nakalagay na OFW, kasi iba ang eligibility requirement para sa hindi OFWs. Baka kasi you paid as Voluntary, at kababayad mo lang noong naospital ang anak mo, so hindi tinanggap ng hospital.

  12. Hi..i posted a query lasr wednesday, 8 May 2013. Just wondering if you received it. Thanks. Arlyn

  13. good morning, ask ko lng po sana kung ma rereimburse paba yong stale check? at my expiry date po ba?

    1. Hi may, banks do not encash stale checks. I suggest you go to Philhealth asap and submit a letter to Philhealth asking for replacement of your check, explaining your reason why you did not encash it immediately. Attach a copy of your benefit payment notice. Keep also a copy of your check.

  14. gud day poh..panu poh b mai claim ang refund ko if ever hndi mhanap ang address ilng days poh b ang processing..kc ngfile ako las feb. at march 11 s hospital..anung month po n posible ang approval..tnx..

    1. Hi ricky, processing time varies from case to case. Can be 2 to 5 months or more. Haven’t you received any mail at your address? I ask because you say they might not find your address. If you like, ask your post office (registered mail section) perhaps on the 3rd month.

  15. Hi,

    Magkano refund kapag amoebiasis ung case? meron kasi anak ko nun tpos ngfile kme ng refund worth 2500 sa ospital then 2000 sa doktor. Hindi namen nasama ung mga bill ng gamot na binili sa labas ng ospital. Nafile ko ung refund last May 3, 2013. Gaano katagal kaya un at magkano mrerefund namen?

  16. Hi,

    My son got amoebiasis and got discharged before we filed the philhealth. We got a total of 4500. 2500 for the hospital and 2000 for the doctor’s fee. I filed the refund last May 3, 2013 and forgot to include the bill of the medicines bought outside hospital.

    How long we will wait for the refund and how much refund we will get from this?

    1. Hi Ryan, amoebiasis is not under the Case Rate scheme, so hindi ko mabigay yong fixed na coverage. There will be deductions for medicines, PF, room and board and lab, depending on the severity of the disease and hospital category. Reimbursement will take 2 to 6 months, based on comments here.

  17. hi po ask ko lng kung hihingi ng additional extension dahil nglapse na ung 60 days ang tagal po kc ibigay ung final receipt ng hmo.. paano po process? thanks

  18. Hi! Would like to ask how will be the process for the 60 days extension for outpatient refund because the official receipt from hmo was delayed. As per hospital I should file for additional extension to Philhealth. Do you know the process? Kindly advise what will I do.. Thanks

    1. Hi Pat, I don’t know if Philhealth is giving extension. I know that one of the top reasons for claim rejection is late filing. Call Philhealth or visit the nearest Philhealth and ask.

  19. hi macocompute po ba ung ma rerefund sa philhealth?last april 7 na confine po ung anak ko..then after po nadischarge cya nung april 11..and then last april 14 ako namn po ung naconfine na discharge po ako nung april 18..tnx po..

    1. Hi jeffrie, your benefit depends on the type of illness, and other factors, and whether it is paid under the fee-for-service scheme or the Case Rate scheme. Antaying nio lang po yong benefit payment notice from Philhealth.

  20. Good eve po ask ko lang po yung mga na confine po lang ba ang pwede makagamit ng philhealth kse i have a thyroid problem then madami akong test na ginawa scan and ultrasound ng thyroid medyo malaki din ang gastos pwede ko po ba i submit sa phiheath yun wla kse kaming health card sa company kaya ako lang ang nagshoulder ng lahat ng gastos baka pwede ko po mgamit yung philhealth ko, thak you po..

    1. Hi jacob, yes, Philhealth covers only hospitalization and certain outpatient treatments such as dialysis, radiotherapy, quick surgeries. Scan and ultrasound are diagnostic procedures — these are covered only if they’re done while confined. And even if confined, if diagnostic procedures are the only things done, and there is no diagnosis and no treatment, the confinement won’t be covered.
      But if ever you undergo a thyroid surgery, as per doctor’s advice, this process will be covered.

  21. hi po,sana matulungan niyo ko sa problem ko regarding landbank check encashment. nareceived ko na ung check from philhealth sa husband ko nakapangalan pero nasa abroad siya. mapapapalit ko kaya ung check sa landbank kahit sa husband ko nakapangalan?

    1. Hi iyane, if your husband has a savings or checking account, you can deposit the check to his account. What I know is that Landbank will not encash your husband’s check, so ask Landbank if they accept a SPA for you to encash the check and what should be written on the SPA.

  22. Ma. Cecilia Cuera

    hello naconfine ang anak ko nung november 2012, then until now wala pa rin ang refund ko… bakit ang tagal naman po? meron pa po ba akong aasahan o wala na.. pano po ba magcontact sa philhealth dito sa pampanga? thanks po.

    1. Hi Ma. Cecilia, Region 3A’s office is at G/F PhilHealth Bldg., Lazatin Blvd., San Agustin, San Fernando City (045) 961-7125 / (045) 9610710 . Angeles: Ground Floor, Angeles Business Center, Doña Teresa Ave., Nepo Quadrangle, Angeles City (045) 887-1009 / (045) 322-7162

  23. Hi,

    My dad was hospitalized last Feb 2013. With the hospital bills, medicines, CT scans and Professional Fees we paid a total of almost 200,000. I Have submitted all the necessary requirements but only received a check for 70,000 this month. How much should I expect to receive as a reimbursement? And which services are covered? Thank you for your help! 🙂

    1. Hi MeiMei, did you also receive the benefit payment notice from Philhealth? Philhealth’s coverage amount is written there. Most probably your father’s case was covered under the Philhealth fee-for-service scheme

      1. Thank you for your reply.
        Upon looking at the notice, it only included the Doctor’s PF. Am I not entitled to the other refunds? I’m gonna need all the refund that I can get.

        1. Hi MeiMei, do you mean the benefit payment notice shows that your 70k refund check is a refund for PF only? Philhealth has coverage for room and board, lab, PF, OR and medicines, with maximum limits, as you can see in the table I referred to in my first response.

          1. Yes. As i’ve checked on the link, I could be getting more. It only indicated PF. Does that mean I might expect another check? If not, what could be the steps in pursuing the additional refund? or is it too late to follow up on it because it’s beyond 90 days? *fingers crossed*

          2. Hi MeiMei, it’s my first time to encounter a benefit payment that’s partial, so sorry I’m not so confident about answering. But I’m sure that your claim is no longer limited by the 60-day deadline because your claim was already filed. Follow-up should have no deadline, kung Philhealth ang may error. I suggest you visit Philhealth and ask. Bring your payment notice, your hospital receipts and your ID. Keep orig copies for yourself.

          3. thank you so much for your help! will try to visit Philhealth and bring any form of documentation to suffice my request. More power! 🙂

  24. Hi gud pm po…na admit po ng feb 18 ung anak ko,sa Bethany hospital sa tacloban….na discharge kami feb.21,2013…hang gang ngayon po wala daw refund yung binary yan namin sa ospital??????nagfile naman ako dun sa ospital ng claim,,,,wala talagsa kaming refund…..

    1. Hi Velfa, what do you mean nag-file ka sa ospital? Nagbigay ka ng Philhealth papers? Hindi ba nila dinededuct agad yong Philhealth benefits ninyo? If not, nag-file ba sila ng claim sa Philhealth? Wait for the benefit payment notice from Philhealth — it may take several months.

  25. Naospitalpo yung anak ko last december 2012 pnuenunia po ang sakit nya ang bill po namin eh umabot po ng 14800 including na hu dito yung PF po file ko po ng philhealth at ang binawas po ay 4000 plus lang hu sa hospital bill at sa doctor fee naman hu ay 1500 lang ang binawas sa 4500 na PF nya kaya ang binayaran namin sakanya ay 3000 cash. eto hung month of May dumating po na philhealth letter indicate na nag bayaran na po nila ang hospital at doctors ng PF sa halagang 4500. Question kolang hu may dapat po ba akong refund sa doctor kasi ang PF lang hu talaga nya naka state sa billing eh 4500 nag bayad po ako cash ng 3000 plus nabayaran na hu ng philhealth sya ng 4500.

  26. na confine po yung anak ko last december 2012 pneuumunia po ang sakit umabot po ng 11,602 ospital bill at 4500 doctors fee. file ko hu ng philhealth 4091 lang hu ang less sa ospital bill at 1500 hu sa doctors fee bale nag bayad pa hu ako ng 3000 cash sa doctor. Etong month of May dumating ang notice sa philhealth na nabayan na nila ang hospital at ang doctors fee na 4500. Question ko lang hu may claim po ba hu ako sa doctors kasi nag bayad na hu ako ng cash sa doctors ng 3000 plus nag bayad sakanya philhealth ng 450o which ang nasa bill of statement namin eh 4500 lang hu ang PF nya.?

    1. Hi Kathleen, pneumonia ba ang nakasulat sa notice? Magkano lahat ang binayaran ng Philhealth? 15k? Kasi sa case rate list, 15k ang coverage for pneumonia 1 (9k for hospital and 6k for doctor). Kung merong discrepancy sa na-deduct, irefund nio. Xerox your notice and receipts and then request your refund from the hospital.

  27. Hi,

    Just wanna ask if ok lang po ba na xerox copy lang ang birth certificate na dadalhin ko coz nagamit ko po yung mga orig.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi elle, most of the time, the officers ask for the original copy, so it’s either you ask Philhealth or get an original copy.

  28. I gave birth last Nov.3, 2012 through NSD and just received the BPN last May 21, 2013. I had refund on hospital charges but on doctors PF is 0.00 Why does I didn’t had refund on doctors PF? I paid the doctor through direct settlement (not included in the hospital bill)and keep the official receipt with me, is this the reason why i don’t have refund on doctors PF? What should I do?

    1. Hi Marian, yes, you may be right. You can ask your PF refund from the hospital. Usually Philhealth pays PF thru the hospital, except in some cases. Bring your notice and PF receipt (orig and xerox).

      1. Hi! Good day! Tanong ko lang po kasi ang nadeduct lang sa Philhealth ko sa final hospital bill ay P18,000 which is based on BPN dapat ay P41,000 (P36,000 for room and board,medicine,xray,etc. And P5,000 for Professional Fees). Nag-inquire ako sa hospital about the refund and they told me na hindi daw kasama ung P5,000 sa refund meaning sa P36,000 lang ibabawas ung P18,000. Ang understanding ko po kasi dun sa BPN ay dpat ibabawas lahat un sa final hospital bill ko which is hindi naman nangyri. Ano po ba ang tama? Excluded po ba talaga sa ibinabawas for refund ang professional fees or dapat included sya for refund kasi nakabased un sa sa breakdown na nasa BPN?

        Then tumawag ako sa Accounting Dept ng Hospital they told me na dapat daw may waiver pa akong dpat mkuha sa aking health care provider which is Medicard na nkstate na dpat daw sa akin nkpangalan ung magiging check. Ano po ba talaga ang tamang proseso sa pagclaim ng refund at may health care provider ka?
        Thanks you and I’m hoping for your immediate response regarding this matter.

        1. Hi JB, yes, the amount paid by Philhealth to the hospital should be the amount deducted from your bill (allocated following the hospital and PF allocation). What’s usually done is that HMOs pay what Philhealth does not pay. Did Medicard pay fully the part of your bill not paid by Philhealth? If yes, it should be your HMO making additional refund from the hospital because it was the HMO that paid (they have the payment OR). If you decide so, give your BPN to Medicard so they can get a refund, and so your HMO coverage limit for this year will not be easily used up.

  29. gud am po.khapon galing ako ng philhealth d2 sa angeles pr foolow up kung refund ko.feb22 p ako nag file ng refund sb 2 to 3months follow up ko.pagdating ko khapon sa philhealth to follow my refund ang sb may kulang p raw ung mga papers ko,ang tanong kulng bkit nung nagfile ako riniceive ubg file ko?inconplete p pl?sb w8 kuna anmn ungsinend ng philheatlh pr pirmahan ku daw ung cf2 ba yun?sn namn po s susunod pkichek mbuti ung mg requirements.mayroon po b ky akong marerefund?slamt po.

    1. bkit po up to now wl prin reply about sa tanong ko?thanks po.

  30. paano ko po makikita ung reply ko regarding sa question ko sa philhealth?

    1. Hi cathy, sorry this blog is not operated by Philhealth — I’m a blogger that blogs about Philhealth based on Philhealth publications and our own experiences.
      Yes, it’s sad that Philhealth officers are not able to always see errors in the claim papers before accepting them.
      About your refund, yes, you can refund something as long as your claim is valid. So wait for the returned papers, correct them and file them again.

  31. Sana naman paki ayos yung sistema sa refund.. sobrang tagal ng ptocess niyo.

    1. Hi angelo, I suggest you also post your comment sa Facebook page ng Philhealth para makarating sa Philhealth personnel.

  32. esmeralda buenaflor

    gd pm po nakarecieve ang sister ko ng refund namin sa hospitalization ng father ko,last May 3,2013 under my name,hindi na claim ng sister ko,dahil nakapangalan sa akin,nag email na po ako ng mga requirement sa main branch ng Pampanga para sa check replacement nong May 15,2013,para matransfer sa name ng sister ko dahil ako po ay nasa saudi,ilang weeks po ba bago bmalik ang check sa main branch ng Pampanga at ilang weeks din po ba bago matransfer ang check sa name ng sister ko,taga subic po kami. tama po ba ang ginamit kng email address ng philhealth (

    1. Hi esmeralda, I hope meron kang savings account dito para ideposit na lang sa account mo. Sorry hindi ko alam na merong email address ang Philhealth na Saan nio po nakuha ito? Ang alam kong email address ng Philhealth ay …..

  33. hi,
    Philhealth issued a crossed cheque. Id like to ask if I can able to encash this. I don’t have a bank account yet. If yes, can I encash it at any branch of Landbank Caloocan? The cheque is under Landbank Samson Rd Caloocan Branch.Thank you.

    1. Hi rachel, sorry I’m not sure now, so just ask the nearest Landbank branch. You should have at least 2 valid IDs. Usually, you can encash crossed checks only at the issuing branch.

  34. hi,
    I would like to ask if I could encash the cheque issued by Philhealth w/ note Payee account only… or is it just for deposit? Thank you.

    1. Hi rachel, if you have a savings account, you should deposit it into your account. But if you don’t have — there are times the bank encashes that check if it is presented at the branch that issued it and if the payee presents 2 valid IDs. To save time, enter any branch of that bank (is it Landbank?), and ask if you can encash it, and if not, if it can be encashed at the issuing branch.

  35. hi..ask ko lng po,pano po b ma iencash ung chek kung nakapangalan po sa asawa ko?onboard po kc cya now.

    1. Hi tina, you can deposit it to your husband’s bank account. If none, ask Landbank if you can encash your husband’s check using a special power of attorney (SPA), and what are the things needed to be written in the SPA. Kaya lang paano siya makakuha ng SPA sa barko? Ask Landbank what you can do other than SPA.

  36. Gud morning po, ask ko lang po about sa Philhealth ng husband ko, Philhelth member po sya pero namatay po sya at di man lang nya nagamit. Meron po ba akong Claim for death benefit, o pde ko po ba itransfer sakin ung Philhealth nya? Salamat po….

    1. Hi Belle, sori, hospitalization insurance kasi ang Philhealth, so kung hindi nagamit, hindi ibinabalik. Ang long-time benefit lang ay yong free lifetime membership kapag paid ng 120 premiums. Pero dahil pumanaw ang member, sori, wala na rin ang membership. Pero kung advance ang payments niya, puede pang magamit ng dependents kung sakaling kelangan, depende sa dates ng premium receipts.

  37. gd day, ask ko lng po f yung prenatl care refund is part na po ng 6500 na dineduct ng hosp s bill ko?kc ayaw nilang tanggapin ang mga o.r ng prenatal expenses ko lyk consultatn and ultrasound amtng 1,500 kc tapos nadw madeduct yun s bill ko. im confused kc last 2011 i also gave birth same hosp bt tinanggp naman ng ncharg yung mga recpts ko nfact nareciv ko n yung cheke refund aftr 3 mos.f ever po ayaw nilang isama yung mga receipts ko, pwed ko po bang ako nleng mgsubmit nun s philhealth ofis br?pls help.tnx

    1. Hi celin, prenatal ORs should be filed together with the maternity claim. Pero kung level 2 to 4 hospital ito at 6500 ang dinededuct sa bill mo, kinover na nila ang prenatal mo (at bakit kaya?). 5k lang kasi ang coverage kapag level 2 to 4 hospital. Kung level 1 naman, 6500 talaga ang deduction, tanungin mo na lang bakit ayaw nila? Eh Philhealth naman ang magre-refund. Meron ba silang additional paperwork to do if they include your prenatal?

  38. Hi Nors, may problem po kami sa refund check na bingay sa amin, naholdap po kasi ako at kasama yung check, paano po ba ang gagawin ko para ma kuha ulit ng check?

    Salamat po.

    1. Hi Bobby, how sad naman. You go back to Philhealth and ask about check replacement or call 4417442. Most likely, they will require you to submit a notarized Affidavit of Loss, including a request for check replacement. Include all hospitalization details and dates so they can trace your records.

  39. Tanong ko lang po, noong NOv. 5 namatay ang tatay ko sa probinsya naprocess ko naman lahat ng kailangan for reimbursement at nasubmit ko din sa philhealth sa ospital kung saan sya naconfine and namatay inadvised ako na mapoproces after 3 months. Nag antay naman ako at finolow up ko din, nong april tumawag ako sa philhealth sabi naprocess na daw at binigyan ako ng parang tracking # sa post office ko daw icheck. Given na malayo ako sa probinsya namin hindi ko napuntahan agad nabalitaan ko na lang nong isang araw na nasa kabit na pala ng tatay ko ang checke binigay daw ng kapatid ng tatay ko na nagtatrabaho sa opisina kung saan don din nagwowork ang tatay ko. kaya ngayon gusto ko sanang malaman kung bakit nakuha ng kapatid ng tatay ko ang cheke? ang buong pagkaalam ko naiirelease lang ito sa direct dependent like sa asawa, anak o di kaya magulang. Gusto ko ding malaman kung mapapa encash nya yon dahil nakapangalan daw sa tatay ko at kung pwede bang ipahold ang cheke kasi unsa sa lahat wala naman cyang karapatan na kunin yon, ako ang nag asikaso at ako ang anak. kung sakasakali po mahold ang check pwede bang magpareissue under sa pangalan ko given na patay na ang tatay ko? sana po matulungan nyo ako. salamat.

    1. Hi jultz, I assume that the check was delivered to your father’s former office and that your uncle or aunt gave it to the kabit. Sana kausapin mo ang uncle or aunt mo na kunin ang check at ibigay sa nanay o sa anak ang check. Kung walang kilala ang kabit sa bank, hindi niya mae-encash yon. At kung ma-encash man, puede mong ireklamo ang bank. Malamang Landbank ito. Matagal mag-replace ng check sa Philhealth, so the best way is to get the check from the kabit. Puede mong kausapin nang tao to tao yong kabit, walang sigawan; sabihin mo na ikaw naman ang gumasto at kelangan nio ang pera. Another option kung ayaw ng kabit mapakiusapan is to go to the barangay. Pero kausapin muna ang kabit bago barangay para meron kayong masabi sa barangay at walang masabi ang kabit na “dapat kinausap nio muna ako”.

  40. hi,i just want to ask why until now my mom haven’t receive her check,she had her operation last dec 2012 and we submit her documents properly they said we have to wait about 4 months but Why until now we haven’t receive anything yet…pls there any website where we can check online the status of our reimbursement?

    1. Hi brandon, there’s no online checking for Philhealth claims. Email or call 4417442

  41. I’m OFW working here in UAE I experienced with the same problem with the philhealth refunds,we file for refunds last December 2013 but until now there is no
    clear answer in this government health organization they have so many reason and looking so many documents.but when you get a overseas employment contract it’s compulsory to pay them.I tought that this is convenient and helpful to us, specially to all OWF.But it gives headeaches.

    1. Hi Jerry, please post your complaint also at the Facebook page of Philhealth

  42. Good am! Ask ko lang po, naconfine ang father ko nung January 2, 2013 kaya lang hindi namin nagamit ang philhealth nya dahil nung 2006 pa ang huling hulog nya, nung nagresign xa. mare2fund b namin un? o pwd b naming mawithdraw ung nahulog ng Papa ko para mapaclose na rin namin. Ty

    1. Hi Juno, sorry, hindi nia magagamit ang Philhealth kasi ang tinitingnan ay yong payment ng past 6 or past 12 months depende sa case. Sorry hindi na rin marerefund ang contributions kasi hospitalization insurance ang Philhealth, hindi narerefund ang premiums. If he had contributed 120 contributions, puede siyang Lifetime Member starting at age 60 — free premiums.

  43. Hi there was hoping po you could help me.2011 pa po na confine ang baby ko then just the other day po i have received a so blurred letter from Philhealth.//I think this might be a refund letter as it indicates room and board drugs medicine,xray & labs and PF…amounting to 4096.64. If i do not have the receipt of the amount i paid as this was a very long time already.What will i do? if this is a refund surely would like to process this.

    1. Hi Georgia, this would depend on the hospital, kasi you’ll get the refund from them. They might ask you to present the hospital bill and receipt as proof that you paid the hospital the whole bill without Philhealth deduction. They might argue that the 4096.64 amount was already deducted from your bill. Hope you can find your bill and receipt.

  44. Helo po. I wud like to ask po if how long does it take for the BPN or cheque to b deliverd po s member. In my case kc, I gave birth las april 20,2013 s lying-in bt on dat day my bby was brot in d hospitl kc nhwa xa s fever q. April21 n dschrge aq at ndeduct po philhelth q s billings q inssted of 15,000 + ngng 12k sumtng n lng, april23 ndscharge bby q private rum po na instead 1000 per day e ngng 600 ung so 1,800 billings for 3days iba p po byd ng pediatrican nun n 1,500.aprl23 NBS ng anak q en I paid for it in d hosptl on dt day my aunt process my papers on philhealth loctd on dat hospital ask q po qng my mrerecv pb aqng bpn or cheque.. kc til now wla po

    1. Hi joanmelanie, yes, you will receive a BPN via registered mail. Processing time still takes a long time, so just wait; perhaps this June, or July or Aug. If there’s a discrepancy in the hospital’s Philhealth deductions for your child, you go to your hospital and ask for refund. The same with the lying-in; dapat 6500 ang coverage kapag lying-in for normal delivery.


    1. Hi CESAR, dahil hindi pinadala sa inyo yong check, malamang na issued to the hospital ang check, so you cannot get the check. You really have to ask for your refund from the hospital. Tanungin nio na lang yong hospital kung kelan ang expected date na makuha nio ang refund nio. Keep your BPN.

  46. pano po mag palit ng address umuwi na po kasi kami sa macabebe, pampnga… pero yung address naka lagay sa refund is angeles city,, pano ko po yun mapapalitan??

    1. Hi Robert, baka meron kayong trusted person doon sa address sa Angeles City. Call Philhealth 441-7442 or email

  47. hi gud am ask lang po how many months po ba maclaim yong refund ko kc nanganak po ako nung march 11 2013 kailan ko po ba mkukuha ang refund thanks po,,

    1. Hi myrah, nai-file ba properly ang claim? Wait for your benefit payment notice from Philhealth via registered mail. Siguro 3 to 5 months pa rin ang waiting time.

  48. Romil C. Caballero

    Hi Nors,

    kailan matatangay ko yung refund nang philhealth
    sa akin, last January 14, 2013 naka labas yung asawa ko nang hospital, ang ibang gamot at citiscan sa labas din binili at ang official receipt namin na binili namin ibinigay namin nang philhealth incharge nang hospital hangan ngayun hindi pa natatangap yung refund ilang buwan yung processing nang refund nag philhealth.

    1. Hi Romil, wait for your benefit payment notice from Philhealth and then present this to the hospital. Keep your copy. Siguro up to 5 or 6 months pa rin ang processing time

  49. hi good day! just want to know the details of my philhealth benefit. My son was confined last Mar 13 – 21,2013 sa Makati Med due to Potts disease and bronchial asthma. Our hospital bill was 139K excluding PF ng mga doctors. Laking gulat ko nung ma discharge kami na ang nabawas na philhealth was only 11,400.00.. I called up Philhealth main office a day after, they told me to call back after 60 days. June 17,2013, I called PHIC again, sabi ng PHIC may check na pero 11400 lang and the payer is Makati Med parin. Question: bakit po ganun ang liit ng PHIC benefit ko considering the total hospital bills of 139K? Besides, yung potts dissese is Infection sa Spine pa. Napadelikado ng spine. Inaspirate pa yung “nana” nya sa spine at abcess sa lower lumbar area nya. tapos ganun lang kaliit ang PHIC benefit na makukuha? Hope you can assist us. Hindi po kasi ako pwede mag absent para pumunta sa office nyo.. Thanks a lot… God Bless!

    1. Hi CHA, sorry, I’m not connected to Philhealth; I just write about Philhealth. Ano kaya ang main illness na isinulat ng doctor sa claim form? Kung hindi under Case Rate ang illness, mas mataas dapat sa 11,400 sa aking palagay, based on your total bill of 139k plus PF. Palagay ko merong Philhealth desk office ang Makati Med, para matanong nio kung bakit ganon lang ang deduction — dapat ma-explain nila. Under the old scheme, which is fee-for-service, merong coverage for room, lab, meds, PF, OR up to certain maximum limits, depende sa gravity of illness and doctors’ specialization.

  50. Good day! hello po,
    pde ko po bang iencash ung cheke ng reinburstment nang namatay kong asawa..? ako po ang naospital,ako po yung dependent nya sa philhealth, sa kasamaang plad po nmatay xa 2 months ago tpos dmating po sa house ang cheke.. ano pong mga requirements ang kelangan ko pra maencash ang tseke.. maraming salamat po.. 😉

    1. Hi elaiza, sori name kasi niya ang nasa check, so the bank will not encash it. Call 441-7442 or visit Philhealth kung paano magpare-issue ng check sa Philhealth. Bring your ID and marriage certificate (orig and xerox) and the benefit payment notice (orig and xerox).

  51. Good day!
    hello, how can i encash my husband’s cheque if he died 2 months ago.. I was the one who got hospitalized, I’m his dependent..Can I still encash it even he’s dead already? what are the requirements i need?? hope you could answer.. thank you very much.. :)))))

  52. hi po, i just want to ask why til now d ko p rin nkuha ung refund q sa philhealth.nung january po aq ng giving birth.bkit sbi po ng ospital sa amin d rw nmin attach yong wait lng dw kme til mgpdla ng letter ung philhealth.

    1. Hi net, nag-file ba kayo ng claim sa hospital o sa Philhealth? Wait for your benefit payment notice from Philhealth; baka more than 6 months pa rin up to now ang processing.

  53. Good day ako po c Lezel kasalukuyang nasa abroad po ako ngayon.gusto kung magpacheck up sa mata kc i fell may problema ang mata ko.kung sakaling maoperahan ako sa mata.paano ko makukuha ang reinbursment gayong andito ako sa abroad?

    1. Hi Lezel, you cannot reimburse all. Philhealth will refund only a portion. You have 180 days after discharge to file your claim through your representative in the Philippines. Send documents plus authorization letter and copy of your passport. Here are the requirements:

  54. hi po, magkno po ba refund ng ofw pg naospital abroadkc sa billko na almost 4tusd e, 25.25pesos lng na chk nrecivko mas mhal pa gastusko ngfile. tnx

    1. Hi wilson, do you mean 25 pesos and 25 cents? You should visit Philhealth and ask. There must be an error, or there must be a reason.

  55. Hi,
    May son got amoebiasis and confined for 1 day and our hospital bill was 4,500(2000 for doctor’s fee and 2500 for hospital). The amoebiasis is now under Acute gastroenteritis (AGE) – 6,000 based on your website. How much we can have in the refund? They said that we can have the cheque by July(I filed the refund last May 3).


    1. Hi Ryan, is this one confinement? If the final diagnosis is AGE, then your refund will be 6k. Philhealth rule: “PhilHealth shall reimburse the medical case rates based on the main condition. Therefore, cases with several co-morbidities shall have no additional payment.”

  56. hazel v. corbadura

    hi.. good evening.. i just want to ask something lang po.. kasi po na-admit po sa UERMMMC yung baby ko nung march.. then nagamit po namin yung philheath ng husband ko.. nabawasab po yung hospital bill namin and we also submitted all the requirements for the refund para sa mga meds na nabili namin.. and ang sabi sa hospital maghintay daw kami ng two or more months for the refund.. unfortunately, nanakawan kami dun sa bahay na inuupahan namin nun.. so we decided to move.. yung mailing address po na gamit ng husband ko eh yung bahay na inalisan namin.. and yung number na binigay nya nun sa form sa philhealth eh nanakaw nga po.. nung isang araw daw po (june 26,2013) sabi sakin nung lumipat dun sa dati naming bahay may dumating daw na postman and he’s looking for my husband may dala nga daw na envelope from philhealth.. since confidential nga daw po.. hindi po sya pinayagan na ireceive un.. san po ba namin pwedeng makuha yung binibigay ng postman na yun? and pwede bang ako na lang na wife nya yung kumuha kasi may work po sya eh.. thank you.. God Speed..

    1. Hi hazel, you can go to the local post office (the one that covers the address in your claim form) and ask for your husband’s registered mail asap (sana andon pa at hindi pa ibinalik sa main). Bring your ID, authorization letter from your husband and a copy of his ID.

  57. Naospital po ang father ko 1st wk ng feb. 2013, nagfile kmi ng reimbursement for his meds, unfortunately he died feb 25. Makukuha pa b ng mother ko yung reimbursement? Father ko po ang member. Thanks

    1. Hi Irmari, wait for the benefit payment notice from Philhealth. Depending on your case, puedeng ang check ay issued to your father, or to the hospital (get your refund from the hospital). I hope sa hospital na lang yong check para makuha nio ang refund from hospital, kasi kung issued to your father, papa-replace nio pa sa Philhealth yong check.

  58. Good morning Philhealt. Binigyan ako ng form 1525 ng Phil Postal Corporation kasi wala ako nung dineliver ung check. Nakalagay sa form, “Claim your mail immediately upon receipt of this”. As I understand, ako mismo ung pupunta sa Post Office para mag claim ng check, tama po ba? And, saang post office ko po ba i-cclaim ung check ngayon? My address is 1 ROTC Hunters St Tatalon Q.C. Thanks!

    1. Hi Don, you claim at your local post office with your IDs. Dapat nandiyan sa form kung saang post office. Tanungin mo kung nasaan ang post office ng Tatalon na nagse-serve ng barangay ninyo.

  59. good morning sir,

    bakit po di pa ko naka receive ng BPN? MERON PO BA AKONG MATATANGAP NG REFUND? e wala naman akong natangap na BPN pumunta din ako ng post office wala ring letter sakin galing ng PHILHEALTH. eto po yung email na natangap ko sa PhilHealth.

    Database verification shows that the claim for the confinement of patient at Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center on June 18-21, 2013 is already PAID. However, the claim was paid in favor of the hospital / provider.

    Check Number: 0000882809
    Check Date: October 24, 2012

    If you have not availed the PhilHealth benefits upon patient’s discharge or there was an under-deduction of benefit based on our payment, please coordinate with the hospital and present the sent Benefit Payment Notice (BPN) for refund.

    1. Hi Gilbertian, was the patient confined June 18-21, 2013? Why was the check dated oct 24, 2012. Something’s wrong with the email. If you filed properly, I think your claim is still being processed. Based on comments on our blogs, it takes 3 to 5 months or more for a claim to be processed. You can reply to the email and point out the error, and ask again about your claim.

  60. Julienne salvador

    Good morning po…i was an ofw here in hk…my son was hospitalized few days ago…my husband is paying our yearly contribution to philhealth under my name,.but
    according to the philhealth office to the hospitl where my son was admitted they still need my work contract form to be able to claim the refund…may gnun po ba ? My husband is paying already in the philippines..its very complicated po kc wala yung kontrata ko sa pinas .requirered ba tlga ang kontrata? Please reply.

    1. Hi Julienne, ang eligibility kasi ng OFW at Voluntary ay iba. Sa OFW, dapat the date of hospitalization is within the validity dates in the Philhealth premium receipt. Puedeng proof ang OEC or work visa or foreign ID, any proof that you’re OFW.
      Pero kung paid ang 9 of the 12 months BEFORE month of hospitalization, puede nang as-is or Voluntary ang status, kahit hindi na OFW, dahil eligible naman na.

  61. Good day po!ask ko lng po if pwede po pa kayang mag ask kung may pwede pa akong irefund.nanganak po ako sa lyingilast 2011 at now ko lng po na check kung pwede mag refund kahit nrcvd ko n ung bpn nung last 2011 din a month after I gave birth.kaya lng napansin ko na 5k ung philhealth benefits ko na naibayad ng philhealth eh sabi sa lyi,ng in 2500 lng ang credited n mabawas sa bill ko at nklagaysa bpn n actual charges ko 7500 na un din ung binayaran ko na cash sa with recpt.then nanganak din ung officemate ko same lying in binayaran niya is 2500k plus tanggal n daw philhealth so it means parang w alang n bawas sa bill ko ..plss tell me if pwede ko pa siyang habulin na irefund if ever meron pa nga khit 2yrs n after …

    1. Hi michelle, depende na yan sa lying-in kung titingnan pa nila ang papers mo dahil almost 2 years na ang nakalipas. Subukan mong magtanong, if you like; sabihin mo ngayon mo lang napansin.

  62. good a little bit confused regarding on how you will reimburse the payment u paid on phil health. i was hospitalized becoz of giving birth last aug. 2012 until now wala pa ung reimburse ku from phil health..1 year na xa sa aug. 10. lht nmn ng requirements including the receipt naipass ku pero wala pa din until from bayambang pangasinan. nahospital aq sa bayambang district hospital.

    1. Hi clarisa, meron ka dapat mare-receive na benefit payment notice via registered mail. Tama ba ang address na isinulat mo sa claim form? Andiyan ka pa ba sa address na isinulat mo sa claim form? You can follow it up sa nearest Philhealth branch.

      1. yes mam andito pa rin aq..pero until now wala pa din notice aqung narereciv..pwede ba aq mgfollow up kht sa manila ang nghuhulog..i mean company ang nghuhulog,,

  63. dumating na po yung BPN ng asawa ko he got operated last nov.2011.we recieved the BPN last june 25 2013.dinala na po namin sa hospital yun notice at ang sabi hintayin daw po namin txt nila para ma process yung refund namin sa mga resibo ng meds.usually po mga gano po ba yun katagal ulit?at san po kami dapat mag claim?thanks

    1. Hi princess, super tagal naman ang bpn. Sorry I don’t know the refund policy of the hospital. Wait na lang. Pag after a month at walang text, follow-up uli. Sa hospital mag-claim ng refund kasi sila ang nabayaran ng Philhealth.

  64. i got in hospital to claim my check but the employed on hospital tell me on their record their is a check but the prob is the check is not their,my question is where i cant get my check? on hospital or Phil health office at any branches.

    1. Hi maricel, have you received your benefit payment notice? If there’s a notice but there’s no check, that means the check was issued to the hospital, so you must refund from the hospital. Xerox your notice.

  65. Romil C. Caballero

    Hi nors,
    na recieved kuna yung refund ko nang galing philhealth at hindi naman kasasi yung pinabayaran ctscan charges sa labas ng ospital at original na resibo kasama na ipa received nang ospital at pumunta ako sa philhealth last july 12, 2013 para ma refund yung charges nang ctscan nagamit ko yung during confinement sa aking asawa,ilang buwan na processing para matagap ko yung refund.

  66. hi po,pwede nyo po b ko bigyan ng sample letter for replacement of check, onboard po kc ang husband ko now,sa knya po kc nakapangalan ung chech… hingi nmn po sample pleasee… ty po

    1. Hi tinah, usually merong bank account ang seaman, puede mong ideposit ang check sa bank account niya.
      If there’s no bank account, it’s your husband that writes the letter. will get back

  67. Ailish Czane Ramos

    What if my operation was 1 year and 2 months now and i still don’t have my claim form? what shall i do?

    1. Hi Ailish, do you mean you did not submit Philhealth papers to the hospital or you did not file your claim before? Philhealth gives only 60 days after discharge for filing claims. After 60 days, it no longer accepts claims.

  68. I want to know tha status of my refund, I was operated last March 25 at Cardinal Santos, I made some follow-up at San Pablo,Laguna main office. They told me that I have already check and the main office at Oranbo will be the one to mail it to. Check no. 58426. Check date: 7/4/13. Amount: 29,000 when will I receive it, please help! Thank you!

    1. Hi Carmen, I hope you get it soon. Sorry I can’t tell when. Wait for your registered mail.

  69. hi mam/sir,
    naispital po kasi ung partner ko two months ago , and then inasikaso namin ung marerefund namin sa philhealth at na mail ang tseke last month, ang problema ibang tao ang nagreciev at binuksan ang envelope, nalaman nalang namin sa kaka follow up sa post office at nagkamali daw ng tao na napagbigyan at tyaka pa namin nakuha sa ibang tao ung tseke.. may pananagutan po ba ung taong tumangap ng aming tseke at pagbubukas nito mula sa envelop? or ung taong nag dala sa kanya, kahit di naman sa kanila nakapangalan.

    1. Hi Ian, parehong merong liability yong postman at yong tumanggap. Pero kung hindi naman inencash ang tseke at na-encash nio na at good naman, kung sa akin, okay na lang, dahil mahal din ang mag-file ng lawsuit. Ang concern ko lang is the postman, kung gawain niya ang ganon at dati na niyang kilala yong binigyan niya, so ibig sabihin dapat hindi siya magkamali sa pagbibigay. At saka, if registered mail, dapat hinihingian ng ID ang recipient.
      To help others, you can write your local post office anonymously, at ikuwento mo ang nangyari without naming the postman, for your safety, para lang malaman niya ang ganyan (ang masaklap kung usual na nangyayari ang ganyan diyan).

  70. Hello. my father was confined last july 18, 2013, in a private hospital where they base the rate of how much to be deducted by philhealth on the type of illness. the total bill amounted to almost 28k, but philhealth only pay 9k of the total bill, hindi man lang naka 50%. sya ung my are ng philhelt, lifetime payer sya. retiree from SSS. my marerefund pa ba kami?

    1. Hi Marj, wait for the benefit payment notice from Philhealth via registered mail. If Philhealth paid the hospital more than 9k, then ask for refund from the hospital. Xerox your notice, bill and receipt.

  71. I received a benefit payment notice last june 2013 since philhealth benefits were not deducted from my bill due to lack of documents submitted prior discharge to the hospital. May I inquire please where i can claim the check? Is it to the hospital? Appreciate your assistance. Thanks!

    1. Hi Lalaine, ask for refund from the hospital. Xerox your notice, bill and receipt so you have your own copies

  72. I received a benefit payment notice last june 2013 since philhealth benefits were not deducted from my bill due to lack of documents submitted prior discharge to the hospital. May I inquire please where i can claim the check? Is it to the hospital? Appreciate your assistance. Thanks!


  73. rosielyn sales suan

    good pm maam/sir paano po ba maka avail sa philhealth refund?YONG EXCESS PAYMENT BA PAG NA HOSPITAL KA PWEDE I PA REFUND?

  74. Alec Peter K.Guevara

    Good day to all of you! My sister has a check from Philhealth as refund from the hospitalization of our father. She is presently working in the US. How can I encash the said check of my sister?

    1. Hi Alec, you deposit the check to her bank account. If none, ask the issuing bank if you can present a SPA to encash it. Or ask your sis if there’s a BDO remittance partner in her area in the US where she can open a Kabayan account (to be sure, she asks if you can deposit her check to that account).

  75. gud day. ntanggap nmin ung cheque n nkapangalan sa namatay n nming kmag anak. paano namin ma encash ang cheque kung sa kmag anak nming namatay nkapangalan ung cheque?

    1. Hi gerry, yong main beneficiary ng namatay ay magpunta sa Philhealth with death certificate and proof of relationship (puedeng marriage or birth cert) at mag-request ng replacement check na in the name of beneficiary

  76. Gud day,

    I have to concern po:

    1. Last August 2012 i was confined with Miscarriage, and my hospital was deducted with the hospital BUT my BPN ay hindi dumating sa amin or akin. so i was called to the Philhealth office here in cebu then they told me that i will go to there main office and they gave me a print out copy of BPN then i will go to the hospital kasi xempre my refund pa ako i have a xerox of receipts kasi…

    2. This july 2013 nanganak po ako normal delivery sa isang Lying-in here in Cebu, i have no bill bcoz i am a member of philhealth.. but hindi po kami sa kanila screening sa aking baby sa city health po then my binayaran kami na 500.oo then inisubmit ko ang resibo… ma.refund po ba un sa akin???…then kung hindi naman darating ung BPN ko.. how many months before i called to the philhealth office para malaman kung my refund pa ba po ba ako…

    hoping for ur reply..thank u

    1. Hi Darlene, 1. I hope you get your refund from the hospital.
      2. Sa Philhealth ka nag-file ng newborn claim? Or yong lying-in ang nag-file for you? If yes, meron kang makukuhang refund. Wait for your check or BPN.

      1. helo

        sa Lying-in po ako ng.submit ng receipt of new born screening bcoz sila ang mg.submit sa philhealth…

        if hindi pa rin po darating ung BPN ko how many i’ll wait po before i’d call to the philhealth for my BPN??/ last year kasi hindi talaga dumting ung BPN ko. hindi siguro alam nung post man kung saan ako hahagalapin…


        1. Hi Darlene, mag-follow up ka siguro after 1 month or 2 months. Puede ring magtanong sa registered-mail section ng local post office nio kung sabihin ng Philhealth na na-release na


        Hi na confine po ako March 25 2017 till now hindi ko pa po nakukuha ang reimbursement ko sa maternity?MAG-IISANG TAON NA ANG BABY KO THIS COMING MARCH 25 2018.HOW LONG PO MAKUKUHA ANG REIMBURSEMENT SA MATERNITY?

        1. Hi Joan, ibig sabihin hindi mo naibigay sa clinic or hospital ang Philhealth papers mo before discharge? Kasi dapat dinededuct agad sa bill mo yong benefit mo. Hindi nire-refund, dinededuct. Nag-file ka ba directly sa Philhealth? at tinanggap?

  77. gd am po.ask ko lang po kung ilang buwan makuha ang refund//

    1. Hi eufimiopicao, 2 to 5 months pa rin daw.

  78. good am po, na cs po yung asawa ko last april 23, 2013. naasikaso ko naman po lahat ng kailangan para mai refund ko po yung sa philhealth ko. after ko po maasikaso lahat ng kailangan my binigay po sakin ang hospital na mga resibo. para ma claim ko po raw pag dumating sa kanila yung check eh ipakita ko po raw yung binigay nilang mga resibo. ang problema ko po ay naiwala ko po yung mga resibo na binigay nila. nag text na po sakin yung ospital na andon na po raw yung refund ko. makukuha ko pa po ba yung refund ko kahit wala yung mga resibo? puwede po ba na ipakita ko lang yung id ko ng philhealth or mag pagawa po ako ng affidavit of lost para makuha ko po yung refund ko? thank you very much and please answer my question as soon as you recieve my message.

    1. Hi jolly, depende na yan sa hospital. Kasi yon ang policy ng refund. Ask them kung ano ang puede mong gawin.

  79. hi po gd pm ask kolang dn po ipapadala po b sa amin ung refund.o kami ang poponta sa branch ng philhealth.tnk u

    1. Hi eufemiopicao, the refund will be sent to your address via registered mail.

  80. Maam, I got a typhoid last march 2013, a dependent, ICU room and got private doctor. Discharge on the same month and paid almost 3k, PF of my Dr. excluded.I received mail just this month Aug.2013 that my claim couldn’t be processed bec. some docs. were lacking, can i still provide the lacking docs and have it presented to PHILHealth or to the hospital for refund? It’s beyond 60days already…please answer..

    1. Hi Venus, yes, you can refile within 60 days from receipt of returned documents, but refile asap.

  81. Good day
    Sir/Ma’am, my sister want to ask if san po pede encash ung check from philhealth, meron po ung nakalagay na for payee’s account only, and she’s here in batangas for medication, the check came from isabela. Do Landbank accept encashment from other branch?Thank you very much

    1. Hi lhoi, try nio na lang sa Landbank diyan. Puede ring mag-open siya ng savings account at any bank para madeposit yong check.

  82. I gave birth last February 07,2013 and my husband sumbitted all the documents in the hospital the day before I discharged.They told us to wait within 2 months pero ti lnow wla p rin ung refund…finollow up ng asawa ko pero pinagpasa pasahan lng sya.makukuha p po b nmin ung refund?ty

    1. Hi chel, sadly, matagal pa rin ang processing. Wait for the benefit payment notice from Philhealth

  83. bakit po wla pang na rerefund ang asawa ko sa philhealth na confine cya ng april 23,2013

    1. Hi victot, wait for the benefit notice from Philhealth. sadly matagal pa rin ang processing

  84. Hello po! I gave birth on Feb. 5, 2013, tapos nag-late filing ako for PhilHealth. Sabi nong hospital staff I should wait 6-7 months for the notice. Ang problema we moved to a different address. Is there any other options than waiting for the notice?

    1. Hi Margaux, late filing? After 60 days from discharge date? Rejected pag filed after 60 days. To update your address, update your member registration form at Philhealth

  85. Hello,
    My father-in-law was a Philhealth lifetime member. He was hospitalized but died of cardiac arrest 3 days after. We were not able to file his Philhealth through the hospital. We paid the hospital in full.
    My question : can we still claim for philhealth reimbursement of the hospitalization cost? If yes, Can you please provide the procedure. If no, what is your recommendation.?

    1. Hi Pam, yes, file the documents above, plus your father-in-law’s death certificate plus proof of relationship of claimant (birth certificate or marriage certificate). File within 60 days after discharge from the hospital.

  86. hi hope this blog still works just want to ask if makaka receive ba ng reimbursement if the Phil health rep sa hospital advised my mother she don’t need to submit Phil health form since last confinement was within 90 days.

    1. Hi hachi, if your mother was confined for the 2nd time for the same illness within 90 days, only the first confinement will be covered by Philhealth. But if the illness is different, you can claim even if the 2nd confinement is within 90 days.

  87. Hi.. I would like to ask once I received my refund check from philhealth.. can I encash it at any bank like BDO or PNB even you dont have accounts at those banks? I have a BDO acct but its for payroll


    1. Hi Inchit, usually Philhealth uses Landbank for its checks, so you cannot encash over the counter your Landbank check at BDO or PNB. What is allowed is to deposit your check into your account…any bank. Or you can encash it at the Landbank branch that issued the check, or you can ask other Landbank branches if they can encash your check.

  88. hi . good day. gsto ko lng po mag inquire about sa refund ng baby ko. naospital xa ng 28weeks xa and until now na mag 6months old na xa wala padin dmdting na refund. ang advise e 3-4 months daw. ano po kaya dpat kong gawin ko? sobrang kelngan ko po un pmpa binyag .pls help:( tnx

    1. Hi maritoni, sad to say, matagal pa rin talaga ang refund. Call Philhealth 441-7442

  89. hello po. naospital po ang baby q when he is 38 days old. at naackso nman ng asawa q ang lhat ng kelngan for requirements s philhealth advise smin na 3-4 months mkukuha ang refund pro 6months na ngaun ang baby ko e wala pdin dmdting. ano kaya dpat kong gwin? tnx pls reply asap

  90. Hi.. I would like to ask if I can cash the reimbursed check at any bank? I have a BDO savings acct but its a payroll acct… Thanks

    1. Hi Cess, you can deposit your check into any of your bank accounts. If your check is a Landbank check, you should encash it at the Landbank branch written on your check. But you can ask the nearest Landbank branch if they can encash your check.

  91. ask ko lng po sna bkit kya ang tgal ng refund sa baby ko? .kase po ng maospital xa e 28 days lng xa advise samin e 3-4 months dadating pero 6months na xa ngaun wala padin. ano kya dpat nmin gawin? inackso naman ng asawa ko ang mga dpat n requirements nunh nsa osptal kmi.. hoping for your reply ASAP. thanks

    1. Hi maritoni, sad to say, matagal pa rin talaga ang processing ng Philhealth for many claims

  92. sir/mam good day

    kasi po matagal ko nang kinukuha ang refunds namin hanggang ngayon wala parin nung april 14 pa ako na discharge eh mag september na wala parin gusto ko pong malaman kung dun lang ba sa hospital pweding kunin yun o merong pang ibang place.hope you will answers it.

    thank you,

    1. Hi marycel, depende kung saan nakapangalan ang check. Philhealth will send you via registered mail a benefit payment notice, either andon na ang check or kukunin mo ang refund sa hospital.


    1. Hi jhona, sori hindi mare-refund, kasi hindi Philhealth accredited.


    1. Hi mary jane, sori, mukhang hindi. Ang hospitalization date ay outside the validity dates of your receipt. Discharge date na yong Aug 31. Please ask others too

  95. ang payment ko last year from feb. 13, 2012 till feb. 12, 2013. ang next na payment ko na ay aug 31, 2013 to july 2014.

    Then, na admit ang anak ko sa PCMC dated aug 28 till aug 31, 2013.

    my question is, mare-reimburse ko ba sa philhealth ang lahat ng hospital expenses??

    1. Hi Mary, sori, outside your receipt’s validity dates na ang hospitalization dates. Please ask others too.

  96. hi po, i have my BPN from philhealth already. then they told me na ipakita ko raw ito sa hospital for refund,tumawag ako sa hospital tapos sabi ipasa ko daw ito sa kanila together sa Official receipts? eh naipasa ko na sa philhealth yung mga OR before ako nagdischarge. what OR they mean? and how many days or week to process cheques for refund. thanks!

    1. Hi che, sori, depende pa rin sa ospital kung 1 week or 2 weeks or more.

  97. Hi, i did receive a letter from phil health for my daugthers hospitalization. It happened last march 2012, my bill is 8 thousand and the amount deducted from philhealth was 2 thousand so the total payments i gave the hospital was 6 thousand. According to the letter that i received just now, it states “this is to inform you of the amount of medicare benefits reimbursed by philhealth to the member hospital doctor for the aforementioned hospitalization”. We havent get the refund yet and the thing is that the receipt that was given to us was already lost since it was more than a year ago. What can i do to ger rhe refund?

    1. Hi Donnie, depende na ito sa ospital kung willing silang kalkalin ang records nila. Xerox your BPN and present the orig to the hospital for refund at makiusap na lang.

  98. Hello po mam Nors, nagtry po ako mag avail ng refund kanina sa Morong Provincial Hospital na CS po kse misis ko dun last jan 18 2013, 7 months n wala p ko refund. OFW po ako. nagpunta po ako sa Philhealth pasig , sept 4,para update ko binigyan ako ng copy ng claim stub P19,000 with barcode pin…tpos nag punta ako kanina sa Morong Provincil hospital, sept. 5, may ma-claim daw po ako P844.00 dahil un lng po daw yung resibo n nka file. Meron po ako resibo ng doctors fee 25k + philheath dicount n po daw ng 5k kya 20k sa doctor, 7k pa sa isang resibo + Philhealth daw po , at isa pang 3k sa isa pang resibo. di po daw ino-Honor yun kse sulat kamay, naghihingi nman po ako sa knila ng statement of account sa billing section wala po sila maibigay, gusto ko po kse ma clear kung pano nila na deduct yung P19,000, ok lng walng ma claim basta malinaw po ang lahat. sabi po ng Philhealt officer sa hospital, sa doctor ko po daw kunin yung statement of account.meron pinakita sa akin ang hospital n statement of account nila ,worth P4590 something. pero wala dun yung mga doctors fee na nasa talong resino n sulat kamay, kya di malinaw sa akin kung paano nila n deduct yung P19,000..dahil wala nga po sila n complete statement of accounts..nasa total po n binayaran ng misis ko eh 30k plus po lahat ng nagatos sa CS, sbi po ng misis ko nagpasa po daw ng statement of account si DRA.Villegas sa hospital pero wala nman sila maipakita sa akin..yung P844.00 n marerefund ko kukunin ko n po sana nung pinapaprimhan n po sa akin, kala dun ko mismo mkukuha sa knila, eh Sa ANtipolo pa daw po yun kukunin, hinde ko n po kinuha at di ko n pinirmahan..Bkit di po maayos ang kanilang statement of account sa Morong Provincial Hospital , Hinde po malinaw sa akin kung paano n deduct yung 19k..Pls. help nlng po.. kakainis lng po talga yung Hospital n un.Nasisira pati ang Philhealth sa Knila..ung lng po yung concern ko…maliwangan and advice..have a gooday po! Godbless!cj

    1. Hi cj, really sad na hindi maayos ang records system ng ibang mga public hospitals, lalo na kung directly managed ng city or province ang finances ng hospital.
      The 19k coverage is further allocated by Philhealth as 11400 for hospital and 7600 for PF. Tama ba ang intindi ko na your wife paid 30k plus (20k for doctor, around 10k sa hospital, or baka 25k talaga ang napunta sa doctor at 5k lang sa ospital at kung meron ka mang dapat i-refund from hospital ay 5k lang?) Sa mga ilang nag-comment dito, yong doctors nila, hindi na nire-refund yong nakuha na nila; parang additional payment pa nila yong manggagaling sa Philhealth.
      Sorry I don’t know what else to advice, kasi nga ospital na mismo ang nagsabing wala silang record, at hindi rin ORs ang hawak mong ibang papel. God bless din.

  99. Hello po,ask ko lang po.but until now wala pa pong refund kaming natanggap sa papa ko po.he passed away on feb.21,2013.7mons.ago na po.pabalik2x na po ako sa philhealth taz pinapunta ako sa ZANORTE HOS.dito po sa DIPOLOG CITY.nakatanggap po ako ng letter sabe dito denying payment po.kasi FILED BEYOND 60 DAYS STATUTORY PERIOD.punta ulit ako sa HOS. sabi nila cla daw may sala kasi ma delay yung pag process nila ng papers.mag antay daw ako for 3mons.pero until now wala pa rin po. ganito ba ang PHILHEALTH satin! matagal mag refund! sana di ano!hope to read you reply…

    1. Hi Jelaine, parang in this case, ang may fault ay yong hospital kasi hindi sila nag-file on time. Sad to say, denied claim na yan, kasi na-late sila ng filing. Singilin nio ang refund nio sa hospital kasi sila ang merong fault.

  100. Elvie E Delos Santos

    Hi Ms. Nors, question lang po.. nagpass po ako sa philhealth ng claiming for reimbursment and complete required documents..
    Then, nakarecieved na din po ako ng mail from philhealth na may check na daw po ako at pede ko nang kunin.. kaya lang nawala na po ang receipt and hospital bill copy ko.. hindi ko po maalala kung naibigay ko sa philhealt or sa office ko naibigay.. makukuha ko pa po ba ang check kahit wala ng hospital reciept? Thanks..

    1. Hi Elvie, usually, nirerequire ng hospital ang receipt. Xerox your payment notice from Philhealth. Makiusap ka na lang sa hospital; puede nilang tingnan sa records nila to check kung nagbayad ka in full at hindi ka nagpadeduct.

  101. Hello po,ask ko lng po kung bkit ang tgal ipadala ung notice for refund?last january 2013 naospital father-in-law ko e sbi s philhealth s hospital my refund p kme kc ang case ng father-in-law ko ay stroke..hanggang ngaun wla p kmeng nrerecib n notice for refund..lhat ng documents naipasa ko s philhealth opis ng ospital..pkisagot lng po,salamat

    1. Hi jacque, as long as tama yong address na naisulat sa claim form, wait na lang. Matagal pa rin talaga. If you like, you can visit Philhealth and ask, baka lang merong problem sa claim documents.

  102. Mam Nors, ask ko lng po bkit until now wla p kmeng nrerecib n notice from Philhealth. naospital po father-in-law ko last january 2013 for stroke,ang sbi po ng Philhealth s ospital my refund p kme kc 8000++ lng po nging bill e ang cover ng package ay 26thou…sbi po don my mrerefund p kme for as long as itabi ang resibo,,ilang buwan n po ni notice wla p kmeng nrerecib..pkisagot nman po

  103. why does it take so long for a philhealt’s refund to released? dont u think that the stated 60 days was too long for that? in reality, it took more than 5 months for the cheque to be released….does this problem already took in consideration by the concern?
    another usual problem normally occurs, they will received the submitted documents then after a few months when checking, they will say you u hve an incomplete documents submitted…i think the normal process is to check the docs first before accepting….
    another concern, when asking for the status of the cheque through phone…this is the same answer everytime i ask…”already in process”…u cant for any details….this really blew me up….the contact nos. for the region are all inactive….whew! what a systematic method…..hahhha

    1. Hi Cris, all your concerns are valid, and many are experiencing these. Write your comments on the Fabook page of Philhealth, and email Philhealth.

  104. ask ko lang po kung kailan makukuha iyong refund ni Romel Prado Vinluan

    1. Hi romel, please call Philhealth

  105. My Dad (my Philhealth dependent) was hospitalized for 11 days recently and the neurologist’s diagnosis was thrombosis/stroke. When he was discharged, the hospital only deducted 6K+ for PhilHealth and I was told that they did so because “baka hindi kami mabayaran ng PhilHealth” so we were told to wait for a refund “kung may refund pa”.

    I honestly don’t understand what it meant but we feel it’s unfair that we will not have any refund especially that the total bill amounted to 97,000+. Can you shed some light on this please?

    1. H Valerie, wait na lang for the benefit payment notice from Philhealth, kung ano ang approved — kung yong stroke 1 coverage na 28k or stroke 2 na 38k. Hindi ko alam kung anong basis ng amount na 6k. Depende ang approval sa illness/treatment code na isinulat ng doctor at ang supporting treatment procedures and diagnostic tests.

      1. Thanks so much po! 🙂

  106. PHILHEALTH! Bat kayo naka pasa sa CIVIL SERVICE EXAM na ang hirap-hirap? yung trabaho nyo na kahit highschool graduate lang makakaya? bat kayo professional pa bat di nyo magawa maayos ang trabaho nyo? ive been calling 233-3289 PHILhealth CEBU CITY para po sa refund ko.. i’ve been redirected to LOCAL 5511 <<< THIS LOCAL 5511 WON'T PICK THE PHONE UP! HOY GUMISING KA AT MAGTRABAHO! I'VE BEEN CALLING YOU FOR HOW MANY DAYS ALREADY. san po mag file ng reklamo dito? Kung kulang kayo sa TAO MAG HIRE KAYO! wag nyo pa-asa ang trabaho sa TAO DI NAMAN KAYA – POST A LINK KUNG SAAN PWEDE MAG REKLAMO!

  107. hi po maam sir.ask ko lang po ung refund ko sabi ng philhealth ay balik daw po ako in two weaks para magawa ung check.sure na po b na mayron na.pumunta po ako september 14 2013.

    1. Hi eufemio, super bilis naman ang 2 weeks. Hindi ko sure, kasi marami ang nagco-comment dito na 3 to 8 months bago nila nareceive yong notice. Pero kung sinabihan ka ng ganon, baka iba ang case mo, so puntahan mo yong nagsabi sa iyo after 2 weeks.

  108. hi po,
    tanong kulang po, nanganak po sept. 8,2013 at CS po ako, pag labas po namin sa hospital pumunta po yong husband ko sa philhealth para ibigay yong mga papers for refund, hindi po tinanggap nang philhealth dahil maghintay daw kami 2 to 3 months. may matangap pa ba akong refund kasi first time ko pa nagamit ang philhealth ko, private po yong philhealth ko.

    thanks po…

    1. Hi jean, nag-file ba kayo ng Philhealth docs sa hospital? Sana nadeduct agad yong 19k coverage sa bill. Kulang ba kayo ng docs kaya hindi nadeduct agad? Kung late kayo nagbigay ng docs pero nag-file sa Philhealth ang hospital para sa iyo, antayin nio ang notice from Philhealth, then mag-refund kayo later on from the hospital.

  109. hello po ask kulang na Cs po ako Sep.8 2013, pag labas po namin sa hospital ipinasa po yong mga resibo sa philhealth, hindi po tinangap dahil mag antay daw kami nang 2 to 3 months… private po yong philhealth ko at first time ko po yon nagamit, may matanggap po ba akong refund.

    thanks po

    1. Hi jean, sana ibinigay nio ang mga Philhealth docs nio sa hospital bago discharge para nadeduct agad ang 19k. May sagot ako sa isang post kung saan ka nag-comment

  110. To the concerned pholheath office,

    I would like to ask about the policy of claiming refund from the hospitalization of my son was undergone operation last June 2012 and only this time I knew that I have my refund though I was waiting for that and I almost forgotten problem last week they informed my brother that I had refund so my brother text me because I am ofw I can’t claim it so I told my to asked what are the requirements in order to claim it after few days I sent the requirements to him to claim unfortunately they said that they sent back to head ofis because almost dix months unclaimed but I didn’t received any notice from the hospital their reason is they don’t know me why they font mailed it to me .is true that you pay in cash mot in check and it will be claimed only in the hospital.?hope I can get the answer for this.thank you for giving attention to my request.

    1. Hi josephine, write a letter to Philhealth and ask them to reissue your Philhealth refund as your refund check was reportedly returned by the hospital to Philhealth after it was not claimed. Tell them that you were not able to claim it because you did not receive any benefit notice. Write your name and Philippine address, Philhealth no., name of patient, hospitalization dates, and date when claim was filed. I hope you have a bank account where your brother can deposit your check later on.

  111. hi nors,
    parang ikaw ang makakasagot sa tanong ko. point of clarification lang. my wife gave birth to our youngest son last january and last monday i received my BPN which has specified that philhealth has payed the hospital an amount of PHP8,000.00. we were charged with an amount less than this when they were discharged. can we claim the php8,000.00 or only the amount we payed?
    please send your reply to my email

    1. Hi aris, you can refund only the amount you paid, not the full 8k. Thanks din for your comment.

  112. Hi. My father died while in confinement. I filed reimbursement at Veteran’s Hospital QC a week after his death. Finally, received the cheque 3mos. later, but it was addressed to my father, and stamped “payee account” only. I am not in his MDR list of beneficiaries, though I paid all expenses. What do I do next to reimburse the “already approved” amount?

    1. Hi JZ, the first option is to ask Landbank or the issuing bank what to do to encash the check. The 2nd option is to ask Philhealth to reissue the check in the name of your father’s primary beneficiary, which is your mother. In both cases, you would need death cert, marriage cert and IDs of mother. Ask the nearest Philhealth branch if the bank option does not work out.

  113. hi..

    tanong ko lang po kung bkit hanggang ngayon e wla pa din yung reimbursement ko.. ang sabi kasi sakin e after 60days.. hanggang ngayon po e wala pa din.. sure naman ako na tama yung address ko.. lahat naman ng kelangan nila e ibinigay ko? my iba pa bang hot line ang philhealth? kapag kc tumatawag ako e laging busy yun line.. tnx in advance

    1. Hi reniel, yong ibang claim, matagal ang processing. Mag-comment ka sa Facebook page ng Philhealth.

  114. Goodday! I gave birth last august17 2013 via cs. How many days po b bago ko makuha ang refund?thank u God bless

    1. Hi jocelyn, sad to say, in 2 to 5 months or more.

  115. Hi..

    My husband is an OFW and her mom is one of his dependents. She was confined at PGH and died just few hours ago..will there be any benefits that we can avail?

    1. Hi Ness, I hope nakapagtanong na kayo sa PHG mismo. Kung sa charity siya naka-confine, mas okay na siguro na as is na charity. Kapag sa pay department kayo, ask kung paano nio gamitin ang Philhealth ng husband mo. Is his mom 60 years old or older? Puedeng dependent ang mother who is 60 years old or older.

  116. good day po,.itatanong ko lang po kong ano po dapat kong gawin kasi po hindi ko po makuha kuha yong mothly contribution ko po sa agency ko.pabalik balik po ako pero talagang pinapaasa po ako,nahospital po anak ko last sept.18 2013,.1 month n din po ako nangungulit sa agency ko na ubigay po sakin yung recibo ng payment ko..pwede po ba ako kumuha sa philhealth office ng kopya ng payment ko ng january to seeptemer 2013?sana po matulungan po niyo ako sayang din po kong di ko po makuha.thank u and god bless

    1. Hi cesar, yes, you can go to the nearest Philhealth with your ID and ask if your company really remitted your payments to Philhealth, baka naman hindi sila nagbayad kaya di nila mabigay ang receipt. Puede ka rin humingi ng cert of eligibility; i-explain mo na hindi ka mabigyan ng company mo.

  117. hello, ask ko lang poh kung pwede pa ba akong mg refile,nanganak ako may 15,2013 nakonfine ako ng 3 days,nagfile ako for reimbursement june 3 nircve ng PHIC and then follow up ko daw after 45 days,whch is gnwa ko na nmn,,last follow up ko is sept3 sabe ng phlhealth denied daw ung result,dhil nd daw accredited ung lying in kung san ako nanganak,bumalk ako sa clinic ang sabe nila,nglaps daw ung accreditation ng philhealth nila nung july 28..pero nung nirecve ng PHIC ung documents ko that time accredited pa ung lying,my mahahabol pa poh ba ako kung mgrerefile ako?? kc nkarenew na ng accreditation ung clinic kung san ako nanganak,sana po matulungan nio ako .. thnks

    1. Hi ghenelyn, ask the lying-in for a copy of their Philhealth accreditation so you can see the validity dates, and so you can show it to Philhealth first; if Philhealth made the mistake, you can refile.

  118. hi po, ask ko kung pwede i refund cash na binayaran ko nung manganak ako sa 1 accredited lying in dito sa may amin…ito po yung mga itinurok sa amin ng baby ko…cover po ba un sa philhealth_medicine? if pwede po i refund, ‘gang kelan po ang submission?

    1. Hi dannah, ask your lying-in kung puede kang mag-file ng newborn care refund from Philhealth, kasi they need to sign the claim forms. File within 60 days after discharge.

  119. hi, i just want to ask i I can apply for refund…Last Oct.14 nanganak po ako at one accredited lying-in in our area. Nagbayad pa po ako ng cash for medicine injected at sa swero ila sa akin…

    1. Hi dannah, yes, pero kausapin mo ang lying-in kasi sila ang magfi-fill-up ng mga claim forms.

  120. hello!!! just an inquiry about our patient Imelda Realino Leanda who was confined in the hosp last August 12, 2013 at EVRMC Tacloban City. how much can we claim as a refund our expenses during her hospital confinement last August 12-16, 2013. Thank you and may God bless you.

    1. Hi mhel, sorry this blog is not administered by Philhealth, so I don’t know your refund amount. Wait for your benefit payment notice. God bless you too.

  121. sir panu ba mag follow up ng refund ko sa philhelth na ospital kc ang anak ko na lagayan sya ng bakal sa hita

    my refund akong 11,000 sa medicine panu bamag follow up

    1. Hi edmund, did you submit Philhealth papers to the hospital before discharge? If not, ask the hospital for claim forms, hospital bill or statement of account, payment receipts, waiver from doctor and hospital and other docs as listed in the article and file directly with Philhealth.

  122. helo po.gud m0rning.frm dumaguete city po ako…CS po ako last nov. 15,2012,aftr 3 days papalabasin n kme.binigay ng husbnd ko sa philhealth sa h0sptal ung mga rec0rd ko for refund kasi gumastos kmi sa gam0t.pero sbi nla wlang rfund ang cs..aftr 3 m0s. Penadalhan kmi ng refund note galing cebu,so penuntahan naman y0ng h0sptal,tap0s knuha nla mga rec0rd at reciepts namin,pero until nw n0v. Nalang hal0s mg 1 year na baby ko hndi parin kmi tnawagan ng hosptal pra s aming refund..ano po ba ang dapat kong gawin?salamat po

    1. Hi metchiegay, yong refund note ba ay galing sa Philhealth? Malapit ba ang hospital? May copies ba kayo ng hospital bill and receipts of meds and payment to hospital? Para balikan nio uli ang hospital para kunin nio ang refund. Kung ayaw nilang magrefund, dapat masabi nila kung ano ang dahilan.

  123. Hello=)! I’ve just brought my daughter to the nearest hospital in our place which is Taguig Pateros District Hospital because she was bitten by a stray cat. We bought the prescribed initial bakuna from a drugstore just outside the hospital which costs P1400 (with computerized OR), and it was also injected to her right away.. Out-patient po sya and we are scheduled to return after 3 days for her next bakuna. I think 3 bakuna ang needed for this.

    We will just be using her father’s (an OFW) Philhealth, please help me on how I can avail of the refund. I managed to get a copy of my husband’s MDR the last time I visited a Philhealth branch,, he paid July2010-2011, Jan2012-Jan2013, and April2013-April2014. I’ll wait for your reply.. Thanks po and GOD bless.

    1. Hi Lynn, ask the hospital if you can use Philhealth for the treatment because you can only refund costs for animal bite if the facility is authorized as an animal bite center. There’s one in Taguig, at the Ibayo Health Center.

  124. hi po ask ko lng po naospital ung bunso ko noong oct17 nkalbs po sya ng oct 19 asthmapo. ang cover daw po ng asthma ayon duktor ay 9k.kaya lng po wla po ung ibang gamot sa kanila kaya po bumibili po ako sa labas.marerefund ko po ba yung ginastos ko?at mkukuha ko po b ung sobra sa 9k kc po 4taw. lang po ang bill namin nung lumabs kami..sabi po s ospital wait daw po namin ung notice from philhealth.ilang months po b kami mag aantay?

    1. Hi irish, yes, wait for the benefit payment notice from Philhealth. Iba-iba ang processing time, from 2 to 8 months or more.

  125. hi good pm po my wife give birth to our first baby last august 5,2013,ang bill po namin is more than 2k pero ung nadiscount q pogamit ang philhealth q is more than 300 pesos lang po then yesterday november 3,2013 narecieved q po ung BPN q na may total amount na 5k,may marerefund pa po ba aq?please reply po asap tnx po godbless

    1. Hi jayson, puede niyong dalhin ang notice, bill at receipt ninyo (keep your xerox copies) to the hospital and request for refund.

  126. Ask ko lng if my mkukuha ba km ng baby ko using my own philhealt, kahit magkaiba kami ng apelyido. i was married before, but more than 4 yrs n kaming hiwalay ng ex-hub ko. Nkpgchange status ako nun s philhealth, but all my travel docs i have still in my maiden name. im a seafarer. Meron po bang conflict pra s refund?

    1. Hi cherry, puede kang maka-avail for your baby kahit different surname if pare-pareho ang name of mother in the birth cert., payor in the premium receipt, MDR name and ID, kung hanapin, and patient name sa claim form. And the baby’s surname is the same as that of father in the birth cert (para makita nila kung saan nanggaling ang surname).

  127. namatay po ang tatay ko last september 25, 2013 panu ko po malalaman kung may makukuha po ba sya sa philhealth? salamat po sa la union po sya namatay

    1. Hi marjorie, naospital ba siya at nag-file kayo or ang ospital ng claim? If yes, meron kayong matatanggap na benefit payment notice after about 4 to 8 months.

  128. hello po ask ko lang po kong pano sila magprocess ng refund kc nagfiled po ako last sept 9,2013. all required documents ay naibigay ko sa kanila tapos inaccept nila at sinabihan ako ng you come back after 2 months, after that when i come back to the philhealth office in albay she said we need to changed your reinbursement form, at nagulat ako at sabi ko bakit? kc nong pag file ko ok na… ganito ba talaga ang proceso sa mga government kailangan mong maghirap muna at maggastos ng malaki bago mo makuha ang refund? pls reply…

    1. Hi boyzz, hindi pa naman nabago ang claim forms, so I’m puzzled why Philhealth Albay asked you to change your form. You can comment at the Facebook page of Philhealth so others can read it.

  129. hi good morning, ask ko lang po regarding sa refund kasi po last monday pinapunta ko yong misis ko sa hospital regarding sa refund tapos pagdating po nya doon, kinuha po ng philhealth officer ng hospital yong lahat ng mga receipt na dala ni misis and then pinahintay niya si misis doon sa labas ng office nila, after a while lumabas na po yong babae tapos sinabi nya naiprocess na sa accounting ng hospital yong refund and it was amounted to 1,820.00 pesos, and since hindi pala pwede yong magprocess ng since ako yong member, the next bumalik kmi ulit sa accounting ng hospital to present my valid id and inexplain po nya kung about sa refund namin, since yong case ng anak ko ay pneumonia 1, philhealth give us 10,500 for hospital bill and 4,500 for pf. sabi ng accounting nila yong 4,500 hindi daw yan makukuha kahit ward ka kasi ibibigay pa din daw yong sa doktor and yong sa 10,500 lang daw ang babawasan ng hospital bill. our hospital bills po is amounted to 6,328.00 so dapat sabi nya yong makukuha naming refund is 4,172.00 pero dahil yong dala naming receipt is 3,600 lng and yong compensable lang po doon is yong 1,820.00 yong lang po ang makukuha namin. ask ko lng po kung tama po tong process ng hospital kasi po yong refund po is hindi manggagaling sa philhealth kasi yong hospital po yong mag-iissue ng check sang na-assest nilang refund. nong nagtanong po kmi kung nasaan na po yong ibang receipt sabi nila na not compensable sabi nila kung ano lang daw yong binalik na receipt yon yong not compensable. seems like nawala na lang po yong receipt namin after na-assest ng taga philhealth ng hospital.

    1. Hi lui, private o government hospital ba ito? 6,328 ba ang total na binayaran nio sa hospital? Meron bang professional fee na nakasama sa 6,328? Bukod sa 6,328 na binayaran nio sa ospital, meron pa kayong binili na medicines sa labas ng ospital during confinement? Totoo na ang Philhealth coverage para sa pneumonia 1 ay 15k at 10500 ang for hospital at 4500 for doctor. Pero ang mga ibang doctor, bukod sa PF cash na kukunin sa pasyente, kukunin pa nila yong 4500 from Philhealth, kasi gusto nila mataas ang PF nila. So dapat marefund nio ang binayaran nio sa ospital (hospital costs except PF) basta meron kayong official receipt na katunayan na binayaran nio.

  130. HI PO..

    1. Hi Hanee, meron kang OR ng payment mo sa ospital? Yon ang ipakita mo sa kanila kasi yan ang proof mo na nagbayad ka sa ospital. Ixerox mo para meron kang kopya.

  131. jesner mejia calpito

    Gud am po. Pwede ko ba maclaim hospitalization nanay ko? Nagamit po nya last june 25, 2013. Ty po

    1. Hi jesner, nag-file ka ba ng Philhealth sa hospital? If yes, wait for your benefit payment notice from your postman. If you did not file, merong deadline for filing — dapat within 60 days after discharge

  132. I gave birth last year (sept. 2012) and I just got a BPN in the mail. Am confused what to do with it since I am pretty sure that you are only allowed 60 days after confinement to submit claims. But I didn’t even know I could get reimbursements until I got my mail TODAY (nov. 2013). Help. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.

    1. Hi Aria, do you mean you were late in filing your claim? You can get your refund from the hospital. Bring your ID, BPN and OR of your payment to the hospital. Xerox your OR.

  133. good eve po, ask ko lang po if ang amount ba sa BPN ay yun npo ba ang refund? or base po sa OR? thanks po

    1. Hi gelai, yong nasa BPN, yon dapat ang marefund, pero kung lower amount ang nasa OR ninyo, yon lang nasa OR ang amount na marefund nio.

  134. Hi pou,ask ko lng pou, yun asawa ko pou dito sya sa abroad,yun pong check for refund,nasakanya nd nya kagad naasikasu nun nsa pinas nya,almost 3 years na dn pou sya dto, my expiration ba and check?pd pa po bang mare issue Ang check pauwi na min dis year para marefund NAmin and check,salamat

    1. Hi mond, 6 months lang ang validity ng check. Hindi ko sure kung puede pang magpareissue kasi 3 years na. Try nio na lang when you arrive here.

  135. What number should we call to follow-up on our refund na outside 90 days na po?

    1. Hi Vicki, 441-7442

  136. Hi po tnung lng po mkukuha npo b ung refund ko sa iniu nbayaran npo ba niu bil ko sa lapaz mdicare health center taga zaragoza nueva ecija po ito

    1. Hi jaymar, sorry hindi po Philhealth website ito. Kung nag-submit kayo ng Philhealth docs sa hospital, wait for your benefit payment notice to be delivered to your address via registered mail.

  137. ask ko lang po.. ung bill ko sa hospital ay 12950.. then dumating na po ung bpn ko galing philhealth at ang na approved nung manganak ako ay 8000 pesos.. bakit kaya 4500 lang ang refund ng hospital samin??pwede ko ba sila ireklamo??

    1. Hi arabella, hindi ko sure kung bakit 8k ang Philhealth payment sa hospital, kasi ang maternity benefit pag hospital is 5k plus 1750 for newborn. Pag clinic, 6500 plus 1750. If you like, you can ask the hospital for a refund. Bring your BPN, bill and OR (keep your copies).

  138. Hi

    is there a maximum amount for Philhealt Claim I have a Surgery done in Abroad and the Hospital Bill is almost 600K, I already submit all the required documents for the claim can you please give me an Idea how much i can claim.


    1. Hi Tristan, yes, there’s a maximum. It depends on the type of surgery done. If your surgery is in the Case Rate list, the amount is fixed; for example, the coverage for thyroidectomy is 31k pesos, the same for cholecystectomy. Starting Jan 2014, all hospitalizations will be paid under Case Rate. I’m not sure how 2013 hospitalizations but claimed in 2014 will be evaluated.

  139. I need your assistance, po sana. My mother is my beneficiary, when she was confined last April 2013, the hospital submit the claims to process in philhealth and refiled for 2 times until they got it last Dec27, 2013. And now i have been follow it up to expedite sana since it was reviewed na naman, they told me na 60days period by law pa rin? parang di naman yata makatarungan sa mga member. What i am asking is update or status if for reimbursment na ba or may kulang pa ulit. Bakit po ganun?

    1. Hi Wyna, so sad, pero ganon talaga katagal. Aabutin pa siguro ng more months, yong iba up to 5 months or more. You can write PNoy or your congressman or senator or comment at the Facebook page of Philhealth.

  140. Good Day po and Happy new year ask lang po about sa refund ngaun ko lang kasi nagamit ang philhealth ko sa public hospital CS delivery, ako ang nag shoulder ng gamot ko ang hospital bill ko naman wala na kong binayaran.November 15, 2013 po na file ng hospital ang mga requirements ko..expected ko sa january 15, 2014 darating yung notification 60 days daw ang processing.. wala po bang magiging problema kung ang resibo ko e halos mabubura na tulad ng sa mercury drugs di ko na makita ang presyo ng nabili kong gamot… ano po bang attachment pa para macompute ang gamot na nabili ko at maibalik sa akin… maraming salamat po

    1. Hi Weng, wait for your Philhealth payment notice to be delivered to your address then go to the hospital for your refund. Processing might take more than 60 days. Kung nabura na, yong hospital na ang magdedesisyon ng refund amount.

  141. Hi naadmit ako last dec 29, 2013 ang nabayaran ko lang baby contribution is March-june 2013 and oct -dec 2013 pwede pa po ba bayaran ko ung Jan,feb tsaka sept- oct 2013 ko ngaun para buo ko ang bayad ko sa 2013 ..tapos mkakaavail nko ng refund ?bayad ko n din ung buong 2014 ko.

    1. Hi farrah, kelan mo nabayaran ang buong 2014? Bago na-confine o after? Tanungin mo na lang sa Philhealth ang eligibility mo, kasi puedeng ma-eligible basta Individual Payor-Informal Sector ang member category mo at nabayaran mo ang 1 year in advance.

  142. hello po.. tanong ko lang po bakit bawal na po ang direct filing lalo na sa dialysis.. makatarungan po ba na every session is pinagdadala po kami ng MDR, certification of contributions, at CF-1?

    1. Hi regina, baka naman merong sistema yong dialysis center ninyo para sa cheaper and easier documentation.

  143. good day po tanung ko lng po,
    anu po b ang mga documents para makarefund sa philheatlh,naoperahan po ako dito sa saudi kidney stone operation,anu po b dapat kung gawin.?salamat po uuwi n po ako end of this month pls reply po

    1. Hi Nel, get your medical certificate, surgical report and OR from the hospital, with English translation. Other docs: Philhealth premium receipt, MDR and any valid ID.

  144. nag file po ako last dec.19 2013 ng refund. kailan po ang relese at pwede ba akong mag follow up sa philhealth calamba .nacompine po ako sa metro politan sa Manila sa philhealth Caloocan po naka file ang record

    1. Hi aldrin, yes, you can try following up sa Calamba branch. Hindi ko sure kung makuha mo ang refund within a month or within 2 months. Baka 3 months or more.

  145. hi..po,magandang hapun ask ko lng po kung my refund ba kmi na matatangap kasi na admit po ako kasi naaksidanti sa motor tas ang bill namin olmost 25k something ngayon an kinuha ng hospital sa philhealh namin ay 7k lng tas my cash kmi na binayad sa resibo namin ay 15,706.sabi kc nga isa sa staff ng hospital mabablik daw samin yung pera na binayad namin na 15k something.tas nag.antay kmi ngayon may email samin na refund.hanggang ngaun wla pa.anu po ba ang gagawin ko?

    1. Hi renato, nag-email ang hospital na merong refund? Nagpunta na ba kayo sa hospital? Usually, meron kayong matatanggap na benefit payment notice from Philhealth, at kung meron pang marefund, pupunta kayo sa hospital to request for additional refund. Bring IDs, bill and ORs.

  146. Hi mam/sir; tanung ko lang po. ung papa ko member nang philhealth. tapos namatay xa nung oct. 2013, ngayon merun daw refund dumating sabi ng mama ko, sabi ng taga munisipyo di daw pwdie c mama ang magkuha kasi hindi xa member? paanu ba un , anu ways po para makuha ung refund.


    1. Hi Zennen, do you mean ang father mo ay naospital bago namatay, kaya merong refund? Ang Philhealth refund check kasi is in the name of the patient — that means the check is in the name of your father. Dapat ibigay sa inyo yong check and then pumunta kayo with your mother sa Philhealth para ipa-reissue yong check in the name of your mother. Bring mother’s ID, marriage cert and death cert.

  147. Hi.ask ko po kung pwede kong mareimburse yung resibo ng mga biniling gamot o mga antibiotic na binili sa drugstore sa labas ng hospital dahil wala silang available medicine.

    1. Hi Laurence, itago mo ang receipts, at dapat in the name of the patient, para kung meron nang benefit payment notice from Philhealth, irefund nio from the hospital. Ask also the hospital kung ano ang Philhealth procedure nila.

  148. ginamit ko po philhealth ng asawa ko mg kano refund nmin , cs deliver po ako.. 11,195 po pinsanmin sa hospital recbo..

    1. Hi laarni, 19k ang coverage (11400 for hospital and 7600 for PF).

  149. Hi,

    Philhealth payment notice b ung hinihintay ko na dumating sa address ko after ko mprocess s philhealth branch un claim ko? Mga November 2013 ko na-file un..Mga what month po expected na dadating?

    Pg dumating na po, s hospital ko papa-in-cash?

    1. Hi Anne, yes, you wait for the benefit payment notice from Philhealth at your address. If you paid the hospital before discharge and you filed ORs and waivers with Philhealth, the Philhealth check should be in your name, but if not, present your notice and ORs/bill to get your refund from the hospital.

  150. Good eve ask ko lang kung magagamit ko ang philhealth ko nagbayad ako ng buo last year but this month di pa ako nakakabayad magagamit ko pa kaya? And covered ba ng philhealth ang cases na flu?hoping for a response

    1. Hi mish, influenza is covered if you’re confined in the hospital and if there are other conditions like pneumonia, etc. Yes, you’re eligible kahit merong 1-month gap ang contributions mo. Ask your doctor first about Philhealth coverage if confinement is advised.

  151. Good eve. Ask ko lang kung magagamit ko ang philhealth ko nagbayad ako ng whole year sa philhealth last year pero this year/month fi pa aq nkkpag contribute can I still use my philhealth and cover ba ng philhealth ang cases na flu? Hoping for a response

  152. Good day ask ko lang magagamit kopa ba ang philhealth ko? Nakapag bigay ako ng buo for last year but this year wala pa akong naibibigay na contribution. Magagamit ko pa kaya ang philhealth ko o kailangan mag bigay na muna ako ng contribution ko for this year? And covered ba ng philhealth ang flu cases? Hoping for a response

    1. Hi mish, if you are confined this Feb or Mar, yes, you’re eligible because you have paid at least 9 of the past 12 months before confinement.

  153. Hi ask ko lang kasi i have a friend for vitrectomy, pero yung vitrectomy Pack will be shouldered by him and all other needs kasi its not available sa hospital, will this be reimbursed later on? do you have a site for the case rates? thank you

    1. Hi Ronald, click the Procedure Case Rates here, and then search for vitrectomy:
      He should ask the hospital about Philhealth coverage. The rule now is for the hospital to file claims with Philhealth; direct filing is no longer allowed.

  154. hi!ask ko lang po if ano ung requirement ang kelangan sa pagkuha ng latest mdr ng tatay ko po na nasa abroad?pede po ba kumuha ung anak nia? tnx!

    1. Hi joanne, ang alam ko, puede. Try mo na lang. Bring your ID and your birth cert to prove your relationship. Ang usual requirement is authorization letter from your father, pero nagbibigay sila minsan without it.

  155. good day po.. Im Mayeline,ung anak ko po ay dependent ko, nahospital ang anak ko last Nov30- Dec6 2013.. nkapag file napo ako before kmi na discharge.. nadeduct na po siguro dun ung phil health ko.pero di po included ung nagastos ko po sa diagnostics nya na EEG and MRI kc it was performed in different hosp kc po not available ung EEG and MRI sa hosp where my son was admitted… naisama ko po ung receipt ng EEG and MRI dun sa naifile kng requirements sa hosp where my son was admitted, makakakuha pa po kya ako ng reimbursedment o refund sa nagastos ko po sa diagnostics na EEG and MRI? thanks po and more power…

    1. Hi mayeline, tingnan mo na lang sa payment notice na matanggap mo from Philhealth kung nabayaran by Philhealth. Kung ang total Philhealth payment ay higher than your Philhealth deduction, request for refund from the hospital. Pero kung pareho lang, wala nang marefund dahil yon na talaga yong coverage for your child’s confinement.

  156. good am po maa’m/sir. ask lang po if may marerefund pa po yun mother ko sa philhealth. na eswl po kasi siya nun oct.17 2013 may dumating po kasi sulat sa amin nun feb 7 about po sa bpn? thanks po. 🙂

    1. Hi roselyn, nasa bpn ba ang amount na binayaran ng Philhealth sa hospital? Doon ba sa bill nio sa hospital, walang Philhealth deduction? Kung hindi na-deduct, or kulang ang deduction, ask for refund from the hospital. Show your bpn, bill and OR. Xerox papers.

  157. Good pm po. Ask ko lng more than 60 days n nung manganak ako and late na pong nasabi sa amin ng midwife na nagpaanak sa akin na nireject ng philhealth yung papers ko due to insufficient payment daw.. pero hindi naman insufficient ang contributions ko kc 11months ang contributions mo prior ako nanganak. Pano po kaya yun? Do I still have a chance na mkpagpareimburse? Sayang den po kc. By the way im working abroad kasi kaya di ko agad maayos yung philhealth. Thanks

    1. Hi mai, what is your member status? OFW or Individual Payor? If OFW, hindi past premium payments ang tinitingnan. Your delivery date should be within the validity dates in your premium receipt.

  158. hi! ask ko lang po. kakareceive lang po namin ng BPN… kung mi reimbursement ba dapat mi cheke? wala kasi.. thanks

    1. Hi Malou, nandiyan ang amount na binayaran ng Philhealth sa hospital. Kung mas malaking amount yan kesa yong amount na nadeduct sa hospital bill ninyo, ask refund of the discrepancy from hospital. Bring bill, OR and bpn. Xerox these para meron kayong copy.

  159. Hello Philhealth

    may contribution po ako from may 2012 to march 2013 naputol ang hulog ko dahil nag resign po ako willing naman ako bayaran ang laps magkano po ang babayaran kong laps? dahil mag papa opera po ako tyroid surgery ang halaga ng operasyon ko ay 20,000 may ma r refund pa po ba ako as my benefits?

    1. Hi Arlene, hindi na puedeng magbayad ng past quarters. Go to Philhealth and update your member data to Individual payor-Informal Sector and pay for Jan to Dec 2014. Ask Philhealth kung puede mo nang magamit agad. Ang coverage for thyroidectomy is 31k ((12400 for PF and 18600 for hospital). I don’t know if this is the procedure planned for you. Ask your doctor or the hospital.


    hi, gud am po! tanung ko lng po naconfine po ako May 1-7, 2013 Dilatation & Curretage-Package, wait ko nlng po un Benefit Payment Notice, Package po ay 11K ay 9820 lng nagamit ko. sa Statement of Account po ibinigay sakin ng ospital 400 lng po ang nagamit sa medicines..Pede ko po bang maireimburse sa Philhealth un nagastos ko mga medicines binili ko sa labas ng ospital? me mga resibo naman po ako.

    1. Hi Leilani, sa BPN, you will see how much Philhealth paid the hospital. If 11k was paid, you can ask for refund from the hospital. Show your medicine ORs and your BPN. Xerox for your own copies.

  161. Ramonchito T. Velasquez

    hi gud afternoon poh ask koh lang poh kung paano koh makukuha ung refund from philhealth.?sbi poh ksi sa office ng philhealth 2 to 3months makukuha koh pero hanggang ngayon wala pah din.tnx

    1. Hi Ramonchito, sad to say, matagal pa rin talaga ang refund. Wait for your notice or refund via registered mail

  162. gud day philhealth!ask q lng po f irerefund p po kya ang ngstos nmin para s mga gmot ng bb q nconfne po xa ng aug.14,2013 inattach q nmn po mga receipt.ngmt q dn po kz philheath q nong july 1 sa norml dlvry q.thnx po!more power!

    1. Hi loida, makikita nio sa benefit payment notice from Philhealth kung magkano ang binayaran ng Philhealth sa hospital. Kung ang payment from Philhealth ay higher than what was deducted from your bill (Philhealth deduction from bill), ask for a refund para ma-cover ang mga gamot na binili nio.

  163. Hi, i gave birth on September 13, 2013. We bought all the medicines and supplies needed for my CS delivery outside the hospital. I was discharged on September 15, 2013 and before leaving the hospital my husband accomplished all the necessary docs needed for my philhealth reimbursement. I did not pay any amount for my hospital bill. The medicines and supplies we bought outside is almost 14K. I called Philhealth ofc first week of February 2014 to follow up the status of my reimbursement as the philhealth representative assigned in the hospital told me that i will be receiving the Benefit Payment Notice 2mos after i have submitted the docs. The person i talked with informed me that philhealth already processed my request infact they already forwarded the check to the hospital dated December 11, 2013. So, its almost a 3mos process by the Philhealth. I called the hospital for follow up and they told me that my name is not yet in their list of schedule in releasing the benefit claim. I said how come? it was confirmed by Philhealth that they already sent my check to you…They said that it is their policy that all the reimbursement will follow the schedule regardless if the check is already with them. Accdg to them.. releasing of the cash is by batch, for now they already on the 25th&26th batch and my name is included in the 29th batch of schedule and i should have to wait for another 3mos. So all in all process it will take for about 9mos before i can get my reimbursement. It means philhealth process will not take that long.. it depends on the hospital how soon they can process your request.

    1. Hi Kiara, we’re sad that it will take that long for you to get your refund. Based on comments here, government hospitals really take a long time in processing refunds, especially if their finance department is under the city or provincial government. If there’s something good in your case, it’s that there’s a system, meaning that hospital has a batch system, although a flawed system. Others complaining here don’t have definite responses from the government hospital where they got treated. You can post your complaint at the Facebook page of Philhealth — it might get attention from Philhealth.

  164. Hi, panu po pala yun hindi kami nag photo copy ng mga receipts sa binili naming mga gamot ok lang po ba yun? required po ba yun na ipakita pa ang mga receipts during reimbursement claim.

    1. Hi Kiara, yes, usually required yon. Pero since sabi mo nasa batch ka na, baka puede na yong benefit payment notice from Philhealth, your IDs and your hospital bill. Tell them that you have submitted the ORs to them.

  165. Magtatanong lng po, its my first job and once i submitted the form for philhealth membership application kelan po ba ang possible na magiging member ako. Is it when I am getting deductions reflected in my payslip for philhealth contributions?
    thank you and more power..Andrew

    1. Hi Andrew, member ka na agad once your first contribution is remitted to Philhealth. Pero magagamit mo lang ang Philhealth beginning sa 4th month mo. For employees, kelangan ang 3 paid contributions within 6 months before confinement.

  166. hi! i just want to ask kong magkano kaya reimbursement kong makukuha kc i had my total hysterectomy last January 21 and discharged on January 26, 2014.. di ko po nagamit ang Philhealth ko kc my kulang pa sa requirements.ang total balance ng hospitalbill was 79,311 tapos nagbayad ako ng 31,915..magkano kaya ma refund ko dito? tnanks and best regards.

    1. Hi anafe, puzzled ako na 79,311 ang bill mo pero 31,915 lang ang binayaran mo kahit hindi nagamit ang Philhealth docs mo. Who paid for the rest of the bill? Anyway, ang Philhealth coverage for total abdominal hysterectomy is 30k (12k for PF and 18k for hospital cost). Nasa hospital ba ang partial Philhealth docs mo? At inaantay na lang nila yong kulang dahil sila dapat ang magfa-file sa Philhealth?

      1. bale po my Medicard health card po kami sa company namin at 232k pa ang pwd kung ma avail pero kailangan ko pa rin daw mag file ng Philhealth upon discharge.upon discharged namin nong January 26, 2014 don ko po nalaman na kulang pa ang requirements ko po sa Philhealth, so sinabi ko na babayaran kolang muna ang billing ko, yon na po ang computation nila bale 31,915 ang binayaran ko kasama na po doon yong PF na 12k..ang question ko po kung magkano po ang ma reimburse ko sa Philhealth? nag submit na po ako ng mga documents for evaluation na lang daw po at nasa system na ang papers ko. need your reply po.. tns a lot

  167. Hi Mam/ Sir ask ko lang po kung ngayon lang po nakakuha ng philheath as voluntary at binayaran po sya ng 1st quarter magagamit ko na po ba un philhealth ko po this month sa pangaganak ko po kung cesarian,. at pwede rin po ba un ma refund. thanks and best regards Adriella

    1. Hi Adriella, kung ngayong buwan ka manganganak, dapat bayaran mo ang 1 year para ma-eligible ka. Kung April ka sana manganganak, kasya na ang first quarter payment. Pero kung March 2014, bale 2 months lang yong months na binayaran mo before your month of delivery. Dapat 3 months. Kung late na, bayaran mo na ang 1 year para ma-eligible. Dapat mag-submit ng Philhealth docs sa hospital before discharge dahil hospital ang magfa-file; hindi na puedeng patient ang magfa-file sa Philhealth for refund.

  168. Good Afternoon po, ask ko lng po kung bkit ang tagal ng dating ng BPN? Almost 4months na po after maconfine ng mother-in-law ko until now po wala pa yung BPN. Nagpunta na po sa ospital kung san naconfine ang mother-in-law ko pero ang sabi ready na daw ang pera pero need nila yung BPN. San po kya pedeng mag inquire regarding this issue?

    1. Hi Rochelle, you can wait for some more days, or you can go to your local post office and ask if you have a registered letter from Philhealth, kasi naipadala na ng Philhealth.

  169. Ramonchito T. Velasquez

    nah approve nah sa office my resibo nah many months pah ba bago dumating..4months nah wala pah din.

    1. Hi Ramonchito, if you like, you can go to the branch where you filed your claim and ask.

  170. hsi po ask ko lng pwede ko po ba i refund ung payments ko sa philhealth 2yrs xang hinuhulugan dko sya ngmit nung nanganak ako.1yr6months n baby lying in ako nanganak po..

    1. Hi harry, sori merong deadline ang pag-file ng claim; dapat within 60 days after discharge from lying-in.

  171. hello po!! tanong lang po ako kapag di po ako nakakuha sa doktor ng waiver kanino po ipapangalan yong check sakaling mabigyan na ako ng BPN number?

  172. Good day po! Yung first vaccine ng baby ko which is yung BCG VACCINE niya sabi sakin sa hospital pwede ko makuha yung refund ng binayad ko dun may binigay sila sakin na STUB yun lang daw ipakita ko then ma cclaim ko na yung refund i gave birth last october 1.4.2013.. and ok lang kung yung mother ko pakuhanin ko ng refund .

    1. Hi Debbie, depende sa hospital kung okay sa kanila ang representative. Bigyan mo ng authorization letter, your ID, stub at vaccine payment receipt ang mother mo. Dalhin din niya ang ID niya.

  173. Ramonchito T. Velasquez

    hi bkit until now wala pah din yung refund koh..bkit antagal bago makuha?

  174. Ramonchito T. Velasquez

    how many months ba tlaga bago makuha? nakalipas wala pah din hanggang ngayon.

  175. Hi good am po ask ko lang po kasi baka pangalan po yung cheke ng philhealth sa uncle ko nasa abroad po sya pwede daw po ba deposito sa bdo account nya yun na pamangkin nya ang mag deposit sa account nya

    1. Hi Annaliza, is the name on the check the same as the name of the BDO account? If yes, puedeng-puedeng ideposit ng pamangkin or anyone. Do not write anything on the check.

  176. good day,
    im not sure if the philhealth deduction from
    my hospital bill is correct, and i read that
    they will send BPN to my address.
    how true is that? and how long will i receive
    such mail?

    1. Hi julie, your BPN could be delivered to your address in 2 to 3 months or more. You can ask for refund from the hospital if there’s a discrepancy.

  177. good day po,
    paano ko malaman kung correct yun philhealth
    na deduction sa bill ko? kasi parang maliit lang
    ang applied sa total bill.

  178. hi po good mag follow up po ako sa refund nang uncle koh kung naka forwrd naba sa cebu branch
    melecio repuela manigos ang pangalan nang uncle koh

  179. nagpaabot po kami nsa notice nang philhealth hanggang ngaun wla pa ghapon ang notice na deliver sa amoa naadmit po ang uncle koh january 15 2014

    1. Hi diosdado, sori hindi po Philhealth website ito. Email po ninyo ang .

  180. Hi po ask ko lng pwede ko p ba ma reissue ang stale check khit nong yr 2010 pa . Naoperahan po nong yr 2010 kya lng after 3weeks operation bumslik n ko sa abtoad, d ko po ntanggap ang check n pindla ng philhealth pero may dumating n second notice n yong check ay ibinalik ng philpost sa philheslth office. Pede ko ri po ba mkuha yon khit ilan taon n lumipas,

    1. Hi jaja, ang tagal na po ng 2010, hindi ko sure kung merong deadline ang Philhealth sa mga ganito. Email

  181. good day!! i just want to ask kung narelease n ang philhealth refund ko. It’s been a year mula noong operahan ako noong march 22, 2013 because of ectopic pregnancy. Tumawag po ako sa philhealth noong september expecting na makukuha ko n. pero hindi p daw po nareport ng hospital ng sta.ana.. matagal ko na po naisubmit sa kanila ang mga requirements. noon pa pong maoperahan ako.. pls send ur reply on my email. thanks po…

    1. Hi Cherry, dapat ma-submit ang claim within 60 days from discharge, so kung hindi na-submit ng hospital within 60 days, sad to say, hindi na mapa-process ang claim mo. So ask the hospital

  182. gud pm po. ask ko lng po kung kelan ko matatanggap ung refund ko. feb po naospital si tatay nakapagfile po ako dun s ospital bago po madischarge. pano ko po malalaman kung may refund n po ako? tapos 1 week after cya madischarge namatay po cya. pano po un kung sa kanya nakapangalan ung tseke? pano po nmin ma eencash un?

    1. Hi delia, you will receive a benefit payment notice from Philhealth. If philhealth gave the check to the hospital, ask your refund from the hospital; ask them to issue the check to your father’s beneficiary. If the Philhealth check is issued to your father, your father’s main beneficiary writes a letter asking Philhealth to reissue the check in the beneficiary’s name. Have your copies.

  183. hi, ask q lng po. ang father q po ay isang ofw, n confine po mother q s unang pg kakataon s sakit n mild stroke, nung jan 2014, march n confine nmn po xa s skit n lupus m kakaavail p po b xa s philhealth? and how many days po b mag hihintay for claim?

    1. Hi cristina, nag-submit ba kayo ng Philhealth docs sa hospital before discharge? Kasi bawal na ang direct filing with Philhealth. Anyway, kung hindi kayo nakapagsubmit, tanungin pa rin ang hospital if they can help you file your claim.
      About sa magkasunod sa hospitalization: yes, covered ang both confinements, kasi they’re different kinds of illnesses. Sad to say, matagal pa rin ang Philhealth processing; it might take 3 to 5 months or more.

  184. gud day po, ask ko lang po if may marerefund ako, naconfined po ako last sept. 10 to 13 2013, lahat po ng gamot ay binili ko sa labas. bago po ako madischarge nag filed po ako ng mga requirements sa philhealth, ipina xerox ko po lahat ng resibo ng gamot at sabi po nila ay maghintay po kami ng 3 to 4 months, pero hanggang ngayon po ay wala pang nadating na notice sa akin… salamat po.

    1. Hi judith, sad to say, Philhealth takes 3 months to a year to process claims. Basta sure ka na na-submit ng hospital ang claim mo, wait for your payment notice from Philhealth.

  185. Ramonchito T. Velasquez

    Hi good am ask koh lang bkt wala pah yungrefund koh?sbi ksi nung pumunta ako sa my branch kung saan ako ng filed ng requirments1 1/2 mos.nalang hintayin koh pero bkt hanggang ngayon wala pah din.?

  186. hai,good day po,nanganak po ko last aug.19 2014 then nakagamit po ako sa philhealth ko 19,000 then ang whole amount sa bayaran is 92 ooo o higit pa,so ang naibawas na po ang philhealth ko dito so 72 ooo nalang ang binayaran namin sa cashier and then pag april 21 2014,nakatanggap po ko na bpn,meron pa po ba ako matatanggap na refund?

    1. Hi vagelyn, sabi mo ay nadeduct na yong 19k na coverage sa bill mo, so wala ka nang marefund.

  187. Good day! Philhealth covered for a caesarian is 19k and 1,750 for a new born right? And the total is 20,750. What if I did not reached that coverage? For example, my bill was only 10k,can i refund the 10,750?

    1. Hi Maricon, sorry, you cannot refund the balance.

      1. Sir question regarding the amount of refund we received from the hospital.

        After we where discharged, the hospital told us that they will be the ones to push the processing of our PHILHEALTH refund amounting to 14k. They said to call 3 months from that day which was around march.

        By June we called them up, and they said that the refund is already available for pick up, they did not say how much. Upon arriving in the hospital the accounting department computed the refund, and after a while the grand total was only 3k. They even deducted the senior citizen discount, they claim that we did not pay that said amount and that should not be refunded.

        We did not receive a BPN (Benefit payment Notice).

        My question is this, is it indicated in the BPN how much is the refund? If so, is that the final amount we should have expected to be refunded?


        1. Hi Marvin, the BPN shows how much Philhealth paid the hospital, including how much for doctors. If you paid less than what Philhealth paid, your refund will exactly be the amount you paid the hospital (depending on hospital and PF allotment). then the excess will go to the hospital.

  188. Hello po, paano po ba ang process ng refund kasi po sinagot ng insurance yung pag ka hospital ko dito sa dubai.. Meron p po ba akong mairefund sa aking surgery procedure? Salamat po.. God bless.

    1. Hi Ding, how to file Philhealth claim for overseas hospitalization
      The receipt must not show that the insurer paid your hospitalization in full, or you can just present the statement of account.

  189. Hi, I was advised by the hospital that a check refund will be delivered in our house after 60days. But i only received BPN.. Do i have to go back to the hospital? or Sa philhealth branch po?

    1. Hi camille, go to the hospital and ask for refund. Bring your IDs, orig and xerox of bill, OR and BPN

  190. gud day po, ask ko lng po kung pwede po mag claim ng philhealth, tito ko po ang member then yung lola ko po ang dependent nya na nag undergo ng surgery, ang hospital bill po namin is almost 70k d pa po dun kasama ang doctors fee, yung philhealth deduction po na naibigay samin is only 5500, yun lng dw po ang pde sabi ng hospital kc depende dw sa procedure ang deduction at hindi na dw kame pwede mag file ng reimbursement dahil yun naideduct sa bill, totoo po b na hindi na kame makakapag file ng reimbursement?yun 5500 na deduction sa hospital bill yun lang po b ang makukuhang benefit ng tito ko as a private member?

    1. Hi mhae, you can find out the true amount of your Philhealth coverage when you receive your benefit payment notice from Philhealth. If the BPN amount is higher than your Philhealth deduction, ask additional refund from the hospital. Bring your bill, receipt and BPN. Have your own copy

  191. ask ko lang po…my dumating pong BPN sakin kanina at my naka indicate na amount na 15000. eto po ba yung amount na binayaran ng philhealth sa ospital? w/c is philhealth deduction sa bills?kaso kinompare ko sa statement ko ang BPN. hindi po tugma… 10500 lang deduction nea…do i need po bang pumunta sa ospital to have a refund?please paki explain po sakin…tnx 🙂

    1. Hi yvonie, was your bill more than 10,500? If yes, you can ask for a refund. Bring your BPN, bill and OR. Xerox for your own copies.

  192. Hi.. gusto ko po itanong kung puede ba magpa reimburse ng hemo dialisis? Mahirap lang po kasi kami.. mag 4mnths na nagpapa dialisis ang nanay ko. Twice a week pa.. hndi na nakakakita at putol na ang dalawang paa nya.. kasi parang narinig ko na puede magpa refund or reimburse… hndi talaga kasi namin kaya pag tumagal kasi atleast 8k weekly nagagastos… salamat po

    1. Hi dan, if not yet a Philhealth member, register your mother and pay 1 year in advance so you can use it immediately. Find a Philhealth-accredited hemodialysis center and ask about their Philhealth packages. Your mother can have 45 free or lower-cost hemodialysis per year. For the rest of the year, ask assistance from PCSO. You can get 10k for every application and you can apply every 2 months.

  193. gud day!
    ask ko lang po,,kc ung inissue sakin na cheke eh mali ung speling ng name so happen n di ko xa mapaencash kc baka daw ndi ako ung person under dat me naman po wat will i do,,sayang po kc ung tym na inintay ko tapos di ko din nmn po mapapakinabangan ung refund,,salamat po

    1. Hi Colleth, if you know someone in a rural bank or any bank, he/she can help you. Or you can go to Philhealth and ask for replacement. Bring a copy of your claim documents.

  194. ,gud am poh.. Tnung coh lng poh pnu kung d ngamit ung philhealth s loob ng 6 month. Ung wala naospital sa family.. Anu mnyayari s hinulogan coh every quarterly mi nghuhulog.. Mababawi b ung mga hulog coh..? Thank u ..waiting to ur reply thank u much..

    1. Hi jenny, you can not refund premium payments, even if you never use Philhealth. When you turn 60, and you’ve accumulated 120 premiums, you can apply for a Free Lifetime membership card.

  195. Hi gud pm po
    Ask ko lng. Kasi may refund po kme 5k na cheque perp ung mom q nasa canada sa kanya naka name dhil sya po ung may philhealth in her daughter po. eh nakalagay po sa cheque sa landbank sya makukuha valid till sept pro matagl pa uuwe mom q so. Pde po b aq ang mag refund. With authorization n lng ng mom q and mga other aupporting doucmenta . Hope this reached you. Thankyou 🙂

    1. Hi sharmain, you can deposit your mom’s check in her bank account. If she doesn’t have a bank account, ask Landbank if they accept SPA to encash your mom’s check and what should b written in the SPA.

  196. tanong ko lng po kung pede ko pa po i-file sa hospital yung philhealth ko kasi po binayaran ko po lahat ng hospital bill ko nung nanganak po ako nung may 29….?

    1. Hi elvie, it depends on hospital policy, because you should have filed before discharge. Ask the hospital, or if you’re near Philhealth, ask Philhealth if they accept direct filing with your reason.

  197. hi!! ano pa ba ibig sabihin ng NOT COMPENSABLE? na denied po kc ako sa refund ko due to late fillings.. ano po ang pwd kung rason or justifiable reason for my second appeal? pwd nyo po ba akong tulungan?

  198. ask ko lang po if ako po ay ofw in taiwan (fisherman) may binayaran po na 300usd ung employer ko sa sss philhealth at pagibig is it enough para makapag-avail ng refund ? o may babayaran pa ako para maka-avail ng refund? tanung ko lang po kasi ung kaibigan ko po namatayan ng anak at may babayaran sila sa hospital more than 100k.

    1. Hi mikko, it depends on the cause of hospitalization. There’s a fixed rate for every illness or medical procedure. Your friend should have filed his Philhealth papers to the hospital before discharge. They should talk with the hospital on how to avail of their Philhealth. If the category is OFW, the date of hospitalization should be within the validity dates in the Philhealth premium receipt.

  199. Elizabeth O. Pante

    Gud pm po ask ko lang kasi po naconfine si husband ko nung Jan.3, 2014 sa public hospital then kami lahat bumili ng gamot nagfill up naman ako ng necessary documents na need para daw marefund ko yung mga nagastos but until now sabi nung hr representative namin sya kasi ang nag aasikaso after 6 months na ang refund sa philhealth but still until now wala pa din pwede nyo po bang macheck din kung meron na. thanks

    1. Hi Elizabeth, wait for your benefit payment notice from Philhealth. Or you can go to the hospital and ask. Bring your bill and ID.

  200. Hi po bakit ang tagal ng refund q kc nov.10,2013 pa po aq nanganak hanggang ngaun wla prin hospital po ang nglakad eh sbi kc lhat ng binili nmin n gamot sa labas babalik daw po.

  201. Lhat po ng resibi kinuha ng hospital walong buwn n po kasi cs po kc halos 8k kasi gstos nmin sabi marefund nmin.

  202. Bakit. Po. Wala pring sagot ang tanong q.pls nmn po pkisagot ang tanong q.

    1. Hi gemmalyn, did you submit your Philhealth papers to the hospital before discharge? Have you received your benefit payment notice from Philhealth via registered mail? If yes, bring this to the hospital and ask for your refund.



    1. Hi Bernardita, processing really takes 4 months to 6 months or more. Wait for your benefit payment notice from Philhealth and then get your refund from your clinic

  204. Hi! Nahospital po yung anak Feb. 2014, natanggap ko ang BPN July 2014. I was thinking na ang refund ko ay around Four thousand plus dahil yun ang nakasulat sa pink copy ng hospital bill ko. Ang sakit ng anak ko ay UTI. Nagulat ako dahil sabi ng hospital P 700.00 lang ang refund ko dahil yun lang ang attached receipt ko. Ganoon ba yon? di ba kaya case rate na dahil pwede kami i-reimburse kung hindi aabot sa amount specified sa sakit na yon? Magbabayad kasi kami kung over sa case rate di ba?

    1. Hi CAJ, how much did you pay the hospital? And how much did Philhealth pay the hospital? If the amount you paid is lower than what Philhealth paid, the excess will go to the hospital.

  205. good afternoon po..
    ask ko lng po..kc karcve lng po ng nanay ko ng mail galing philhealth at may check nkalagay..hind ko po alam kung anu po ito kya ask ko..
    last year po nagamit nmin ung philihealth nung decmber na accedint po ang tatay ko..
    at nabawasan ung bills nmin dhil sa philihealth at may pinasa mo kaming mga pepers pra sa mga labarary at iba pa sa philihealth kc ibabalik dw ng philihealth ung nagastus nmin..di ko lng sure kung buo or half..

    kya nag ask po ako sa inyo anu po ba ang ibig sabihin nitung check??? ang bank po ay land bank..

    maraming salamat po…

    1. Hi star, that’s your refund for part of your expenses. Read the voucher, or the benefit payment notice that you received together with the check. Is the check in the name of your mother? She can deposit the check in her account in any bank.

  206. Good day to all.

    I just want to ask, I have claimed the Notification from Philhealth (DTN)??. But when I presented it to the hospital for refund, they need the expenses/invoices of my CS maternity. Unfortunately, I have no copy because it was attached in my hospital dismissal last Feb. 3, 2014..and there was no instruction for me to secure a copy or whatever info. The hospital still insist..what will be my option 2?…the fact that all my original docs (expenses invoices) were already by their end..

    Please give me an idea..

    1. Hi Rhodz, the hospital needs the OR to prove that you paid your bill. I’m puzzled that you did not get your OR after you paid. If you gave it to them because they asked for it, tell them that your OR is already with them.

  207. Hello po. Naadmit po yung mother ko last April 2014. Ngayon, nareceive po namin na nadeny yung claim sa Philhealth, Case not Compensable daw ho. I’ve been researching and trying to learn paano pong nadeny eh dati naman ho, same case din in a different hospital, ok naman ho sa Philhealth.. Pakipaliwanagan lang po ako dito.. Salamat..

    1. Hi Andrea, was your mother confined within 90 days prior to April 2014? If the April confinement is due to the same illness as the previous one, and if it was within 90 days of the first one, the 2nd confinement is not covered.

  208. i have an experience with the PHILHEALTH satellite in one of the hospitals in Dagupan City. i am working as a government employee (as an AFP-soldier). my baby girl was hospitalized for a reason then during our payment, we apply for philhealth claim..we were ask to submit an original copy of accomplished CF1 form. the only way to send the accomplished CF1 form is to send via any freight services (LBC,etc) or via fax. my questions are,
    1. is there any provision that a fax copy of accomplished CF1 form is not authorized?
    2. what is the rationale behind of not authorizing the fax copy of CF1?
    3. Isn’t sending the accomplished CF1 thru fax is more rational than sending thru freight services?

    i believe this concern or observation is rational and valid since our goal is to serve our people with the best way we can.

    thank you and more power

    hope for your kind consideration

    1. Hi mark, you can publish your complaint at the Facebook page of Philhealth so more people can read about your concern. Institutions should be more considerate of our brave and hardworking soldiers. I think the hospital should have advised your wife/sibling/parent to present your marriage certificate and to sign the claim form 1 (but this is only possible if your wife/relative can get a signed form from the nearest AFP office).

  209. Hi, OFW ako but my dependent was hospitalise last Aug 17, 2014, un payment ko ay hangang Apr 2014 lang, nagbayad ako uli ng 6 months today 18, 2014 but my daughter was discharged from the hospital 17 Aug 2014, entitled pa din ba ako sa reimbursement?

    1. Hi Agnes, sorry, no, because for OFWs, the hospitalization dates should be within your premium receipt dates. Ask others too

  210. gud am po jennifer icaranom po i2 nag apply po kmi ng refund april 4 2014 bkit hangang ngyn po wla p din result sa pangalan po ng asawa ko yn errol icaranom sa pasay general hospital ko po yn pinasa hanggang ngayon po wl pa ilang buwan po b yn… ???

  211. Melissa Calderon-Miguel

    Good pm. I was hospitalized at the Maasin Maternity and Lying In Hospital last January, 2014. I was told that due to the inconveniences of Cyclone Yolanda, the services of Philhealth was disrupted therefore, I shouldered the deductible amount Philhealth should shoulder. It has been 7 months since then and until now, I have no idea as to what happened to my reimbursable amount from Philhealth. Please reach me at my email add or enlighten me on what to do now that your Office’s operations has gone back to normal. Thank you!

  212. Hi good day! Can I claim my philhealth benefit? I’m ofw and last nov 2013 I got my oec at poea. I’ll give birth in sept, but I’m missing my oec receipt. can i avail?

    1. Hi jeramy, you can avail if your philhealth receipt’s validity dates are Nov 2013 to Nov 2014. Go to Philhealth with your ID and request for a certificate of premium payment and eligibility.

  213. good afternoon, when can we get our refund? My wife was hospitalized last may 19 2014?

    1. Hi Rogelio, did you submit your Philhealth papers to the hospital? Your Philhealth coverage should have been deducted from your bill. No more direct filing with Philhealth.

  214. hi po…tanong ko lng kasi dialysis patient po ang mother ko,sa case nya dapat pag re use dialyzer 2000.00 lng pag cash,ang binibigay nang philheath xa clinic ay 4000.00 pesos eh bakit hindi na po binabalik ng clinic sa amin yung sobra????pki sagot po plzzz

    1. Hi icey blue, the excess coverage is not given to members. What you should do is negotiate with the clinic to get more dialysis sessions from them in exchange for reusing dialyzers.

  215. Good pm,My daughter was hospitalized at Saint Gabriel Medical Center in Aklan last may 5,2014 its been 3 mos na po and wala p din po kmi na recive na notification san po kmi pwede mag ff up where living here in manila.tnx

    1. Hi michelle, did you file with Philhealth, and was it accepted? Your coverage should have been deducted from your bill because there’s no more direct filing with Philhealth. If the hospital filed for you, then you should ask your refund from the hospital. Did you write your Manila address in the claim forms?

  216. hi i got my BPN for my child’s confinement, but i no longer have my OR. should i go to the hospital for my refund?

    1. Hi Riza, was the benefit not deducted from your bill? If not, show your BPN and and hospital bill to get your refund. Talk with the hospital about your OR.

  217. gud eve mam. can i use philhealth for my delivery? i’m new. started january and stopped by march. can i pay to avail this month? thanks po and more powers!

    1. Hi mico, you can pay July to Sep. But you need your March payment receipt or cert of payment (from your employer) so you can present 3 monthly payments prior to delivery.

  218. Hi i had cs last march 2014 and was discharged after 4 days. submitted all philhealth requirements to the hospital, but was informed that i can refund after 1 year. while the others got their refund on the same date. where can i complain? thanks. Magdalena Flores

    1. Hi magdalena, did you submit your Philhealth papers before discharge? Your benefit should have been deducted from your bill. If you submitted after discharge, the hospital will wait for instructions or refund from Philhealth.

  219. Good pm. i just want to ask i was delivering a baby boy via cs last year june 2013, i received a check somewhere march 2014 parang nahirapan hanapin yung home address namin and the date of check is sept 26, 2013 i assume na i have 1 year po yung validation of check but when i check it agani may naka lagay na not valid after 03/25/14 so until now hindi pa po na encash, can PHilhealth issued a another check. pls enlighten me.

    1. Hi grace, yes, you can bring that check and voucher/BPN to Philhealth with your ID and a letter requesting Philhealth to reissue the check because you received the check after its validity period. Xerox your letter and your check and have Philhealth stamp-receive your xerox copy and check (for proof of claim).

  220. Gud day po. can outpatient expenses be covered?

    1. Hi genelin, sorry, no. but these outpatient procedures are covered: outpatient hemodialysis, cataract removal, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, day surgery

  221. hi. i gave birth last May 31,2014 at a lying in sa Pasig. i paid almost 17k without any deductions from philhealth. the staff said they’ll file with Philhealth and I’ll get my refund after 3-4 mos. they asked for 2 copies of requirements for philhealth. i followed up on the 3rd mo and 4th mo. they said they’ll text me when the refund is available. I followed up at Philhealth and they told me there’s no claim filed under my name. i texted the clinic. they called me and said I can get my refund on Monday. How will i know if my refund is correct?

    1. Hi Michelle, Philhealth’s coverage for normal delivery at a lying-in is 6500, so you should get 6500 as refund, plus 1750 if you also filed for newborn care coverage. Maybe their Philhealth accreditation has expired so they did not file (this is just my guess), and so it’s their responsibility to make the refund.

  222. hi, if philhealth’s benefit notice shows that 12,700 was paid by Philhealth for my daughter and her bill’s Philhealth deduction was only 8,900, but we have a health card. Can we claim? or it’s the health card that can claim? thank you!

    1. Hi arnie, did your health card pay in full the total bill balance after Philhealth deduction? If yes, it’s your health card that can claim a refund from the hospital because it’s your health card that has the bill payment OR.


    We were not able to use philhealth for the hopitalization of my son, as he was confined on thursday night in nueva ecija, and there was a storm and we could not file the next day which is friday because our office in manila was closed because of the storm. We were discharged saturday. Can we claim if we file with philhealth office.

    1. Hi Alyssa, are you still within the 60-day filing period since your son’s discharge? If yes, you can file a claim with Philhealth. Ask papers from the hospital including a waiver. To be sure, go first to Philhealth and ask about your case before you work out papers.

  224. Hi is it automatic for the hospital to deduct the benefits as long as complete requirements. And regarding NCP, is the 6500 benefits for normal delivery for level 2 hospital included? I’m 7 months pregnant and im planning to give birth at amisola maternity hospital. Thank you.

    1. Hi Nina, if you submit your Philhealth papers before discharge (some hospitals require submission 1 day before discharge), then your benefit will be deducted. If hospital, the deduction is only 5k. There’s 1750 for newborn care, if pediatrician is Philhealth-accredited.

  225. Creshelle A Briones

    When i was confined, I used my father’s philhealth. My problem is my mother lost all the receipts for meds bought outside. The hospital told us they need the receipts. What should we do as the amount is 4 thousand.

    1. Hi Creshelle, sorry I don’t know also because you need to present the receipts. You can wait for your benefit payment notice from Philhealth and then present this to the hospital, plus your hospital bill or statement (proof that there was no Philhealth deduction), but I’m not sure if the hospital will refund because you don’t have the receipts.

  226. good day po. Ask ko lang po kung pwede b akong magfile ng claim sa hospitalization ng anak ko sa china? dala ko po kc sya d2 as my dependent,kadarating namin ng oct 31 at nahospitalize sya twice this month. nkpagbayad po ako ng philhealth ko ng oct 29 valid for 6 months. then bayad po ako ng philhealth from january to june as voluntary member. ano pong mga documents ang kailangan kong dalhin if ever?

    1. Hi Nympha, does your MDR show your category as OFW? Yes, you can avail. Requirements:

      1. Thanks for the reply. I don’t know if the system has already updated my membership status, my last payment was october 29th of this year. Thanks

  227. Simplicio D Punzalan

    Bakit ang tagal naman po ng refund ko isa po akong mahirap na tao ang nagastos q po ay inutang ko pa po sa paanakan.Sa sobrang tagal po ay bali wala na rin po ang makukuha q kc po sa anak na lang po ng inutang kong pera mapupunta ang makukuha q kung sakali o pag nagtagal pa po ay kulang pang sa tubo sana matulungan po ninyo aq salamat pi

    1. Hi Simplicio, did the clinic really file your claim with Philhealth? The clinic should have deducted Philhealth from your bill before discharge. You can go to the nearest Philhealth and ask about your claim. Bring your ID and clinic and Philhealth papers.

  228. What if the patient was supposed to be transferred, but the patient got better and wasn’t transferred? Can we file?

    1. Hi Noe, yes, you can file. I hope you had filed.

  229. michaelvincentalcantara

    can we refund from philhealth as we were not able to show the hospital the philhealth card. The father of the confined child is overseas. the total bill is 10k and already paid. can we reimburse from the hospital? thanks.

    1. Hi michaelvincentalcantara, the Philhealth card is not a requirement. If you filed the MDR with the child’s name on the MDR, the premium receipt payment and claim form 1, then your claim should have been approved. Did the hospital accept your Philhealth documents but did not deduct? If yes, wait for your benefit payment notice from Philhealth. If not, get your claim forms plus waiver from the hospital and file directly with Philhealth. Tell them your documents were complete but the hospital looked for your Philhealth card.

  230. I gave birth at a lying in last august. philhealth accredited. Will I get a refund? Thanks

    1. Hi kaylie, did you file your Philhealth papers with them? Your benefit should have been deducted.

  231. Hi, I filed for refund at philhealth on oct 05,2014. Had CS. We bought all meds outside the hospital because they’re not available at the hospital. Complete receipts. They said the refund will be within 90 days. The problem is we returned to manila. Gave birth in isabela. Can I claim refund in manila? Thanks

    1. Hi charissa, your notice or refund will be sent to you through the postal mail, to the address you wrote in your claim form.

  232. Goodday. Does Philhealth no longer refund to individually paying members? last year in june my mother was hospitalized, we didn’t get any refund, but in 2013 we got a refund when she was hospitalized and, this january she’s currently in hospital. can we get a refund? why is there excess and we can no longer get meds covered by philhealth? then my mother is senior citizen, how can she avail of philhealth from government?thanks

    1. Hi grace, Philhealth no longer accepts direct filing by members, except certain cases. Deductions from the bill should be made by the hospital before discharge. Your mother can use her senior citizen ID while waiting for her Philhealth card for seniors. She can ask her barangay if they have a program to help seniors get their Philhealth cards.

  233. My child was confined due to pneumonia last year. was discharged july 30, 2014. my husband’s philhealth was used for the bill only. we submitted the receipts for meds and laboratories bought outside the hospital. this december, we got the BPN, september was the date when approved. but the Hospital of Paranaque, wait for january, but until now there’s no cheque. i was told it’s in the city hall, 6 months has passed, nothing. where can I make follow up? It seems they’re just lazy in processing. Does the bpn mean the check is already available?

    1. Hi aprille, sorry for the delayed reply. I also have a job, and I’m not working for Philhealth. That’s the problem with a government hospital controlled by city hall, as the hospital’s money is controlled by the city treasurer. You can go with your papers and voters ID to your city hall’s councilor or mayor’s assistants and ask about your refund.

  234. My wife had Cesarean JUNE 2014. The hospital told us they will refund the meds bought outside the hospital including lab fee, but until now we haven’t received the refund?

    1. Hi Michael, you should have received from Philhealth via postal mail your benefit payment notice so you can show this to the hospital to get your refund. Sorry I don’t know why you have not received this notice. You can ask Philhealth

  235. I have the benefit payment notice already. can we refund and where can we claim? We did not pay any bill to Philippine Orthopedic Hospital when I was discharged. All the meds and metal used for the surgery, we bought outside the hospital. BPN showed we didn’t have hospital charges and chief charges or 0.00. philhealth benefits for hospital charges is 10,900 and 10,080 for chief charges and the re claim received/refiled by philhealth is 20,980.

    1. Hi joey, you can request your refund from Orthopedic. Bring your notice and ORs of meds and metal. Xerox them.

  236. Hi good day. I just want to ask about my philhealth refund..I give birth last may 2014 but my philhealth was not deducted to my hospital bill due to the form cf1 is unupdated that was given from my ineed to fill up the revised form and need to be sign by my employer.since we need to discharged on that day the philhealth incharge told us that it is for refund.we need to fully pad the billings and we will wait for the refund after 2-6 months.after 6 mos I inquire they said that my refund was decline..Why they decline my refund I have my philhealth contribution.Please help me to claim my refund…thank you

    1. Hi May, did you give the hospital the updated cf1? Have you received a notice from Philhealth? You can ask Philhealth if your claim was really filed by the hospital, and if filed, ask the reason for rejection.

  237. Hi gud day why does it take too long to refund from philheath. june 2014 my child was confined. i received philhealth BPN last august 2014, the notice showed total 1800. but I’ve lost this letter from philheath. pls answer me thanks godbless

    1. Hi joan, did you file your Philhealth at the hospital and did you pay the hospital? If yes, you should get your refund from the hospital. Present notice, hospital bill and hospital OR. But since you lost your notice, I’m not sure if the hospital will give your refund.

  238. jephte laquinario bantugan

    hi, I am jephte lquinario bantugan, want to follow up my refund, almost 3months and have not yet received it. how can I claim? Call # 09066531513

    1. Hi jephte, sad to say, Philhealth’s processing really takes a long time. Email

  239. Hi po What about if I was not confined but I spent a lot for laboratory exams and meds as prescribed by the doctor? Can I refund? if yes, what’s the process for refund? Thanx Godbless

    1. Hi Donna, sorry, outpatient lab exams and meds are not yet covered. Ask others too

  240. dinah purio macalalag

    How can I reimburse the cash I paid to a private hospital where my child was confined feb.2-7,2014. There was a problem with my Philhealth so I wasn’t able to use it. thanks

    1. Hi dinah, there’s a deadline for filing. You should have filed within 60 days from discharge. Also, Philhealth no longer allows direct filing by members with Philhealth; it should be hospitals that will file.

  241. Can we refund the “chief charges” that shows on the BPN but does not reflect in my hospital receipt?

    1. Hi Cris, does “chief charges mean main or principal charges”? It depends. If your bill was 20k and you paid 20k, and Philhealth paid the hospital 15k, your refund should be 15k. If your bill was 20k and you paid 20k, and Philhealth paid the hospital 30k, your refund should be 20k. Coverage will also be affected by how it is allocated to PF and hospital costs.

  242. helo po why have we not received something from package 15k when our hospital bill was only 9k, since sept 2014. now march 18 I received notice from philhealth company but when i submit it to the hospital, we were given only 1,300. their reason is that only expenses for medicines will be paid. it is unfair for us as old member

    1. Hi Jenalyn, did you submit receipts for medicines and supplies worth much more than 1,300? If yes, they should have refunded more.

  243. Hi po, ask ko lang po, kc nag file po kme ng reinbursement Nov2014 pa. until now po March 30 2015 wala pa rin po kameng narerecieved na post mail. how will we know if na ipasa po ng hospital yung lahat ng requirements na binigay namin? sa case ko po kc, CS delivery po ako sa 2nd baby ko sa Out patient ng PGH nung oct2014. yung last requirement po na pinalakad sa amin Birthcertificate ng baby ko. it takes 1 month po para makakuha sa munisipyo kaya nov na po namin naipasa.. tapos ang sinabi lng po samin nung sa philhealth PGH ok na daw po. ganun lng po ba talaga yun? anf if mag follow up po kame,, panu namin malalalaman?

  244. My child will undergo an operation po tomorrow. Fractured paa. We’re told to make a down of 35 k, 20 k for doctor’s fee and 15 for the metal that will be place in my son’s paa. The cost of the metal is 35 k, why is it so expensive? I’m an OFW

    1. Hi Maritess, ask the hospital how much will be covered by Philhealth. Usually in government hospitals (is this Orthopedic), you spend first for the meds/supplies and then file for refund at the hospital later on after you receive the benefit payment notice from Philhealth. Keep all your ORs and hospital papers. Usually the PF is given directly to the doctor. But you can ask how Philhealth is processed there. Ask if you can refund some of the doctor’s fee later on.

  245. Nanganak po ako CS last Apr.2013 tapos naconfine sa private hospital ung baby ko Oct. 2013 at Feb. 2014. Lahat po nyan covered ng PHILHEALTH ko na nadeduct naman sa bills ko. Pero ang BPN na nareceived ko until now e ung sa NBS lang ni baby. Ask ko lang po bakit kaya wala pa ako narereceive na BPN hanggang ngaun don sa CS ko, at 2 confinement ng baby ko? kaya hindi ko po malaman kung may refund ako or wala. Im just wondering if pina-file ba ng hospital sa philhealth?

    1. Hi lhei, maybe they were lost in the mail. In your CS bill, was 19k deducted? If 19k was deducted (11,400 for hospital cost and 7,600 for PF), then you were deducted the correct amount. For your baby’s coverages, write the diagnosis and I’ll try to see if I can see it Philhealth’s table.

  246. ma.chrisalet baral bolante

    Hi poh ask q LNG po qng my mrerefund n po b AQ ngaung month n to s philheatlth ngfile po AQ ng refundable q last may 21,2016 pls pkireply nmn po

    1. Hi ma. chrisalet, sorry po I do not have access to your filing. Kung tinanggap ng Philhealth ang filing nio, antayin nio po you check nio through the mail. Puede rin mag-follow-up kayo. Kung sa hospital kayo nag-file, ganon din, follow-up kayo sa hospital. Matagal na kasing policy na dapat mag-file na sa hospital before discharge, at bawal na ang direct filing sa Philhealth, pero kung merong valid reason at tinanggap ng Philhealth, wait na lang or follow-up.

  247. Hi po aak ko lang po anu requirements pr mk refund at san pwede mg refund…nagtxt po kc ang philhealht skin…di ko po alm kong anu gagwin..

    1. Hi Val, nahospital ba this January 2018 at hindi na-cover dahil sa new eligibility na kalaunan ay pinostpone ang effectivity to Oct 2018? Bring your ID and your hospital receipt plus other hospital docs, then go to the hospital and ask for your Philhealth claim forms and documents so you can go to the nearest Philhealth and file your claim directly. Dapat kasama sa documents ang waiver from the hospital.

  248. good day…may letter n dumating ung BPN at nkasaad lang po dun na nasa 1800 mahigit lang ung total amount paid to the hospital…at may na receive ako na text din galing philheath at ito ung info
    Benefit Payment Notice
    Please be informed that we already refunded P8,000.00 to your hospital. If this amount was not deducted from your hospital bill, or if you were under-deducted, coordinate with the hospital.
    REF#1711081202090…ano po ibig sabihin nto salamat

    1. Hi Ruel, ang nadeduct ba sa inyo ay 8,000? o 1,800? Kung 1,800 lang, go to the nearest Philhealth and ask kung magkano talaga ang binayaran ng Philhealth and request for another BPN para maipakita nio sa hospital para ibigay nila yong tamang deduction.

  249. Hi ask ko lng po sana. I just gave birth thru caesarian section april 3 2018 lahat nang gmot na nireseta ay binili nmen we keep the receipt nman po.. marere imburse pa po ba un?

    1. Hi Zara, yes, keep the receipts, and I hope you have filed your Philhealth papers. When you receive your benefit payment notice, go back to the hospital and ask for your refund. Before you leave the hospital, magtanong paano ang refund process nila.

  250. Andrea Lim Azurea

    Hi. Nahospital mama ko 3months ago, naoperahan sya sa dede kelan or pano po yung sa refund? Thanks.

    1. Hi Andrea, nag-submit ba kayo ng Philhealth MDR at Philhealth receipt sa hospital? Dapat na-deduct na sa bill ang Philhealth para hindi na kelangang mag-refund. Bakit daw hindi na-deduct? Or public hospital ba at pinabili kayo ng supplies and medicines sa labas? Keep your receipts so that when you receive your benefit payment notice from Philhealth, i-xerox nio at dalhin nio sa hospital with your receipts and ask for refund.

  251. Andrea Lim Azures

    Hi, ask lang po nahospital po mama ko naoperahan po sa dede. Kelan or pano po makukuha? 3months na po nakakalipas wala parin pong notice. Salamat po.

  252. Saan po ipapasa ung req.document para makakuha po ng refund? At kelan po ba ito isinasagawa? At saan po maclaim ung refund? Pkisagot po ng maayos!
    Thank u po!

  253. Hi po! Ask ko lng po kung paano ko po makukuha ung refund at kung kelan po ba ito isinasagawa. Thank u po!

    1. Hi Jessica, I hope naka-file ka na. Kung sa Philhealth, dapat within 60 days ka mag-file. At dapat merong valid reason bakit hindi ka nag-file ng Philhealth papers mo sa hospital before discharge. Mga OFWs at mga nasa abroad usually kasi ang nagfa-file ng refund. Kung nabayaran na ng Philhealth ang hospital, sa hospital ka mag-request ng refund.

  254. Hi I receive a message saying ” Please be informed that we already refunded 7,500 to your hospital. If this amount was not deducted from your hospital bill, of if you were under deducted,coordinate with the hospital”

    And this was the time I was confined last june and I dont have the copy of my bill anymore to check that.

    1. Hi Sarah, I hope na lang na 7,500 nga ang na-deduct sa bill mo. If it’s important to you, puede namang mag-request ng copy sa hospital, pero malamang more than 100 pesos ang charge.

  255. Mam na admit po ako ngaun dahil naoperahan po ako open cholystectomy po at nka avail mo ang 31000 na bawas nh philhealth sa hospital kopo mam may balance po ako sa hospital ng 30k mam pwede kopo ba ito ipakiusap sa philhealth na sana makalabas nko babayaran ko nlng sa monthly sa philhealth seafarer po ako mam ano po ang pwede kung gawin please reply po salamat

    1. Hi Colin, sorry hindi ko nasagot agad ito. I hope nakalabas ka na. I hope nakausap mo ang hospital para promissory note na lang. Or merong humingi ng assistance sa city hall or provincial capitol ninyo. Sorry hindi nagpapaluwal ang Philhealth. Kung ano lang yong coverage, yon lang ang sasagutin nila.

  256. Hai po ask ko lang po may philhealth po aq and then nanganak po aq sa ibang lying in na dapat ndi po aq don mangnganak kaso po ndi na po aq umabot sa paaanakan ko cash basis po kc ang gnwa ng lying in. Marerefund pa po ba ung nagastos namin
    Tnx po

    1. Hi Marie eden, tinanong nio ba kung puedeng gumamit ng Philhealth? Baka hindi Philhealth-accredited yong lying-in kaya hindi ka tinanong kung meron kang Philhealth. Dapat din na Philhealth-accredited yong OB o midwife sa lying-in para maka-claim sa Philhealth.

  257. Lily Ann I. Dolliente

    good day po. nanganak po ako last january 17 under c-section. private hospital po yun and nadeduct na po sa bill namin yung 19000 na philhealth benefit, then may binayaran pa po kami na 17k upon discharge last january 21. ask ko lang po if eligible po ba ako to claim refund and what should I submit to be able to apply for refund. thanks in advance po sa sasagot.

    1. Hi Lily Ann, sorry wala nang additional coverage or refund, kasi 19k pesos lang ang coverage o benefit for CS. Yong balance, patient na ang magbabayad.

      1. Hi po, naconfine po anak q due to dengue. Meron po aq hulog September 2018 to December 2018 from previous employer. Wala po aq hulog january to march 2019. I was hired April until now. Kumuha aq ng certification n my hulog aq sep to dec 2018. Tpos pinakuaha aq ng certification sa current employer q april to august to be eligible for 9/12 months rule. Ang problema is ang nkalagay lng n contri q is april to june, july and august are not yet posted since nghuhulog employer q 1 month after the current month.(june philhealth deduction, hulog nila last week of july). So sabi saakin ng hospital is i am not eligible dw, so i have to pay 10k dw muna and mgsusubmit dw po aq ng mga requirements kasi once dw posted n yung july and august contri q bka my chance n marefund aq. Which gagawin q po, now question po is, 100% sure po ba n marerefund aq? And panu po mgfollow up about sa refund status? Thanks po in advance

        1. Hi Kevin, merong rule na within 60 days from date of discharge ang pag-submit ng claim sa Philhealth, so kung hindi maka-submit ang hospital within 60 days, hindi ka na maka-claim o maka-refund. So submit the requirements, as they told you, then follow-up with your HR kung merong way that they can remit early next month. Kung tutuparin ng hospital na irefund ka agad once July and Aug are posted, maganda. Basta lang within the 60-day period. Yong ibang hospital naman, aantayin nila yong payment from Philhealth before they refund. Ask them na lang paano mo i-process yong refund once na-post na?

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