Philhealth Dependents — Who Are Qualified?

Updated January 1, 2015

Here are your Philhealth dependents:

1.  Spouse (Wife or Husband)

– She or he should not be an active Philhealth member.
If your wife or husband is previously a Philhealth member, ask her/him to write a letter or statement that she/he is no longer an active Philhealth member, including the estimated last time she/he paid her/his Phihealth premium and the reason she/he is no longer active.
– Bring a copy of your marriage certificate.

2. Children

Your children are qualified dependents as long as they are:
– below 21 years old (Bring birth certificate)
– unmarried
– unemployed

. Your child should be below 21 years old, unmarried and unemployed. If younger than 21 years old but already married, he/she can no longer be your dependent. If already employed, although younger than 21 years old, he/she can no longer be your dependent.

. If your child is 21 years old or older and suffering from physical or mental disability that makes him/her totally dependent on you for support, he/she can be your dependent. Bring birth certificate and certification from a doctor that the child is mentally or physically disabled.

. If illegitimate child (you’re not married with the other parent), bring the child’s birth certificate showing you’re the father or mother of the child.

. If adopted child, bring a copy of court decree of adoption.
. If stepchild, bring marriage contract between you and the biological parent. Bring also birth certificate of stepchild.

. If foster child, bring document issued by the DSWD.

Note:  Children under 21 who are single but will soon give birth to a child, or already have a child or children are advised to register and pay as Philhealth members so that their children will have Philhealth coverage as dependents.

3.  Parents

*Note: The law on the mandatory Philhealth membership of all Filipino senior citizens (60 years old or older) has been signed by President Aquino in November 2014.  If your parents have not claimed their Philhealth cards, they can show their senior citizen IDs to the hospital or clinic (Additional announcement about IDs is expected).

Your parents are qualified as dependents if they are:
– 60 years old or older
– not active Philhealth members

– younger than 60 years old but have permanent disability and are totally dependent on you

(Bring a detailed Medical Certificate issued by attending physician stating your parent’s diagnosis, extent of disability and the date when the disability was acquired. Bring also your birth certificate.)

– Bring your birth certificate and the birth certificates of your parents (or any document showing parents’ dates of birth).
– If stepparents, and biological parents are already deceased, bring your birth certificate, marriage certificate between your biological parent and your stepparent, and any document showing stepparent’s date of birth. Bring death certificates of biological parents.
– If adoptive parents, bring Court Decree of Adoption and any document showing adoptive parents’ dates of birth.


– Bring original and xerox copies of papers required, for verification.
– Make sure your dependents are written as dependents in your Member Data Record (MDR) so that your Philhealth benefit claiming process becomes easier.
– To apply, fill out the Philhealth Member Registration Form (PMRF).
Check “For Enrollment” — if new applicant
Check “For Updating” — if changing civil status, names, birth dates or adding or changing dependents
– Bring birth certificates, marriage certificates or other relevant documents when updating Member Data Record.

Who CANNOT be your dependents?

1.   Children 21 years old or older (except those with disability)
2.  Married children
3.  Employed children (they are already Philhealth members through their employers)
4.  Siblings (mga kapatid)
5.  Parents younger than 60 years old who have no permanent disability
6.  Aunts or uncles
7.  Parents-in-law
8.  Cousins
9.  Sisters or brothers-in-law
10.  Other Relatives Not Mentioned in the List of Qualified Dependents


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  1. Good evening po! Naka-confine po kasi yung father ko ngayon sa ospital. 59 years old siya. Tanong ko lang po kung pwede ko po maging dependent yung tatay ko sa philhealth since mag-60 years old naman siya sa August this year.

    1. Hi Sarah, sorry but your father should be at least 60 years old to be qualified as your dependent. They will ask for your father’s birth certificate or senior citizen ID.

  2. Hello Admin,

    I’m 23 years old, lumaki aq sa lolo at lola ko, since birth nasa kanila na aq. Is it possible na sila maging dependants ko? Since sila naman nagpalaki saken, both of may parents are alive but never ko sila nakasama. Pwede ba ireconsider yung case ko?

    1. Hi joannah, it’s great that you recognize what your grandparents have done for you. I’m touched that you obviously love them. But it’s sad that you cannot register them as your dependents, unless you were legally adopted by them. It’s because Philhealth will ask for your birth certificate to check if they are your parents. Grandparents cannot be dependents. What you can do is to register your lolo and pay for his premiums, and then register your lola as dependent of your lolo. If your parent (child of your grandparents) is a Philhealth member, then your grandparents can be his or her dependents (only one membership but will include more people — spouse and parents and minor children).

  3. Good day! I just wanna ask if i can update my philhealth and add my mother as a beneficiary because im paying her philhealth monthly and at the same time im paying mine too as voluntary.her philhealth contribution is active.i just only knew lately that i can add my mother as a beneficiary since she is already 61 years old.shes not a sss pensioner.i just want to add her as a beneficiary if possible for me not to burden our monthly contributions cause it cost me twice of paying it.and what documents will im going to bring for updating my philhealth status? hope to hear from you.thank you very much.Have a great day!

    1. Hi Manuel, just go to any Philhealth branch and fill up the Member Registration form, check FOR UPDATING and submit together with a xerox of your birth certificate (bring orig copy and your valid IDs). It’s good you came to know she can be your beneficiary. Have a great day too!

  4. hi. i just turned 21 last oct. and im gonna give birth po this may.tanong kolg po if im still covered by my mothers philhealth kasi unemployed at not marrd dn po ako.


    1. Hi jane, sorry but to be a dependent, you must be all these 3: unmarried, unemployed and younger than 21.

  5. Hi, ask lang po. I just updated my Philhealth at sa PMRF form 3.Membership Category naicheck ko ang Profesional under Self-employed sa 3.5 Individually Paying member. Nakapagbayad na po ako ng P450 for 2nd quarter. Dapat pala sa Non-professional ako nabelong. Any advice anong dapat ko gawin? Salamat.

    1. Hi mitty, it’s okay as long as your monthly income is not higher than 25k. Did you check “25k and below”? What profession did you write? You can update your PMRF again next quarter if you like and then check Non-Professional and then “25k and below”

  6. Good morning…
    Ask ko lang po sana kung pwedeng magamit ng kapatid ko ang philhealth ko…ulila na kami sa father, my mom is not working at ako lang ang nagwowork sa family…

    1. Hi eman, sorry but your sister cannot be your dependent. Is your sister under 21 years of age? Is your mother younger than 60 years old? If yes, you can enroll your mother in Philhealth so she can register your sister as her dependent. It not, you can enroll each of them in Philhealth. Later on, you can enroll your mother as your dependent when she turns 60 years old, whether you’re single or married. If your sis needs medical attention now, I hope you can find a government hospital or a cheaper hospital near your residence.

  7. hi!i want to ask if my father had already used my philhealth,is it possible that my husband or children can also use it if they get sick with the same year?

    1. Hi jane, yes, your children and husband can use your Philhealth even if you already used it for your father.
      The only limitations are these: 45 days per year are allocated to you, and another 45 days per year are allocated to all your dependents (they share these 45 days). In case the same patient is hospitalized for the same illness within 90 days, the 2nd hospitalization is no longer covered, except for the room and board. If the benefit for that certain illness is not all consumed in the first hospitalization, the rest can be used in the 2nd hospitalization.

  8. rosemarie t.gale

    dear maam tanong ko lang po kung pwede ang kapatid ko na lang ang magbayad ng philhealth ko sa pinas para ma updated ang payment ko,at tanong ko lang kapag ma update ba yong payment pwede na po bang magamit sa pag hospital ng nanay ko.thank u hope u reply soon..

    1. Hi rosemarie, yes, your mother can use your Philhealth immediately if you pay as OFW. Send your sibling a copy of your OEC or job contract or work visa or any proof that you’re OFW so your kapatid can pay for you as OFW. Pay for 6 months or 1 year so your validity dates on the Philhealth contribution payment receipt will cover the date of your mother’s hospitalization.

  9. lorence austria

    Magandang araw po,
    mag 9yrs na po kami ng asawa ko.may isa po kaming anak at ngaun po buntis po ulit aq after 7yrs.unfortunately wala po kmi legal marriage crtfcte kundi un waiver nung 17 plng po aq nang magpirmahan.may narinig po ako na kht d kasal e pde na mging covered k ng knakasama mo if 6yrs above n nagsasama.totoo po b ito?anu po dapat ko gwin.

    1. Hi lorence, sorry but Philhealth requires you to present your marriage certificate before you can be registered as a dependent of your husband. Hindi ba puedeng magpakasal kayo sa judge o sa city hall para makakuha ng marriage certificate?

  10. Hi, May mom was confined at the hospital this May 2-10, 2013, covered as dependent by my sister’s philhealth…If ma confine sya ulit before 90 days, pede ko ba sya i cover as my dependent under my philhealth naman this time for philhealth coverage? and what if same illness? ma cover pa rin ba sya?

    1. Hi Elle, sorry but your mother will no longer be covered if she is hospitalized for the same illness within 90 days, even if another member will cover for her. If the illness is not under Case Rate, what she can claim are the rest of her 45-day allowance for room and board coverage and other unspent coverage for 1 set of benefits. Please ask others too; I might have missed some things.

  11. ask ko lang po kung pwede ko pong magamit yung philhealth ng boyfiend ko sa panganganak ko this coming june 2013 khit hindi pa po kmi kasal?? thank you po

    1. Hi nelyn, sorry you cannot use your boyfriend’s Philhealth — you need to present a marriage certificate to be able to be registered as your partner’s dependent.

  12. mary grace niebres

    Ask ko lang po kung pa ano ma u update ng asawa ko yung philhealth nya.. 8 months n po kaming kasal..seaferer po siya athindi nya na update yong s benificiary at civil status nya.. Sabi nya kung pwde ko po dw asikasuhin.. Manganganak n po kasi aq s july.. Wala po siya dito s pilipinas eh.. Wala din po siya dito bago ako manganak.. Qualified din po ba aq? Un employed din po 23 yrs old..and di pa naman ako nag memember s philhealth.. Yun lang po salamat..

    1. Hi mary grace, yes, you can qualify as long as your husband’s agency/company is paying his Philhealth. You go to Philhealth to update his member data record and write yourself as dependent on the form; bring your marriage certificate (orig and xerox), your ID, copy of his ID and his authorization letter for you to update his member registration record. Later on, get a signed claim form 1 and certification of premium payments from his agency (present to hospital, including ORs of prenatal care worth at least 1500 so you can get your prenatal refund if you deliver normally)

  13. My husband is an ofw.i already have mdr which has my name on it as his due date is this month.i already have xerox copy of my husbands vissa/passport and i still need to pass it on philhealth ofiz or i will just pass it on the hosp upon dischrg?

    1. Hi anne, does your husband’s MDR indicate he’s OFW? His MDR, OEC and passport/visa should be enough (xerox and orig). Bring your marriage certificate in case they ask (orig and xerox) and your ID as well.

  14. Hi admin, im currently jobless right now.. i wasnt able to pay my contri to philhelt from jan2013 until this month. my question is pde pba byaran yung month from jan to may contri ko for me to use my philhelt this october kxe i will gave birth to my second child? pls reply. this will be a great help. thankyou..

    1. Hi Agnes, sori pero what I know is that they will no longer accept payments for the first quarter. You can pay April to Sep, but this will count only 6 months (ang requirement is payment of 9 of the 12 months BEFORE month of delivery). Please ask others too. You can also ask Philhealth if they’re again offering Individual Policy Contract so you can avail (itinigil nila ito in March 2013).

  15. maria christina atienza

    husband ko po foreigner m active philhealth member pag po nagkasakit sya dito sa pinas pwede ba nya magamit philhealth ko?thank you po..

    1. Hi maria, yes, your husband is eligible as long as you’re updated with your payments. You can update your MDR at Philhealth and register him as your dependent by presenting your marriage certificate (orig and xerox).

  16. Hello po.
    I would like to ask if can my mother can still avail of my father’s philhealth even if he already turned 60 last May 16, 2013? Schedule for operation kasi sya.Hope for your immediate reply.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Honey, yes, your mother is still your father’s dependent even if your father turned 60, as long as he continues to pay his Philhealth, or he is eligible for Free Lifetime membership (meron siyang 120 contributions?). But if your father stops paying, and is not a lifetime member, and he becomes your dependent, hindi nia puedeng dependent din ang mother mo, kasi amg father mo mismo ay dependent.
      If your mother is not yet 60, dapat patuloy na magmember ang father mo para dependent nia ang mother mo.

  17. gud pm po tanung ko lng po pwede po ba magamit ng asawa ko ung philhealth ko bagong kasal lng po kmi bale manganganak sya this coming november 2013

    1. Hi Mike, yes, puede. Bring your marriage certificate (orig and xerox) with your ID and Philhealth no. to Philhealth and update your MDR and register your wife as your dependent.

  18. hi po balak ko po mag apply ng philhealth, unemployed po ako 25 years old. voluntary nalang po sana. pwede ko po ba gawing beneficiary ang lolo at lola ko since wala po sa bansa ang parents ko at sa kanila na ako lumaki

    1. Hi kk, sorry your grandparents cannot be your dependents. 60 years old or older na ba sila? Puede silang dependent ng parent mo (na anak ng grandparents mo) kung Philhealth member or kung gusto nilang mag-member. Kahit nasa abroad, puedeng member. Kung hindi naman, ikaw at yong grandfather mo ay mag-member, and then lola mo ang dependent ng lolo mo.

  19. hi sorry i have found the answers na to my previous inquiry. since i cant list my lolo and lola as my beneficiaries po can i apply nalang ng philhealth for my lolo, problem po is they are not married. can he still list my lola as his beneficiary? sad naman if i have to apply for them both. ang lola ko po is senior citizen na. hindi ko parin sya pwede gawin beneficiary? ang lolo ko 57 years old. sana pwede nya gawin beneficiary si lola ko but they are not married. pero sa IDs ng lola ko gamit nya surname ng lolo since way back. wala lang ako mapapakitang marriage certificate po. pls help

    1. Hi kk, sorry pero marriage certificate kasi ang hinahanap ng Philhealth. Taga-Manila ka yata, based on your IP address, puede kang magpunta sa city hall at magtanong kung saan puedeng magpakasal ang lolo at lola mo na libre, para lang makakuha ka ng marriage certificate. Lumapit ka sa congressman ng district mo, magdala ka ng proof kung taga-saan ka; maganda kung meron kang voters ID. Sorry, your lola cannot be your dependent kahit senior citizen na siya. Hope you can resolve your concern. You will be blessed because you’re taking good care of your grandparents. Saludo ako sa yo

  20. hi im xhy gusto ko lang malaman if pwede po gamitin yung philhealth ko im single and ng declared dependent lang ay ang anak ko sa pagkadalaga pwede ba magamit ng mama ko ang philhealth ko?

    1. Hi xhy, yes, your mother can be your dependent kahit meron kang ibang dependent or kahit single ka basta 60 years old or older na ang mama mo. Present your birth certificate and your mother’s birth certificate or senior citizen ID (to prove her age).

  21. hi po…
    ask ko lang po kung pwede kong mging dependents ang aking kapatid na 15 years old..
    special po sya mental retardation po ang case…
    kung sakali pong pwede ano po ba yung mga kailangan ko i submit na papers?
    im a voluntary payer po

    1. Hi rocel, sorry, your sibling cannot be your dependent kahit meron siyang handicap. Yong father or mother mo, puede niyang dependent ang kapatid mo na ito (bring medical certificate and birth certificate) at dependent niya rin mother or father mo (para isa lang sa kanila ang mag-member).

  22. I will give birth on august…I am an OFW But I lost my oec receipt the 2nd time I went abroad…Is the payment automatically updated in yout data base?
    Another query my husband and I got married abroad and not yet registered our marriage here..Automatically my baby is my dependent..but is it allowed that my husband will register our baby to be his dependent? Can we benefit it the time I will give birth?

    1. Hi Avril, yes, you can go to Philhealth and ask for your MDR. Ask also for a copy of eligibility for hospital use — tell them you lost your OEC. Yes, your baby is a dependent of your husband. Present birth certificate. For the newborn care package, usually it is your Philhealth that is used instead of your husband’s because at that time, it is more convenient.

  23. June 20,2013 at 10:05pm

    ask q lang po kung pd ba mkiusap n iaccept n mging dpendent ang aswa ko,kksal lang po namin nitong feb. kea lng lang dpa smin nrerelease ung marriage certifcte m.6months pa dw po bgo mairelease..kelangan po kc para sa panganganak nya this coming july! thnx

    1. Hi dionne, kausapin mo yong local registrar ninyo, sabihin mo you need it for your wife’s Philhealth maternity coverage this July. I’m puzzled why it takes 6 months. Ask help from your congressman or mayor.

  24. June 20,2013 at 11:00pm

    gooday po..ask q lang po qng pd q magamit philhealth ng asawa q bgo plang po kme kasal pero dpa po kme nrealesan ng marriage lisence,kelangan q n po sa pnganganak q nextmonth ..un lang po,thankz and godblez!

    1. Hi jen, ang hospital kasi hinahanap ang marriage certificate, so kausapin nio local registrar ninyo, or yong mayor’s office or konsehal.

  25. Hello po.. when u updated my MDR just few days ago, naging Individually paying-Self-employed-Non Professional ang membership category ko from its original Individually Paying Member.. When i updated it kasi, (nagchange status kasi ako at additional independent) nafill-up ko din yung sa category na self employed as Non Professional pero naicheck ko yung income na 25k above.. will it affect my premium kapag nagbayad na ulit ako? last payment i made was in january for period january-june 2013 and i paid P900. thanks

    1. Hi mrs. bajon, that can be considered as just a typo error, since they accepted your payment of 900 for 6 months or 150 per month. You can continue paying 150 per month for the July to Dec period — another 900. When you pay for your July to Dec, you can update your MDR and check the 25k and below.

  26. hello po.. just few days ago, i updated my MDR because i changed my civil status and for my additional independent.. but when i compared my old and new MDR, my original membership category as Individually paying member was changed to Individually paying Member-Self-employed-Non Professional.. I remember filling up the category section Self employed and Non Professional and i think I mistakenly checked the income 25k and above.. The last payment I made was in january 2013 for periods of january-june and i paid P900.. So now, I wonder if it will change my monthly premium due to that change in membership category.. thanks.

  27. hello mam, ask ko lng po pinapatanong ng friend ko kasi buntis sya magagamit ba nya yung philhealth ng magiging asawa nya although pag nanganak sya di pa sila kasal

    1. Hi angelica, sorry hindi pa, kasi she needs to present her marriage certificate to Philhealth for MDR update or to the hospital.

  28. hello po.

    I’m single parent po with 1 kid, I declared my son as my dependent already may years ago. ask ko lang po if I can still declare my father as my additional dependent since he’s 61 y/o na cya this year.

    Hope you can help me po.


    1. Hi Geraldine, yes, you can declare your father as your dependent since he’s already 60 or older. Bring your birth certificate and your father’s senior citizen ID or birth certificate.

  29. Where na po post q?im waitng..

    1. Hi Jen sorry di ko makita comment mo. Or baka nasagot ko na.

  30. gudpm..ask q lng po qng pd mgmt ng aswa q ung philhealth q,kasal na po kme pero dpa nairealease ung marriage contract namin,6mnths p b4 mkuha..manganganak n ang asawa q dis coming july 2013!!i ned help..pd po b un iconsdr..

    1. Hi dionne, you need to present your marriage certificate kasi paano malaman ng hospital na married nga kayo. Makiusap kayo sa local registrar nio or mayor’s office nio; ngayon lang merong nag-comment na 6 months ma-release ang marriage certificate — ang tagal naman niyan.

  31. Can i add my brother who is 2 yrs older than me, unemployed due to schizophrenia as a dependent? Thanks so much

    1. Hi Tin, sorry your sibling cannot be your dependent, no matter that he’s unemployed due to his condition. Register mo na lang and pay for him if you desire so.

  32. Hi Jen, you need your marriage certificate. Makiusap sa local registrar or sa mayor’s office at sabihing kelangan nio for your Philhealth maternity coverage.

  33. Good Day po,I’am Joel Luna from marilao bulacan, I just want to ask if posible po ba na pwede pa po ako makapag avaible ng philhealth para sa anak ko.dependent ko ang anak ko kaya last january ako nagresign sa work ko at hindi ko na nahuhulugan yung ito hanggang ngayon dahil wala na akong work pwede ko prin po ba gamitin ang philhealth ko? ano po ang mga kailangan kong gawin? thanks in advance. GOD Bless!

    1. Hi Joel, depende kung kelan ba gagamitin. Kasi pag surgery, dapat nabayaran ang 9 of the 12 months BEFORE month of confinement. Kapag non-surgery, 3 of the 6 months BEFORE month of confinement ang dapat nabayaran.

  34. good day! id like to know po kung pwede ko pa gamitin phil health number noong employed pako. nag retire napo kse ako 4yrs ago at the age of 39 due to fertility treatment. . gusto ko kse e-activate ulit para gawin ko dependent mommy ko whos now 72yrs.old? ako naman po ay dependent ng husband. gagawin ko lang po ito para sa mmy ko na wala po any health card na after ko mg retire. also, meron po ba kayo ma-recommend na agency or company that offers health card for senior citizen? Appreciate po any comments or suggestions. thank you and sana po marami pa kayo matulungan. God bless po!

    1. Hi ruth, you can register/pay at a Philhealth branch so you can renew your data and register your mommy as dependent. Bring your ID and birth certificate and your mom’s senior citizen ID or birth certificate (to prove age). Parang nag-iba kasi sila ng numbering compared sa years ago; so tingnan mo na lang kung ibahin nila ang number mo. About health card for senior citizens, parang meron akong nakita sa Healthway sa mga malls, pero hindi siya comprehensive.

  35. sir mag tatanong lng po san ako manganganak po gf ko sa year itatanong ko lng po kung kukuha po b kami ng philhealth now magagamiot po b? un sa panganganak nya next year salamat po !!!

    1. Hi wilson, kulang yata ng 1 month. Payment of 9 of the 12 months BEFORE month of delivery ang kelangan. If you pay July to Feb, 8 months lang — please check my counting.

  36. Hi!

    My brother is currently under my mother Philhealth as dependent. He already used up the Dialysis Benefits so we want to deactivate my brother as dependent of my mother then switch it as dependent to my Father.
    So he again can use the Dialysis Benefits.
    Is this possible?


    1. Hi MBIsidro, sorry, it’s not possible. Every dependent can use only up to 45 days of coverage per year, kahit pa meron pang ibang puedeng principal member na puede siyang maging dependent. You can ask help from PCSO and NKTI.
      But ask others too about the 45-day allowance and being dependent of more than 1 member.

  37. Hi, Good morning. Tanong koh lang poh, i’m currently employed. Ask ko lang poh kailangan koh pa din po ba kumuha ng sarili kong philhealth kahit poh beneficiary na ako ng asawa koh?

    1. Hi Delia, because you’re Employed, you’re mandated to be a member. You and your employer have to pay your Philhealth, kahit puede kang maging beneficiary ng husband mo.

  38. hi po, i am a ofw and gave birth po on july 7 2012,
    i manage to avail the philhealth benefits for my new born baby. then i paid my premium contribution on june 7 2013, ask ko lang po, automatic ba na naka dependent ko na ang baby ko since naka hospital sya today and we are about to get a mdr tomorrow.

    1. Hi elaine, yes, your baby is your dependent. About MDR with your baby registered as your dependent: Bring the birth certificate issued by the hospital (orig and xerox) — I hope Philhealth will recognize it because I assume the birth cert from the local civil registrar is not yet available.

  39. hi admin.
    ask qu lng poh f covered pa aqu ng philhealth ng father qu.21 na poh aqu nd manganganak poh aqu xa december..unemployed poh aqu at unmarried. pd pa poh bang mgamit ang philhealth ng father ko pagkapanganak qu.?pakisagot lng poh.tnx

    1. Hi bernadeth, sorry hindi na kasi 21 years old ka na. Dapat younger than 21. take care

  40. Good day po. Ask ko lng po for example di ko pa na-i-add ang anak ko as one of my beneficiary, magagamit nya po b ang philhealth ko in case of emergency?

    1. Hi anjie, yes, just bring his birth certificate. But it’s best if you update your MDR, because many hospitals require your MDR to be updated before they deduct. You can however file for refund if Philhealth was not deducted.

  41. Hello and Goodevening, I am Joyce and my question is..Is a 15-year-old dependent daughter covered for maternity care? I am the member and I am the mother of my 15 years old daughter.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Joyce de Joya

    1. Hi joyce, yes, your daughter is covered as your dependent. Ang rule: younger than 21, unmarried and unemployed. If you’re OFW, the validity dates in your premium receipt should cover your daughter’s child delivery date. Also, to be covered by Philhealth, she should deliver in a hospital, not maternity clinic, since she’s younger than 19.

  42. Hi! Ask ko lng po ung asawa ko kc ngaun is 55 yrs old at ung mga anak ko dependent nya cla ay 5 and 2 yrs old only. At cla din po ay my mga kaptid s ama n ms older s knila. Halimbawa po pgdting ng 60 yrs old ng father ny at hndi n mgbbyad ng philhealth dhil pwd n syang maging dependent ng mga anak ny s una n ms matanda s mga anak ko which is 5 and 2 yrs old lng ngaun, d hndi n cla dependent ng father nla hnd n nila pwd gamitin ung philhealth ng father nila?pls help me and thank you po!

    1. Hi Juliet, kung pagdating ng age 60 ay makaipon ng 10 years of Philhealth contributions ang husband mo, pati na yong dating Medicare noon, puede siyang maging free Lifetime member, at puede pa rin niyang dependent ang younger children ninyo. Mag-apply lang siya ng Lifetime membership card at age 60 pag meron nang 120 contributions.

  43. if a philhealth member dies, can his/her spouse and beneficiaries still avail of philhealth after member’s death? no. 2 question – can someone claim the benefits even though they have not been listed as beneficiaries on the application form?

    1. Hi Big Boy, 1. yes, puede pa, pero hanggang doon lang sa nabayarang premiums before death
      2. Yes, basta merong maipakitang proof of relation (marriage or birth certificate). Pero maraming hospitals ang hindi nagde-deduct kapag hindi updated ang MDR; but you can file for refund sa Philhealth.

      1. can illegitimate children who present themselves only after death of an sss member lay claim on the dead members benefits even though they are not listed on the members records? i understand you said that they have to show proof like birth certificate but can this be contested through a dna exam to solidify proof of relationship to the dead member as the illegitimate children was never recognized or mentioned by the member when he/she was alive?

        please clarify regarding your comments on the hospital not deducting if the mdr (?) is not updated. i do not understand what was meant by this part. thanks

        1. sorry i meant philhealth member not sss.

  44. good day po. gusto ku sanang dependent ku ung pamangkin ku pwede po ba?

    1. Hi Den, sorry hindi puede.

  45. Good day! My husband wants to add me as his dependent but it didnt appear because I am still employed with my previous employer as per Philhealth staff for I only asked someone to have my husbands data updated. What should I do? thanks in advance!

    1. Hi April, write a letter to Philhealth requesting them to cancel your membership because you’re already unemployed and ask them to register you as your husband’s dependent. Your husband brings this letter (or authorize someone), with your ID, his ID and your marriage cert

  46. elow po tanung ko lng po kung pde aq nlng mag regester…pra sa dad q ng phil health kc ndi xa mkkpnta sa office kc mxdo bz pde po bah un…my philhealth na xa dati peru sa gov..un ngaun d nah active pde po bah ako nlng kumuha pra sa knya….

    1. Hi gerald, yes, download and print the Philhealth registration form, ask your father to sign it, then bring it to Philhealth with your father’s ID or birth cert and your payment (at least 450 pesos for 1 quarter).

  47. Hi gudam.i just want to ask if how can i used my husband’s philhealth.i mean what is the requirements needed for me to used it.he is an ofw and he is back to saudi right now and im in the philippines.we just got married last april 2013.and im giving birth this coming december so i want to know what do i need to do for me to used his philhealth.thanks!!hoping for ur reply;)have a good day

    1. Hi Jhie, ask your husband to send you a copy of his OEC, copy of his IDs, and authorization letter to process his Philhealth papers. Then go to Philhealth with these papers, your ID and your marriage certificate (xerox and orig) and update your husband’s registration data. Write yourself as dependent. Get your husband’s MDR. At the hospital, present your claim form 1, your husband’s authorization letter, MDR, OEC receipt and prenatal ORs worth at least 1500 (for prenatal care refund).

  48. Hello po. Since last february hindi na po ako nakapag hulogbale agency po ang naghuhulog dahil employed po ako dati. Ask ko lang po mam kung pwede ko pa ituloy ang paghuhulog ngayong unemployed na po ako? Ano po ang dapat kong gawin? Salamat po!

    1. Ji jam, verify your Philhealth no. sa Philhealth and then pay 150 pesos per month. Bring your ID. Minimum payment sa Philhealth ay 450, for 3 months. Later on, sa Bayad Center, puede nang monthly.

  49. Hi, my mother was hospitalized and she wants to check if she can use my father’s Philheath membership. What are the requirements? Do you have any website for us to check if my father filed my mother as his dependent? And also, if he has enough Philhealth payments on his account to do this? Please reply, thanks

    1. Hi Jana, sorry, there’s no online verification. You can verify at Philhealth, kahit sa Philhealth desks sa certain SM or Robinson malls (not all branches). Kahit hindi nakasulat na dependent basta merong marriage certificate, puede siyang dependent.

  50. Hi,
    I want to ask if my daughter can use my philhealth in her maternity. This coming sept 11 she’ s turn 20 and they plan to get married this sept 28, 2013 and she give birth on nov . 2013 magagamit pa ba nya philhealth ko after get married.


    1. Hi Jasmin, sori, your daughter will not qualify as your dependent because she will be a married woman by Nov 2013. Pero puedeng merong continuity of coverage. You can ask Philhealth if your dependent daughter can start being a member this Sep and pay for Sep and Oct, so she can be covered in November — the 9 monthly payments required will be a combination of 7 months as dependent and 2 months as individual payor.
      Merong similar case na puede — yong manganganak just a month after turning 21 years old. Ang ginawa is to pay 1 month para individual payor siya, and then combined sa months while she was dependent — merong continuity of coverage. So pakitanong na lang sa Philhealth yong case ng daughter mo.

      1. Hi,
        Thanks Nors for your reply. At least I’m aware what we do in case of my daughter.

  51. Hi po, i want to ask kung pwede bang gamitin ng baby ng anak ko yung philhealth ng father ng baby sa newborn screening kahit di pa sila kasal. Thanks

  52. Good day poh…ofw po aq d2 sa riyadh. Gs2 q po sana malaman kung anu po ung philhealth number as ofw..kababalik ko lng ngaun baby is sick at gsto sana na ipagamit ung philhealth q… tinatanong daw kz hospital ung membership # q ng philhealth..pnu ko malalaman… pls help me

    1. Hi daisy, scan your ID and your OEC (or latest premium payment receipt) and email your authorization letter authorizing your representative to verify your Philhealth number and to process all your Philhealth papers. Your rep will inquire at any Philhealth office

  53. Hi po, i want to ask kung pwede bang gamitin ng baby ng anak ko yung philhealth ng father ng baby sa newborn screening kahit di pa sila kasal. Thanks

    1. Hi Jasmin, yes, kasi qualified dependent ng father ang baby niya.

  54. gud p.m poh..kasalukuyan po akong empleyado..magagamit ko po ba philhealth ko panganganak ko kahit hindi pa ako kasal thanks poh..

    1. Hi Cristina, yes, you can avail, kasi ikaw naman ang member; ke single or married, eligible basta member. Required lang ang marriage cert kapag hindi member ang babae at kelangan nia ang Philhealth ng partner.

  55. gud pm po ask ko lang po kasi yung anak ko po na ospital pwede ko po bang gamitin ang philphealth ng asawa ko hindi po kami kasal ang tanong ko po nasa abroad po kasi xa ngayon pano po ang gagawin. ako naman po my philhealth pero di pa nahuhulugan. kaka apply ko pa lang po
    nid your reply asap po salamat

    1. Hi shara, ang father or mother ay dependent niya ang anak niya, kahit hindi married sa ina o ama, basta merong birth cert at nakasulat doon na mother siya or father siya. Kung OFW at merong OEC at ang Philhealth dates na nakalagay doon ay covered ang Oct 4 or confinement dates, maco-cover siya. Sabihin sa hospital na gagamitin nio ang Philhealth. Have your copy of OEC (or Philhealth premium receipt) and authorization letter authorizing your partner to process all needed Philhealth docs.

  56. hi ask ko lang pwede ba magamit ng anak ko yung philphealth ko kahit nandito ako sa abroad. kaso hindi kami kasal ng asawa ko anung pwedeng gawin hope for reply asap nasa hospital kasi sila now salamat

  57. Hi, I am a Philhealth memeber. My Philhealth Id bears my married name. We have an ongoing annulment case. I am pregnant by my new partner and is due to deliver next year. Can I still use my philhealth benefits even if I use my maiden name in the hospital and my philhealth records show my married name?

    1. Hi NEM, I think you should use your married name because that’s your name with Philhealth and your annulment has not been granted yet. Once a Pinoy woman takes her husband’s surname, it takes a court order to change her surname in legal documents. The hospital will question the discrepancy in surname.

  58. Hey Nors,

    I’d like to know why can’t my sibling be added as m dependents for PhilHealth?

    I’m really curious.

    Super thanks! 🙂

    1. Hi Carl, it’s a business decision. If our siblings can be our dependents, then there will be much less number of members who are paying Philhealth.

  59. ung father ko po, 50 years old pa lang. Nawalan po siya ng trabaho noong 2006 kaya po na stop ung pagbabayad nya sa philhealth. Mahigit 20 years po siya nagbayad ng philhealth. wala pa rin po bang benefits sa philhealth ung mga nag avail ng early retirement?

    1. Hi Mariane, sad to say, sa age 60 pa niya ma-enjoy ang lifetime-free membership niya. I-member mo na lang siya at maging dependent niya ang mother mo.

  60. Hi!

    Private employed ako, PH member and may sakit si papa at na hospital, meron syang philhealth kaso andg problem is hnd na sya nakapagbayad almost 2 years, pwede ko kayang gamitin yung philhealth ko na atleast mabawasan yung bayarin sa hospital?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Jason, puede mo siyang dependent kung 60 years old na siya or older. If younger than 60, sori hindi mo pa siya puedeng dependent. Ask others too

  61. Magandang Araw!
    Ask ko lang po kasi yung husband ko ay member na ng philhealth at ako naman ay since 1996 pa but na hinto ang pag contribution ko nun 2004. nun 2012 nagka phil health ang asawa as required kasi sa trabaho nya. at ako nman ay nag ka work din. mag- apply sana ako ulit ng phil health but sbi sa HR nmin ay hindi na dw dahil phil health member na mr. ko. tama po ba?

    1. Hi Cecile, if you don’t need your Philhealth membership for the sake of your parents, then your HR’s decision can also mean savings for you — no Philhealth deductions from your pay. It also means savings for them, since they don’t need to pay their share for you. It’s against Philhealth’s rules, but it’s their problem, as long as you don’t need it for your parents. Your husband must update his MDR with your marriage cert and register you as his dependent.

      1. Thanks much for the info.. God bless po sa inyo…

  62. Good morning po.Hindi po ako nakapagbayad ng contibution ko mula jan to oct2013, self employed po ako may asawa at tatlong anak. Lahat po sila listed as my beneficiaries except my parents. Problema ko po nakaconfine po mother ko ngayon she is 76 yrs old. Pwede ko po ba gamitin philhealth ko sa kanya? Salamat po.

    1. Hi Susana, sorry late na late ang reply ko. Yes, puede mo pa ring beneficiary ang mother mo. Mag-register ka uli as Informal Sector and then pay for 1 year in advance. Pero before paying, ask Philhealth kung puedeng magamit agad as Informal Sector member, to be sure.

  63. hi Admin,

    good day! tanong ko lang po, what if parents younger 60 years old pero may disability, pwede ba siya maging dependent?

    1. Hi danica, sorry, dapat 60 years old or older. Pero ask others too

  64. Hi, tatanung ko lang po kasi kaka-22 ko lang last september 2013. Under po ako sa dependent nang dadi ko. Nkapag hulog ako nang sarili kong philhealth july 2013. Pwede po ba magamit ung philhealth ni dadi at the same time ung sakin??
    Naconfine ako september 30, 2013

    1. Hi anil, sorry hindi ka na dependent ng daddy mo when you turned 21. Dependent ka kapag younger than 21.

  65. Good day!

    ask ko lang po sana kung paano po kung nd NSO orig copy yung birth certificate ng parents ko kasi mga pre war po sila wala po sila sa NSO pero merun silang birth certificate from our municipality at sa munisipyo (baptismal)yata may sealed po pwede ba yun kasi more than 60 na sila ano po gagawin thnks for your reply!

    1. Hi Myrna, yes, puede na ang mga docs na yan to register your parents as dependents. Bring xerox and orig.

  66. Hi Admin.

    I’d like to ask how I can declare my daughter as my dependent. I just gave birth and would like her to be covered by PhilHealth. Thanks! 🙂

    1. Hi Becky, update your Philhealth record by presenting your ID and your baby’s birth certificate. Kapag hindi pa na-update at kelangan nang gamitin ang Philhealth sa ospital, you can present your baby’s certificate (orig and xerox)

  67. Ano po ang kelangan kapag hindi tumutugma ang pangalan ng Philhealth member dun sa birth certificate ng kanyang anak?
    May mali po kasi dun sa Mother’s Name ng birth certificate ng bata.

    1. Hi Malou, kapag 1 letter lang ang diperensiya, baka puede nang remedyuhan ang birth certificate sa local civil registrar, pero kapag different name na talaga, kelangan na ng petition sa court. So ang maganda punta ka sa local civil registrar ninyo at tanungin kung anong gawin para mapalitan sa tamang Mother’s name.

  68. Hi!

    Can my wife avail the benefits agad kung kkaadd ko lng sknya as my beneficiary? Say add ko sya today and today ko din ggmitin kasi nka confine sya..


    1. Hi Jj, yes, basta eligible member ka. Kung hindi pa updated ang Philhealth record mo, puedeng magpresent ng marriage certificate (orig and xerox).

  69. Good Pm po,

    My sister is 19 years old, student, unmarried at the same time may baby po..Pwede na po ba sia makapagpamember as individually paying member.Hoping for your response po, thanks. Yanie

    1. Hi Arianne, yes, kahit younger pa, puede nang magmember. Dependent niya ang baby niya.

      1. good am im zaldy,
        member po ako ng philhealth since 2006 till now paano ko po e2 gagamitin sa anak ko na nasa hospital? 2 year old palang sya, ano po ang first step kung gawin at ano po ang mga requirments at mga papeles para magamit ko e2 at mabawasan ang bill namin sa hospital?

        1. Hi zaldy, bring your ID, updated MDR from Philhealth, certificate of premium payments. If your child’s name is not yet in your MDR, bring his birth certificate (orig and xerox)

  70. hi, na confine po anak ko sa pinas habang nandito ako sa riyadh. Gustong i refund ng asawa ko yung ofw philhealth ko kaso wala akong philhealth id at wala ring copy ng mdr yung asawa ko. Pano ba makakakuha nun? thanks

    1. Hi allan, email your wife an authorization letter to process his Philhealth, a copy of your ID or passport and copy of your OEC (or Philhealth premium payment receipt). Your wife will get your MDR from Philhealth. Dalhin niya marriage cert nio in case Philhealth asks.

  71. hello po ask ko lang po sana kung panu magkaroon nang philhealth card yung dadi ko 58 years old palang po sya eh..anu po ba pede naming gawin para makadiscount po kami sa mga gastos nya sa hospital at pagpapacheck up nya nastroke po kasi sya eh.

    1. Hi kimberly, puede nio siyang iregister with Philhealth as Informal Sector member para magamit nio for the next treatments.

  72. Since you are not yet married then he cannot declare you as his wife. His status will still be SINGLE. Although, he can still declare your kids.

    1. Hi JayBee, yes, that’s right. Thanks a lot JayBee

      1. hello can I update and get my husband’s MDR? He works in Manila and we’re here in Mindanao. our child will have surgery. we are legally married. what should I do to process his PHILHEALTH? pls i need an advice.thanks

        1. Hi liezel, your husband can email his authorization letter authorizing you to process his Philhealth, including a scan of his IDs. Print these and present them to Philhealth with your ID. Bring your child’s birth certificate. Ask also your husband to email a scan of his employer’s certificate of premium payments and signed claim form 1. But the hospital might require original copies, so your husband should send them through LBC (might cost 100 pesos). talk with your husband so if he’s the one updating his MDR, he can send his updated MDR together with the other documents, so he pays LBC only once.

  73. hi im marlon po, active member po aq ng philhealth’ nsa ospital po ngaun ang kptd q’ pwd po b nya maavail ung benifits q kht nd pa sya nkalista sa dependents q? panu po??

    1. Hi marlon, sori hindi puedeng dependent ang kapatid.

  74. Hi ask ko lang kung kailangan ko pa magbayad ng premium monthly kahit dependent na ako ng husband ko? Pinagbayad kasi ako ng 2,400 good for 1 year dahil kailangan daw at kahit waka na akong work dapat nagbabayad pa din daw ako ng monthly contribution. Thank you.

    1. Hi anne, if you’re unemployed, you should be your husband’s dependent so you can save on premiums. But if you’re employed, you must continue paying your own premiums. Pag tapos na ang nabayaran mong months, ask your husband to update his member data to register you as his dependent, using your marriage cert and your letter asking Philhealth to discontinue your membership and to register you as your husband’s dependent.

  75. Hi, ask ko lang if my mom is few days (14 days) before turning 60, qualified ba sya maging dependent sa Philhealt kapag nag-claim ako?

    1. Hi JJ, sori kelangang 60 years old siya na eksakto. Pero ask others too.

  76. good day po.

    ask ko lng po kung magagamit ko po ba yung philhealth ko sa panganganak ko.hindi po kasi ako kasal pero gagamitin ko yong surname ng father ng bata..may nakapagsabi po kasi saakin na magagamit ko lng daw po philhealth ko kung mismong surname ko gagamitin ko.tnx po

    1. Hi aicyl, kung ano ang surname mo sa Philhealth, dapat ito ang gamitin mo sa hospital para match ang Philhealth receipt, MDR and hospital record. Yong bata, yon ang puedeng kukuha sa surname ng father niya.

  77. Gud eve.. Active po ako na member ng philhealth. Bale buntis po ngayon ung asawa ko 7 months. Hindi ko pa po xa naide-declare as beneficiaries. Balak ko po sana this week ko na lakarin. Kasal naman po kmi.

    Ask ko lng po kung
    1. Pwede b sa kahit anong branch ng philhealth ko i process?
    2. Pwede n bang magamit ng asawa ko ung philhealth ko?
    3. Magkano po kaya ang naibibigay ng philhealth sa mga ganitong manganganak?

    Salamat po.

    1. Hi francis, yes, you can update your member data at any branch. Bring your ID and marriage cert (orig and xerox). After updating, request for your updated MDR. Yes, your wife can use your Philhealth. Pag normal at pag hospital, 5k ang benefit (3k for hospital and 2k for PF). Pag clinic, 6500. Merong 1750 coverage for newborn, pero depende sa hospital at pedia. Submit 2 sheets of claim form 1; one for maternity, the other for newborn.

  78. Hi, question lang po. When I filed for my membership about 5 years ago, I have declared my mother as my dependent, but she was 55 years old pa that time. She just turned 60 last Dec. Should I update my dependents list or automatic na sya maiinclude as approved dependent? Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Arni, i-update mo na lang ang dependent list mo para updated na, although puede na siyang ma-cover as your dependent halimbawa merong immediate need. Bring your birth cert (orig and xerox) and your mom’s senior citizen’s ID or birth cert (to prove age).

  79. ask ko lang kung pwdng gmitin ng step son q ung phlhealt q. patay n kc ang tatay nia. ndi rn kmi ksala ng tatay nia. pero he is in coma. gusto ku sna gmtin phlhealth q sa knia. tnx

    1. Hi everly, sorry hindi mo siya puedeng dependent, kasi ang kelangang document ay birth cert, or court decree of adoption, or marriage cert/birth cert (to prove he’s your stepson). Ask others too


    1. Hi tess, kung hindi pa siya nasulat sa MDR mo, you need to present your birth cert para merong proof na father mo nga siya. Yong senior citizen ID ay proof na at least 60 years old siya.

  81. Good day!. my GF will be giving birth on September 2013, I am a active Philhealth member and she is not a member of Philhealth. i just wanna ask kung pwede ko ba syang maging dependent or maka avail ng philhealth benefits like ( maternity ) kahit hindi kami kasal?

    1. Hi Ramz, you mean Sep 2014? Hindi mo siya puedeng dependent kasi you need to present marriage cert. You can ask her to register as Individual payor-Informal Sector (she brings ID or birth cert) and pay Feb to Aug 2014, or pay Feb to Apr and then pay May to Aug in May.

  82. hi good day admin, ask ko lang po sana kung pwede pang mag-apply ng philhealth yung tita ko na 65 yrs old na single lady? wala po kasi siya philhealth ever since and wala din po siya insurance…
    thanks po…

    1. Hi Kielle, yes, puedeng-puede siyang mag-member. Magdala lang ng ID or birth cert and at least 600 pesos (payment for 3 months) sa nearest Philhealth branch. Puede ring ikaw na ang pumunta, papirmahan mo lang yong registration form at hingan mo ng ID at authorization letter.

  83. Hi po. Dependent po ako ng mother ko. I am 19 years old, unemployed and just got married last feb. 18, 2014. Manganganak po ako this first week of march. Pwede ko p din po ba magamit philhealth ng mommy ko?

    1. Hi mai, sori hindi ka na puedeng dependent kasi legally married ka na. What you do is to register with Philhealth as Individual Payor-Informal Sector) and pay for 1 year starting Feb, so you can avail. Bring your ID or birth cert.

  84. hi po.gndang hapon.ask ko lng po magkanu po kaya ang maba2was sa bill kpag po dinagdag na dependent ang bagong anak na anak ng member? eh sa asawa nya po mgkanu po kya ?

    1. Hi maryclaireoto, ang Philhealth deduction ay depende sa sakit na ginamot o operasyo na ginawa. Pareho ang coverage amount ke member o dependent. Puedeng magamit ng member ang Philhealth niya kasabay ng dependent niya kung halimbawa sabay na nagkasakit at naospital.

  85. ask ko lang po if pwede po gmitn ng sabay yung philhealth and seniorctzen discount sa ospital pag naconfine

    1. Hi singdy, yes, puedeng parehong gamitin. Pero usually sa gamot lang nagagamit ang senior citizen ID for discount.

  86. gud eve po, maitanong ko lang po if pwede po bang maging both dependents naming mag-asawa ang mga anak namin? Were both members n d philhealth, iba2 po ang phlhealth number namin? Answer me pls…salamat po.

    1. Hi anne, puede niyong isulat as dependents, pero pag gagamitin na, isang Philhealth lang ang puedeng gamitin, either yong sa iyo o sa husband mo. Hindi puedeng gamiting sabay ang 2 Philhealth para sa isang dependent.

  87. Lady Eves L. Villasan

    Hi gud evening, I’m Eves,single and a Philhelth member din po. Ask ko lng po, pwede ko po ba i-cover sa Philhealth yun pamangkin ko n 7 months old. Yun father po niya kasi eh member din pero hindo po nhuhulugan nun current employer nya. The baby is currently confined sa hospital in Nueva Ecija. Eh medyo malaki po un bill. Gusto ko po sna sila tulungan.. Tnx!!

    1. Hi Eves, sorry hindi puedeng dependent ang pamangkin. Ask others too. You can ask help from PCSO; ask the hospital about getting help from PCSO.

  88. Ang husband ko po ang member ng philheath.mayron po akong 4 sana na anak,kaso namatay po yung isa 22days after giving birth.ngayon buntis na naman po ako.makaka-avail po ba ako sa benefits ng philhealth pagkapanganak ko ngayon?

    1. Hi miraliza, pang-5th na ba itong ipinagbubuntis mo ngayon? Up to 4 normal deliveries lang kasi ang Philhealth coverage, kahit namatay po ang isa. Ask others too

  89. May tanong po ako,magagami po ba ang philhealth ko ng girlfriend ko kahit dpa kme kasal kase po buntis na syan.
    Gusto ko lang po malaman kung magagamit niya para sa panganganak niya?

    1. Hi justine, hindi niya magagamit kasi you need to present a marriage certificate to register her as your dependent. Mag-register na lang siya as Individual Payor-Informal Sector and pay 1 quarter, and then for every month before she gives birth. Kung manganganak na siya in less than 3 months, magbayad siya 1 year in advance para magamit agad.

  90. pwede ko pa kaya magamit philhealth ng mommy ko kahit na married na ko pero hndi pa nakadeclare na married ako sa mdr nya? nasa list of beneficiaries nya pa rin ksi ako. thanks

    1. Hi nena, sorry, kung meron ka nang marriage certificate, hindi ka na qualified as dependent. You can pay for 1 year in advance as Individual Payor-Informal Sector para puede mong magamit agad. Kung sa July or later mo pa gagamitin, puedeng bayaran ang Apr to June at magamit mo in July. Ask others too

  91. Gud afternun po! Ask ko Lang po ang mother in law ko po kc ay 88 years old n .. Pwede pa po ba cyang maging member ng philhealth.. Pls reply po!!

    1. Hi Grace, yes, she can be a member. Pero kung member ang husband mo, puede niyang dependent ang mother niya, kasi more than 60 years old na siya.

  92. Hi ask ko lang po , my wife is pregnant and plano kong gawin syang dependent ang problem is dpa kame kasal is it possible na payagan syang maging dependent ko? and kung magagamit nya ba yung philhealth ko sa panganganak nya.

    Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi Jheck, you can make your wife as your dependent only if you can present a marriage cert. She can register as Informal Sector member, pay Apr 2014 to Mar 2015 so she can avail this month or next month. If she gives birth in July or further on, she can pay Apr to June, so she can avail.

  93. Hi, ako po c joy.. Ask ko po., meron po kung phil health na inapply ng company ko since 2011 at my number and id nrin aq pero dq sure if may naihulog ba ung company kc nagresign aq agad. Ang problema ko po ang ginamit kung apelyedo ei sa husband ko w/c is kasal po kmi, ngayun hiwalay na po kmi without legal separation, gusto ko po sanang tanung if pwede ba aq kumuha ng bagong phil health na gamit ang apelyedo ko? Thanks

    1. Hi Joy, meron ka bang ID na maiden surname mo ang nakasulat? Palagay ko, puedeng magregister ka as new member using your maiden surname. Pero opinion ko lang ito; sinabi ko lang na puede kasi ang ipapakita mo lang naman sa hospital is premium receipt, MDR and your ID. Pero sa legal system, ang legal surname mo talaga is your husband’s surname kasi naummpisahan mo nang ginamit ang surname niya. Sa law natin, once na ginamit mo ang husband’s surname, yon na ang surname mo until merong legal separation. Ask others too.

  94. hi maam/sir,
    tanong ko lng po kong pwede ko po mareimburse yong gastos ko po sa pagpapanganak ng girlfriend ko,kahit hindi kami kasal pero naregister ko na po ang anak namin gamit ang apilyedo ko sa civil registrar.

    1. Hi rendy, sorry hindi mo puedeng dependent ang gf mo, kasi required ang marriage certificate. Yong anak ninyo, yon ang dependent mo.

  95. hello po. may itanong lng po ako. Ano po ba makukuha ng beneficiaries kung namatay na ang member ng philhealth. May burial din po ba at pension?

    1. Hi nicie, sorry wala, kasi for hospitalization/treatment lang ang Philhealth.

  96. hi,, nagtry po akong magregister online epro hindi mkaproceed sa next step kasi wala akong qualified dependents, i’m 20 yrs. old,my mother was already deceased and my father is not yet 60 years, old, wala na po aqng option.

    1. Hi Jessa, yong merong asterisk lang naman ang dapat ma-fill-up para mag-proceed. Check again

  97. Good Morning. tanung ko lng po.member po ako ng philhealth pero sa dependents record ko.wala akong na filled out.nag register kasi ako online..ask ko lng kung paanu i-update ang record ko.

    Thank you.

    Please email me@

    1. Hi Jonalyn, you can update your data at the nearest Philhealth branch. Bring marriage or birth certificate or parent’s senior citizen ID (whatever is needed to prove relationship or age)

  98. Hi, ask ko lang po kung magagamit pa ng mom ko yung philhealth benefits nya kasi last year lang siya nagstart eh paputol putol ang pagbayad niya. She needs to have her cyst remove so ask ko lang kung magagamit nya philhealth niya for the operation? thank you in advance

    1. Hi Ben, if she has her operation this April, dapat nabayaran niya ang Jan to March or any 3 months within 6 months immediately before April or month of operation. Look for a Philhealth-accredited surgeon

  99. Ask ko lang.last dec 2013 na confined mother ko ut unfortunately she hosptal bills na bawasan ng phlhlth ng sis ko pero may malaking remaining balance p.Pwde ba gamitin yun phlhlth ng bro n sis ko para ma bayaran yun remaining hospitals bills?tnx

    1. Hi carmelito, sori, isang Philhealth membership lang ang puedeng gamitin sa isang confinement.

  100. hi, ask ko lang kung pwede ko ba maging dependent yung pamangkin ko na 10yrs old? anak sya ng kuya ko na namatay… at iniwan na sya samin ng nanay nya.

    1. Hi rosalind, sori, hindi mo siya puedeng dependent unless i-adopt mo siya formally (kaya lang expensive ang adoption procedure). Puede iyang Philhealth member kahit bata pa.

  101. hi, may question lang ako kasi medyo confused ako about sa dependents. do i still have to declare my parents as my dependents kasi they are younger than 60 and they do not have permanent disability?

    1. Hi chel, sori hindi mo pa sila puedeng dependents. Mag-member na lang ang father mo, and then maging dependent niya ang mother mo, or mother ang member and father ang dependent.

  102. paano ko po ma update ang MDR dito po ako sa taiwan? need po ng mother ko mag p opera 68 yrs old n sya

    1. Hi clarenda, authorize someone in the Phils to update your MDR. Email your authorization letter and attach a scan of your IDs. Your representative brings also her IDs and your birth cert and any proof of your mother’s age.

  103. hi gud am po, OFW po ako.nakatatak sa OEC ko na valid po yung philhealth for one year.paano ko po mahuhulugan ulit ang philhealth ko?And naospital po ang mother ko last weekand ginamit po ang Philhealth ng sister ko.tpos naospital po ulit nag mother ko less than a week ng makalabas sya ng ospital. ang sabi po fater 3 months pa dw po magagamit ang philealth ng sister ko. Puede ko po ba magamit ang PHilhealth ko for my mother?since ndi pa puede magamit yung sa sister ko?

    1. Hi Fatima, hindi rin magamit ang Philhealth mo kasi ang binibilangan ng 90-day ay yong patient (the same patient and the same illness within 90 days). Ask others too

  104. Regards for helping out, superb information. kddbdaaddack

  105. mark anthony funtanares


    Would like to inquire if I can use my philhealth for my father not yet 60 yrs old. He is not an active member?. I need to use it sooner for his procedure.

    Thanks for prompt reply!

    1. Hi mark, your father cannot be your dependent yet because he’s not yet 60 and he’s not permanently disabled, so you need to register him as member (Individual Payor-Informal Sector) and pay his premiums.

  106. Thanks for another wonderful article. Where else could anybody get that kind of information in such an ideal way of writing? I have a presentation next week, and I’m on the look for such information. cbfaekkeeaeg

  107. Hi,

    Nag separate kami ng husband ko mga 1 year na, wla na kaming communication, meron na siyang trabaho ngayon pero hindi ko alam kong member siya ng philhealth, ok lang po ba kung hindi ko siya ilalagay as dependents ko? Thanks po.

    1. Hi Lynde, yes, okay lang, walang kaso o problem.

  108. ako po ay isang umarried philhealth member. ako po ay 50 years old na at ako ang bunso. may kapatid akong 55 years ala din asawa at simula pa noon alang trabaho, puede ko ba siyang gawing dependent?

    1. Hi julius, sori hindi puedeng dependent ang kapatid. Ikuha mo na lang ng sarili niyang membership.

  109. Hi yang, ask ko po kung may benefits prin po ako makukuha sa sss ko..kasi po im pregnant now..
    Nung nakaraang dalawang taon pa po ako nkapagtrabaho then natigil n po yun after ko po mag endo. D n po ako nkapagwork ulit,.
    Kung may pag asa po n maakabenefit po ako sa napagtrabahoan ko, ano po kailangan ko gawin..?

    1. Hi yang, do you mean SSS maternity benefit? When will you deliver your baby? When was your last SSS contribution?

      1. Opo maternity po. Kaso nung 2011 to 2012 pa po un.. May sss nmn po ako nun at philhealth. Pero sa philhealth po meron po ba mabebenefit kahit dati p pi ngwork.? Sa sept. Po due date ko.

  110. hi, ask ko lng po, what if kakaregister ko lng po s philhealth this april adn i have not yet paid the contribution, but i want to pay in advance like a 9months advance payment. Can i use the benefits on august?

    1. Hi Jhaey, pay April to July asap so you can use it in August.

  111. hi po,tanong q lng po coverd po ba ng philhealth ng mr q ung bata pag nanganak n aq,kht hnd po kmi kasal sana masagot nyo,at ano po ung mga kakailanganing papel.

    1. Hi gailz, yes, dependent ng mister mo ang anak nio kahit hindi kayo kasal. Required: birth cert, Philhealth premium receipt and MDR.

  112. ask ko lang, kakaregister ko lang sa philhealth last march this year and gusto ko sana gawing dependent ang father ko kaso sabi sa isang branch(medyo malayo sa amin) di daw pwede since meron siya, ang father ko meron kaso di niya nabayaran since 2012, nung bayaran namin sa branch ng philhealth sa lugar namin and sbi palagay nalang daw siya as dependent sa isa mga anak niya, pwede ba iinsist na ituloy nalang ung kanya since nasa abroad kami at mas gusto din namin na may sarili siya para mas madali mag ayus in case kailanganin??? hope masagot ung inquiry ko, thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Kristine, is your father 60 years old or more? If yes, he can be your dependent. But since you prefer that he has his own Philhealth membership, then it’s okay too. Ask your father to go to Philhealth and update his registration and then pay a minimum of 600 pesos (Apr May June 2014) or more months (200 per month). Puede ring representative (download form , print, ask father to sign, then bring to Philhealth with father’s ID and authorization letter)

  113. christopher munday

    Dear philhealth any way ako pro at 22 years old binata pwede po ba akong mag apply ng Philhealth ang dependent or benefesiary ko po my sister brother and my father?may father born Aug.1936. My sister 16 my brother 14.this is not my real dad my real dad died since my younger brother just 7month my mom meet a nice and loving man sya name nagpalaki as amin hang gang nagpaaral hangang ngayon binigyan kmi ng apilyedo nya ang ginamit xa mismo nag registered at nagpabinyag.but Hindi xa pilipino xa at British nation.Pedro dito na xa namirmihan sa pinas kasama naming.gusto ko po sana mkatulong man LNG ako na ma isali ko xa sa philhealt ko just this is the way I can help my dad if he get sick in hospital. hope they have way to my problem.. thanks

    1. Hi christopher, do you mean you have birth certs showing that your father is this loving British man? Are your mom and dad married? If they’re married, the most economical way to get Philhealth is for your mom to register as Philhealth member, then she can register your sister and brother and your dad as her dependents. You will register separately because you’re already 22. Philhealth does not allow siblings registered as dependents.
      If your birth cert shows your dad (British man) as your father, you can register him also as your dependent since he’s more than 60 years old. (but only one dependent membership can be used when your dad uses Philhealth, either that of your membership or that of your mom).
      In case of adoption, show court decree of adoption.\
      By the way, I want to say that you’ve received great blessings and you’ll be blessed for doing good things for your family.

  114. gud day. ask ko lng po my sister will give birth in 2 weeks.on june 3 this year plang cya mag 18, is it possible to apply for her as Ph member?cesarean pa naman cya.

    1. Hi yang, yes, she can register. She brings her ID and birth cert. She will pay 1 year in advance, May 2014 to Apr 2015. Ask Philhealth too.

  115. hi good day!!!

    separated po ako…my anak po ako sa second husband ko wherein dala po ng baby ung surname ng tatay nya…pwd ko po bang maging dependent ung bata?kasi po ung surname ko sa ko ung married name ko pa po..tnx

    1. Hi sy, yes, your child is your dependent. Is your married name written as the mother in your baby’s birth certificate? To update your MDR, present your child’s birth certificate and ID.

  116. Pano po mlalaman kung sino po ang mga nailagay kong dependants sa philhealth form ko nkaimutan kona po kasi para po pag pina-update kopo sila rin po ilalagay kong dependants salamat po

    1. Hi emma, you go to Philhealth and request your MDR. Bring your applicable certs (marriage cert and birth certs) so you can update your MDR. Or update your member data and then request for your MDR.

  117. Hi tanung ko lang kung pwede mag avail sa pcso ng konting tulong if active member yung patient ng philhealth. Malaki po magiging gastos. salamat

    1. Hi shasha, yes, but go first to the collection dept of the hospital and ask, because they’re the ones that will give many of the docs required by PCSO.

  118. Ask ko lang po. Hindi po ba pwedeng maging beneficiary ko po ang aunt ko since single siya at hindi siya member ng philhealth, and almost 60 years old na siya?

    1. Hi Raine, sorry, no. You can help her pay her own Philhealth membership

  119. hi admin,
    ask ko lng po kung pwede pang mag apply ung tita ko ng philhealth nya shes 74 yrs old and wla pong philhealth ung anak nya.
    Thank you

    1. Hi aurora, yes, she can apply. If your aunt and her anak want to save on premiums, the anak can apply and have the mother as dependent.

  120. Hello. My sister is a Person with Disability and under Dialysis twice a week. She is Philhealth Voluntary paying but only covered 42 sessions of her dialysis which is good only for 6 months.
    I am single and employed without declared dependents. Can I add my sister considered PWD as my dependent in order to support the other sessions of her dialysis? Thanks.

    1. Hi allan, sorry, siblings cannot be dependents. You can apply for assistance at PCSO to cover other sessions, and it’s not that so difficult to apply

  121. maam nor`s,paano po kumuha ng MDR self employed po aq meron na po contribution for 9months..kilangan ko po MDR para sa pgpanganak q.

    need help thanks..

    1. Hi lenny, go to Philhealth with your ID and premium receipt and ask for your MDR

  122. Erra Roche Simbajon

    Hi.Gud pm po..ask q lng po f pnu mging members ng philhealth mg4ryrs npo ako dto s saudi.and now my mother s sick theyask me f my philheallth # b ako kc ned nila pra mkbwas s payment s hospital paanu po b mg apply e now buxy me s work strict p ung emplo ko…plsss responce!! Tnx!:-)

    1. Hi Erra, is your mother 60 years old or more? You should have registered with Philhealth before your mother was hospitalized. Register at and get your Philhealth no. and then pay for 1 year. I’m not sure if you can use it for your mother since your date of premium payment is after date of hospitalization. If you’re too busy there abroad, ask your brother or sister to register with Philhealth and have your mother as dependent (only if your mother is 60 or older). But I’m not sure if you can use it for this confinement, since you’re registering with Philhealth after date of confinement.

  123. hi good afternoon ask ko lang po kung pede ko po gawin dependent ung mother ko. “Puede na ang parents younger than 60 years old kung meron silang permanent disability” nabasa ko po eto kasi 55 pa lang po sya naka admit po siya ngaun sa hospital.

    thanks po

    1. Hi lhiz, does she have a permanent disability? Examples of permanent disability are loss of sight, loss of hands and feet. If none, she cannot yet be your dependent because she’s not yet 60.

  124. Bartolome Mercado

    mam puede ko po bang idagdag ung parents ko pra mcover ko magulang ko,,ksi asawa at anak ko lng nlagay ko dun..anu po mga kylngan sa magulng ko e ala p po sila 60..tnx po

    1. Hi Bartolome, your parents cannot be your dependents if they are not yet 60 years old and if they have no permanent disability. Your father can pay as a member and then register his wife as his dependent.

  125. 16 years old pa lang po ako, pero may 1 anak na ako. Pwede na po ba akong maging philhealth member kahit na minor pa lang ako?

    1. Hi Elaiza, yes, you can be a Philhealth member even if you’re a minor.

  126. Hello po.. ask ko lang po kung single po ba tapos nagbayad po aq ng 1 year s philhealth ko at di ko naisulat parents ko po as my beneficiary pero above 60 na po sila, automatic na po ba na sila ang beneficiary ko? kase po nagbayad po ako sa philhealth ng 1 year po tapos naconfine po mother ko, sabi s philhealth wala po daw ako beneficiary. e nabasa ko po na kapag single ka automatic parents po ang beneficiary kahit di ko na po isulat.. naguguluhan po ako bkit ganun? sana po may matanggap po ako sagot agad s email ko po kase nandito po ako abroad at magulang ko po nasa pinas. maraming salamat po

    1. Hi hedjara, since my response is delayed, I hope you asked Philhealth. Your parents can be your beneficiaries even if you did not write them. Present your birth certificate and your parents’ birth certs or senior citizens ID to the hospital. If already discharged and not covered, you can make an appeal with Philhealth and file your claim.

  127. Inquire ko lang po kasi kulang sa paliwanag yung duktor ng tatay ko. Pano po ba maka avail ng mga sessions para sa 71 yr old kong father ng kailangan i-dialysis 3x a week. Dependent ko na po sya since na ospital. Presently employed po ako. Anu-ano po ba ang mga kailangan para ma avail namin ito. Thank you po.

    1. Hi wowiev, look for a Philhealth-accredited dialysis center that offers Philhealth dialysis packages. Bring your MDR, cert of premium payments, employer-signed claim form 1, and medical papers from your doctor. Additional lab reports may be required. Philhealth covers 45 sessions per calendar year (your father will use all your dependents’ 45-day allowance for dependents). Choose from the packages offered, but usually you have to buy at least 1 of the materials needed. If you can go to the National Kidney and Transplant Institute along East Avenue, many people say that materials are cheaper there. After using the 45-day allowance, you can go to PCSO and ask for assistance. They say you can get around 10k pesos for 2 to 3 sessions, then you can apply for assistance again.

  128. Good day po. Another scenario po. Kung sakali po ba na na-consume na ng father ko yung 45 sessions of dialysis with in the year “as my dependent” on my PH account. Pwede po ba ilipat kagad as dependent naman ng kapatid ko ang father namin? May nag suggest kasi na i-deactivate ko sya as dependent and activate naman ng sister ko yung kanya as her dependent, para ma-avail yung bagong 45 sessions from her PH account?

  129. hello. i have a 7 month old child and im applying for a job. sabi nung employer, nirerequired nila akong magpakasal bago ako i hire kasi nga raw di raw maaavail ng baby ko yung benefits. sa birth certificate nung bata, nakapangalan xa sa akin at sa partner ko, we’re just living together but not married. is it true?

    1. Hi Carlyn, do you mean Philhealth benefit? Your child can be your dependent, whether married or single. Show your baby’s birth certificate. Even your partner can write your baby as his dependent, whether married or not, because the birth certificate shows he’s the father.
      Maybe your employer is talking about their company benefits, and that is their policy.

  130. pag congenital heart disease po age 34 pwed po qualified po bang maging dependent?

    1. Hi tin, I’m not sure because that’s a disease and might not qualify as a permanent physical disability. I think it’s best to ask Philhealth or to register him/her with Philhealth as member.

  131. hi pwede po pa bang i enrolled ang asawa ko sa philhealth kahit na anim na buwan na youn tyan nya?please answer my question?

    1. Hi mc wendell, yes, register and pay asap, before the end of June, so you can still pay Apr to June, and then July onwards

  132. jennelyn padilla sibayan

    Tanung ko po single parents po aq..ngaun pomay kapatid aq 21 years old suffering for canger pwede ba niya gamitin ang philheath ko? Thanks po

    1. Hi jennelyn, sorry, no, she cannot be your dependent. Register her and pay for her membership. Pay Apr May June before the end of June, so she can start using Philhealth this July.

  133. hi,gud evening po,ask ko lng po kng pwde kng i additional defendet ung mama at papa ko,ung mama ko ay dati ng member ng philhealth,kaso d na po active,,anong requirement ang kkailanganin e ung mama ko po ay wlan b certificate.. tnx po

    1. Hi grace, your parents can be your dependents if they’re 60 years old or older. Bring your birth cert and your parents’ birth certs or senior citizen ID or any document proving their age.

  134. gud evening po,,ung mother ko po ay dti ng member ng philheatlh kaso nag stop n po xa ng byad. ang gsto ko sana i dagdag ko po cla ng papa ko defendent ko , ano pong ggwin eh dting member po ung mama ko at wla po xng b certificate,pareho na po clng senior citizen,,,salamat po

    1. Hi grace, you can present your birth certificate with registry no. and your parents’ senior citizen IDs or any document proving their birth dates.

  135. Ask ko lang po pede po ba un foreign husband ko iadd sa benificiary ko kasal po kmi dto sa pinas ty

    1. Hi jane, yes, your husband can be your beneficiary. Present your marriage certificate.

  136. Hello good day po!

    Tanung ko lng po kung pwede bang gamitin ko ang SSS ko at Philheath ko at the same time sa papa ko for his hospitalization since he is my benificiary.



    1. Hi May, you can use only your Philhealth for your father’s hospitalization.
      About SSS, if you meant SSS sickness benefit…this can be availed only by you, the member.

  137. Magandang araw. My last contribution po was Last year Dec. I want to continue my contribution as voluntary member. Gusto ko po malaman kung magamit ko dito sa ibang bansa ang benepisyo ng philhealth kung ako ay magkasakit o manganak?

    Ano po ung benefits ang pwm ko maavail Salamat

    1. Hi jes, yes, you can avail. You can refund within 180 days after discharge. The amount depends on the fixed rate allotted for the illness or treatment. Normal delivery coverage is 5k. Newborn care is 1750. CS is 19k.

  138. question po..pwede bang maging dependent ng dalawang member ang isang tao?

    1. Hi ayan, yes. But when the dependent is hospitalized, she or he can use only ONE Philhealth coverage. A dependent child can only use one: either the father’s Philhealth or the mother’s, not both.

  139. Can i consider my grandmother to be one of my dependents? She is already 76 years old.

    1. Hi kimc, sorry, no. You can enroll your mother or your father in Philhealth, so your grandma can be your ma or pa’s dependent. Or you can enroll your grandma.

  140. gud day po.. ako po c elizabeth.pwd po akong mag tanong.. isa po akong member ng philhealth since 2003-2010. tapos nag resign na po ako sa company namin. ang husband ko po ay member din ng philhealth. until now wla na akong contribution sa philhealth. buntis po ako ngayon at ang due date ay sept.2014.magamit ko pa ba yan or hindi na? kung ilagay akong dependents sa husband ko.. kailang pa bang mag fill up cya ulit ng mga forms sa philhealth? pls help me..

    1. Hi elizabeth, yes, your husband needs to update his Philhealth data (marriage cert and his ID) so your name will be written as his dependent in his MDR. I’m not sure if they’re still requiring a letter until now, but to be sure, write a letter to Philhealth requesting them to cancel your membership because you’ve been unemployed since 2010 and to register you as your husband’s dependent.

  141. Napaka-informative po ng inyong blog. Gusto ko sana itanong kung ano ang mga dapat ko i-expect tungkol sa availment ng philhealth benefits ng father ko na over 60 years old na. Dependent ko ang father ko. At na-confine siya ngayon sa regional hospital sa aming probinsiya sa Pangasinan. Nasa Manila ako nakabase. Bigla kasi siya hindi makahinga. At sa ngayon ang diagnosis ay may bara sa kanyang puso. Walang advise for operation pero kailangan ng confinement and medication. Ano ang mga dokumento na kailangan namin ipresenta. Alalang alala ko na registered sila ng nanay ko na beneficiaries ko sa MDR file ko for Philhealth. Automatic deduction ba ito sa kanilang hosptial bill? Mas napakaganda kung automatic deduction sa hospital ang gagawin ng Philhealth para hindi na rin kami matuliro na maglabas ng pera. O ito ba ay for belated claim for refund? Sana masagot ninyo ang mga katanungan ko. Maraming maraming salamat.

    1. Hi Knock, present your Philhealth documents to the hospital asap, at least 1 day before discharge: your MDR, premium payment ORs and claim form 1. Direct filing with Philhealth is no longer allowed, so Philhealth coverage should be deducted from the bill. Thanks for appreciating my blog.

  142. hello po . tatanung ko lang po sana kung magagamit ko philhealth ko sa panganganak mag 19 po ako sa october .. nagbayad po ako ng last q uarter last yr di ko po nahulugan ng 1st quarter this yr pero ung 2nd hanggang last quarter inadvance ko po magagamit ko po ba un?

  143. Hi good morning is this post still active? Ask ko LNG po, ang asawa ko ay nag operahan at nag confined sa hospital Nung December 2013 at binayaran mo namin ng full uh bill. After 6 mos, now pwede PABA makuha ung kala hati ng binayaran namin, at pwede ba Nya gamitin ung sarili nyang philhealth? Thank you so much po

    1. Hi Chrissie, there’s a deadline for filing. You should have filed within 60 days after discharge. Starting March 2014, all members are required to file directly with Philhealth. No more direct filing with Philhealth.

  144. Good day! I have a questions, may I ask what’s the process in adding dependent on my Phil health and if it’s possible to declare the son of my brother as one of it?

    1. Hi Mark, bring your marriage certificate and/or dependent’s birth certificates and ID to Philhealth and update your records. Sorry your nephew cannot be your dependent — only spouse, children under 21, and parents 60 years old or older.

  145. Hi,
    Ask ko lang po isa akong OFW philhealth member at ang wife ko philhealth member local employee. na hospital po ang anak namin at ang ginamit na philhealth ay ung sa wife ko dahil kelangan daw ng mga signature.
    Pwede pa bang gamitin sakin kahit na nagamit na ung sa wife ko?
    at kanino ang mas magandang gamitin na member OFW or Local employee?

    1. Hi Gowell, benefits are the same, whether OFW, local employee or dependent. If your wife’s Philhealth was already used, you can no longer use your Philhealth for the same confinement and the same patient.

  146. hi nors, ask ko lng last year ako nag aply ng phil. health but once lng ako nkpag contribute. pwede kp b blikan at byaran yung months n hndi ako nkpg contribute and how can i get an id from phil. health were do i apply. thank you

    1. Hi girlie, go to Philhealth with your ID and update your member data. Bring 600 pesos if you plan to pay for July to Sep.

  147. Hi,im not working na last 2011,hindi ko na rin na bayaran ang philhealth ko,tanong kulang kung ano gagawin ko para magamit ko yung philhealth im pregnant kasi and sa september na po yung due date ko.hindi pa kami kasal nang asawa ko

    1. Hi corazon, ask Philhealth if you can avail if you pay 1 year in advance.

  148. Pwede po b i add kht live in partner bast makapag provide ng affidavit of cohabitation or cenomar? O kailangan kasal po talaga w marriage cert?

    1. Hi gj, to add your partner as a dependent, you need to present your marriage certificate.

  149. My father is a lifetime member of philhealth can I still add him as one of my dependents Im a private employee.hoping for your reply..tnxs

    1. Hi ellyn, yes, you can. But when it’s time for him to use Philhealth, processing is easier if he uses his own Lifetime Membership ID.

  150. Hello po. Voluntary member po ang aunt(Ruby)ko ng PhilHealth. Hindi pa po sila kasal ng tito ko. Ngayon po kailangang maoperahan ng tito ko at malaki ang magagastos sa isang public hospital. Nabasa ko po sa mga comments na kapag hindi kasal ay hindi pwede maging dependent ‘yung asawa. Tanong ko lang po kung kapag nagpakasal na po ba sila ay pwede ng maging dependent ang tito ko at ma-avail agad ang benefits ng philhealth na nahulugan ng tita ko noong hindi pa sila kasal? Sana po ay masagot nyo ang aking katanungan. Maraming salamat po!

    1. Hi Ruby, yes, before hospitalization, your aunt should update her Philhealth member data by presenting their marriage certificate, and then get the updated MDR.

  151. Hi poh I’m 18 and would like to apply for philhealth membership. Can I register my siblings, grandma and mother as beneficiaries? Thank you!!!

    1. Hi Judy, no, your siblings and grandma cannot be your beneficiaries. You can register your mother as beneficiary when she turns 60. Your mother can register as member and register you and all her other children younger than 21 and your grandma (if she’s 60 or older) as beneficiaries

  152. HI po,
    Pwede po ba magamit ko ang philhealth ko sa operasyon ng nanay.

    1. Hi mary jane, yes, if your mother is 60 or older.

  153. Hi po..gud day,indigent member po ako under makati LGU,since 2006 but since then,di ko na po na renew un membership ko,dhil lumipat na kmi ng tirahan sa cavite.Ask ko lang po if still active member pa po ba ako?or if ever na hindi na po,its posible po ba na pwede na akong maging dependent ng husband ko since he is a OFW?thank you po,god bless..

    1. Hi Grace, I’m not sure if Makati city hall requires only your Makati voter’s ID to renew. But you can be a dependent of your husband. You should be written in your husband’s MDR as his dependent. You can bring your ID, marriage certificate and husband’s authorization letter to Philhealth and ask for your husband’s MDR.

  154. hi po, ask ko lng if pwede ko p gmitin philhealth ko sa papa ko na 91y/o na, last january 2014 po n hospitalized cya at ngamit ko na s kanya ito being my beneficiary. meron po bang limit ang hospitalization availment para s beneficiary? God bless po! Pls reply.

  155. related po to s una kong tanong: My father s 91y/o, bedridden. 3 po kmi n mgkkptid n philhealth member, isa ay nsa private sector.n hospitalized ang tatay last jan.2014,gmit ang philhealth ko. ngaun po ay nkconfine ulit cya s prov. philhealth ng kuya ko ang ggmitin kc ns custody nya ang ttay nmin. d dw po mgamit n kuya philhealth nya kc nk declare skin ang ttay as my beneficiary, kelangan dw i cancel ko muna bilang beneficiary ko c tatay. tama po b ang prosesong ito? ayaw ko po i cancel ang tatay bilang aking beneficiary. pls help!

    1. Hi Lenilia, use your Philhealth so you don’t have to cancel your father as your dependent. The limit is the 90-day single confinement rule — that the second confinement will not be covered if it’s the same illness and the gap between first and 2nd hospitalization is 90 days or less. If different illnesses, first and 2nd and subsequent confinements can be covered even if the gaps are less than 90 days. Your father has a Philhealth allowance of 45 days per year if he’s your only dependent.

  156. Tanong ko lang po hindi ko po dependent yun mother ko 65 yrs. old.. Na confine po siya. Pwede po ba siya gawin dependent. At registered ko po siya .. Pwede po ba ako maka file ng claim or reimbursement. Salamat po

    1. Hi Rico, yes, submit your birth cert and your mother’s senior citizen ID or birth cert to the hospital. But the hospital might require you to update your MDR first at Philhealth

  157. pwede na bang maging member ng philhealth ang isang 17 years old ??

    1. Hi vanessa mae, yes, bring your ID or birth certificate. If you want to start paying after registering, bring 600 pesos for 3 monthly premiums

      1. hi maam nora. i was a member of mr. zubiri’s free program, which was stopped. can i register as a single mom?

        1. Hi irish marie, yes, bring your ID and 600 pesos to Philhealth so you can get your MDR and Philhealth card


    1. Hi EDGAR, yes, you make your wife and all your children your dependents. In case Philhealth asks, bring a letter from your wife cancelling her Philhealth membership because she’s already unemployed.

  159. Hi Ms.Nora, I just want to clarify if this is the case:Bagong panganak po ako last Aug 15,2014 ngayon gusto ko po sana gamitin apelyido ng father ng anak ko pero di pa kami kasal at the same he’s out of the country sa ngayon!If i use her father’s last name pwd niya po ba maavail benefit sa phil health kc bka this friday po mailabas ko siya sa hospital.Kc i asked po sa hospital na inchrage sa phil di daw niya maavail phil kc need sign ng father niya.Pls help me clarify on this pls.Hoping for ur quick response.Thank u

    1. Hi Daina, you cannot use your partner’s Philhealth for your delivery costs because you’re not married. You can use it only for newborn care (but only up to 1,750, and your partner should send you an authorization letter to process his Philhealth with a copy of his ID and OEC or Philhealth receipt). But he should also sign the birth certificate, so it might not be possible to use his Philhealth this time

  160. KC ung husband ko,ung employer nya d update ung depends nya.. Pero nagpass n kami before tas nalaman nmin na bale 2 babies ko ang d nakalagay Sa depend nya, ngyn NASA hospital ung bunso ko at need gamitin ang philhealth pede pa bng mahabol at magamit un kung birth certificate Lang gagamitin na katunayan na anak nya ung nakaconfined?

    1. Hi meryjane, your husband can go to Philhealth today with the birth cert and update his MDR so he can submit his updated MDR to the hospital before discharge. Or ask the hospital if they accept birth cert to support his current MDR

  161. hi. Can my parents be my beneficiaries even if I’m already married?

    1. Hi jo, yes, whether single or married, as long as your parents are 60 or older.

  162. Hi Ms.Nora, resending I just want to clarify if this is the case:Bagong panganak po ako last Aug 15,2014 ngayon gusto ko po sana gamitin apelyido ng father ng anak ko pero di pa kami kasal at the same he’s out of the country sa ngayon!If i use her father’s last name pwd niya po ba maavail benefit sa phil health?Ako po pala ang active member sa philhealth kc bka this friday po mailabas ko siya sa hospital.Kc i asked po sa hospital na inchrage sa phil health di daw niya maavail kc need sign ng father niya sa birth certificate medyo di ko lang magets bkt snbi niya na di pwd since ako naman active member ipapagamit ko lng apelyido ng father niya!at the same time di agad makukuha birth certificate since kapapanganak lang!Tas ang sabi po full ko bayaran ang bill tas apply daw ko daw po directly sa office nyo forvreimburse since hnd din po cla nagpoprocess ng reimburse.Pls help me clarify on this pls medyo nalilito lang po ako.Hoping for ur quick response.Thank u

  163. Hi..ask lng po kc nkkaconfine ngaun hipag ko.kala min manganganak n cya…3 days n cya s hospital..I discharge muna cya bkas kc as per new ultrasound sept.9 p due nya..philhealth member cya..pede b nya maavail philhealth benefits nya bkas?and if ever n manganganak n tlga cya the following days pede b nya mgamit ulit philhealth nya? Thanks

    1. Hi erika, if there’s clear diagnosis and treatment, and if the diagnosis is in the Case Rate list, then she can claim. For her delivery, I think she can claim her maternity coverage. Ask others too.

  164. Hi. Can a prospective member aged 20 whose parents are both deceased register her aunt-guardian as her dependent? This is in the absence of a court decree; prospective member is not legally adopted by her aunt. Thanks

    1. Hi Erika, sorry your aunt-guardian cannot be your dependent. It’s good if you register her also. Ask others too

  165. teodora marcelo curvi

    Good day sir /madam,
    Sir /madam, do you have a branch office in Hongkong? I want to include my children and spouse as my dependents. Thanks.
    Best regards.
    Teodora Marcelo curvi

    1. Hi teodora, sorry there are no Philhealth branches abroad. You can email an authorization letter authorizing your spouse to update your MDR, with a scan of your ID and OEC/Philhealth receipt. Your spouse should also bring his ID, your marriage cert and your children’s birth certificates (orig and copies).

  166. Hi Ms. Nora,
    Ask ko lang po if possible po ba na magamit ng mom ko yung philheath as dependent ng dad ko. Kaya lang po ast na hulog ng dad mga 2010 pa po. May benifit pa po kaya na pwede magmit mom ko . Ty

  167. Good day ngstopped along mghulog last Feb this year cuz I resigned from work and I got pregnant my husband has philhealth can I write a letter to cancel my membership para mregister ako as dependent ng aswaa KO and can I use his philhealth on my delivery by November agad?thanks po..

    1. Hi kimberly, yes, you’re right. Present to Philhealth your letter, authorization from your husband to update his MDR and register you as his dependent, your ID and his ID, then get his updated MDR. You can use his Philhealth in November as long as he’s updated with his payments.

  168. hi good day… ask ko lang po kung pwede ko magamit ang philhealth ko sa panganganak kahit kakaupdated ko palang last july up to dec 2014. na stop kasi ako noong 2009. di ko alam na pwede mag self employed due date ko this oct. forwarding for the response thank you and god bless..

  169. good am, can i use my philhealth? I’m active as i’m employed.can i use my philhealth for my younger sister — she’s 5 yrs.old, and im 23 yrs.old. both my parents don’t have philhealth. thanks

    1. Hi leonardo, sad to say, your sister cannot be your dependent. Are your parents younger than 60? I think it’s best to register one of them, for example, your father, so he can register your mother and your sister as his dependents. He should bring to Philhealth his ID, his marriage certificate and your sister’s birth cert

  170. gud pm. i’m a philhealth member, sponsored by mr miguel zubiri. now, it’s no longer free. can i register with philhealth as a single mom?

    1. Hi irish, yes you can go to Philhealth with your ID and register. Bring 600 pesos to pay 1 quarter or 3 months. Check “Informal Sector” and “No Income”.

  171. I’m 4 years married but my husband has not changed status. can i use his philhealth?

    1. Hi einjelle, yes, bring your marriage cert to the hospital, if emergency. But if there’s still time, ask your husband to update his MDR at Philhealth. He brings his ID and your marriage cert (xerox and orig). Some hospitals require updated MDR.

  172. hi, im a newly hired private employee and since the time of my regularization,my monthly contribution for philhealth was monthly deducted from my salary even though i dont have yet philhealth no., my question is does my payments credited to my part? tnx

    1. Hi ibbin, I’m puzzled why your employer did not ask you to submit your Philhealth no. when they hired you. Did they ask you to fill up Philhealth’s member registration form before? If yes, ask your HR if they already have your Philhealth no. and Philhealth card. If not, ask them if you need to go to Philhealth to register and get your Philhealth no.

  173. Hi may i ask if we can use philhealth for our baby’s open heart surgery

    1. Hi Jonar, yes, you can use Philhealth, but talk with your hospital and doctor about costs because that’s a very expensive procedure, and Philhealth can cover only a small portion of the bill. But if the specific surgery is one of those covered by Philhealth Z package (like tetralogy of fallot or ventricular septal defect), then the Philhealth coverage is bigger.
      You can also ask assistance from PCSO; talk with the hospital’s PCSO or social services dept.

  174. good day, may i ask if my wife can use my philhealth for her delivery even if we are yet married?

    1. Hi Rommel, sorry, no, you need to present a marriage certificate. Your wife can register for her own Philhealth.

  175. Hi, im a 1 year member of philhealth and my employer paid my contributions already, im pregnant and my due date is this coming november, do i need to fill up forms for my maternity and is my baby already covered in my philhealth?thanks

    1. Hi Sarapot, requirements: Yes, your baby will be covered. you will use the birth cert to be issued by the hospital

  176. Hi, can i use my philhealth for my wife’s delivery? We’re not yet married. We’re both 22 years old?

    1. hi Edmond, sorry, no, you need a marriage certificate for her to be your dependent. Help her register for her own Philhealth.

  177. mother died due to stroke (cerebral hemorrhage). how can we claim?

    1. Hi josephine, i hope you filed her Philhealth papers with the hospital so that her coverage was deducted from her bill, or if not deducted, so you can claim your refund from the hospital.

  178. hi can i register my daughter when I was single as my philhealth dependent? I’m now married but not to my child’s father. my daughter uses her father’s surname. please reply

    1. Hi marry ann, yes, your young daughter can be your Philhealth dependent. Bring your ID and your daughter’s birth cert. Bring also your marriage cert in case they ask why your surnames are different.

  179. Good day what’s the disadvantage of madam I dependent and is there a limit if Milan dependent? How can we verify if we have paid 120 contributions for lifetime membership? Thanks

    1. Hi Michael, I’m puzzled by your “madam l dependent and Milan dependent”. The benefits are the same for members and dependents. About lifetime membership, the main requirements are: copies of 120 premium receipts and proof of senior age — if none, proof of being an SSS retirement pensioner.

  180. hi maam nora, we overlooked updating my dependents to include my father and stepmother. Can we claim and then follow up with the updated MDR, and can show their marriage contract and my birth certificate as proof docs. thanks.

    1. Hi Rolando, yes, that’s in the Philhealth rules, but there are hospitals that are very strict. They require updated MDRs. I think if you go to Philhealth very early in ther morning, you can update your MDR with your birth cert and your parents’ marriage cert and your ID.

  181. Hi! I’m a single mother and an OFW. I’m married but not declared in my docs with sss, passport etc. Until now, I haven’t declared my child in my philhealth records, but I have been paying. I want to declare; will there be a conflict? need your advise badly.

    1. Hi Jhudz, you can send an authorization letter, a scan of your ID, OEC, and your child’s birth cert to someone who you trust so she can update your Philhealth records. If your surname and your child’s surname are not the same (your surname and your child’s middle name should be the same), include a letter of explanation addressed to Philhealth why the surname of your child and your surname are not the same (like you decided not to use the surname of your spouse, the father of your child).

  182. hi maam, i am an ofw and my brother of 45 yrs old got sick and has diabetes and need to under go medication. he was a seaman for a long time until he stopped 4 yrs ago. Can he be my dependent? Thanks

    1. Hi Stephen, sorry no. You can pay for his registration as individual payor. 600 pesos for Oct to Dec. He can start using it within Jan 2015 to Apr 2015. You can pay for him again in Jan for Jan to Mar 2015.

  183. Hi mam, what if my mother needs radiation for her goiter but unfortunately both my mother and father are not philhealth members, and both below 60yrs old, and they cannot be my or my sister’s dependents. Can my father be a member and register my mother as dependent. Can we use it immediately? thanks and God Bless Us!

    1. Hi erick, yes, your father or mother can register with his/her ID and register his/her spouse as dependent. Bring marriage certificate. If your father pays Oct to Dec, he can start using Philhealth within Jan to Apr 2015.

  184. Hi good day…ask ko lang po sana aadmit n po kasi anak ko s ospital,ano po ang kailngng ipkita s philhealth section s ospital pra po mg file ng philhealth,meron n po ako mdr sir,at ang ggmitin ko pong philhealth ay s aswa ko po n ofw pero nka declared n po ang anak ko n ooperhan s philhealth nya po,ang gusto ko lng po mlmn may hhnapin po b skin n req. pg ng file po ako ng philhealth s ospital ano ano po ito..maraming salamat po.

    1. Hi Maureen, bring your ID and marriage cert so you can sign claim form 1 in behalf of your husband. Bring also premium payment receipt.

  185. Hi Admin, can i add as dependent my mama who has a terminal stage of cervical cancer (stage 4)? She can no longer sit up or stand and already very thin. She had a Philhealth Account but she has not paid it for over a long time. Thanks

    1. Hi Hass, if your mother is 60 years old or more, then she can be your dependent. If younger, there’s now a new qualification, which is permanent disability, but I don’t know if they consider terminal cancer as a permanent disability. You can call Philhealth if that can be considered as a permanent disability so you can register her as your dependent.

  186. Hello, I have a question, supposing I am still single, no wife, no children and parents, who will be my qualified dependents then?

    1. Hi Zoi, you will have no dependents. Other relatives are not qualified.

  187. Hello. Can I change the surname of my dependent? I’m a Philhealth member. I incorrectly wrote my mother’s maiden name.
    Example: Lydia Buling Canilanza—–married name
    Single name: Lydia Pedros Buling
    I got my MDR last october for my mother’s hospital bill. Was not able to use Philhealth as my mother’s surname with Philhealth is Buling and her hospital’s papers show her surname as CANILANZA. Can I change it? Thank you

    1. Hi Ermalyn, yes, you can change your mother’s surname in your MDR. Go to Philhealth with your birth certificate, your mother’s marriage certificate and senior citizen ID. Fill up Member Registration Form. Check FOR UPDATING. Write your mother’s married surname correctly — Lydia Buling Canilanza. Get your updated MDR.
      If you’re still within the 60-day filing period since your mother’s discharge, ask also Philhealth if you can file an appeal with Philhealth to get your refund. Explain your situation.

  188. Hi. im Maricel,single and have no work. I’m Philhealth member but did not pay this year and i need to have MDR for DFA. Philhealth ID is what I’ll present and if I pay for the whole year, can I get my MDR?

    1. Hi Maricel, you can pay for Oct to Dec 2014 at Philhealth, and then request for your MDR.

  189. Good day. My father is confined at the pgh. My mother is using her philhealth for meds, laboratory and operation. But we’re spending so much for meds bought outside the hospital. Can we ask help from the PCSO for these meds? Thanks. Hope you can reply before my father is released from the hospital

    1. Hi ma. wilma, sorry I’m replying only now, as I also need to work. PGH has a PCSO office — they help those who want to ask assistance from PCSO. They will help you with the documents if they think you can ask help from PCSO. I hope you have asked someone and led you to PCSO.

  190. My cousin’s father is 48 years old, had a heart attack and was confined at a hospital. Can my cousin use his philhealth for his father to reduce his hospital bill nya? If yes, what are the requirements?

    1. Hi Jed, sorry his father should be 60 or older. Parents younger than 60 can be their children’s dependents if they are permanently disabled. He can ask help from PCSO if the bill is too costly. Process papers before discharge.

  191. Hello, if I add a dependent, can I use it immediately for transactions with philhealth as soon as I complete the update?

    1. Hi jeanny, yes, present your updated MDR before discharge.

  192. hi. was previously employeed, but still 20yr.old. and was not able to pay philhealth. can I use my parents’ philhealth for my delivery? Thanks

    1. Hi claire, it’s better that you reactivate your Philhealth membership so your baby will be covered. Your parents’ Philhealth cannot cover your baby. But if there’s no longer time to pay for 3 months before you deliver, you of course can use your parents’ Philhealth — you must cancel first your Philhealth membership (if you paid Philhealth before as employed) and your parents must again register you as dependent.

  193. my sister is a philhealth member and his bf too. their son who is born out of wedlock is a dependent of both parents membership. the child was confined for few days and had successfully used his father’s benefits. but after 2 weeks, he was admitted again in a different hospital with the same diagnosis of his illness. they were told that the child cannot use his father’s philhealth because of the 90 day policy. can he use his mother’s philhealth instead? if

    1. Hi Joanne, sorry, his mother can’t use her Philhealth because of the 90-day rule and it is the same illness of the same patient.

  194. Hi Admin, my cousin, married is a Philhealth member. She had her husband and the kids as her dependents. My cousin died due to cardiac arrest. Immediately after my cousin’s death, her husband was hospitalized. That time, her husband has no Philhealth membership. Is their any remedy that her husband can register with Philhealth? Because it’s not possible for the spouse to be a member (husband) in the lifetime of the wife. Thanks and more power!

    1. Hi Mayfe, yes, the husband can register now and pay for future use. But for his current confinement, he can still use his wife’s Philhealth, if his wife has paid for at least 3 of the past 6 months. Tell the hospital about circular Philhealth Circular No. 58-2012. He can authorize someone to work the documents at Philhealth (husband’s ID, wife’s MDR/receipts, death cert if already available).

  195. Hi what if I’m abroad and my child in the Phils gets sick, can I use my philhealth. Not updated. Can I pay it so I can use my philhealth?

    1. Hi mary grace, yes, you can pay or authorize your family in the Phils to update your payments. Email them an authorization letter plus a scan of your ID and proof that you’re OFW. They also bring your child’s birth certificate (plus xerox) so the name will be written in your MDR. If you pay Nov 22, 2014 to Apr 22, 2015 or Nov 22, 2014 to Oct 22, 2015 as OFW, your child can use your Philhealth within those dates.

  196. Can I use philhealt for my delivery even if I have not paid for 4yrs? Can I pay then avail even if I’ll be giving birth in 1 month’s time?

    1. Hi jenelyn, if you give birth in Dec, sorry you cannot avail. Ask others too. If you give birth in Jan 2015, you pay asap for Oct to Dec 2014 so you can avail.

  197. Good day Ma’am.I’m 21yrs old, unmarried and unemployed, and I’m not a member of philhealth. I’ll be giving birth next month po gusto ko sanang mgpamember para dependent sa akin ang baby ko.Will i get the benefit s panganganak ko if babayaran ko yong isang taon. ano po ang dapat kong gawin ma’am?

    1. Hi jean, you can register asap and pay for Oct to Dec for your use in Jan to Mar 2015. But you cannot use it for your December delivery. Ask others too

  198. hi, should my father have his philhealth number? I registered him as dependent since he’s already 64 yrs old. I fill up the claim form and they ask for the patient’s philhealth number

    1. Hi eden, it should not be required because your father, like many dependents, don’t have a PIN. In the guide for filling up claim form 1, it says write PIN only “IF APPLICABLE.”

  199. Good day. I’m Single mom. my current boyfriend and I are planning to settle down. Can my future husband register my child from a previous relationship as his dependent? Or can I enroll my child as in individual payor with philhealth? Whats the best thing to do? Thanks God bless

    1. Hi emme, sorry your future husband cannot register your child as his dependent because your child’s birth certificate does not show him as the father. Yes, you can register your child as an individual payor. God bless too

  200. Hello! Just want to know if our younger brother can be our father’s dependent. My brother is 19 years, and a student. Our father is 62 years old, mother told me that our government (Province) is the one paying for his contribution. Our brother is currently undergoing dialysis. Can our brother be entitle of our father’s benefits? If ever,how and what are we going to do. I only have our father’s Philhealth Number. Can I verify that here in Manila? Thank you very much.

    1. Hi joy, yes, your brother can be your father’s dependent until he turns 21. Your father can update his member data at the nearest Philhealth branch, bringing his IDs and your brother’s birth certificate (orig and xerox), so he can write your brother as his dependent. To avail, your brother presents his father’s MDR with his name written as dependent, Philhealth premium ORs (or government-sponsored Philhealth ID). Your brother can enjoy 45 dialysis sessions per year, if he’s the only one using your father’s Philhealth as dependent. Find a dialysis center that offers Philhealth packages.

  201. my mother is active philhealth member. she is already 61 y.o. does she need to have her membership deactivated? the bill regarding senior citizens is already approved, right?

    1. Hi mari, I think she does not need to deactivate. The implementing rules for the new bill have not yet been released, but the Philhealth president says that while waiting for the rules, senior citizens can present to the hospital their senior citizen ID from the Office for Senior Citizens Affairs (OSCA) or any other identification card showing their birth date, and if the hospital isn’t willing yet to implement, patients can refund from Philhealth.

  202. Hi good eve. I’m just 17 years old and pregnant again. Have a 2-year old, living in with partner who’s also 17. We’re going 18. Can we get philhealth? Thank you please reply thanks.

    1. Hi Micha, yes, you should apply asap. Go to Philhealth with your ID and 600 pesos. Fill up member data form, get your MDR and card. Then pay for Oct to Dec 2014. In Jan or Feb, pay again for Jan to Mar 2015, and so on. Bring also your child’s birth certificate (orig and xerox), so you can write your child as your dependent.

  203. Good day ms! can I register my mama as my dependent? she has chronic kidney disease. 52 yrs old.

    1. Hi Joseph, she’s not yet 60, so she cannot be your dependent. Ask Philhealth if her case can be considered a permanent disability.
      But if not, help her register with Philhealth asap this Dec and pay for Oct to Dec 2014 so she can start to avail in Jan 2015.

  204. Dear Philhealth, can a dependent continue the membership of a deceased account holder? My father, before he passed away, has a philhealth account and my mother is her dependent. I’m OFW, how can I update my MDR since I’m here abroad? Thanks

    1. Hi Dorina, your mother should register as a new member at any Philhealth branch with her ID and 600 pesos to pay for her first quarter. About your MDR: You can authorize your mother to update your MDR (if you mean updating dependents, she needs to bring your marriage certificate (if spouse) or birth certificate (if children), xerox and orig ) Authorization with a scan of ID can be emailed and then printed.

  205. Leila de chavez santillan

    good morning. I have not written my daughter, husband and parents as dependents under philhealth. How can I register them as dependents? My daughter was confined and they weren’t able to use my Philhealth because my daughter wasn’t written as my dependent. I am an OFW.

    1. Hi Leila, email an authorization letter to your husband plus a scan of your ID, authorizing him to update your Philhealth records. Your husband goes to Philhealth with his ID, your authorization letter, your marriage cert, daughter’s birth cert and your birth cert (to register your parents), xerox and orig, and update your MDR. Ask your husband to ask Philhealth how your parents can get their Philhealth ID, as seniors now are automatic Philhealth members. I assume your parents already have their senior citizen ID.

  206. can my newly registered dependent with philhealth use Philhealth immediately? I’m registering my parent, was hospitalized and needs Philhealth. 66 yrs.old

    1. Hi Lalaine, yes, update your MDR using your birth cert before your parent is discharged. Or ask the hospital if your parent can use his/her senior citizen’s ID, as the free Philhealth for ALL senior citizens has already been approved by Pres. Aquino.

  207. Hi. can we include as dependent my sister with disability? she’s complete PWD as she has POLIO in nearly all throughout her body. It’s difficult for her to walk and her feet are almost curved. She’s 43yrs old and single and won’t be getting married due to her disability. My brother is an OFW and working on a ship. I wish he can register my sister as his dependent. Thanks

    1. Hi Jonathan, sorry, we cannot register our brothers or sisters as dependents, even if they have disability. One of your parents can register as member, and then register your sister as dependent (present medical certificate). Or your brother can pay for your sister’s Philhealth.
      By the way, this blog is not owned by Philhealth; this is our blog.

  208. Hi there, i used tobe an ofw and paid contibutions until october 2014 . Now im here sa phil, and pregnant due on feb 2015. I was recently declred as dependent by my husband, and it showed sa MDR nya. Will it be invalid? If it will, can i just pay for november and december 2014 as voluntary member? Im confused sa ststus ng philhealth ko. Please help.

    1. Hi patty, since your name is written in your husband’s MDR as dependent, then your status as his dependent is valid. You will be able to use his Philhealth, as long as he has paid at least 3 months within Aug 2014 to Jan 2015.

  209. I’m 21 and pregnant. Am i still qualified as Philhealth dependent of my mother?

    1. Hi Anet, you’re already 21, so you’re no longer a dependent. Register asap with your ID, pay 600 for Jan to Mar, so you can avail in Apr to June. Pay Apr to June in April

  210. Hi, my child’s dad is a seaman. d kame kasama and i’m full time mom. our child is 2.5y/o. I asked him to inquire about my child’s registration as his dependent. They told him to show birth cert and automatically will be considered as dependent. Is that true? Not that I’m wishing ill on our child, but is that really the process? My child’s daddy is on board and won’t be able to sign any forms if needed in case of medical occurrences. Thank you and hoping someone can address my concern. Happy 2015!

    1. Hi Esks, there are hospitals that are strict. They require that your child’s name is written on her/his daddy’s MDR, aside from requiring your child’s birth cert. Ask your child’s daddy to email you a letter authorizing you to update his MDR and get his MDR and process claim forms in case needed. Bring to Philhealth this printed letter plus your ID and your child’s birth certificate (orig and xerox). In case there’s a need, you have the authority to sign claim form 1 (show the authorization letter and your child’s birth certificate).

  211. Hello. can i register my live-in partner as dependent? we’re not married. our child is the only one i registered as dependent.

    1. Hi Jayson, sorry, no. You’ll be asked to present a marriage certificate.

  212. hello. may i ask about our status. we have a computer shop, so i paid philhealth as self-employed. but 2013 was my last payment as my wife registered me as her dependent. she inquired at philhealth office about it last summer 2014. positive response. last december 2014, we applied for clearance for our business renewal but we were denied and was told i needed to pay as self-employed. can you clarify what’s right. Thanks. God bless

    1. Hi joie, memberships to Philhealth, SSS and Pag-ibig are now being included as requirements for small businesses. As single proprietor, you need to pay your own, separate from your wife. It’s just like for any other husband and wife who are both employees — they each pay their own Philhealth (even if one can be a dependent of the other as spouse) because employers are mandated to report all their employees to Philhealth.
      I’m not sure though if it’s your wife who will register as proprietor of your shop — maybe she can submit her cert of Philhealth contributions as employee. I add to this if I see something relevant

  213. Can a newborn child be a dependent of his/her father even if he’s not married to the child’s mother?

    1. Hi restilyn, yes, if the father’s name is written on the child’s birth certificate as Father, the child can be a dependent of the father even if he’s not married to the child’s mother.

  214. I have 2 kids 2 and 3 years old, can we parents both declare them as our dependents? Is it a violation if we both declare? Or should it be only one parent? thank you

    1. Hi edward, yes, only one parent should declare the same dependent, preferably the parent who’s more easily available to file and sign claim forms in case needed.
      I think though that there’s no law violated if both parents declare the same dependents, as ultimately, when there’s confinement, a dependent can use only one parent’s Philhealth.

  215. Good day! Can a member use both Philhealth and senior citizen discount when confined at a hospital?

    1. Hi Loida, yes, you can use both. But the senior citizen discount is only applied to medicines and certain services.

  216. My child used my philhealth last month. Can he/she again use Philhealth if confined this month? My other child, if the birth cert is not yet registered, can he/she use my philhealth?

    1. Hi brenda, yes, if it’s for a different illness. About your other child: register the birth cert asap so you can register his/her as your dependent. Philhealth accepts birth cert from your local civil registrar.

  217. gud day. my daughter who’s 19 yrs old is pregnant for 4 mos. now. can she use my philhealth philhealth? more power


    1. Hi chona, yes, present her birth cert to Philhealth to update your MDR. But it’s better that your daughter registers as member asap so that her child can be covered as her dependent. Her child cannot be your dependent.

  218. Good day, What can I do if my Son is not updated as a dependent? he just got admitted last tuesday and was discharged the day after, can I still be reimbursed if he is not showing under my MDR? Please help

    1. Hi Enrico, yes, the hospital should have considered your son’s birth certificate. You can ask for claim forms from the hospital and then file an appeal with Philhealth.

      1. Hi Nora , Thank you for your respone, I also would like to know who long it usually takes to update a Dependent if I go directly to the nearest PhilHealth office instead on my Employer?

        1. Hi Enrico, I think if you bring your ID and birth cert or marriage cert (Fill up member data form; Check FOR UPDATING) your MDR will be updated immediately, and you can wait for your updated MDR.

  219. Hi ms. i’m bien capistrano. my father was hospitalized last oct 2014. The hospital did not accept my Philhealth because they said my father is not yet 60 years old. I’m single, I don’t have any other dependents, why can’t I use my Philhealth for my father and mother? They don’t have jobs. Last 2011, for my mother, the hospital accepted my philhealth when she was hospitalized. Why can’t I use for my father? I’m the only one my parents are depending on.

    1. Hi bien, sorry, but that’s Philhealth’s rule — that only parents who are permanently disabled or who are 60 years old or older can be considered dependents. I don’t know how your mother was covered in 2011 if she was younger than 60. Maybe the age was overlooked, and I’m curious if the hospital was reimbursed. You can register your father, and then make your mother as his dependent.

  220. Good day, what are the requirements in adding a beneficiary or dependent? I want to add my mama who’s a senior citizen, with senior ID. We rushed when we registered for Philhealth so I wrote my niece/nephew, which I learned later that they’re not qualified. hope to hear your answer aSAP. Thank u and God bless!

    1. Hi sannita, yes, nieces and nephews are not eligible as dependents. Your mama is qualified for free lifetime Philhealth membership as senior citizen. In the meantime that she doesn’t have a Philhealth ID, she can use her senior citizen’s ID. Check from time to time if Philhealth is already issuing cards for senior citizens.

  221. Good Day! what can I submit besides birth certificate, as my father doesn’t have a birth certificate to prove that he’s 60 years old. Can I submit marriage contract of parents and my birth certificate? He just turned 60 years old, and was admitted to a hospital. Can I add him as my dependent and can he use it immediately? Thanks

    1. Hi Jhoan, if he has a senior citizen ID from OSCA, ask the hospital if that ID is enough, as all senior citizens now are automatically qualified as Philhealth members. If none, you can go to Philhealth and present your birth cert and any other document showing your father’s age or date of birth so you can get a new MDR with your father registered as your dependent. Ask Philhealth if you can submit a Joint Affidavit of Two Disinterested Persons.

  222. How can a 19-year-old get philhealth?

    1. Hi Haivee, go to Philhealth with any ID or birth/baptismal/barangay certificate and fill up member registration form. Pay for 1 quarter (600 pesos). You get your MDR and Philhealth card. Payment deadline for every quarter is the last day of the quarter.

  223. Im 19 And Im pregnant, I am a dependent of my mother who has a good record of payment. Will i still have the benifits when I give birth to my child? I am not married and i dont work.

    1. Hi Gia Anne, yes, you can be your mother’s dependent until you turn 21. But it is good if you register as member so your baby will have Philhealth coverage as your dependent, for newborn care and for other medical needs as your baby grows.

  224. My father is a Philhealth Member. Can he declare my children as his dependents? Even if they’re already dependents of my husband?

    1. Hi Rosemarie, your father cannot declare your children as his dependents because grandchildren cannot be dependents under Philhealth

  225. Hi, would just like to ask.. Im separated but not legally and now im pregnant with a new bf.. Can i add my new baby as a dependent even he has a different surname on his birthcert?

    1. Hi Michelle, yes, your new baby is your dependent even if his surname is different because his birth certificate shows you are the mother. Bring his birth certificate and your ID to Philhealth to register him as your dependent.

  226. Hello. I like to register my father who’s 60 years old as my dependent. He’s a dependent of my brother but he’s no longer updated with his contributions. What should I do?

    1. Hi emily, you can go to Philhealth with your ID and your birth certificate and your father’s senior citizen ID or birth certificate (to prove his age) and register your father as your dependent. On the other hand, senior citizens now can be members for free (ask your barangay or local health unit)

  227. Good day mam/sir,I would like to know if my japanese husband would be considered as my dependent if I would be a philhealth member,in case we live in the philippines together.One more thing,I am living with my husband in japan,and sometimes visit my daughters and family in the philippines,I have no permanent job in japan,so what would be my category if I will apply for philhealth.thank you

    1. Hi Mary Ann, yes, you can register your husband as your dependent (present your marriage certificate, with English translation, orig and xerox). You can register as individual payor.

  228. Hi admin, is my mother a dependent of my father under philhealth? papa is lifetime member as he’s been sss total disability pensioner since 2012. mama is a member but last paid june 2014. She was confined feb13-15 2015 due to hypertension. can my mother use my father’s philhealth? thanks

    1. Hi Ance, yes, your papa should update his Philhealth (present marriage certificate and letter from your mama canceling her membership and asking to be registered as dependent of your father). Your father can authorize you to process. Bring your ID and his ID. You can ask the hospital to file for you or you can ask claim forms and waiver and file an appeal at Philhealth. Direct filing by members is no longer allowed, but you can file if you have a valid reason.

  229. I just want to clarify certain issues on who can be dependent of Philhealth. I have a nephew whose live-in partner gave birth just recently and he was able to use his philhealth to his son and to his live-in partner. My Goddaughter gave birth also just recently but sad to say, her live-in partner was not able to use his philhealth to her and their daughter. Is there a new policy of philhealth with regards to dependents? Why is it that my nephew was able to use his philhealth to his live-in partner while the live-in partner of my Goddaughter was not able to use it? Just need clarification. Thanks!

    1. Hi Florida, single fathers can use their Philhealth for their children (birth certificates must be presented), but not for their partners (as there’s no marriage certificate to prove legal marriage). In your nephew’s case, it could be that his info is incomplete, or the hospital erred, or a marriage certificate was presented.

  230. Hello! I want to register my father with philhealth. He is 56 years old. What are the requirements for registration?

    1. Hi Mich, you bring to Philhealth your father’s ID and letter of authorization and your ID, and pay for at least 1 quarter (600 pesos). If you can, you can also download the PMRF and print it, or get a PMRF form for your father to sign.

  231. hai po. im 20yrs. last june then at that time im giving birth then I availed of philhealth but few months later I received a letter from medicare that maternity age is not allowed but the name of patient is the name of my sister then shes not the one who giving birth. I’ll be 22 soon. thanks! what should I do?

    1. Hi rina, the rule is for those under 19 years old, based on Circular No. 20 series 2008. And even if you were younger than 19 but if you gave birth at a hospital, you were qualified for Philhealth last June.

  232. What if the name if the father in the birth certificate is written as ‘unknown’ can the child still qualify as dependent?

    1. Hi Jannah, sorry no. Go to your local registrar and ask how you can amend your child’s birth certificate. Meanwhile, be a Philhealth member and register your child as your dependent.

  233. good day po. my aunt was hospitalized due to heart attack. in the first hospital, the diagnosis was on the lungs, because of the mass on the chest, sudden bulging i think. upon admission, we declare she’s a philhealth member. She had chest pains so we requested for transfer to the provincial hospital. during arrangeement of payment to the former hospital, they did not want to deduct philhealth benefits; they explained it was a transfer. 60 years old. please advise on pcso assistance, as they’re not indigent, have children abroad, but of course they have their own families. any advise po on this matter

    1. Hi lincon, yes, if a patient is transferred to another hospital, Philhealth is not applied at the referring hospital, but at the receiving hospital, since it’s expected that more will be spent at the receiving hospital, and it’s Philhealth’s policy. About PCSO, if the bill is huge, the hospital’s social welfare personnel will understand if you ask help. Even people with good jobs cannot afford huge hospital bills.

  234. My father in law has no work and he lost his vision in his right eye and blurred vision in his left. can he be a dependent of his children? And if he has an existing Phil. No., can he use it even if it has not been paid for a long time. Need your feedback. THank you

    1. Hi Wilma, he can be a dependent of his children is he’s 60 or older. If younger than 60, he can’t use his Philhealth if payment is not updated. He can update his Philhealth. He brings his ID, updates PMRF form and pays 600 pesos for 1 quarter. If he pays for Jan to March, he can use Philhealth in March.

  235. Good day po, we’re not yet married but we’re going to have a child. can my wife be my beneficiary even if we’re not yet married?

    1. Hi john, no, you need to present your marriage certificate. Your child can be your beneficiary. Show birth certificate

  236. good day po, if we’re not yet married, can she be my beneficiary? tnx po

    1. Hi john, no. You’re required to present your marriage certificate

  237. I’m a member of philhealth. My daughter is pregnant. The man did not do his responsibility. She’s giving birth next month. Can I avail of philhealth for her delivery? She’s my dependent

    1. Hi Rey, yes, your daughter can use your Philhealth. She should be written in your MDR as your dependent. But it’s advised that your daughter gets her own Philhealth membership so her baby can be covered by Philhealth for her newborn or baby’s medical care in case it’s needed. She can register with her ID asap, pay Jan to Mar 2015 and get her MDR, Philhealth ID and premium receipt.

  238. Hi, Can I use my philhealth for my mother who was confined.

    1. Hi Marj, yes, if your mother is 60 or older. Bring your ID, birth certificate and your mother’s senior citizen ID or birth certificate to Philhealth and update your MDR.

  239. I’m not yet married to my husband. Can I use my Philhealth? I’m pregnant. Can I use my husband’s surname?

    1. Hi marian, if you are a Philhealth member (not dependent), you can avail even if you’re not married because the Philhealth MDR and receipt is in your name. Your surname in your Phihealth premium payment receipt and MDR should be the same as your surname in your hospital papers and claim forms and IDs. Your baby can use your husband’s surname even if you’re not yet married.

  240. erick melchor calijan

    gud pm. I’ve been a Philhealth member for more than 2 years as ofw. we found out that my wife was not written as my dependent. What should we do? I’m here abroad

    1. Hi erick, email your wife an authorization letter authorizing her to update and process your Philhealth records, scans of your IDs and your OEC or Philhealth receipt. Your wife goes to Philhealth with your marriage certificate (orig and xerox) plus her ID and the printouts of docs you sent and she updates your data, writing herself as one of your dependents.

  241. Can I register my mama as dependent. She’s only 40+

    1. Hi jonathan, sorry no. You help her get her own Philhealth.

  242. Hi Admin, I’m OFW and my father will undergo gallbladder operation tomorrow. I don’t know if my payment is valid until today because it’s been 2 yrs that I did not take a vacation. Supposedly it will be in May. Also, they can’t obtain my father’s birth certificate because they can’t find my father’s name, but in his drivers license, marriage certificate, that’s his name. what can we do so he can be my dependent. He’s 69 yrs old. thank you.

    1. Hi Ohgie, you must pay ASAP prior to admission. After admission, your payment will be useless. If admitted already, your relatives can ask about Philhealth’s coverage for senior citizens. If your father has his senior citizen ID, your relatives can go to Philhealth and ask for his MDR.
      For your father to become your dependent, it’s not his birth certificate that’s needed. It’s your birth certificate — that will show that he is your father. For him to get a senior citizen ID, yes, he needs his birth certificate, but if none, find other papers that prove his age, like his driver’s license and marriage certificate.

  243. Can we get OEC overseas employment certificate for a dependent of philhealth? my cousin’s child is 16, does not have own Philhealth, dependent of father. will be petitioned by my cousing in the US. He needs that his child has health insurance and his insurance will lapse in March

    1. Hi annabele, the 16-year-old can apply for his/her own Philhealth. He brings his birth cert or barangay clearance to Philhealth and register and pay for 3 months to 1 year or longer. He/she gets MDR and Philhealth card

  244. Hi! Good day! Can I use my papa’s philhealth for my delivery? 19 yrs old, unemployed, unmarried. What are the requirements? Thank you po!

    1. Hi aires, yes, you can use your papa’s Philhealth. Ask your papa if your name is written in his MDR, and if not, he should file your birth certificate and update using PMRF form and his ID, so your name will be written as his dependent. But if there’s still time, it’s advised that you apply for Philhealth yourself, and be a Philhealth member, so your baby can be your dependent. Your baby cannot be a dependent of your father.

  245. i just want to ask, is my daughter who is 17 year old and will give birth soon and is not covered in philheath? how come?

    1. Hi loreta, are you a Philhealth member? Or your husband? Your daughter can be your dependent if she is single and not married and she is not employed. It’s better that she applies as a Philhealth member so her baby can be her Philhealth dependent. Your grandchild cannot be your dependent.

  246. Hello..i am married to a Canadian man he is planning to live in Philippines can he avail benefits as my dependants too.

  247. can we change our dependant sa philhealth

    1. Hi honeyly, yes, go to Philhealth and fill up registration form. Check For Updating. Bring birth or marriage certificate (xerox and orig)

  248. can I write my lola as my philhealth dependent? I didn’t write any dependent when I first applied.

    1. Hi billy, sorry, no. You can help your lola apply for her free senior citizen Philhealth ID. Ask your OSCA about how to apply, or try applying directly at Philhealth with 1 ID photo and senior citizen’s ID.

  249. Hi, I checked on my dependents and how come it shows that my two children’s status were invalid… Do I need to submit supporting documents for this? thank u

    1. Hi Anna Lou, yes, you need to file their birth certificates. They should be younger than 21, unmarried and unemployed. And if your husband is a Philhealth member also, check if he has registered your children as his dependents.

  250. My husband left for abroad april 2015. Paid 2400. How many months/years does it cover? I wish to renew.

    1. Hi Candie, 2,400 is for 1 year. Validity dates are on the OEC receipt. If you pay here in the Phils, show any proof that your husband is an OFW.

  251. Hello! I have a question. I am not married and my son’s last name is my last name and the name of my son’s father is not on the birth certificate but he is very much in my son’s life. We would like our son to be his dependent. There should be another way to prove that he is the father. What other documents can we show to make my son the dependent? There must be another way aside from the birth certificate. Please help.

    1. Hi Annette, sorry but Philhealth’s basis is only the birth certificate. Your son’s father can petition the court to correct your son’s birth certificate (court of first instance covering the local registry where your son is registered). Or you can ask first your local civil registry office about the process.

  252. Am i qualified as philhealth dependent though im turning 22yo this year, i am dependent to my father. I have slipped disc in my spinal cord; unbearable pain. can I avail of benefits for major operation?

    1. Hi sha, you need to apply for your own Philhealth. You’re already older than 21. To be sure, ask your doctor if he gives a Philhealth package for your operation, so you would know how much to prepare to pay the balance.

  253. Ask ko po kong pwdi ko eh covered tatay ko sa philhealth ko po. Senior citizens napo cia wla ciang philhealth.

    1. Hi Albert, yes, puede, some hospitals require that your father’s name is written as dependent in your MDR (bring your birth cert to Philhealth). Pero lahat na ng senior citizens sa Phils ay Philhealth members na. Free. Just present the senior citizen ID sa hospital (some hospitals accept just the senior citizen ID). For others, gusto nila mag-register sa Philhealth as senior citizen. No fee. It’s free.

  254. Hi, good day po ofw ako nsa public hospital yung asawa ko for operation active po yung bayad ko sa philhealt ilang percent po ba ang mababawas sa total bill namin salamat po

    1. Hi enorap, hindi po by percent. It depends on the illness or operation. What is the operation or illness?

  255. gud day. gusto ko lang po malaman kung pwede ng magpamember sa philhealth ang17 years old pregnant woman

    1. Hi Ickha, yes, it’s better so that your baby will become your dependent. Bring your ID or birth cert or barangay cert. to the nearest Philhealth plus 600 pesos (for July to Sep) or 1,200 (for July to Dec). Fill up the registration form. Sa membership type, check Informal Sector, No Income. Get your MDR and Philhealth card, if available. Keep your receipt. Xerox it. Take care.

  256. Hi po, yung parents ko po 63 Senior citizen na , yung kapatid ko po 16yr old. Pwede po ba sya maging dependent ng tatay namin?

    1. Hi Glen, yes, puede. You can update your father’s MDR presenting your sibling’s birth cert, your father’s authorization letter and ID and your ID.

  257. Hello po. Ask lang po if unmarried ka po at live -in lang with your partner then you got pregnant tapos magaaply ka sa philhealth. Pupuwede po bang ang apelyido niya ang gamitin ko at ilagay din siya as my legal spouse ?

    1. Hi Yara, yes, you can apply to be a Philhealth member so you can use it when you give birth, kahit unmarried. Yes, your baby can use the father’s surname in the birth certificate kahit unmarried kayo. The father’s name will be written in the birth certificate as father. Pero sa Philhealth, you can not register your partner as dependent spouse, kasi wala pa kayong marriage certificate na mai-present sa Philhealth.

  258. Good day.ako po ay ex ofw.before po ako ngresign nun june 2015 nkpgbyad p po ako ng oec ko pblik sa qatar nokng may 2015.ang question ko po.s bnyaran ko po b n oec ksma ang philhealth? Pede po ba ako mgupdate ng bayad ko khit n one year n ako dito s pinas at pede ko din po b maisama n dependents ang asawa ko n indian national?
    Maraming salamat po!

    1. Hi Cy, yes, go to Philhealth with your ID and update your data and get a new MDR. Update your member type to Informal Sector – Individual Payor. Yes, you can write your husband as your dependent. Bring your marriage cert (orig and xerox). You can pay for July to Sep (600 pesps) or July to Dec (1,200 pesos)

  259. hello good day po ask ko lang po kung pwede ko po i cover si mama ko sa philhealth ko,wala po akong asawa hindi po kasi philhealth member si mama ngaun po ooperahan po siya,kahit yung pang medical lang po sana. salamat po

    1. Hi celine, sorry, puede mo lang maging dependent ang mother mo if she is 60 or older, or if she has disability (certification by doctor is needed). Ask others too

  260. Good Morning po.. tanong ko lng po kung bakit nawala sa list ng dependents ko sa MDR ung isang anak ko na 18 yrs. old pa lng? thank you po..

    1. Hi Amy, there might have been an error. You can bring your old and new MDR to Philhealth and ask for correction. Bring your child’s birth certificate and your ID.

  261. Hi po! Ask lang po sana ako kung hindi po approved sa philhealth ang kababayad lang for refund sa hospital? Na confined kasi anak namin at kalalabas lang po sa hospital this monday lang po. Ofw po asawa ko at d po siya nakabayad nang philhealth nya since 2012, pro almost 20 yrs na po siya sa saudi at hindi pa po namin nagamit philhealth nya ngayon pa lang sana. Pro nareject po kasi bago lang namin nabayaaran ulit. Wala na ba talagaa pag asa marefund yong binayad namin sa hospital?

    1. Hi Rowena, sorry requirement kasi ng Philhealth na updated ang pagbayad. Nagbayad ka ba ng Philhealth as OFW? Kung yong pagbayad nio ng Philhealth premium as OFW ay BEFORE time of confinement, merong chance na ma-refund nio sa Philhealth kung complete medical papers. Itanong mo sa Philhealth before getting the medical documents para sure.

  262. ask ko lang po kung pwede ko pa ipa register yung mother sa Philhealth 65yrs old na po kasi siya. thank you!

    1. Hi Angel, yes. Ask her to write an authorization letter for you to apply for her Philhealth ID. Bring her senior citizen ID and one 1×1 ID picture. Bring your ID. Kung malayo ang Philhealth, try mong mag-apply ng Philhealth ID sa OSCA sa city hall o munisipyo ninyo.

  263. Hi,non- active Philhealth member ang husband ko,2012 pa ang last 2011 pa ang last payment niya..magagamit ba niya ang philhealth ko in case? If not,pwede bang ipacancel na lang yung membership niya para iregister ko na lang syang as one of my dependent?

    1. Hi Dei, yes, tama ka na i-register na siya as your dependent. Yes, he can use your Philhealth. Fill up the registration form. Check FOR UPDATING. File together with your marriage certificate and ID.

  264. Hi po. Seafarer po husband ko. Bumaba po sya last may i got pregnant then. Kinasal kami last august. Declared dependent nya po ako since november. Can i avail philhealth benefits as his beneficiary? Manganganak po ako mid february. Nong mga time na nandito po siya sa pinas wala po siyang contribution non. November na po start ulit nang contribution nya.

    1. Hi Mary, yes, basta mabayaran niya ang Nov Dec and Jan 2017 or Dec Jan and Feb 2017 (3 monthly contributions). Dapat nasa MDR niya ang iyong name as dependent.

  265. Hi Nora, Ask ko lang. Me and my wife both working and active member ng Philhealth, Can I include my wife as my dependent and cancel her membership to save premium? What is the advantages if both of us is active member since we have same dependents our daughters. Regards, Dennis

    1. Hi Dennis, your idea is right, kaya lang Philhealth does not allow it. Kasi ang employers ninyo are both mandated to pay and share in all their employees’ Philhealth payments. Isa pa, I think malaking kawalan sa funding ng Philhealth if they allow this. Ang daming married employees. Mas gusto rin ng employers ang ganito kasi mabawasan ang number of employees they’ll pay for. But Philhealth wants employers to share in the burden.

  266. hi. ask ko lang po, ano po gagawin pag ganito ang sitwasyon.

    gusto pong maging dependent ng mother ng bata (7yrs old) yung anak nya, kaso may kailangan daw pirmahan yung father (hindi po sila kasal at hiwalay na po) kasi daw po naka dependent na sa father yung bata, ang problema po, ayaw pong pirmahan ng father yung pinapapirmahan, ano po mai-aadvise nyo? thank you

    1. Hi Marvin, rule kasi ng Philhealth na ang child ay dependent ng isang parent lang. I-explain yong father itong rule. Since nasa mother ang bata , mas easier sa pag-claim sa Philhealth kung nasa mother’s MDR na yong child’s name as dependent. Kung ayaw pa rin ng father, tell the father to be always ready to sign the Philhealth claim form in case the child needs hospital care.

  267. Hi! I’m 22 years old,single. Kumuha ako ng self employed registration form pwede ko po bang maging dependants ang father & mother ko? 52 years old both po sila and yung tatlong kapatid ko po below 21 po sila.

    1. Hi Loren, sorry hindi puedeng dependents ang kapatid o parents younger than 60. Magregister na rin si father mo, then dependents niya ang mother mo at mga kapatid mo. Bring birth certs and marriage cert

      1. Hello po ulit. clear kolang po ulit Jan to Sept 2017 po yung hulog ko sa philhealth naglapse yung Oct-Dec 2017(3mos). Jan. 2018 po ngayon yung panganganak ko, If nahulugan kona po yung Jan to March 2018 ko covered na po ba don yung philhealth benefits ko para sa delivery ko or sa Newborn package lang? Thanks po. wala na po ba kong babayaran nun sa Lying-in kung san ako manganganak? Thankks.

  268. Hello po, na hospital po mother ko then after 7days confinement dina nakayanan ng mother ko and she passed away nung jan14. Sabi po ng hospital di pwede ung philhealth ko dahil wala pa senior mother ko. Pero ung father kopo is senior citizen na and nakakuha na po sya ng philhealth. Pwede po ba ideclare ung mother ko as dependents kahit na namatay na sya? Malaki kasi naging bill namen sa hospital kaya malaking tulong sana ung philhealth. If ma-add nmen sya as dependents, marere-imburse po ba ung binayad nmen sa hospital? thanks po.

    1. Hi jayr, kelan naging senior citizen member yong father mo? If member na siya prior to your mother’s first day of confinement, yes, puede pa kayong humabol. Request for Philhealth claim forms, waiver and other docs from the hospital and file directly with Philhealth. Pero kung hindi pa siya member before confinement, I mean, if your father became a member only after your mother’s first day of confinement, sorry hindi na puedeng humabol. Ask others too

  269. Hi!
    Pwede po bang gawing dependent ang parents(above 60) ko together with my wife(legal) and childrens(below 21)?

    Or, effective na yung mandatory philhealth coverage sa mga senior citizens?

    1. Hi Mark Joseph, yes, puede na siya sa senior-citizen coverage. Puedeng mag-apply sa OSCA sa municipality nio or sa nearest Philhealth branch (bring senior citizen ID and one 1×1 ID picture).

  270. Hello po, isa po akong active philhealth member until december 2017 po. Employed po ako noon at may employer share. Ngayon po ay unemployed na ako, kung sakaling ituloy ko ang pghulog meron po ba akong kailangang iupdate s membership status po? At mgkano na po ang bayarin ko ngaung hindi na ako employed.?

    1. Hi Rejane, go to Philhealth with your ID and fill up registration form. Check FOR UPDATING. Check mo yong Informal Sector. 200 per month ang individual payors. Puedeng monthly o quarterly ang payment. Philhealth Payment deadlines.

  271. Good day po ask ko LNG piano PBA gumawa ng authorization letter kc hinihingan ako? Kc kumuha po ako ng Phil health kinuha ko dependent ung eldest child ngun po mawawala daw sa pagiging dependent ung eldest sa husband ko eh gusto ko po ibalik sa kanya ulit?
    Pano PBA?

    1. Hi carmina, ngayon ay dependent pa rin ng husband mo ang eldest nio? Anong purpose ba ng authorization letter? Kung tatanggalin lang ng Philhealth yong name of your son sa list of dependents mo, hindi ba puedeng you write Philhealth na lang using a bond paper.
      To Philhealth,
      My name is Carmina __ and my Philhealth number is ___. Please delete the name of my son, ___, from my list of dependents because he is already declared by my husband ____ with Philhealth number __ as his dependent. Doon kasi sa registration form na usually ginagamit sa change of data ay walang removal of names of dependent so hindi ko mai-advise yon.

  272. Hello Good morning ask ko lang po dati akong single tapus ngayon married na kailangan ko pa ba ipagpatuloy ang Philhealth ko kahit married na ako salamat

    1. Hi Leisa, if you are employed, tuloy pa rin ang Philhealth payment mo kasi meron kang Employer. If not employed, at merong Philhealth ang husband mo, iregister ka ng husband mo as his dependent sa Philhealth. Magdala siya ng marriage cert nio, ID mo and letter mo (kahit half bond paper) addressed to Philhealth na “I am canceling my Philhealth membership because I’m no longer employed or have no more income….and my husband is registering me as his dependent..”

  273. Good day po. Ako po ay active member s philhealth since year 2017, nka register po s akin is Married pra kako mging dependents ko 2 anak ko . pwede nman po pla n iregister ko or gamitin ko un apelyido ko nun dlaga as long as nsa BC nmn po ng mga anak ko ako po ang nanay. Hindi nmn ksi nghuhulog un mister ko s philhealth nya 5years na po. At hiwalay n din po kami.
    .. Maari ko bang maUpdate un pangalan ko s philhealth ,gamitin ko un Single p ko kasi yun nman din ang gamit ko s Umid Passport or other ids.
    Maari po b na maUpdate ko pra hindi n din ako kumuha ulit ng panibagong number ksi baka masayang hulog ko.

    1. Hi Desire, yes, just go to Philhealth with your IDs (name as single) and fill up registration form (Check FOR UPDATING). Ito ang sabi ng Philhealth sa website nila: For change of name, if warranted, Annulment/Court Decision/Barangay Certificate/NSO with annotation, pero try mo lang kahit IDs lang ang dala mo. Dalhin mo na rin ang birth certs uli ng 2 anak mo, just in case hanapin.

  274. Hi po.. Ask ko lng po if entitled pa na magamit ang service ang anak ng ofw more than 21 years old and single. Single parent po ang mama ko na ofw and meron na rin po ako existing ng philhealth.

    1. Hi Arjay, hindi na puedeng dependent ang anak na 21 or older. Tama ka na meron ka nang sariling Philhealth at meron ding sariling Philhealth ang mama mo.

  275. khristine cultura

    hi,,i am recently employed and i have my own philhealth number,,i am also pregnant but i decided to resign in my work if im in 7 months,,just want to know if i can used my husband’s philhealth when i give birth? he is an indigent member..thank you

    1. Hi khristine, yes, you can use your husband’s Philhealth as his dependent. Check mo kung nakasulat ka sa MDR niya na dependent nia. To be sure, punta siya sa Philhealth with your marriage cert and his ID and your letter requesting Philhealth to cancel your membership and register you as your husband’s dependent because you have stopped working. Hindi kasi puede ang dependent and at the same time member.

  276. Vivencio b. Bayadna

    Tanong lang po ako si vivencio b.bayadna..voluntary member more or less 2 1/2 years voluntary na naghuhulog sa philhealh..ang beneficiary ko eh ang aking asawa at aking na lalaking bunso covered po dati po akong itinuloy ko lang po noong akoy d nakabalik..salamat po..

    1. Hi Vivencio, tama yan, ituloy mo lang ang payments mo. I hope nakasulat sa MDR mo ang wife mo and your under-21 son as dependents.

  277. Hindi po kmi kasal nung mother ng child dependent ko. Ngayon gusto ko sana sya alisin as my dependent then ilipat sa mother nya pra mas madali ang pagclaim ng benefits dhil nsa kanya ung bata. may disadvantage po ba ito? According sa mother ng child dependent ko

    1), automatic na daw na dependent nya ung bata since kpanganganak nya khit nakalagay pa sya na dependent ko.

    2) pde daw magamit ng bata ung philhealth ng mother and father if nconfine ung bata with the same diagnosis within one month since hindi sila kasal.

    1. Hi k, isa lang dapat ang mag-declare na dependent niya ang bata. So hindi puede yong gagamit ng 2 Philhealth membership for the same diagnosis within one month kasi hindi kasal. The same name yong patient (dependent) so halimbawa na-confine uli within 90 days for the same diagnosis, isa lang na confinement ang covered. Better pa rin na naka-update yong Philhealth record (dependent) ng mother kasi merong hospital na they require na nasa MDR ng member yong name of dependent.

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