Philhealth Payment Deadlines for the Informal Sector

For voluntary and self-employed Philhealth members, here are your Philhealth payment deadlines:


If you are paying your Philhealth contribution monthly, your payment deadline is the LAST WORKING DAY of the Month


If you are paying quarterly, your payment deadline is the LAST WORKING DAY  of the Quarter.


If you are paying semi-annually (for January to June and for July to December), your payment deadline is the LAST WORKING DAY of March (for January to June), and the LAST WORKING DAY of September (for July to December).


If you are paying annually, your payment deadline is the LAST WORKING DAY of March.

Are You Eligible for Philhealth coverage?

Bumalik na ang Philhealth eligibility sa dating requirement na pagbayad ng 9 months within 12 months BEFORE confinement.

Pag naospital ka ngayong buwan, magbilang ka ng 12 pabalik. Isama mo sa pagbilang ang ngayong buwan. Sa 12 months na binilang mo, dapat meron kang nabayaran na 9 months.

Update February 8, 2018:  Dahil siguro sa reklamo ng members, Philhealth moved the effectivity of this 9-within-12-months rule to October 1, 2018.

From January 1, 2018 up to September 30, 2018, ang eligibility requirement ay payment for 3 months within 6 months prior to confinement. Include month of confinement in the counting of 6 months.

Sa pag-check ng Philhealth premium payments for current hospitalization, hindi qualified ang premium payments na:

. binayaran on the date of hospital admission

. binayaran while confined in the hospital

. binayaran after hospital discharge

Qualified lang ang mga payments na binayaran BEFORE the DAY of admission.

200 Pesos Pa Rin Ba ang Monthly Philhealth Premium for Voluntary and Self-Employed Members?

Yes, 200 pesos pa rin.

Yong sa mga Employed members lang ang tumaas ang monthly contribution.

200 Pesos Din Ba ang Monthly Contribution ng mga landbased OFWs?

Yes, pero required na sila na magbayad annually. 2,400 per year. Puede rin silang magbayad ng premiums for 2 years.

Seafarers, Seamen or Sea-based OFWs

Ang sea-based OFWs are considered EMPLOYEES or EMPLOYED members kasi meron silang employers na naka-based dito sa Philippines. Ang monthly Philhealth contributions nila ay nade-deduct from their monthly salaries. Kasama sila sa pag-increase ng Philhealth monthly premiums.


Philhealth Circular No. 2016-0025 entitled Schedule of Premium Contributions for the Members in the Informal Economy

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