Top 20 Illnesses in the Philippines in 2011, by Philhealth Claims

Here are the top 20 illnesses in the Philippines, based on the number of claims paid by Philhealth over the period from January 1 to December 31, 2011.

Note: Be reminded that this list may not represent the actual top diseases across the country, as not all hospitalizations are covered by Philhealth.

Note also that Numbers 4, 5 and 19 are not illnesses; these are maternity and newborn care procedures.

Rank   Illness No. of Claims
1 Chronic renal failure 334,135
2 Pneumonia 327,515
3 Diarrhoea and gastroenteritis 246,999
4 Single spontaneous delivery (normal childbirth)    208,060
5 Liveborn infant care 146,520
6 Other disorders of urinary system 132,539
7 Essential (primary) hypertension 88,894
8 Dengue haemorrhagic fever 78,151
9 Acute upper respiratory infections 70,617
10 Senile cataract 69,920
11 Chronic nephritic syndrome 67,922
12 Gastritis and duodenitis 63,381
13 Asthma 61,219
14 Malignant neoplasm of breast 53,936
15 Dengue fever (classic dengue) 53,227
16 Amoebiasis 53,204
17 Typhoid and paratyphoid fevers 42,411
18 Acute bronchitis 38,163
19 Single delivery by caesarean section 37,398
20 Bacterial sepsis of newborn 33,173

Over the period from 2010, chronic renal failure surpassed pneumonia to become the top illness in 2011, based on number of Philhealth claims.


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  1. Hi gud day po!itatanong ko lng po kasi nanganak po ang ate ko at cesarial po tapos private doctor po.kailangan nila magbayad ng 25000 pesos bago makalabas ng hospital marerefund po ba yan sa kanila ang ibabayad nila ngayon sa paglabas nila?

    • Hi Adelyn, they should file their Philhealth papers to the hospital before discharge. Philhealth no longer accepts direct filing.

  2. Hello po ask q lng po kc last august 2013 pa po ung last hulog q s phlhealth mkaavail pa po kya aq maternity benefit?..7months npo tummy q now.

    • Hi jelly, if you deliver in Sep, you should have paid June to Aug. Your payment deadline is already past. If you like, you can go to Philhealth and ask if you can avail if you pay 1 year in advance.

  3. Hi good day! my due date is this nov 3. when i checked, my philhealth is not updated. ko I resigned last july this year to my previous company from jan to july. my earlier company is from nov 2012-jan 2014. i called philhealth and came to know my last contribution is 2010. how can i avail of my benefits? Thanks in advance


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