OFW Philhealth Transactions Through an Authorized Representative

An OFW Philhealth transaction can be accomplished through an authorized representative. Kung OFW ka na currently nasa abroad, you can authorize your representative to do the following:

  • Pay your premiums as OFW
  • Register you as OFW member of Philhealth
  • Renew your registration as OFW member
  • Update your Member Data Form
  • Sign your Philhealth Claim Form 1


Documents to be Presented by Authorized Representative:

1.  Authorization Letter from the Philhealth Member

Your letter needs to state the full name, complete address and contact number of your representative. It must also state what your representative is authorized to do and your reason for authorization.

Include also your full name and date of birth.

2.  Photocopy of any document proving that you are currently an OFW

Proof can be ANY of the following:

  • Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC)
  • Working visa
  • Re-entry permit
  • Employment contract
  • Company ID issued by employer abroad
  • Certificate of employment from employer abroad
  • Cash remittance receipt from OFW at least 2 months prior to the date of renewal or payment
  • ID or certificate issued to OFWs, such as HK ID, Iqama, Soggiorno
  • Any other OFW proof, subject to Philhealth officer’s approval

3. Valid ID and photocopy of the ID of authorized representative


Documents to be Presented by Immediate Family and Relatives

1.  Valid ID of family member or relative

2.  Copy of proof of relationship to the Philhealth member, such as marriage certificate or birth certificate

3.  Photocopy of any document proving that the Philhealth member is currently an OFW

Family and Relatives refer to the following:

– Wife or husband
– Child aged 18 or older
– Parent (biological parent, step parent, or adoptive parent)
– Brother or sister aged 18 or above


Example of an Authorization Letter:


Dear Sir/Madam:

I, Maria Maganda, a Philhealth member with ID No. … (if availale), and an OFW currently in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, authorize my nephew John Masipag, residing at 885 Malinis Road, Progressive Homes, Muntinlupa City, Metro Manila, with telephone number 5546878, to do the following transactions with PHILHEALTH:

1. Update my Member Data Form
2. Request for my updated Member Data Form

or to Pay my Premiums for the period March 2012 to February 2013

Thank you very much.

Respectfully yours,

Maria Maganda
Philhealth No.

OFW – Riyadh, KSA


You can check out this Philhealth circular for more information:

Documents Required for Philhealth Membership as OFW


10 thoughts on “OFW Philhealth Transactions Through an Authorized Representative”

  1. Hi there po! my concern is regarding Philhealth for OFW’s.puede ba magpay backwards ang OFW sa Philhealth niya?like jan 2014-July 2014? kasi ang nabayaran ng OFW concerned is august 2014 to july 2015 .mali raw kasi ung quarters na binayaran nya pra magamit ng anak niya who will be scheduled for operation within this month. is it possible for the OFW to pay for Jan 2014-July 2014 kasi scheduled for tonsillectomy anak niya, so pra magamit Philhealth.thanks!

    • Hi Marj, the OFW can pay today for August 12 to Oct 12 so his child can avail of Philhealth within these dates. Bring proof of being OFW like OEC, foreign ID or foreign job contract.

  2. Hi i’m the authorized person of my husband for his renewal. he’s an OFW in canada. He has not renewed his visa. I only have 1 month period of time to renew before his Philhealth expires. What happens if within 1 month, he isn’t able to renew? Is the price for 1 year still 2400?

    • Hi hagie, yes, the 1-year payment for OFW is still 2400. Because your husband’s category is OFW, you must not miss paying, because for OFWs, you can use Philhealth only if the hospitalization date is within the validity dates in the premium payment OR. You can pay for 6 months first, if you decide so, and then pay the next 6 months before the first 6-month payment expires. When paying, you can show a remittance receipt from Canada as proof of being OFW.

  3. good morning, I want to update my philhealth and wish to get my MDR. I’m here in riyadh and here’s my philhealth no. 05050175556-4. Can you please update? Thanks. God bless

    • Hi manuel, sorry I don’t work for Philhealth. Authorize someone in the Phils to update your Philhealth data and to get your MDR. Email an authorization letter plus a scan your ID and your marriage cert (if you are updating your civil status).

  4. Hello! My concern is about Philhealth OFW Claims form 1/Reimbursement. I’m an OFW here in uae under Husband sponsorship and I’m not working. Aside from the above Documents to be Presented by Authorized Representative, what else should i submit? Thank you. Chiqui

  5. Hi…im here in abha saudi arabia..just want to ask if skyperite are one of the authorized of philhealth because i want to pay my philhealth.


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