Single Mother Under 21 Must be Philhealth Member


If you are a single mother under 21 years of age, you need to register as a Philhealth member.

The Section 10, Rule II, Title III, page 26  of the National Insurance Act of 2013 says:

Section 10. Emancipated Individual or Single Parent

Any person below 21 years of age, married or unmarried but with a child, shall be enrolled as a member.

What’s the benefit of being a Philhealth member?

So your child will have Philhealth coverage.

If you remain a dependent, your child will not be covered by your mother or father’s Philhealth membership.  

Additional reminder:  If you’re younger than 19, and you want to use Philhealth for your delivery, you should give birth in a hospital, not at a lying-in or maternity clinic. Source: Maternity Care Package Rules


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  1. Hi I just wanna ask last 2013 I paid from Janaury-June2013 only and this year I paid in advance from April-December2014 and I’m 7weeks pregnant right now my EDC will be on December4014 last week or January2015 lastweek. Will I’ll be covered by Philhealth that time? or can I used my philhealth already?

  2. Anthonette Azores

    i’m 19y/o unmarried parent and scheduled for CS, Hospital clerk tell’s me that my mother’s Philhealth covers my CS operation but not may child..

    Question: with in my period of confinement, if I enroll NOW could it be possible for me to cover my CHILD? with my Mother’s Contribution as eligibility, and my upadated MDR (child as Dependent) Continuity of membership / Premium contribution ??

    1. Hi Anthonette, yes, it’s better that you register as member, so you can use your membership for yourself and your baby (simpler documentation). Are you still within the premium payment deadline? You need to pay for the 3 months before your delivery. What you can pay this July are for July Aug and Sep. About continuity, I’m not sure about it because you’re still 19. Continuity is applied when you turn 21 a few weeks or days before your delivery.

  3. Good day po. I plan to pay for 1 year in advance. Can I use it in April?

    1. Hi Nelsie, pay ASAP for Jan to March or Jan to June, on or before March 31, so you can avail in April.

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