How to Change Philhealth Member Status from Employed to Unemployed


Question:  How can I change my Philhealth member status from Employed to Unemployed.

It’s been 2 years that I’ve been unemployed.  I want to continue be an active member again.


1.  You will become an INDIVIDUAL PAYOR.

2.  Go to the nearest Philhealth branch with any of your valid IDs and 600 pesos or more.

Bring also your marriage certificate and your children’s birth certificates (xerox and original copies) to register your dependents.

3.  Fill up Philhealth Member Registration Form.

Check “For Updating”.

Check “Informal Sector” and “No Income”.


Submit for processing.

4.  You will be given your updated MDR and your Philhealth card.

5.  Go to the cashier and pay your premiums for the current quarter (600 pesos per quarter).

You can also pay for the next quarters, if you like.

6.  Keep your premium OR and MDR — these are required in case you need treatment.

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    • Hi sey, what I see on the list is periodic or cyclic or toxic or congenital neutropenia — 12,100 (3,630 for PF and 8470 for hospital expense). For transient neutropenia — 7800 (2340 for PF and 5460 for hospital expense)

  1. is this the new policy? no more refund from philhealth for cs section. if for example philhealth will cover the hospital bill in full? when was this announced? thanks. from alabang.

    • Hi elaine, was your bill covered by Philhealth in full? and you did not pay anything? If you did not pay anything, you will not get any refund from Philhealth. Is this a government hospital? Did you buy meds and supplies outside? Was your bill less than 11,400? If yes, keep your OR and wait for your notice from Philhealth and then ask for your refund from the hospital.

  2. gud morning, I had hysterectomy operation last Nov 2014. my bill was 53,799,68 w/ prof fees. Philheath was deducted. then the doctor charged me 56,000. is that right — charging me 2x for the doctor. thanks and god bless

    • Hi Bella, it depends on how much you agreed upon with the doctor before surgery. Sad to say, doctors can charge as much as they want. Ask your doctor or the hospital. Coverage for regular total hysterectomy is 30k

  3. good day, Expected delivery this end of april. have not paid contribution to philhealth since a year ago. If I pay for the whole year for 2015, can I avail of benefit for my delivery?

    • Hi glaika, yes, pay asap for Jan to Apr or Jan to June so you can avail. Pay at Philhealth so you can get your MDR and card. Bring your ID

    • Hi April, after your first contributions with your new employer are remitted to Philhealth and posted, your member status will change from unemployed to employed.

  4. hi this is leny how can I know my husband’s philhealth number. His oec shows he has paid Philhealth but does not show his Philhealth no. Can I know his no. when I go to your office? Can I use his philhealth for my delivery?

    • Hi leny, ask your husband to email you an authorization letter, a scan or photograph of his ID and his OEC. Print these and go to Philhealth with your ID and your marriage certificate. Fill up member form on behalf of your husband. Write yourself as dependent. Ask for your husband’s MDR (your name should be written as dependent in the MDR) and Philhealth card.

  5. Hi,I’ll stop paying my ph when I was giving birth Sept.2010. until now I haven’t paid. so can I continue? tnx.

    • Hi Roselma, yes, you can continue. Pay at Philhealth so you can get your new MDR and card. Bring your ID and update your record before paying.


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