Philhealth Maternity Benefits — OFW Wife, Dependents

Updated June 2, 2016

I’m an OFW wife. What should I do to avail of Philhealth maternity benefits?

Ask your husband to send you the following:

1.   Clear copy of his OEC Official Receipt that shows his Philhealth premium payment

This will be your receipt of your Philhealth premium payments

2.  Authorization letter authorizing you to request,  sign,  or process all documents related to your claim for Philhealth maternity benefits

You will use this authorization letter when transacting with Philhealth and with the hospital.

3.  Clear copy of his ID or passport

Next, go to the nearest Philhealth branch or desk office at a Robinsons mall or SM Mall with a Philhealth office and request your husband’s MDR (Member Data Record). Ask also if your husband’s Philhealth card or ID isf already available.

If you were not yet registered as dependent of your husband, bring your marriage certificate (original and xerox) and valid ID, and fill up PMRF — PHILHEALTH MEMBER REGISTRATION FORM .  Check  FOR UPDATING in the form.

These are the documents that you will present to the hospital before discharge:

1.  Philhealth Claim Form 1  (2 claim forms — one for maternity benefit and one for newborn care)

You sign the forms in behalf of your husband.

2.  Your husband’s MDR  (Your name should be written as dependent)

3.  Receipt of your husband’s Philhealth premium payments  (original and xerox)

The validity dates in the receipt should cover your delivery date .

There are hospitals that might require these:

—   Your husband’s Philhealth ID  (If none, copy of his valid ID)

—  Your valid ID

—  Your marriage certificate (original and xerox)


My husband was not able to pay his Philhealth premiums for the current year, what should I do?

Ask your husband to send you proof of his being a current OFW.  Copy of his work visa, copy of his foreign ID, or copy of his job contract, or any other proof that he is working abroad.

Then go to Philhealth with your husband’s proof of being OFW, your own ID, marriage certificate and authorization letter and pay your husband’s Philhealth premiums for one year.  One year’s total premium is 2,400 pesos.

What other important information should I know?

Remember that Philhealth’s coverage is FIXED, whether you give birth at a big hospital which charges 200,000 pesos, or at a small hospital that charges 30,000 pesos for the same procedure.

Ask your OB-gyne and hospital if they are Philhealth-accredited. Ask the OB if she/he is offering a Philhealth package, and how much.

Remember that Philhealth’s coverage for normal delivery at a hospital is only 5,000 pesos —  3,000 for the hospital and 2,000 for the doctor.

Philhealth’s coverage for normal delivery at a lying-in or maternity clinic is only 6,500 pesos.  You need to have prenatal check-ups at the lying-in or clinic to avail of Philhealth there.

Philhealth’s coverage for CS is only 19,000 pesos — 11,400 for the hospital and 7,600 for the doctor.

What is prenatal care benefit?

This benefit is worth up to 1,500 pesos.  Philhealth will send the check to you by postal mail if you submit Official Receipts (in your name) of prenatal care expenses worth at least 1,500 pesos. Attach these to the Philhealth papers that you submit to the hospital or clinic.

This is offered only for normal deliveries.

What is newborn care benefit?

This benefit is up to 1,750. It covers newborn care procedures performed by a Philhealth-accredited pediatrician.


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