Diane 35 Birth Control Pills — Menstruation, Acne, Dysmenorrhea

By T.B.N.

My 20-year-old daughter is taking Diane 35 birth control pills.  She’s single and still in college.  Why is she on contraceptives?

Because it was what the obstetrician-gynecologist (OB-GYNE) prescribed to treat her very irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea and amenorrhea.  I brought her to the OB-GYNE after she had not her menstruation for 4 consecutive months.

Diane 35 birth control pill is primarily marketed as an ACNE TREATMENT.   It’s what is indicated in the flyer that comes with the pills.  It’s also indicated for CONTRACEPTION or BIRTH CONTROL.  It’s manufactured in Germany by Schering GmbH.

The OB-Gyne said that Diane 35 will induce menstruation, will help regulate menstruation, and will help treat dysmenorrhea and amenorrhea.

DYSMENORRHEA means painful periods.

AMENORRHEA means absence of menstruation for 3 or more consecutive months.

Diane 35 is a 21-day pill pack.  Over a period of 21 days, one pill is taken at the same time each day.  On the 23rd or 24th day, menstruation is expected to start.  The start of menstruation can also occur later, on or before the  28th day, and user may still be menstruating when the next pill pack is started.

On the 29th day,  another Diane 35 21-day pill pack is started.  The cycle is 28 days, or 21-7, meaning 21 days of taking Diane 35 and 7 days of no pills.

My daughter has been instructed to take Diane 35 for 4 months, after which she is to return to the OB-Gyne for evaluation.   She was also advised to stop taking the pills immediately and consult with the OB-Gyne if there are severe side effects,  such as severe headaches,  muscle pains,  stomach aches, etc.   She said that there are different brands of birth control pills,  and certain brands may be better suited for certain pill users.

I’ve read the flyer and there are also risks of myocardial infarction, pulmonary embolism, deep venous thrombosis, and cerebrovascular accidents.  However, these are rare,  according to the flyer.

Any Diane 35 user should go immediately to a hospital’s Emergency Department in case of chest pains,  unexplained shortness of breath, rapid breathing or heartbeat, leg swelling, severe dizziness, severe light-headedness, vomiting, choking feeling,  sudden trouble talking or seeing or understanding, numbness or weakness on one side of the body.

Fortunately, mukhang hiyang naman ang anak ko sa Diane 35.   She had no headaches or nausea.  Medyo natakot lang ako one day, kasi she called from her dorm and complained of muscle pain in her legs.  I told her to go to the nearest hospital immediately.  But the pain disappeared after she’d done some walking.  Sabi ng anak ko, baka dahil sa wala siyang exercise.  Her menstruation came on the 28th day,  much later than the expected time.

My daughter also was pleased with Diane 35 because her small pimples were disappearing and her skin was becoming smoother.  Wala naman siyang acne.  Sabi sa online forums, Diane 35 daw ang isa sa ginagamit ng mga gays to smoothen their skin and to make their bodies more feminine.

I researched and I found out that the Cyproterone acetate and ethinylestradiol in Diane 35 are hormones that are pro-feminine.  Cyproterone acetate prevents the Male hormones or Androgens in the female body from functioning.  Ethinylestradiol is a synthetic version of the natural female hormone called Estrogen.

The Diane 35 birth control pill pack contains 21 pills and is sold for 610 pesos at Watsons as of June 2013.

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33 thoughts on “Diane 35 Birth Control Pills — Menstruation, Acne, Dysmenorrhea”

  1. gud am,

    my question pu sna aco. iregular pu kc ang menstruation ku , ano pu ba ang dapat inumin pra mging regular pu ang buwanang dalaw ku pu…pills pu bga??at anong pills??

    thank you for your kind & consideration.

    • Hi eirol, maganda kung magpacheckup ka sa ob-gyne para ma-evaluate ka nang tama. Sorry I’m not a doctor so I should not prescribe meds. Yong mga alam ko, based on experiences lang, so basahin mo na lang yong buong post. Take care

    • ang althea ba at charlize pills ay parehas lng? i had already consulted OB-GYNE and they recommended me charlize pills… but it’s so hard to find that kind of pills… so,i am finding any other pills that are the same with charlize pills…

      • Hi liwanag, go back to your OB and ask for another brand; huwag ka nang magbayad ng consultation fee. Makisingit ka na lang sa pila. Althea and Charlize are both contraceptives and menstrual disorder treatments but they differ in their contents. Charlize contains ethinyl estradiol, levonorgestrel, and ferrous fumarate. Althea contains cyproterone acetate and ethinyl estradiol

  2. Hi cel0418, sori hindi ako dapat mag-prescribe kasi hindi ako doctor. Ituloy mo lang to read Pinoy forums on acne and pimples kasi usually meron kang mapupulot na tip, including tip about magaling na dermatologist na hindi expensive ang sistema.

  3. Hi mrs. b, sori, mas maganda na mag-consult ka na lang sa OB mo para mas accurate ang sagot at para makakuha ka ng informed medical advice.

  4. i have a query. i was diagnosed by my OB with endometriosis and was advised to take YAZ pills. i have yet to buy the pills because i found disturbing medical reports of YAZ online. what do you know of YAZ? have you known anyone who have taken YAZ pills?

    • Hi JC, I’ve read those about YAZ also. Sorry I have not taken YAZ pills. You can ask your question sa female network. Punta ka lang sa femalenetwork.com/girltalk, and then look for Health Concerns, and the topic relevant to YAZ.

    • Hi, JC. I, too was prescribed by the OB to take Yaz pills. It was for my PCOS. I took it for 7 months; did not experience unwanted side effects and it somehow helped with my acne problem that aggravated when I took Althea prior to Yaz(I was unfortunate to be one of the people allergic Althea). Yaz worked for me: regulated my cycle, lessen my acne 🙂

  5. Hi its my first time to ask bout dianne like any pills din ba pwede xa simulan anytime bsta make sure na hindi ka buntis then after 7days pwede na magmake love? Or pwede din ba magmakelove then tsaka uminom ng pills thank you

  6. Hi! I’m 18 years old and its my first time to use a contraceptive pill. My mom doesnt know about this. My concern is that what are the test your daughter did for her ob to prescribe her the pills? Where is your OB located? Thanks 🙂

  7. Hi, thanks for sharing this info. 🙂
    I’ve been taking Yaz for almost a year now. It has been helping in treating my PCOS-related acne, but it hasn’t totally cleared my skin. I tried Althea, but it broke me out badly. 🙁 I’m thinking of switching to Dianne. May I know how’s your daughter so far with Dianne? Did it in any way totally cleared her skin? Thank you, and God bless. 🙂

  8. Hi, ask ko lang po kung san ako magsisimula mag take ng pill. Halimbawa po meron ako ngayon saturday anong pill po ang iinumin ko na nakalagay sa pack?

    • Hi ecarg, start the pack on the first day of your mens. Take the pill na nasa 1st Saturday. Yong days diyan sa pack ay guide mo, or reminder mo para sure ka na na-take mo na ang pill for the day.

  9. Hi abby, yes, that’s one of the side effects. Pero like other pills, puedeng hindi nakakataba in some users. Stop taking it if there are serious side effects like severe pain in the legs or ask your OB.

    • Hi Kisha, you’re very young. Consult with an ob-gyne. If this is for anti-acne or related to menstrual problems, talk with your mother.


    Hi All,

    I might help other with my story.
    let me start you with my history of “Acne Journey to clear skin”.
    6 years ago when i came here in UAE of 2008, since then i started using dianne-35 for almost 2 years and it was my most clearest “ivory” like skin i ever had. im using diaane-35 only for birth control purposes. and then i stopped using that since my boyfriend needs to relocate in other country. it was i big mistakes that i stopped the pills ( just now i realized this….) . 2011 after 4 mos of not taking the pills.. i got an horrible acne in my entire life as in “bonggang tagyawat all over my face”. i went to dermatologist here and prescribe me an antibiotics and topical creams & cleansers. for 3 mos of taking this antibiotics the Derm finally put me in “ACCUTANE TREATMENT” i said yes to this Treatment coz i don’t have plan to get married for another 2 years since Accutane Medicine forbids you to be pregnant a year after the treatment due to fatal side effect for pregnancy http://www.drugwatch.com/accutane/ …… i have been in this treatment for 6 mos and it was very expensive treatment i ever had, coz i will need to go my Derm for close monitoring laboratories plus renewing this restrict prescription every month. our health insurance don’t covered this cases. ( ACCUTANE = CLEAR SKIN INDEED…) i have been clear for 2 years and i casually got pimple here and there and its very controllable.
    4th quarter of 2013 the recurrence of the acne starts again. the Derm put me in another rounds of antibiotics for another 3 mos OCT.NOV.DEC but NO LUCK… and she ask me to go Accutane treatment again, and this time i said NO bec i plan to get married by next year. i stopped seeing that derm and experiment my own home remedies for 1 month JAN .. still NO LUCK 🙁 .. FEB I went in KAYA SKIN it was one of the best derm clinic here and i paid very expensive lasers, microdermabrations and glycolic peels treatment for a month and still NO LUCK… i search an solution online and found acne.org website and order their products online since millions of people give good reviews to this product. and still NO LUCK. 🙁
    finally i had enough.. my pimples are a sign of something serious inside my body.. i went again to derm but this time with EUROPEAN DERMATOLOGIST, i told this acne history and prescribe me a doxycline another form of antibiotics… and refer me an EUROPEAN OB-GYNE and I have done series of hormonal laboratories and physical examinations. i will have another 6 mos treatment plan of HORMONAL REALIGNMENT. the OB gave me Dianne-35 and Androcure. The doctors agree to stops any antibiotics. and proceeds with the treatment and topical solutions & cleansers. In a month of these treatment i observed few breakouts. and when i came back to my OB, as per her… this time i am VERY LUCKY… coz i don’t have any problem adjusting with the medicines. but i am worried about something… THE RECURRENCE OF THE ACNE WHEN I STOP THE PILLS AGAIN… 🙁 My OB advice to to start a healthy lifestyle. She refers me to an nutritionist and started doing the Food program that specifically made for my case as per the result of my laboratories and diagnosis. Due to emotional mood swings effects of the pills (Tearful days before period) my OB suggested me to go on a regular activity work out. I regularly went to the gym now and start the 360 degrees turn over of a new lifestyle…I’ve speak my case to my family and friends specially those people i am always dealing with to have patience with me during my treatments for i will be having an emotional flares up/ mood swings and they are very supportive.
    PCOS is a serious matters because it might lead to ovarian cancer and Infertility.
    for those people who suffered recurrence of acne, don’t stop trying and searching you will definitely find what will suits for you. always remember “you will never know unless you tried”. just have faith and be positive. ” THESE THING SHALL PASS”…

      • Hi yani, PCOS means polycystic ovary syndrome. A woman with PCOS has imbalances in her hormones, especially with her female sex hormones and male sex hormones.
        In all women, a small amount of male sex hormones are produced, and this is normal. But if the production of male sex hormones is increased, such as in women with PCOS, acne and facial and body hair may appear. Small cysts usually form in the ovaries. Other problems due to PCOS are weight gain, irregular periods, thinning hair on the head, infertility, and depression.

  11. i’m suffering severe acne as in cystic acne with pimples and my face looks so inflamed. acne prone skin talaga ako since highschool (im 23now)ang dami ko na nasubok na topical solutions,creams etc. nawawala naman existing acne for a week or less but bumabalik at bumabalik lng. hanggang sa eto nnga tadtad n cya as in. i havent took any pills but im looking forward to take it.effective po ba tlga??????

    • Hi ronski, my daughter stopped after just 2 boxes because we thought the pills were causing her frequent cramping (and I’ve read that this is a bad sign) and interacting adversely with her asthma meds.

  12. Tanong kolang po. Maganda poba ang Diane35 pills. Totoo pobang nakaka ganda dw to. I mean kutis,at nagpapa laki dw kano nang booms.hahaha kaya dito po ako nag tanong. Kasi hindi ko kayang sagutin ang tanong nang kaibigan ko. Kaya patulong po sa may alam.
    Happy lang.

    • Hi sarabel, sabi ng OB-Gyne where we had our checkup, yes, nakakaganda raw ng skin. Ito raw ang ginagamit ng mga gays. At ito mismong flyer na included sa box ng Diane 35, nakasulat sa indications ang “for the treatment of androgen-dependent diseases in women, such as acne…” Pero totoo rin yong sinasabi nating hiyang. Merong hiyang at merong hindi, kasi nga magkakaiba ang ating genetics. Anyway, if you try to use it, observe its effects on you. The best is to consult with an OB-gyne. Don’t use other drugs at the same time. They might interact badly with Diane 35. And don’t use Diane 35 for prolonged periods.

    • Hi Blair, sorry hindi ako ob-gyne. Palagay ko masyadong maaga pa para mag-pills ka. Baka hindi pa kakayanin ng sistema mo. Kung halimbawa lang ipilit mo, once na nakaramdam ka ng cramping, headaches, dizziness, itigil mo agad, ibig sabihin nito sensitive ang sistema mo sa pills na ito, at baka merong mangyari sa iyo. The best is to consult an ob-gyne. Usually naman ob-gynes can understand unique situations.


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