Philhealth Contribution Increases in July 2012

The Philhealth contribution for voluntary members or individually paying members will increase from 100 pesos a month to 200 pesos a month starting July 2012.

For OFWs, the increase to 200 pesos a month will take effect on January 1, 2013.  Previously, OFWs pay only 900 pesos a year.

However, Philhealth has given a consuelo de bobo — pay in advance your Philhealth premiums for two years, and you will be allowed to use the old rate of 100 pesos a month. You will pay 2,400 pesos in advance to cover 24 months.

If you don’t have 2,400 pesos, you can decide to sign a policy contract, and pay in advance only 1,200 pesos. You can pay the balance of 1,200 pesos later on, depending on your agreement.

This Philhealth rate is for Individually Paying members earning 25,000 pesos a month or less.

The Philhealth contributions by Employed members and Sponsored members have also increased.

REMEMBER: You only have up to June 2012 to take advantage of the 2,400-peso discount.


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