Can I Pay My Philhealth Contribution via Cell Phone?

Yes, you can pay your Philhealth contribution using your cell phone.

But as of today, this cellphone service is available only for:

– Invidually Paying Members (IPM)
– SMART and Talk n Text subscribers (Globe and Sun participation is still under negotiation)
– One-month payment

What month can I pay?

Only the current month. Ngayong buwan lang. Hindi na puedeng bayaran yong nakalipas na.

Before I text, what do I need?

1.  Philhealth ID No.  (PIN)
2.  Prepaid load of not less than 115 pesos
(unlimited text and unlimited SIM not accepted)

How do I text?

1.  Type PHIC(space)(your PIN) and send to 7442

Example:  PHIC 987654321012

2.  You will receive this message from 7442:

PIN 987654321012/Masaya, Maria, if correct, confirm download
and PIN. Text PHIC YES send to 7442

3. Type PHIC YES and send to 7442

4. You will receive this message from 7442:

1/3 PhilHealth: Health Advisory
2/3 Thank you PIN 987654321012 premium payment. Ref# 56789. Keep for future reference.
3/3 Visit to print Proof of Payment.

PHIC HISTORY [PIN] to view payment

5.  If your PIN is incorrect, you will receive this text:

Sorry invalid PIN due to syntax. Please check the PIN from your
PhilHealth Number Card. For details, coordinate with the nearest
PhilHealth Office.

Is their a cost for the text?

Yes, the processing of the text will cost 15 pesos.

How much will be deducted from my prepaid load?

115 pesos.  100 pesos for one month of Philhealth contribution and 15 pesos for tex processing.

How Can I Get a Printed Proof of Philhealth Payment?

1.  Get ready with your PIN and Ref#
2.  Go to
3.  Click members
4.  Click Individually Paying
5.  Click Remittance-By-Air (bandang baba, kanan)

Ano ang tawag ng Philhealth sa service na ito?

Remittance-By-Air (RBA)


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