Libre Ba sa Philhealth Contributions ang Lifetime Members?

Yes, libre na sa Philhealth contributions or premiums ang mga Lifetime Members.

You can register as a Lifetime Member if you:

– are 60 years old and above

– you have paid at least 120 monthly contributions to Philhealth (ito ay katumbas ng 10 years of continued payments)

For government and private employees:

Kapag nag-retire kayo under your company’s retirement program, your HR will help you enroll in the Philhealth Lifetime Membership within 3 months before you actually retire. Your HR will submit to Philhealth the following documents:

– 2 copies of filled-up Philhealth Member Registration Form
– 2 pcs 1×1 photo of member
– certification of Philhealth payments
– approved retirement application
– copy of certified birth certificate
– service record (for government employees)

Retired But Not Yet 60 years old:

Kapag nag-retire kayo at wala pa kayong 60 years old, mag-member muna kayo as Individually Paying while waiting for the time you become 60 years old.

For Individually Paying and OFW Members:

Keep all your receipts of Philhealth contributions so that you have something to show when you apply for Lifetime membership.

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