Facial Cleanser — Etude House Cleansing Foam

Etude House Cleansing Foam, a facial cleanser good for both the young and the old

My daughter is on her make-me-more-pretty stage and she’s filling our bathroom with different sorts of beauty products.  So to be practical,  I stopped buying anything for my skin care;  I just look around and pick something that might be good for someone my age.

This one — Happy Teatime cleansing foam from Etude House — is among those that I’ve tried and found good for my skin. As it cleanses, it also moisturizes the skin, a fitting facial wash for dry skin.

One thing I’ve discovered is that in many cases, skin products developed and manufactured in Asia, are more effective for Asians as many of these products were developed for the Asian user in mind and were tested on Asians.


Iba ang skin nating Asians sa Westerners or Europeans. That’s why high-quality Asian beauty products are good for us.

One of the best ingredients of this Etude House cleansing foam is the tea extract. Tea has been used over the years for cleansing, either as a drink and a tablet  supplement for internal cleansing, and as a foam, soap or liquid product for external cleansing.

Happy Teatime Cleansing Foam from Etude House


Disclaimer:  We are not getting any remuneration from the manufacturer or seller of this product.

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