Underdeduction of Philhealth Benefits by Hospitals

According to Philhealth Advisory No. 01-02-2010, there are cases of underdeduction by hospitals or doctors, so always keep your official statement of account or billing statement and receipts, so you can reimburse your underdeduction.
Underdeduction happens when the amount deducted from your  bill is less than the amount paid by Philhealth to your hospital or doctor, as shown in the Benefit Payment Notice sent by Philhealth to you.
What do you do if there’s underdeduction?
Present your BPN, your statement of account and official receipt to your hospital and claim the difference.

4 thoughts on “Underdeduction of Philhealth Benefits by Hospitals”

  1. when i gave birth my total billing was 12,000, i refunded 7,000 for my benefit so the total i paid to my hospital bill is only 5,000.. when i received the benefit payment notice, it shows that the amount reimburst by the hospital where i confined is 9,550.. there is the difference from the 7,000 i refunded.. what should i do with this?

  2. Hi I had my operation last February and my bill was like 40k and the philhealth deduction was around 5k, and the when I received my BPN the Total amount of Philhealth deduction was around 12k. Here’s the catch I am under HMO Intellicare so I only paid like almost 1k. Can I still claim the remaining 7k kasi diba under deduction yung nangyare? Pls. reply thanks.

    • Hi Lucky, you can try to refund the almost 1k. Show a copy of your notice, OR and other hospital docs. The 6k remaining can be refunded by your HMO, if they like, because it’s the HMO that paid and has the payment OR.


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