Philhealth Premiums for Individually Paying Professionals Increased

Philhealth increased quarterly premiums from 300 pesos to 600 pesos for individually paying professionals whose family income is more than 25,000 pesos a month.  It wasn’t clear if the spouse’s income is included in Philhealth’s definition of family income. In the second year of the implementation of the increase, the premium further increases from 600 pesos to 900 pesos per quarter.  That would be 3,600 pesos per year.

There are groups campaigning against the increase, but it seems the increase is already being implemented. Philhealth officials are insisting only those earning above 25,000 pesos a month are affected.  It seems that Philhealth, despite earning billions in the past years, wants to earn more to cover the membership of fellow Filipinos who couldn’t pay their premiums.

For professionals who are already members, they will experience the higher premiums when they renew their membership next year.  New members, however, who are enrolling this year will pay the newly increased premiums.

For a list of professionals covered by the premium increase, you can take a look at this blogpost — Philhealth Premiums for Professionals.

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