Philhealth Coverage for Nasal Polyps Removal

Philhealth coverage for the removal or excision of nasal polyps:

Code 30110
Simple Excision of nasal polyp or polyps

Professional Fee (PF): 2,520 pesos
Hospital Expense: 5,500
Total Coverage: 8,020


Code 30115
Extensive Excision of Nasal Polyp or Polyps

PF: 4,200 pesos
Hospital Expense: 5,500
Total Coverage: 9,700


Code 30100
Intranasal Biopsy

PF: 1,680
Hospital Expense: 4,000
Total Coverage: 5,680


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  1. Is 1st check up for my nose covered? is nose x-ray covered?

    1. Hi anabel, sad to say, checkups and outpatient x-rays are not covered.

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