Philhealth Now Covers 90 Hemodialysis Sessions Per Year

Philhealth Now Covers 90 Hemodialysis Sessions Per Year

That’s the good news.
The sad thing is that the coverage amount has been reduced to 2,500 pesos per session.


But it’s good news nonetheless, as the total annual coverage has increased
from 180,000 pesos (45 sessions x 4,000 pesos per session)
to 225,000 pesos per year (90 sessions x 2,500 pesos per session)

Philhealth says that hemodialysis was the top procedure covered in 2014.
A total of 4.67 billion pesos was paid to pay 691,489 claims in 2014.

Avail of hemodialysis coverage at Philhealth-accredited free-standing dialysis centers or hospitals.

See the list of documents needed to avail of Philhealth-covered hemodialysis.

Note: The 4,000-peso per session coverage and the 45-session limit will continue to be implemented until the implementing rules for the new coverage are issued.

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